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Alright Higherside Chatters, if you dig into the paranormal at all, it doesn’t take long to realize that thousands of people have had encounters or experiences with strange humanoid creatures that just don’t get treated very seriously in mainstream culture, as if we have some sort of collective denial for what is surely, a crucial element of our reality. And it seems like a perfect storm of carefully crafted social engineering, ego-ic arrogance, and the “sheer terror of true acceptance” have set back our study of this strangeness and our human terrarium to troubling degrees.

And as if little blue/green/grey biological beings coming in the night weren’t enough, a study of these cases finds a few other odd commonalities among experiencers that we would be wise to consider: invasive medical and sexual procedures, teleportation to foreign crafts, multi-generational visitation, missing time, prophetic dreams, implants, shape shifting, memory distortion, meditative states, military involvement, telepathic messages that “it’s all going to be okay”, and maybe even a connection to the state of being we call “Death.”

Well one of the most famous cases of being taken by “the vistors” comes from today’s guest Whitley Strieber, detailed in his 1987 New York Times Best Seller – Communion. A name and title than I’m sure most of us here are well familiar with. On top of writing many highly acclaimed fiction books and hosting the popular Dreamland podcast, Whitley has also followed up on the Communion saga regularly with a string of books that outline each new level of understanding with titles like Transformation, Breakthrough:The Next Steps, The Secret School, The Communion Letters, Solving the Communion Enigma, and more. And after decades of defending himself against the big machine, taking lie detector tests and brain scans, facing the ridicule of the uninitiated, and constantly having to beat back the persistent narrative that these visitors are just aliens from outer space….He has emerged with a new forward thinking perspective, in his latest book The Afterlife Revolution- which was co-written by his late wife Ann from across the river Styx.

See, Anne passed away in 2015, but due to the strengthening of her soul in life, her determination to investigate the big questions, and with the foundation of a protocol established years prior between Whitley and herself – she has provided great insight about the After Death Experience and the curious Visitors Whitley and thousands of others have experienced- and the result is an emotional and informative ride though a unique book co-written between both sides of the veil. It’s a true honor and a pleasure to have him here today, investigating this weird world longer than I’ve been alive: A gifted child of the secret school, the little green men guru, the only THC guest to have been played by Christopher Walken in a major motion picture, and now ambassador of the Afterlife- Whitley Strieber

PLUS Content

-Whitley’s insight into conscious computers. -The secret school & military connections to high strangeness events. -Anne’s insights about time from the other side.

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    1. Ok fellow Higherside Chatters, and to our humble host his High (ness),
      I was just logging back in after giving some thought to the closing statements of this show, when I discovered the announcement regarding the price change.
      Honestly guys, without sounding too much like Mark Passio, if some people are still so caught up in the need to adopt and defend paradigms at the expense of alienating themselves from an open-minded source of info and conversation, then maybe they’re not really meant to be here amongst the seekers of truth, maybe they just have a little more work to do, or maybe a million other maybes whatever.
      The point is, I’ve been listening to THC since damn near its beginning because it’s one of the few places I can go to hear varying and sometimes even completely contradictory viewpoints without feeling coaxed to adopt any particular one.
      It’s for that reason that I have no problem with a sleight increase in subscription fees, and also because I know the money won’t be wasted, even if it gets spent on drinks to butter up a researcher to get them talking more.
      Carlwood, you’re the fucking man, what you’ve done in the name of Truth is beyond dirty rothschild money, and anybody who can’t hang is just going to have to let go before the balloon gets too high, because brother I’m signed on for the whole ride, and we’re gonna get high enough to see if there’s actually curvature or not!
      So, now that I’ve said my piece, a word on this episode. I’ll admit that as time goes on and dots are connected, I grow increasingly hesitant when dealing with the mix of ufo/life after death/ channeling/new age science. Not that I don’t believe that all aspects are possible or at least worth considering, but certain things just don’t sit right with me, and I guess you can call it intuition or cautious paranoia or whatever you like, but I think you tread on very dangerous ground when making judgement calls on the identity of spirits, as to whether they are who they say they are, whether it is your mind coming loose, etc etc. To be sure of such things is to have great discipline and discernment.
      I find Mr. Strieber’s account very interesting, and even inspiring, considering the toll it’s taken on him and his commitment to understanding. I can’t make a judgement call as to whether or not it is actually his wife, or whether it’s ETs or demons or whatever, but I do find it disconcerting when he describes the feeling he got when looking into the eyes of some of his “visitors”.
      I don’t know. Very interesting, but unsettling at the same time.
      Certainly on of the most influential people in his field, and awesome that he paid a visit to THC.

      1. Totally agree this is the best show for truth seekers. But that being said I had to cancel my plus today, it was a hard decision.
        Some of us are in situations where an almost doubling of the monthly fee was just a bit to much. My financial situation is very tricky at the moment. I don’t blame Greg or hold hard feelings its just money is tight right now. I realise it may seem like a small amount to some but this is subjective. I will miss being a plus member but sometimes in life hard decisions must be made.

  1. I really appreciate your description of what it takes to have an open mind in these strange times at the end here. Big thanks for holding that space. I am a fan of course of the Higherside Chats and the illustrious host, Greg Carlwood; that goes without saying. The particular ability that you have to be able to entertain competing views in a rational and reasoned way is so fucking refreshing to my Texas ears. I feel compelled to appreciate that ONE thing, which is actually no small thing, especially in light of the shitstorm you described…keep it up. Also, I had the opportunity to see and read (a few) of the letters Strieber describes at the beginning of this interview. They are real physical things that tell their own strange story. They are housed at Rice University, in Houston, in the Religion department’s library. It all seems so abstract until you see those letters. Then it hits you that many, many folks have had brushes with the weird and no context in which to put it. Cheers.

  2. Thanks Greg top show, can not explain how Whitley moved me, but he did and I am one who has not crossed paths with any entities. I did like his explanation of the soul, I have believed that this is the key to understanding who and what we are.
    Disappointed to her you lost so many members because of Jordan, his view is not my view. However he is young and just needs more time to see that there is no such thing as rich Super Hero’s like Trump, coming to safe us. I have been there, thinking that the Blue Chickens [Cliff High] are coming to save us like many others. When their prophecies fail to materialise he will work it out.

  3. Hearing him talk about losing his wife was heartbreaking. I’ve recently lost the love of my life and it’s just gut-wrenching. However, the thing he said about his wife being completely unrecognizable was exactly what I experienced as well. I’ve never really believed in afterlife and not sure I do now, but definitely experienced some weird strange things in the first few weeks but it kind of fizzled out and now I can’t help but think it was just my brain screwing with me due to stress.
    Anyways, whole episode was great.

  4. One thing I have noticed about ol striebdog over the years is, and especially on his show, he includes himself in all aspects of the paranormal as his story unfolds. And conviently reveals more chapters depending on what the guests content is. At first I was a fan but after awhile I was rolling my eyes and gave up on guy, my guy

    But I’ll give him another try, let’s see how this goes…

    I think I have heard the content about Ann being able to see him from the chair before.
    I also think his disclosure about the violent nipple shaking was brave.

    The biggest difficulty I will always have with people who relate experiences as real is its always an internal experience unverifiable in external reality.

  5. Compelling to say the least. Before this interview I was completely unaware of this fellow Whitley and I’ll mention that this is one of those chats I consider to be a real gem. More than that though, I felt deeply compelled after listening to the first hour to sign back up as a plus member so that I could satisfy this urge I had to hear more. Though there were a number of things he mentioned in the first hour that lined up with me in a sort of syncronystic fashion as well. Interestingly enough, I spent half of the ten dollars I had on my card to rejoin thc plus and the first sentence, I think it was, on this second hour made reference to the odd relation between carbon and silicon. Which was a wonderful suprise even though the idea wasn’t delved into. This is an idea that, in the past couple days, I heard explained by Eric P Dollard and I won’t go into it, but it was a point that stuck with me. I had been pondering it for a few days and experienced multiple syncronized situations since becoming aware of it. Anyways just wanted to share that. It honestly blew my mind how many weird patterns came together in this chat that are very relevant to what I’ve been exposed to and noticed in the past week. Thanks for another awesome program Greg.

  6. Love this show. Totally agree with your conclusions. About military kids involvement: Great military men are on the front lines with the visitors/observers. Perhaps they are “encouraged” or “influenced” to involve their family in first contact.

  7. I’m happy to entertain all of the ideas mentioned by this gentleman but I didn’t believe a word he said due to his tone and demeanor. It was a real struggle to finish this one due to the smarmy eye roll inducing vibe I got from the guy. He sounds like a fiction writer that started to get high on his own supply of stories over time…particularly given the fact his first books were fiction about wolves and vampires. Occam’s razer tells me that aliens were the obvious next step and he pulled a Blair Witch Project with Communion and then ran with it. He could be legit, who knows. But it sure would have been easier to swallow if he didn’t sound like an author doing a book reading or narrating his own audiobook. Plus forcing that poem on me, woof.

    All that said, I’ve heard Whitley’s name brought up by many people over the years so it was awesome to hear an interview with him done by a real pro. Greg, sorry to hear you’ve been catching some shit for guests people don’t like. Try not to let it get you down. I stuck with Red Ice long enough to watch them go full retard, so I can understand the concern, but also come on! The whole point of this stuff is that it is bound to ruffle a few feathers and one very tame and unoffensive interview about Q Anon shouldn’t ring any alarm bells for people with an open mind. I know I was happy to learn about what that part of the internet is up to.

    Personally I’d only cancel my subscription if I ever started to agree with all of your guests! That is how I would know something is amiss. I’m here to learn about NEW ideas and all sides of everything. So please keep sprinkling in some controversy here and there. Ras Ben FTW this month for sure, so I’m all for more of the lesser known names in the future.

    Keep on keeping on!

  8. wow… Greg!!
    your intro gave me goosebumps and I was wtf’ing like no ones business!!
    You know that weird feeling… when it seems like someone is talking specifically to you but they couldn’t be because they don’t even know you?? Well that’s me right now! Synchronicity is friggin nuts!!
    The last couple of days I’ve been searching and reaching out to people, quite frantically actually after getting totally freaked out by some kind of visitation. For one, I wasn’t sure what to even ask but your doing it Greg!! Thank you!
    Unbelievable!! … heard the first 20 mins while at our workshop and a little bit in the car heading home. Now to settle in to enjoy the show.

  9. I liked this one. And I do agree that you should listen to the other side. I am no fan of the Qanon stuff or Trump, but if you want to argue against people you need to know what they actually believe.

  10. I did have sleep paralysis. I first heard the being enter the house and walk into the bedroom and around to my side of the bed. I tried to wake myself up, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t move. I managed to say to this being, “I’m not afraid of you,” with some sort of voracity. With surprise, the being looked confused, perhaps even somewhat sad, and I remember thinking maybe I was wrong. Maybe we could have been friends. Then it was gone and never came back. This made me wonder about the shadow being of ourselves. I guess you’ve had a show with Paul Levy that was great.
    If we question the holocaust facts we are neo-nazis? I’m so tired of that. But otherwise that part of the story is very interesting. It gives me pause as there are a lot of angles to that story to think about.
    It also makes me wonder about what happened to all the kids that came into the country through trains from South America under Obama. How many kids came in? What happened to all of them?

  11. I’ve had sleep paralysis too and I’d have to say that even though I wake up in an absolute fear state I’m able recognise the familiarity of the feelings and what’s going on and able to get a grip of things. Being able to only mentally scream at them to get away as you have no voice and sometimes I feel I can move in an out of body cause I know darn well that my body can’t move a muscle. It really seems like an attack though with a presence coming at me over and over that goes on for probably only mins (but feeling like hours) I too sometimes wonder what if I’d tried to go with it, like what’s the worse thing that could happen? And I think it’s a fear put into me as a result of a catholic school brainwashing. Whitley’s thoughts re the soul and letting go of that fear kinda make sense. I feel like fighting back is facing the fear and can recall one time when I just thought ok let’s go with this and nothing happened and it ended very quickly and that was strangely disappointing too. Childhood memories of these type of experiences when I try to describe it, are more like how I hear a jin type being described. I called it a shadowman. I really hoped this episode was going to delve into this area more but I still enjoyed it and really think I’d enjoy Whitley’s books. I wonder if the fear based trauma by military groups isn’t just an investment in future channellers? Like you said they would keep track of participants and at no further cost to gain from books written or from info from the other side. They could very well indeed have the research or knowledge like the conscious computer stuff written for them and really with no ties of that kind of esoteric research back to them.

  12. I’ve always believed Whitley is telling the truth. Even if it’s all in his head (which I highly doubt). But whatever the truth actually may be, one thing is for sure – dude’s been through hell. I hope he finds peace.

  13. I am extremely sorry you got a lot of flak over the Jason interview Greg. I thought and think it is wonderful to hear all sides of all stories, the perspectives gained and windows into the lives of others, through their stories are one of the most miraculous things we have as beings.

    And speaking of stories, what a Master. Mr Strieber is a master “Shaman”, to my mind. As he was relating the tales of his and other experiences, pictures were painted. Full of emotion and depth, simply beautiful, even the depths of Mr Strieber’s fear is apparent and so much hope is shared. The allowance and tolerance for others to tell their stories and be heard comes through pioneers such as he.
    And yes those synch buttons of early life were all hit.

    Much love and thank you for all you do. The additional fees and movement of all my favorite podcasters to paid sites, is forcing me to be more discerning on who I listen too. For this reason, I ask that you keep on keeping on with a wide and varied, even if unpopular at times show. As the dollar tightens and my news sources decrease, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover all sides of a view or argument. Allowing “all” lines to be open through your show, is a key reason for my subscription.

    Blessings Greg, simply love your show.

  14. Greg, I am not one to usually leave comments, but I felt the urge to say hello, offer my support and simply send on my thanks. I became a subscriber recently because I enjoy listening to your shows. I love your introductions, and hearing your guests delight after hearing “their” introduction read out loud over the airwaves. Truly delightful. What I enjoy most after this lengthy but marvelous introduction is that you then shut up and actually allow your guests to speak. I truly appreciate that about your show’s, and it is why I finally decided to become a subscriber so that I can enjoy the extended interviews with the guests I enjoy and help to support you in return for your efforts. I will never get upset and cancel my subscription because you interview someone I don’t agree with. I think the appeal of this show is that it offers a chance to be exposed to a subject, person or an idea that was foreign before. To give food for thought and keep the mind moving and open. That’s kind of the point right?!
    Anyway, bravo for a great show. I love that you managed to get an interview with Whitley Strieber. I remember reading his book “Communion” many years ago but never followed on to read his other books. My interest has been sparked again, thanks to this interview, and I will now be adding his other books to my reading list.
    Keep on doing what you do Greg, you’re on the right track and you deserve a pay raise.

  15. While the Passio and Griffin shows were not my cup of tea, it’s as you say Greg, stick with it and everyone gets their say. Whitley Streiber was more my thing, the man speaks eloquently and with a passion that is rare in anything, let alone subjects like this. Do I believe 100% in what he says? No, but the important thing is that he clearly does, and he’s the one who’s experienced it, one way or another. Whilst listening to this show I was at work, and as I was doing my stuff a white moth flew up and landed on the bench where I was working, just as Whitley was describing the white moth in relation to his wife. Kinda shook me for a minute, but moths aren’t unusual where I am so who knows. Made me think tho….

  16. To the Plus Members and Greg himself. Everything we need to know about what is taking place from Whitleys experiences is written in the book The Grail Message- In the Light of Truth. The title says it all if one thinks about it. Remember what Annie said about we are Light Alive. I have spoken to Laurel and have hopes to speak with Whitley as well. The gaps have been fulfilled in the truth if one only but seeks. I listen to this show for those that come nearest to the Truth in there seeking. I hope you Truth seekers find this material. It fills all gaps.

  17. I love Whitley! You scored!
    I understand Chainsup’s comments regarding his “tone and demeanor. It was a real struggle to finish this one due to the smarmy eye roll inducing vibe I got from the guy.” But not to believe a word he says?
    Whitley is like a big kid discovering something exciting and wonderful. He is real, he is excited! He is not a professional speaker. He takes nothing for granted. Iv’e been listening to Whitley for years. Your interview was tops. I learned things I had never heard before.
    The Q material and some of the other false flag stuff is hard for me to hear, but you, Mr. Carlwood, make it a little easier. It is all very fascinating and I will pay more even with my meager social security income.

  18. Whitley has been a favorite writer of mine from the get~go. Such a deep thinking, gentle man. While I was hearing him talk about the white moth , a beautiful and delicate white moth landed on my leg. It feel surreal. Lovely lovely man. I enjoyed this very much. And Dude, forget those close minded snowflakes that think they know all there is to know w/out even TRYING to hear what all the facts are. I HATE that smug ignorance. It’s almost as if these mean ppl are actually PROUD of their stupidity. Please let them go with relief and appreciation that your wonderful Baby called the Higherside Chats has gotten less icky and smarter. It even SMELLS better. ????
    I’m Juliesunshine333. I made my son buy me a year of you. He picked out this HORRIBLE username. I really thought he was raised better than that. I don’t even like pizza. Ever since it got associated w/ child rape it’s just not the same. Is there a way I can change the username? I’m sorry it’s offensive. My son was brought up to think outside all boxes and humor ranks high in our family dynamics. Keep these controversial subjects/guests coming! I NEED to hear all sides of an issue. Bothers the hell outa me that ppl are so ignorant about what Pres Trump is doing for the world’s most heartbreaking issues~ getting those poor, broken children away from their Hell and locking them up. I wish they’d lock these child rapers up with Blackeyed Kids. THAT WOULD BE REAL JUSTICE!

    1. I had to laugh! When I saw the bonerpizza I rolled my eyes and thought what an adolescent! From Juliesunshine to bonerpizza…(your son did make me laugh in the end).

  19. Good riddance to the pussies who can’t handle a different perspective on a show that is supposed to offer just that! SMH. This was a killer month of interviews. Can’t wait for the next one.
    Peace, Love and Fuck Trump!

  20. Just heard Dennis McKenna and Joe Rogan talking about Whitley on an episode of JRE, last week. They painted quite a picture, from 2 different perspectives, so I’m looking forward to hearing this episode!

      1. Well she had heen promoting her latest book, which talked about Bloomberg’s temple to Mithras in London, and she had also been researching secret societies and hidden hyperspace kingdoms, Mount Meru, etc.
        I remember her saying also that she was about to come out with some info on John Dee.
        I don’t know, her research has always been a bit controversial, so it’s anyone’s guess what may have prompted backlash.

        1. For anyone following her latest article, I noticed a very close correlation between the 5th avenue thread, and the end of the Disney film ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, in which they are creating an energetic sigil over Rockefeller Plaza.
          Also, for the AI stuff, people are equating Tyler with Fight Club, but there is also an office within Freemasonry called the ‘Tyler’ whose job is to guard the door of the lodge to prevent unwanted intruders from entering. Although, that’s likely why the name was used in Fight Club to begin with. If you wanted access to the house, you had to go through the Tyler and meet his requirements.

          1. Well, now I’m locked out of my email account as of 2 or 3 days ago, right after I start sharing her link. I had already scrapped my social media accounts, and only used email, but it’s like she describes, it seems to me like I’m logging in, but no info getting in or out, and others see my account as not existing.
            Coincidence, or paranoia?

        2. Well, now I’m locked out of my email account as of 2 or 3 days ago, right after I start sharing her link. I had already scrapped my social media accounts, and only used email, but it’s like she describes, it seems to me like I’m logging in, but no info getting in or out, and others see my account as not existing.
          Coincidence, or paranoia?

  21. I believe Philip K Dick was also involved in a program for “gifted children”, according to his ex-wife Tessa Dick. Definitely sounds like MK-ULTRA/trauma-based mind control. That could explain his bizarre life and psychic abilities – maybe his and Whitley’s third eyes were opened too early and too wide.

  22. I listen to Jordan – I like him. I listen to your show – I look forward to it dropping in. I don’t get people who cannot “walk and chew gum at the same time” and actually quit your site. Lately I heard someone explain how anger is caused by fear. I guess those listeners who dropped off were afraid of learning something.

  23. I was listening to this at work yesterday and thinking about a friend of mine who died a few years ago. We talked about all kinds of crazy shit and I thought, if anyone would prove the afterlife to me, it would be Roy. Just a little while later, I went to roll down the other window of my mail truck and felt something on my hand. I look down and it was a WHITE MOTH!! It blew my fucking mind! Now I know that it probably doesn’t mean anything, but what are the fucking odds of that?
    I swear on my daughter’s soul that this is true.
    Anyways, I just wanted to share and say great job on scoring this interview Greg.

    1. At the end when Greg was asking if Anne would be able to get in touch with him, I was waiting for a recap at the end to say a white moth had shown up somewhere.
      This is one of those freakily awesome stories that never get old. Awesome that Roy got in touch with you!

      1. Thanks! I was hoping for an update from Greg as well. What makes it crazier, is that I live in Alabama and I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw a white moth. So for one to be in my mail truck in July is just out of the ordinary and to happen the same day that I was listening to this episode, it’s just unreal!

  24. Really great show, truly moving in fact! What Whitley describes feels true to me, having had personal experience of communication from after-death, though from a different angle.
    A get a sense that Whitley knows or intuits more than he expresses sometimes, which is wise really, it’s hard to put words to these ineffable experiences, and usually confuses the matter – but a lot of what you have covered in recent shows resonates deeply with a profound and wild visionary break-down-up-through-out I had last year, born out of deep grief…
    We humans are more interesting, complicated and connected to the rest of this churning universe than we might think, I’m sure! In fact it’s best not to think at all, feel instead.
    Surely I’m not the only one to get goose pimples at that particular closing theme song each time either, super-good!

  25. I enjoyed the show. Whitley is a good story teller. That’s also why I am hesitant to buy 100% into what he’s saying. Now, that doesn’t mean I now hate THC or never bring him back on again. Just that my BS meter is edgy and trying to decide what to accept or dismiss while I listen to Whitley. A great interview on your part as always Greg. You speak just enough to keep the guest on track and you always ask great questions.

    1. I feel like telling stories about all this is perhaps about as close as we can get to the reality of ecstatic, spiritual, non-ordinary experiences. Just be wary of believing absolutely the stories you hear, or that you tell, but make them as true as you can.

      Somehow we tricked ourselves into thinking the story wasn’t ours to write (or sing, or dance). We forgot to do this with each other (by each other I mean other differently intelligent beings living or otherwise)…

  26. In regard to the closing comments… Carlwood you are the best. It a shame a noticeable amount of people can’t just tune in for the entertainment value when the guest is not of their cloth. The trumpeter fire is an interesting phenomenon if for no other reason than many of the most powerful spiritual teachers I have found on the net all seemed to jump in his corner based on higher perspectives they were receiving. I have a hard time buying into the “whole truth” of Q anon but I do think it’s possible for small hands in chief to stumble his way to victory much as inspector gadget is prone to do with penny and her pooch (the alliance) not far behind. But even if that’s all a feint I enjoy hearing the perspective. Shutting people out with out hearing them out is the root of a massive amount of the issues of today. As for this show, I really like Whitley. I’ve heard him a couple times on Fade to Black and I was happy to see his name pop up. Keep up the good work.

  27. Greg, I love your podcast. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t let the bastards bring you down. You can’t please everyone and I find it really hard to understand that long time members are so fixated on their beliefs that they are unable to move on to the next show. It really highlights the work they have cut out for themselves.
    Your show has opened my eyes to so much more than I could ever have believed and you really bring out the best in your guests. I really feel for you having to keep explaining yourself to your audience as it is fluctuating with new members all the time.
    Whitley was fabulous. He is so expressive and I would love to listen to his books in audio! Anne sounds like someone I would love to listen to aswell. The movie Communion scared the hell out of me as a kid so I am going to give the book ago. I actually think that movie is responsible for my own fears in communicating with entities!

  28. I’m pretty brand new to conspiracy. But long long long time seeker of the mysteries or what can’t be seen, like you, my mind is open to ALL things to be better even though I myself have not had my own ET or paranormal experiences (love that you address this so I’m not alone anymore!). But I just wanted to say that I really appreciate that you WILL look at all angles and I intend to stick with you no matter where you go. I like to roll with food for thought on all angles and do my own research. So, thank you for being so open minded and staying so open minded. It’s clear to me that what you put put doesn’t mean it’s what you necessarily believe or at least not yet or maybe never. And I love that. I actually feel akin to that and feel like I’m not alone weirdo on this Earth.

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