The Higherside Tour: Armenia Part 2 | Pyramids, Petroglyphs, & Priests


Show Notes

Part 2 is here! Thanks for being Plus members! Please remember this is an unlisted video, hope you enjoy it.

Greg Carlwood joins a tour of ancient sites and intriguing monasteries in Armenia lead by local researchers and hosted by Graham Hancock.

In part 1, we walked through the first 5 sites: Karmir Blur, Zvartnots Temple, The Agarak Region, Garni Temple, & Geghard Monastery.

Part 2 covers:

00:00:16 – The Dvid Pyramid

00:08:48 – The Settlement of Spirits

00:12:54 – Etchmiadzin Cathedral

00:16:50 – The Ughtasar Petroglyphs

00:28:37 – Tatev Monastery The last 5 sites coming soon!

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Occult Fan

Cool ~


Loved this – very mysterious monastery!


Very cool. Much thanks for letting us come along for the ride. ???⭐️?


The ancient past must have been a miraculous time for the elite of the recent past to want to keep it hidden from the peoples of today. Just imagine what life would have, could have, been like if we all worked together with true knowledge, natural law and a goal to improve.
Thanks for sharing your experience, Greg. It must have been a real eye opener for you and an experience that keeps on giving the more you reflect upon it.
Love your work man!


Thanks for sharing. I love learning about ancient sites that are still accessible.


How fortunate for you to be able to go on this trip with Graham! I met him this summer at Serpent Mound in Ohio when he was there with Ross Hamilton discussing that ancient earth effigy. Thank you for the vids!