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The Higherside Tour: Armenia Part 2 | Pyramids, Petroglyphs, & Priests

Topics Covered: Coming Soon

Show Notes

Part 2 is here! Thanks for being Plus members! Please remember this is an unlisted video, hope you enjoy it.

Greg Carlwood joins a tour of ancient sites and intriguing monasteries in Armenia lead by local researchers and hosted by Graham Hancock.

In part 1, we walked through the first 5 sites: Karmir Blur, Zvartnots Temple, The Agarak Region, Garni Temple, & Geghard Monastery.

Part 2 covers:

[00:00:16] – The Dvid Pyramid

[00:08:48] – The Settlement of Spirits

[00:12:54] – Etchmiadzin Cathedral

[00:16:50] – The Ughtasar Petroglyphs

[00:28:37] – Tatev Monastery The last 5 sites coming soon!

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