Ole Dammegard | The Vegas Shooting: Inconsistencies & Strange Symbolism

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In a rush this week, we have Ole Dammegard back to break down the latest tragedy, the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. Of course, because of Ole’s continued work dissecting false flags and terror events, he is one of the first to recognize elements at play that seem to follow the same template – a template that suggests these are highly planned and coordinated events, rather than the work of random, unmotivated, lone attackers.

Our deepest sympathies to anyone who has experienced pain and loss due to such an event. To me, digging deeper into things that seem suspicious and inconsistent with media reports, is the best and most honorable thing we can do, short of going back in time. I know if I died in one of these situations, the last thing I’d want is for it to be a false flag situation that isn’t properly investigated.  That said, what you’re getting here is a conversation about elements that don’t seem to add up, or contain strange symbolism/foreshadowing. We also discuss the major alternative theories and motivations. This is largely a synthesis of what we’re seeing so far, all alleged, and not everything can be fully vetted at this time. All we can do is examine it, and try our best to seek the truth. This isn’t fear porn. This isn’t capitalizing on a tragedy.

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37 Responses

    1. What an extremely silly and dishonourable comment. How many hours of research have you done in order to reach this rather over confident statement when even the best researchers out there cannot say for definate that what you so confidently portray is a certainty.
      It, like all other “incidents”, could have been a false flag, could have been a hoax and perhaps a very slim chance it could have been “genuine”, which I personally doubt. I cannot form an opinion which I am 100% certain of because I havent done enough research. All I know is that it certainly isnt what the MSM is portraying it as so I look forward to hearing Ole’s analysis of what he has learned so far.
      Less Crrow’s simplistic over confidence and more discernment is needed imo.

    2. You look like a complete moron when you say that. Insensitive, unobservant, in total denial and completely out of touch with reality. It appears to be a coping mechanism. I’m just being straight with you. I would want someone to tell me if I had something in my teeth.

      Maybe turn off the YouTube videos and go outside for a bit. Only someone totally disconnected with their humanity could deny this. So to me, you’re strange and weird and disrespectful. Maybe your a sociopath, maybe your on to many, or not enough anti depression meds, who knows. But you need a reality check.

    3. I thought there was a possibility no one was actually shot at first, but there is now enough evidence to convince me people were really shot. One reason why it is not more obvious that people were shot is because suppressed subsonic 5.56mm was used and that has extremely poor ballistics. It does not create dramatic wounds and with proper medical care, victims would be able to recover very quickly. Only a very lucky or targeted shot to the center of the head or heart would kill a person. The close suppressed shooting can clearly be distinguished from the distant machine gun (M240B) here:
      At 0:50 you hear only the subsonic suppressed and you hear people skeptical that it was real gunshots.
      At 2:00 you hear both the suppressed close fire and the distant M240.
      At 2:36 you hear the distant M240 by itself
      At 2:40 a 2 second burst of suppressed fire is heard over top of the M240
      At 2:42 you still hear the M240 steadily thumping in the distance

      M240 Bravo and mandalay shooting comparison:

      I think the M240 was firing blanks while all of the real shooting was done up close with the suppressed weapons. If the M240 was firing real 7.62mm, there would be no skeptics in that crowd. There would be blood everywhere and gaping exit wounds. Also, the M240B when firing blanks gets a dirty regulator after just 400 rounds which can slow the cyclic rate. You hear that in the taxi cab video. It sounds like it is bogging down.

      There were diversions as well like the strobe light on the 4th floor. And perhaps they put gunshot sounds in the audio to confuse things further.

      Perhaps one objective of this attack was to divide conspiracy theorists over whether anyone was actually killed or not and make them look like assholes by drawing them into the position that no one was actually shot.

      This video also offers clear evidence of multiple shooters and you see a GSW from the subsonic 5.56mm:

      And finally, here are 3 videos where bullets striking the pavement and cups can be seen:

  1. Great show. Glad to hear a lot of what I know confirmed and also hearing new theories and points of view. I do believe this event will wake more people up to the world were living in. You can already see Facebook and other social media platforms full of people questioning the narrative.

  2. Just a thought…… it appears lots and lots of folks are questioning this event, which on the surface appears to be a good thing. The event was loaded with things that are off, and people are asking questions.

    But what if “they” did this to get exactly that result? For example, the puppet masters created an event that had obvious errors, which gets people asking questions, which lead to conclusions that “they”want us to reach. Basically the game just went to the next level, where “they” assume we will call false flag, and create events with that as the base.

    In my dealings with those in power, I have learned that every time I thought I had caught them, it was because they had led me there. For me, I’m now watching to see how this plays out.

    Thanks so much for another great show. I’m loving that I can listen to the archives while I’m working non-stop these days. It is awesome and I’m very grateful.

    Peace out my fellow humans. We do indeed live in fascinating times. ???⭐️?

    1. I asked myself the same question. Even the notion of conspiracy can be manipulated to the advantage of the string puller. The immediate naming of a culprit is suspicious, but equally so is the mention of a former employer such as Lockheed Martin. Pushing body scanning at casinos, which wouldn’t keep you from bringing in a pallet of rifles on a forklift like this guy apparently did, just not under your shirt, are another oddity since some gov officials would profit from the sale of those machines. Hard to tell what info is planted and what the real objective would be from doing something so awful. I don’t have a hard time believing people were actually killed or harmed, though. That is the most believable part of the whole thing. Deep state actors, whatever their ideology, seem to have no problem ending a few ordinary lives.

  3. I haven’t listened to the whole interview yet so I don’t know if you covered this, but tom petty died on the same day as the shooting.. his birthday is October 20th.. he was also on the same record label as a group called Chicago.. when I heard those things it reminded me of Ole talking about them leaving clues to the next event.. I would say to stay out of Chicago on October 20th

  4. There has to be money somewhere, qui bono? The Arms Deal/FBI/ISIS sting gone wrong angle is interesting, and so is the DHS/FBI wetworks angle.. In the second scenario a bunch of big wigs get paid. In the first, the Terrorist black market..

    But I’m sort of leaning to giant casino heist angle. It ALSO being an inside job, that would require MGM staff and stage crew and feds. Sadly i think the cops were out of the loop and actually doing their job as best as they could, against military grade weapons & a team that spanned perhaps over a mile, in costume, infiltrating all the relevant organizations.. The guys dad WAS a high profile bank robber after all.

    So far im not seeing this angle anywhere else. But what if it’s a combination if #2 & #3? Mix of white collar embezzlement and major money moves, along with total compromise of MGM (bellagio, mandalay, tropicana, luxor) security, with insiders et al?

    This time next year – if they’re not quick enoufh to scrub it, auditing records may show inconsistencies..

    All speculative, but thats where im at.

    Fuck the “no one was hurt” angle, i think that’s CIA disinfo to muddy the waters. I’ve now watched some NSFW Vids, and barring the exception of a minute possibility of crisis dummies/props/actors,, I’d say the deaths are completely real.

    The question- was Paddock willing to die to get his team rich?! Or is he a total patsy?

    (i also think the strobe light is a well planned decoy- placed by the wetworks team) there’s also the security guys tweets about “plain clothes looking officer types in hats walking in silently together, taking the elevator to the top floor” earlier that day. Perhaps indicating the entrance of one of the teams.

    Coordinated attack though, with people in multiple locations around the venue. In multiple hotels and multiple floors of the mandalay.

    And the bomb threat to the oblesik in front if the luxor?! Another decoy! Speaking of that giant sphinx, black pyramid and obelisk…

    1. I originally posted that on the 5th. A lot of new info has come out since then. Im leaning toward an “all of the above” operation. Intelligence Community gets what they want, along with real estate execs, CEOs, OSI/Chertoff (apparently!) ISIS/Abu Saayaf makes money (who IS the CIA/Spec Ops) the Mafia (who does still have an old money presence in Vegas still) etc.

      The MSM is in on it, so it cant just be a professional bank hiest by underground criminals, oh no. This is state sponsored. There was a fema/dhs drill going on too, so BAM! Theres your logistics team. FBI and the other USIC groups handled the ground and security at the SIX CASINOS that had action.

      Im actually thinking that many more were supposed to die, but there was some kind of internal problem, probably trying to blow the Jet Fuel containers which were actually hit several times, perhaps by ground ops.

      Then you have the Luxor bomb threat at the Obelisk. And theres video of the alleged wife/gf at the airport acting spooky, yelling “bam america, 4 more days” (which i think is USIC disinfo, ink in the water)

      I feel like a lot of false trails are being spread by NSA bot accounts right now. Actually i KNOW they are. So be careful.

      Oh and paddock sold one of his planes to Volant, a CIA covert air contractor. Of note is the fact that McCarran AFB (being behind the venue, getting stared at by the sphinx) shuttles people from vegas to Area 51/White Sands.

      Ive been relentless on FB on the vegas updates, but in 48 hours, Google and YouTube (subsidiaries of DARPA) have tweaked their algorithms. Things are being scrubbed, videos deleted, eyewitnesses digitally silenced, and in their place are a bunch of Totally batshit theories, probably inserted and bumped by the Intelligence community.

      Oh Yaaaa lets not forget the “Enlightened Society For Global Transformation” and the Luxor. And MGM CEO selling 80% of his stock on Sept 8th, along with other MGM big wigs.
      AND tthere was a 164% increase on put options, predicting the Mandalay stock plummet.

      Guys. This is big. Dont flush Vegas down the Memory Hole any time soon. The internet may be able to eventually hold people accountable if we stick with it.

  5. An excellent, well considered analysis from Ole and Greg. Also, Greg’s summing up at the end was bang on the money. People who spout the nonsense that no one died or got hurt would do well to listen to this and have the balls to reconsider their view.

    1. Forgot why I posted above – the driver was held down by a ‘famous’ person. Also the number 11. 11 obviously the masonic “job done” but also 10+01 – 11.

      Wonder if a message.

      Any ho!

  6. I came across this comment on youtube but also ….Ed Opperman is a Private Investigator and he lives in Las Vegas and he says that there were people shot and the hospitals were full …so it was a real shooting…… they could have used silencers and been multiple shooters… is the comment…..

    There were six shooters.
    The shooting was synchronised.
    One was on the roof behind the stage.
    One was on the 32nd floor after shooting the patsy.
    The third was on the 9th floor of the Mandalay Hotel.
    The fourth shooter was at the MGM hotel.
    Another 2 shooters were dressed as police.
    The majority of people killed were by the two on the ground.
    The rest of the people died in a stampede.
    The main objective was to scare the crowd into stampede.
    But the crowd resisted as they knew the first gun fire was no threat.
    So police were ordered to shoot into the crowd.
    This has been planned form the start.
    The concert is called Route 91 Harvest.
    You can see the code.
    It is actually a warning of a larger event to take place on the 4th of November.
    It will also have a hotel theme and a harvest theme.
    You have been compromised Mr Ike.
    It is time to go into hiding until this blows over.
    Paddock was targeted because he was always causing trouble in the hotel and had a system to win…hence rich.
    No need to question this. Confusion will take your focus away from the important information.

  7. There is also some degree of implanting the notion of false flags in popular culture. A example is the “no Russian” level of the video game modern warfare 2. Discussing false flags always brings that to mind. It often is worth questioning the value of the information we are given.

    1. Every time I played that level, I would always squint my face in shock that it was in the video game. It contradicted everything I was taught about the negativity around mass shootings. How could this be allowed in here I would think? Aren’t we trying to make people think this is horrible?

    1. 72 is also a precessional number, in fact the basis of all other precessional numbers as it is the time it takes in years for the horizon to move 1 degree.

  8. Halper says that Israel is taking it’s skills, honed on the Palestinians, onto the world stage.

    Halper has great videos on your tube.

    I believe this was orchestrated by the Mossad.

    There are several ways to test for truth (which everyone should know and use), which I have done on this issue: confirmed three times, Mossad was involved.

    Don’t travel the same tired path telling me I am anti=semetic, for I have not mentioned religion once, not once, I do not associate Israel’s Netanyahu with a religion. Why do you, … if you do?

    1. extension of post:
      Always nice to see Ole. I always await the time when he weighs in on issues. He is my go-to man for events like Las Vegas.
      The two t-shirts I sawL Central Florida Arts Center, and the word Coconuts on a bulky guy who had a shirt off in one video and a shirt “coconuts” on in the next one.
      I am not viewing mainstream media videos at all.

      Nothing they do can exonerate their karma. I have willed that what they do will come back to them. They do not have my permission to do these things at any time for any reason to anyone.

      They cannot be exonerated from Karma now. They do not have my permission ever for this kind of thing to anyone at anytime for any reason. All of you say this.

      1. Karma doesnt exist. It is a control system invented to maintain the caste system of Brahmanism. “They” do not need your permission or anyones for that matter. What they do need is your/my consent. They get this by default. If an intention is conveyed before the event and you do not question it then you have given your tacit consent by non-action. I think Ole has been very good in the past by looking into the various “hints” that are given before an event takes place.

        1. BTW, I’m in total agreement with you regarding the anti-semitic stuff. Judaism as you point out is a religion not a race. Semitic peoples live in a number of different near eastern areas. I believe the Sumerians were deemed to be Semitic. Anyone can follow Judaism as a religion but that doesnt make them a Semite. As usual, the correct meaning of the word has been hijacked.

        2. Still I think it is good to tell the group that is doing this that they do not have our permission. collectively. Just get it in the ethers.

          Kind of like a call that woke me this morning, first telling me that this phone call will be recorded. I told them they do not have my permission to record this phone call. After that, they could not do anything else and hung up.

          Their power is within word memes and directing social connotations of those words. If you yourself change those connotations, if you eliminate those memes, if we all do, the meme and those who created it will lose their power. If you tell someone that you do not believe the meme “it takes a village…” then they have nothing whatsoever to hold over you. The most insane aspects of our society is in the social systems, in public schools. If you remove the school from it’s influence over you, schools will indeed lose their power.

  9. There is a different site that can replace facebook and youtube, now that youtube has begun to removed the real news of Las Vegas. I know that this site was started by a fella who kept getting censored by youtube. Until I can find something better, this is where I am going to go for the videos he puts out: Don’t know how long I will be there. There are 209 people registered so far. That number keeps going up.

  10. Ole mentioned the missing shoe aspect that he keeps seeing in these events… is an excerpt from a Jon Rappaport article where he quotes from a Rense article…..
    “Meanwhile, Jeff Rense has posted the long, detailed, written testimony of a witness at the concert, 28-year-old Kymberley Suchomel. Here is a brief excerpt: “We are all hanging out on this sheet [at the concert], dancing our booties off, enjoying ourselves so much that we took off our boots to get even more comfortable…the first volley of gunfire was released. It was a shorter volley than any of the others [that followed]…So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so we were able to get out…”

  11. I’m late to the party here but I’ve been obsessed with this thing ever since it went down. At first I thought maybe it was all crisis acting, but I’m now convinced some of it was real.

    They were being shot at with real suppressed subsonic 5.56mm which has very poor ballistic performance. The M240 Bravo in the hotel was firing blanks.

    Just wrote a blog going over some of it:

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