Folks, we have been deeply analyzing our reality for quite some time. But where is the line between truth and the carefully crafted constructs the powerful elite have cooked up? We know deceptive authorities are not to be trusted. We see how they’ve built a mediocrity machine were forced to spend our formative years that we call compulsory schooling. We recognize the quarantine around alternative fuels keeping us on the comeback for Rockefeller oil. Even decades later we get that natural foods and plant-based medicines have been stripped down and discarded and exchanged for proprietary chemicals that are sending us down a path of destruction. We found ourselves in a state of perpetual war and propaganda with the TV slowly turning us against each other. We’ve uncovered major deceptions from NASA and the projects that let us know they’ve got it all under control. We’ve reexamined the timeline of human history itself, picking out problems and wondering just how badly it’s been altered – and of course we’ve taken our inquiry to the extreme and considered our entire earthly environment to be an illusion and a backwards lie. Well, here to help me take this trip into unexpected territory, many steps of the way has been the man we call Crrow the true OG of the lunar way footage and many strange things in the sky of our human terrarium.

He’s the man who brought us the work of the deceased Russian scientists known as Hatibov, suggesting that spider beings from space took over and added to our little solar system here converting it to a cosmic factory farm complete with a UFO maintenance crew, and now he’s become a podcast extraordinaire hosting his own Crrow777 radio podcast. It’s been too long and it’s a real treat to have him back. Everyone loves a Crrow show.

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