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We have been deeply analyzing our reality for quite some time. But where is the line between truth and the carefully crafted constructs the powerful elite have cooked up? We know deceptive authorities are not to be trusted. We see how they’ve built a mediocrity machine were forced to spend our formative years that we call compulsory schooling. We recognize the quarantine around alternative fuels keeping us on the comeback for Rockefeller oil. Even decades later we get that natural foods and plant-based medicines have been stripped down and discarded and exchanged for proprietary chemicals that are sending us down a path of destruction. We found ourselves in a state of perpetual war and propaganda with the TV slowly turning us against each other. We’ve uncovered major deceptions from NASA and the projects that let us know they’ve got it all under control.

[00:00:47] We’ve reexamined the timeline of human history itself. Picking out problems and wondering just how badly it’s been altered. And of course we’ve taken our inquiry to the extreme and considered our entire earthly environment to be an illusion and a backwards lie. Well help me take this trip into unexpected territory, many steps of the way has been the man we call Kro the true Oji of the lunar way footage and many strange Feldman’s in the sky of our human terrarium.

[00:01:12] He’s the man who brought us the work of the deceased Russian scientists known as Hatti Bob’s suggesting that spider beings from space took over and added to our little solar system here converting it to a cosmic factory farm complete with a UFO maintenance crew and now he’s become a podcast extraordinaire hosting his own Krogh triple 7 radio podcast. It’s been too long and it’s a real treat to have him back.

[00:01:34] Everyone loves the crows show my friend and yours. Good sir how the hell are ya.

[00:01:40] Great man how are you.

[00:01:41] It’s good to be back. FNM and yeah I can’t complain.

[00:01:46] I’m pumped to do this too.

[00:01:47] I’ve been catching up on your show all this week trying to see where your heads at these days and maybe we should just jump right into the deep end of the pool we’ve been doing this long enough.

[00:01:56] You got this podcast here about 40 episodes in. How has it affected you.

[00:02:01] Have there been any new conclusions or ideas that have your attention these days. Well in a way things had to come to the east coast to take care of a family member and it kind of cut into my ability to film the sky. Which incidentally will pick up again and spring here. But having said that I started to prioritize what I think is important and you know every time I go out into the world I see people who are suffering who are fooled who are socially engineered to be suffering and fooled and so that really became a focus of mine to begin to try to communicate at a level-headed low level that allows people to at least consider what we call reality. Yeah man I’ve been hearing so many great guests come up on your show and so many new ideas and I have to say you have some great titles to one of your episodes is titled Hello.

[00:02:54] 911 OPERATOR I’d like to report a mind rape and that doesn’t get people’s attention.

[00:03:00] I don’t know what will.

[00:03:01] Well maybe a truer title was never written.

[00:03:04] Because pretty much you know 9/11 is a funny thing because it happened and maybe not a lot of people became aware that it was basically an inside job, to say the least. But it triggered something in the western world mind.

[00:03:20] By the time we got to Sandy Hook so many people had stepped away and said hey man sometimes not right here.

[00:03:26] And so when I did that episode I tried to go at it from the point of view of the people who did it. And specifically from people like Crowley and basically broke the whole thing down as a ritual as a magic kind of Luciferian ritual. So that was an interesting episode. And the stagecraft is strong and you know correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve heard you mention in passing on your show that you’ve kind of moved away from the Hattie Baum material and I got to ask you why did something happen that made that research seem less credible to you from the get go. The reason I initially began to look at it closely was because it was possible that the lunar wave was being described in some way shape or form after a number of Russian speakers had gone and the text and translated it. We had a majority who felt that he was in fact describing the lunar wave. But we did have maybe three or four who dissented from that opinion. Having said this you know you get into spiders and UFOs and all these things that I don’t buy into frankly. I spent four years of my life filming nonstop with some very good telescopic tools very good cameras. And I have never seen anything in this world that lets me know that there is any reality to the alien argument. And to top it off as I began to break out social engineering on my show I did a lot of research into Tavistock which I’d never really paid attention to.

[00:04:51] And they flat out claimed responsibility for the alien agenda in their social engineering program things like Roswell course done on the third parallel. So my problem with hadibov is I think it’s so critically important that people try to get to a more real way of thinking about where we are and how Bob was not the guy to do that. But what was worse is we couldn’t prove he was a real man. That’s finally where I cut the tether. We tried pretty hard to prove that he was actually a living human being and we could do it.

[00:05:21] I hate to hear that.

[00:05:22] I really liked the exploration of that material. Those were good times and it was interesting that you did film some heightened activity for you foes in the areas where Hatti boss said the crafts that kind of construct our world and act as its maintenance crew are warehoused. So.

[00:05:39] I don’t know I guess I’d ask you what are you a foe’s if you dismiss this material and it’s not aliens. What are the strange things that we’re seeing in the sky that you filmed several times before.

[00:05:49] Yeah I think it’s all human tech. I think the level at which human tech has gone would be. Akin to magic for most people I know I think it was Arthur C. Clarke who said that very thing. In one of his maxims that any technology is. Sufficiently. Advanced. Would appear to be magical. To an average person. I think that’s what we’re looking at. You know I I filmed the shooting or. You know if you’re ever going to shoot anything with a camera and I was looking at that with my naked eyes you know which was an unusual thing. When we were filming the orbs from chem trails typically we found them in the footage later. But I knew I was filming these things. And when you begin to go back on that. You’re looking at basically a ball of light that fired some bizarre looking plasma beam kind of thing. Twice into the country. I have it on HD footage. But when you. Take all the experience over those four years of filming. And really come back and examine it. In a reality based mind what you come to understand is you’re looking at technology. The question becomes could it be human could it be something else. And I think it has to be human and not only that as I began to take apart satellites. And realize that satellites are a lie. Nobody is going about low earth orbit. There are no things in orbit as described. Certainly not in what we call space. No one’s been there.

[00:07:04] No one’s going there and if they have. It’s misdescribed to us and. You know we’ve never seen anything. A true representation of that. But the problem becomes. People will then say well how do we have you know GP us and these other things. It turns out. That. Technology. Is the thing that most people don’t understand if we consider things like GP coming online just about the time for the people. That we get cell phones you begin to get a picture. But what’s funny Greg. Is that you know were a college Grove shopping center as.

[00:07:33] Yeah I do.

[00:07:35] So college grove like if you’re on that back road that parallels Highway 94. And you’re going towards the beach there’s a stoplight right where you’re going to get back on the freeway to head downtown on 94. For a long time the bushes were not trimmed but that’s a Navy installation. Right there and there’s a big cement wall. That says when the first and I quote global radio went into effect and I think it’s like. 19. 0 9 or something like that maybe it’s 1913 very very early. So when you’re looking at that how many people if you talk to on the street would imagine that the first global radio system that. Was around that early. And I know that’s kind of a bit of a labor answer but the point is is I have never filmed anything. That is so amazing that it cannot easily and rightly be attributed to human tech.

[00:08:23] I mean that is a fair point. When I see those orbs I almost think they look like they’re alive themselves.

[00:08:31] I guess I’ve kind of considered that yeah they probably are Earth based but I’ve thought of them more as like almost like spiritual entities in a sense the way the ancients used to say they’d see. Warring gods in the sky. I mean I’m kind of like are these orbs the manifestation of that. I don’t know of course these are just guesses but they seem more alive than than technology to me Don’t they know.

[00:08:56] Well they’re steered. I can tell you that they are steered old. You know they are controlled. The one that I filmed going into the chem trail and firing its little whatever it fired a couple times. It’s going against the wind. You can tell this by watching the direction of the church being pushed south by the wind. As the orb comes straight down into the camp trail. And begins to veer northward. And then of course changes its trajectory a couple times that’s flat out the things being steered. It’s intelligently controlled. But the question becomes I mean are there little green men in that thing and I just don’t think so. I mean they almost look like plasma to me they look like a lighted little plasma thing. But we’ve got people who have filmed similar things being dropped out of planes. Military planes. Were kept drilling is going on. And I just. If anything had ever got me to the point where I was going to say wow is that extraterrestrial it probably would have been that shooting orbit. Ironically. It’s in our atmosphere. Although. Almost everything I have filmed. Well let’s cut to the chase. Everything I have filmed in my view.

[00:09:58] It in your atmosphere provocative Manue drop in little breadcrumbs to all kinds of things I want to get into. But the last Hatti BAV related then I wanted to ask you about before we close the door on that is just that. You know I love those days so much that I made a T-shirt based on the conversations we used to have about the warring factions of the elite the spiders versus the owls. You know the Bohemian Grove weaving spiders come not here sign right. Have you given any further thought to the symbolism of owls or spiders amongst the elite since we last talked.

[00:10:31] Yeah you know you know in a way you can kind of you know that maybe I haven’t really dug in as a main focus but I can tell you this we can kind of see. Or at least in my mind I kind of think of it like this way and you know maybe off the top your head think up the basis of the band The Who that supposedly died in in Las Vegas doing cocaine. You know you always got in. That the war. It was a spider pin and the song’s called Boris the spider. It almost looks like. The spider faction as maybe the younger kind of more modern Hollywood and that the owl is these old white guys like you would see at a Bohemian Grove. That was a real thing. Like you might think of these old Republicans you know two decades ago sitting in a smoke filled room. That would be more my vision of what the owl is symbolizing these. Old cantankerous white guys connected to old Europe. And the monarchy and this kind of thing. Where the spider owl. Symbolism actually breaks down in finite detail I’m not sure. I’ve talked to a few people but I think we can see the symbolism in that way.

[00:11:38] Yeah it’s a fascinating thread for sure. I love trying to unravel and unpack the power pyramid and what factions might be going up against each other in this game of thrones style narrative.

[00:11:49] Yeah. For the average person you know. It’s not that hard to decipher at least in a way you can think about it. Think about the band No Doubt. So there’s a young band kind of a young Hollywood ish band and of course. You know the people in there have gone into movies and making clothes lines and perfume there in that kind of Hollywood jetset. And they wrote a song called walking in the spider web. And these these things are not random events. This is the problem most people. Don’t take language at it’s value. And when things are said they don’t understand. That a lot of times you’re being verbatim told something.

[00:12:24] Right. And there’s also bands and artists in Hollywood and in music that are using that old Drake one of the most popular guys out today.

[00:12:33] I mean his clothing brand is basically just throwing him in Grove owl straight up come in. Right. It’s right there at Rockefeller records with Jay-Z.

[00:12:42] I mean there you go. There you go you’re drawing the line where I would. You know those are those are the old white guy kind of thing. I even saw a movie I don’t remember the name of it. The kid from that 70s show who played Eric Foreman. Showed up in a movie wearing a shirt saying owls are assholes with now you know and overdress. Yeah. But you know just to make the point. You can tell it’s a thing to somebody somewhere. And that there’s Queen divisions. You know there’s different groups clearly. Yeah.

[00:13:10] Oh for sure. So. To the big stuff man I mean anything new on the lunar wave front any new captures their ideas about what the moon might really be or before.

[00:13:23] You know that was another kind of thing. Why I paid attention to how the ball for as long as I did because it wasn’t just the lunar wave. But some of the things he was saying about control systems and constructs. Resonated with things I had arrived at independent of all that. Young people who filmed the waves. I’ve kind of backed away from it. Not. That’s the wrong way to say this. I’ve kind of tried to remove myself as the epicenter because if the lunar wave has value. Then people need to be able to replicate it completely independent of me. And the research or whatever people think about it needs to develop completely independent of me. Because it got to a point where I was like the guy. Someone filmed a wave and you know here it comes Kro please authenticate my footage. Please tell me what’s going on here. Tell me everything I want to know. And that’s really not. That’s not a good way to make a thing real is doable on one guy at the center of things so. Having said that when I get back to filming I’ll be all over that as much as I have but. To tip my hat a little bit. For those who want to get involved in things. I think the sun is where it’s out right now. I think the sign has the ability to change everything we know. I think the chem trails at sunrise and sunset for years now I’ve been saying this. Are covered on purpose.

[00:14:42] And I have recently been getting some very interesting footage of sunsets where we’re seeing more than one object in the sky bright object in the sky. Not that I’m saying this to sons I’m not saying that what I am saying. Is that the first person who can find a place where chem trails aren’t killing them. That has decent equipment and focuses on these times. Is really probably going to hit a pinnacle right up there in lunar way of gyratory.

[00:15:08] Wow. And yeah you did tell me that lately you’ve been setting your sights on the sun that.

[00:15:13] I believe now you think it might be much closer than the 93 million miles away that they tell us that is right.

[00:15:19] Well of course in any person can reasonably look at this. Let’s consider a solar eclipse. When a solar eclipse happens we’re told what’s happening is the moon is going to between the Earth and the sun and blocking out the sun. While it doesn’t take a genius to understand that for some reason that moon perfectly blocks the sun like a cookie cutter said. OK we need a blocking object completely covered the sun perfectly. And that’s the size the moon is and so we’re told. Well you know the story we’re given is nonsensical. Oh well it’s 400 times smaller and it’s exactly 400 times closer. And all this nonsense where even a person who knows anything about statistics would understand that random events are not going to cause this and if they did it would be one in millions of billions. For this kind of thing to go on. But here’s the rub. I filmed. Every eclipse I could before. San Diego both lunar and solar. The last solar eclipse that had dawned on me. When the moon is supposedly coming into position to block the sun from your point of view. I had a full spectrum camera and I reasoned. That if I use light obliteration techniques my full spectrum camera all this bag of tricks I had accumulated. That I should be able to detect the moon before it breaks the limb of the sun and I couldn’t do it. You can’t see it. And it makes no sense because here you’re told. There’s a rock in orbit called the moon. And it’s being backlit by a star.

[00:16:44] By NASA’s description of a sun. Which I don’t accept but that’s what we’re being told is going on. So if this rock is so well backlit how come I cannot detect it even with a full spectrum camera. Before it breaks the limb of the sun and to put a fine point on that. When I was filming. The lunar eclipses. With a typical camera as the eclipse gets underway part of the moon becomes blacked out in shadow. And you can’t see it. Well with my full spectrum rig I could see every portion. Of the moon at will. Even the blacked out portion also I had to do was adjust my settings. And I could see and what I began to find. Was Heres an example. There’s a little crater on the moon that people are told is a naked eye object it’s called a star as it looks white to the eye. When the moon’s near full you can see with your naked eye if you have good eyes. The Aerostar crater that’s 40 miles in diameter roughly. Well when the eclipse was happening. And only a sliver of the moon was still lit. I put my full specked camera on it lit up the whole moon so I could see the whole thing and there was that little white dot. And I said to myself. Self. How in the hell can it be. That that is completely blacked out portion of the moon. And when I put the full spectrum camera on it I can see white. And that shouldn’t be.

[00:18:00] And then I further reasoned when I was in the solar eclipse and I said self. You should be able to detect the moon coming into an eclipse and I couldn’t do it. It begins to put the fine detail into the argument that we live in a construct that you need. In my view the moon is not a rock in space it’s nowhere near. Two hundred and forty thousand miles away from us and as matter of fact I have a thought experiment posted on my channel that proves this. The Sun same thing. It’s right here. It’s not that far away from us. But for the moon. I took Google Earth and I put a 40 mile crater. On. Earth in Google Earth time. Fake like it was there a starkest and I made it white. I went up the 40000 miles that Google Earth allows to see if I could detect this naked eye crater that we can see on the moon when it’s near full. And you can’t see it. And yet. The moon would be. Five or six times further away. And even though yes we’re looking at Google Earth and yes there’s a computer demonstration. My point would be you can’t detect that at all. As a matter of fact you have to come to about 50 percent back the distance. To begin to detect it. So it demonstrates. That if you asked an average person. Who isn’t fooled by all the NASA nonsense just use common sense. If you said hey man.

[00:19:13] You think you could see a 40 mile white circle at a quarter of a million miles away you know the average person would probably tell you no.

[00:19:20] But anyhow Sorry for rambling now man I love it. This is the sweet spot for us for sure. And that is pretty fascinating that you say you don’t see the moon coming into a solar eclipse. That’s right. I guess you could try to say it might be because of the Sun’s brightness blown it out but I see the moon pretty clearly in the daytime quite often.

[00:19:40] It’s an odd thing but this does call into question the entire sun moon earth paradigm here. Another new idea I keep hearing about that sounds so weird that I wanted to get your opinion on is if you would put yourself in that camp of people starting to think that the moon is actually giving off its own light rather than being a reflector.

[00:20:01] Yeah it is. Wow.

[00:20:04] You can probably demonstrate that. To a logical degree. Unfortunately. You’re going to have to have some very smart people maybe people like Eric Dollard smart that would begin to be able to describe that you see. Because the problem here is we live in a science based world but unfortunately what science is is the. You know it’s the chainlink fence that’s keeping us all confined. It was made to allow us to do certain things that are very helpful to have a car to have a refrigerator. But it was also made. To keep us from. Going beyond a certain point you know why the hell are we still burning fossil fuels after all this time while science is part of that problem. Any number of things in an end are even more sad overtone way. Science is a bit of a religion now. Like when you. Come into a scientific group which I have done. And you challenge now so they’re not going to talk to you. They’re just going to call you a silly man and ignore everything you say will you see this is the programming of science doing this. Science should be dictating that anything we can question should be questioned. And yet this is not what we see. And when you listen to very brilliant men like. Eric Dollard. You listen to the description of the son he’ll give you. You know it’s hollow it’s possibly poking through to another dimension it’s what allows radio to work all these things. He says about it. And before I ever heard that man talk.

[00:21:27] I was already keenly aware that there’s a direct correlation between everything lives here in the sun. And there’s a direct correlation between. The contrived. Construct that we live in and the moon and some kind of a control system matter where these are like. Almost like a battery. The positive and negative poles on the system in a way.

[00:21:47] I love it. And you.

[00:21:50] Mentioned to me something about images of the sun with a black dot in the center of it that seemed to have people skeptical.

[00:21:59] Well I started to see these almost two years ago. And the problem was is that people were sending me still images. The problem with the still image is first of all. You can’t really rule out lens flare ever when you’ve got a still unless there were multiple stills taken. And you can see the lens flare reacting to the angle of the camera. But I I have over this period seen many videos. Where there’s more than one object near the setting sun. And I would say at least six or seven cases I’ve seen a black dot. Now the problem with this becomes. You don’t know who shot the video and it’s not that hard to edit a black dot into anything. But then finally not too long ago. I saw someone who had like a 900 new popular camera one Jewson. Because you can zoom on the moon as if it was a telescope almost with just the camera. He zoomed in on a black dot and the crazy thing was. You could see the sign you could see the black dot. There was a pond or a lake in the foreground. That was reflecting the image the black dot was over the sun and that reflected image. And when he zoomed in and it almost looked like this bizarre. Pixelation like this illuminated pixelation. And while I’m keeping all this in my mind you know me. You know I’ve got to be the guy I got to go out and I got to I got to see this for myself.

[00:23:12] We live in an age where anything could be made a video when I have to I know for a fact. That the sun is going to be key in breaking the construct. I know. I’m very sure that the trailing at these times of days that blocks the sun is for this reason or probably also to stop people from sun gazing because there’s truth value in that as well. But my point would be there would come a time in spring when my camera and my kickass tools. And other people I know with even better tools than I have.

[00:23:41] Are going to go with this. Now that becomes an interesting question because there does seem to be benefit from the sun’s light of course. Vitamin D as well as the sun gazing trend of people looking at the sun. At certain states and almost feeling like some type of energetic photosynthesis equivalent and in a weird way but that kind of.

[00:24:03] Shows that the sun has some positive aspects or that it might not be necessarily.

[00:24:10] Manmade But then I’ve also heard you talk about this NASA faked sun patent. That seems fairly interesting.

[00:24:18] Well I was I was watching some other people break it down. I’ve been aware of this for a long time and then not too long ago I don’t remember who it was someone had kicked a video over to me. Showing that they had patented you know an artificial star. With none of these things would surprise me even you know when we. See the light of the sun going down on the horizon. I have wondered for a long time. Am I looking at the physical object we call the sun. Or am I looking at the displacement of it’s light. And people could think about this a little like this like if you have ever been in a restaurant and you see a straw and a glass of water. The top of the straw you can see. But when it goes under the water it’s like displaced it’s no longer connected to the top of the straw. So this kind of refraction or displacement can happen. Anywhere. That light happens you have got the right things and I’ve wondered for a long time. If this is what we are seeing with the multiple objects filmed at Sun up or sundown. Is that something is refracting the light. What got me on this path was I had my. Hydrogen alpha solar scope out. And I filmed. What looked to be a reflection of the sun. Roughly two sun which to the left and one sun with up. I did this twice. It was in the exact same spot. On another occasion. I have my full spectrum camera.

[00:25:29] On my 8 inch telescope and I was filming the moon. Where I went about 40 or 50 degrees away from the moon. And found a bright area in the sky that looked like it was reflecting the moon’s sunlight or the moonlight. And so these ideas had always been in my mind because I’ve said for a long time there’s a hard fast barrier between us in space. This is probably part of the reason why you know all these supposed rockets that are supposed to be going there are not going there. It’s hard to know for sure but we can demonstrate that it’s there. So. The kind of lost the thread on the original question you asked me.

[00:26:05] No just just Sun stuff. You know that fake Is it real.

[00:26:10] Well let me let me just address that because so many people will get to a point where they start saying everything’s fake and that’s really not a good way to look at it in my view. It’s simply not what you’ve been told it is. That’s a better way to look at it. When you start to think. You know like in Buddhism. You know I studied Tibetan Buddhism for a long time I’ve studied many religions. But there’s this idea that everything is an illusion and I think it’s a valid idea. Take for example let’s say that the moon is not what NASA told us it was. There’s your illusion. We all believe it to be this thing that it is not. Therefore we’re living in an illusion. With regard to the moon. But my point would be. People get to this point where they think it’s all illusion but you’ve got to always come back to reality. If you step in front of a bus and you get hit it’s going to kill you. And that. That demonstrates something to you. So I would just strongly urge people with you wherever they stand on these you know these ideas that we’re expressing. Is my point of view is that those things are there. They’re just misdescribed but they’re misdescribe by intention.

[00:27:10] Mm hmm. Yeah.

[00:27:11] More just deceptive constructs rather than fake. But if not a gigantic nuclear furnace you know it’s tough to know what it is I think for me these questions. I look at the moon and I look at the sun and they’re kind of so big that it’s hard for me to find real conclusions about but one convincing thing is when I’m out on the ocean and I see the super bright sun and it has this hot spot on the ocean right underneath the sun and a lot of people have pointed this out in videos that it’s suspicious.

[00:27:42] But think about a flashlight against a surface the beam of a flashlight as you get closer to it. It Like It gets more concentrated and as you pull out it gets more broad and kind of covers the whole area and you would expect.

[00:27:56] I think you would expect to some 93 million miles away to not have that hot spot it almost looks like a shack like the type of shadow that just I look at that unlike there’s the clue that it’s close at least to me that’s probably the best case anyone could make. What do you think.

[00:28:12] Of course. I mean if you take the description you’re handed you know everyone’s seen the pictures you know you go to weather dot com and see them where. There’s a sunspot and they put the earth is this size. In other words this tiny sunspots on the sun is bigger than the Earth or four Earths could fit in that. When you start to think your flashlight being that size. It’s impossible. If you took a spotlight that size and then pointed it at something so tiny at a distance. You’re just going to light the whole thing whatever portion is liable. But that even sets aside the idea of coming into the atmosphere. Leaving a vacuum of space and all this other nonsense that we are told. Whatever that barrier is between what we call space and our atmosphere. These things prove a common sense thing. And the power of the system we live in is to make people believe things that are so ridiculous on the face of it. But they’ve been told it over and over and over since the day they were born. That they can’t question it anymore. Many of the things like the sun is a good example for someone to say the sun is a hell of a lot closer to us than 93 million miles the average person is going to roll their eyes. This is the system protecting itself in the lie that we have been constructed into in. A lot of people will go at this and say well why did we get lied to. Well. You can think of basic reasons like.

[00:29:32] To deny someone the knowledge of knowing where they exist. That. That deprives a human being of almost everything to not even understand where you exist denies you really much ability to know where you’re going to go where you’ve come from the things that are even possible in this place because you don’t even know what this place is. And you can demonstrate this in any number of ways beyond that going back in history. Where Why is the Jewish calendar now 5 7 7 7. Why is the Muslim calendar wherever it is why are we. At 2016 you can see the construct of it all. Hiding time hiding how that you know. Put it this way. How is it possible. That this many human beings can exist and supposedly nobody knows how long we’ve been here. Nobody knows how we got here and nobody knows why we exist what we’re supposed to do where we’re here. You know these these are the things that really. Really demonstrate the whole construct.

[00:30:32] Well said and that does get at the big question. I mean how have your thoughts on the earthly environment evolved. I’ve heard you say Planet on the podcast a couple of times and then correct yourself saying that you’re trying to kind of take that word out of your vocabulary. Does that mean your needle has moved closer to the flat earth in recent months?

[00:30:52] Well I’m never going to join the flat earth because. You know as you look at it this way if the flat earth was correct and it’s been around for I think a couple hundred years. That not means that it was created to be a stumbling block. To a group that could be infiltrated or disinformation or whatever. Besides that I don’t join groups. We live in a construct. We live in a construct that has a hard fast barrier. Between. What we call space space is also mis described. And our atmosphere. As matter of fact if the average person goes to look up exactly where space starts if you look very long. You’ll find all kinds of different. Explanations of where space starts. What’s it called dickered I’m getting it wrong the Kirlian line I can’t remember the name. But there’s a line. That’s a Russian word that kind of tries to market at one place. But my point is. You can see all kinds of these definitions for where space starts. How is that. How is that. That should not be a thing. Not only that I was a radio operator. In the Marine Corps we used to balance radio waves off the ionosphere we were told we all we were also told we bounced them off the moon. But as I began to consider the ionosphere thing. I started to think about well if we’re bouncing off the ionosphere how can we bounce off anything further. And there are people who will come back talking about frequency and signal strength and all these things but.

[00:32:08] To set that aside. If you go look up the definition for the ionosphere in some cases you’re told it starts 30 to 40 miles above our head it fluctuates. And goes twelve hundred miles high. Twelve hundred miles where. The average distance that space. I mean if we averaged all the things we’re told about where space starts. It’s you know 60 miles to 100 miles something like that. So what they’re saying is the Iames sphere is charged particles. So they’re telling you that the ionosphere which is charged particles. Goes twelve hundred miles which puts it in space. Space is supposed to be a vacuum. And yet the ionosphere is charged particles. So you find these things it’s a bit like. Not too long ago I saw someone point out that Neil Armstrong’s moon walk suit had been. You know curator in a museum and they took a picture of the foot. And then they went and looked at the very famous just first footprint on the moon and they don’t match right. The treads totally different. Of course. These are the things that just scream. Well let’s take it a different way. If a thing is false. There is no human being in this world that can make it true. They can convince you it’s true. Bringing you into a fantasy based reality which is where most of us exist. But the point is a false thing will always be false. And if it is false and being played off as true. That truth will die under the weight of its own details and that’s for all falsehoods.

[00:33:34] And you know that’s that’s what we live and die by. In the media cycles these days.

[00:33:38] Right. I mean we really don’t know anything about our environment people think it’s all been discovered and it’s all been categorized. And the investigation is over but it’s pretty common knowledge that 97 something percent of our ocean is still unexplored. I mean that’s supposed to be the easy part.

[00:33:57] Well think of Antarctica Oh my God it’s guarded by 57 nations. There are accounts that you can’t take with anything more than a grain of salt because he was an admiral so clearly in the liar’s club. He claimed he found land beyond wherever he went. That was better than the United States. How many people know that about supposed Arctica. But you know if in fact what I am saying is correct. That this world is misdescribed then you probably don’t even know how many landmasses or continents are here because the one thing that is of the utmost value to the people who rule this joint is owning land. That’s it. You know there are canonical bowls in force today that make the claim that the Vatican owns everything as a matter of fact if you remember that all member of that old book by Cobell Shogun. And there’s a point where the Protestant preacher is trying to tell the show Gunn that these Catholics are bad news and you don’t even understand why. There’s this king of the Catholics called the pope. And he made this law called a canon. That claims he owns everything even if it’s not discovered yet. And the Shogun looked at him he goes You mean he Ohmes Japan. And he said yes. So you can see what’s going on here. I mean it’s quite possible that you have no conception of how much physical land is even in our world.

[00:35:18] Yeah it really is a tough question. I have heard you say on the show that you consider Antarctica to be a bit of a linchpin and truly understanding the environment and I agree.

[00:35:29] Of course anything that’s guarded that heavily. That’s named after all royal people that every once in a while they pull the prince of the British royal house. To get his photo ops standing at the supposed South Pole which doesn’t exist. It’s it’s all this nonsense and you get to a higher adult mind. Where you can instantly detect that the ring of truth is out. Unfortunately this doesn’t give us all the details we’d all like to have. But it does allow you to start from a real place. Understanding you’ve been lied to. And in terms of anti-art or any of these you know there’s people producing these. Very old Buddhist maps now. Where they’re showing something like 33 continents. Outside Orinda ice wall. Yeah. The funny thing about all of this. Is that when people begin to talk about this you generally see a couple of groups emerge the spinning ball globe people who want to call everyone who considers the flat earth idea an idiot. The flat earth people who want to consider all this spading ball people idiots because they just can’t see. The truth. That’s right there in front of their face. Then you’re going to run into people that don’t really care and then you’re going to get. To some that say I’m just not sure. Well of all those people that I’ve just described. The people who say they’re not sure. Really have something to work with because they’re not so programmed. That they’re going to let everything they were told in school drive what they might know.

[00:36:56] And yet they’re not buying into a thing too early in the game. You know it’s like the game I’ve played for a long time they have tried to pull me into flatter they’ve used the litter wave. As. Evidence. To that direction and I don’t mind it. It’s great that all these people are out there. Trying to challenge what we’ve been told. But I’ve kind of gone my own way. You know we live in a construct and. We live in a plane of existence. In my view.

[00:37:21] Right. So man I’m fascinated with the idea of something beyond the ice walls.

[00:37:28] I mean it is that kind of work are of round or flat. Are you convinced that Antarctica is some type of barrier and that there is something beyond it.

[00:37:39] Well there’s clearly something beyond and even if we were to look at what Admiral Byrd claimed he claimed I mean the United States is a big damn place. I’ve driven across it probably 40 some times in my life. He’s claiming that there was more land than that in some of the accounts. You’ve got to realize that. All these churches all these. Official institutions they’ve all trapped the sun and they’ve trucked the sky. What that is is the real clock. The only true division of time in our world. Is the solstices and equinoxes. And to put that in a frame of reference for people. We just had three bogus. Ritual blood sacrifices. For the. Winter solstice. It was done in Berlin. It was done in Switzerland and they even did a bogus fake fascination on live TV. This is a ritual for these times of the year. These times of year are critically important. To the people who run this joint. And yet the rest of us have been taught. Well let me back up a step. It was. Less than three months ago that I went on space dot com. Because I was looking at equinoxes as I always am. To learn that space dot com said yes. We announced the equinox is 24 hours too late all the time happens. This time and that time but it’s no big deal. And they start writing all these reasons why it’s no big deal. Well I’m sorry. It is. A big damn deal. These are the only true divisions of time.

[00:39:07] And when you understand that our calendar is jacked up beyond recognition is even encoded in the Vatican Saints. For crying out loud. Saint Andrew. Is the saint that represents March. The true first of the year when all new things spring new again New Birth new eggs in Nesse new plants growing. That is the real first of the year. So Saint Andrew standing in front of this weird x Cross called a gone geometer actually it’s two compasses brought back about. And those two compasses measure the angle of the sun coming across the equator. Now that sayt that represents. January or Jaun you worry. That St. Peter. ANDREWS BROTHER OF COURSE. And so the two men who helped Jack this up were told if they were real men or not I can’t tell you was Caesar Julius. And Pope Gregory. These guys were complicit in jacking up our calendar and this is further obscuring a human being’s ability to assimilate in any natural way with their environment. Yet in the cyclical nature of things. And that sets aside that we don’t know where we are so on top of all this manipulation we don’t even really understand where we are.

[00:40:19] In the scheme of things right. Yeah the timeline is all jacked up our history is full of holes. And you know what.

[00:40:27] There’s a modern way that you know some people may not maybe think and what the hell’s Kro talking about we’ll consider this consider daylight savings time. What’s it for. Why did they do it. The argument that you were told for implementing Daylight Savings Time makes zero sense. It was so farmers could have more daylight. Well whether or not the Indian chief that was quoted is a real person or not there was a quote only a white man would cut a foot off the bottom of a blanket sew it to the top of the blanket and think he’s changed something. Well that’s exactly what’s going on here. Right. They’re claiming that a farmer needed more daylight. So great. Get up at 4 o’clock in the morning there’s your day light.

[00:41:06] Yeah just affects the numbers on the clock. It doesn’t actually create more light in a day.

[00:41:11] Well think about this. I just told you the critical importance of equinoxes and solstices. When is the time change will change at the equinoxes equinox is a word that means equal night which tells you something about our spellcraft language why doesn’t it say equal day. What it’s actually communicating to us is that day and night are equal. And yet we choose to say equal night. Equinox. Not from the German or the Latin. So you see what’s going on here. There is a modern day representation and not only that people that live in San Diego. My favorite city that I was in not too long ago were you are. You can look straight across to your neighbor in Arizona. They don’t do it. Why is it that. The great city of Phoenix doesn’t do daylight savings times. You see if you can see the construct in all this.

[00:41:59] Wow man it’s getting deep for sure. And the. Structure of our environment I just.

[00:42:05] This is kind of a new pair.

[00:42:06] To me it seems like it might even be able to be described as many little human farm separated by big ice walls like dog pens and some cosmic cannel.

[00:42:16] Well this is another reason that I’ve always kept arm’s distance from groups like. You know while I appreciate what people consider them self-flattery others I appreciate that they’re challenging things. You will certainly learn more from people just observing and challenging. But it’s a little early in the game to draw a new map. I don’t have a problem with people trying. That’s a great thing as a matter of fact. They’re going back and grabbing other. Maps like Gleason map. And trying to prove it out. These are the people who matter these are the people who are not content. To sit in their little animal farm and eat the slop. And you know play the game. The point is it’s going to take us a while. Before we can get to a new map. Because you got to get a distance off the ground to do that. But for people listening who still have a problem with all this I can prove to you right now. That every map you’ve ever seen is nonsense. You grew up. Looking on the wall in school at what’s called a McCotter projection. That’s the maps we all grew up with in high school. What we were told about the Mercato projection was one of the reasons it was put in place is because it gave you nice street. Navigation lines for maritime. You know for sea captains. OK well whatever. So they got him out. That’s the claim. What most people don’t understand. Is that it grossly. Deforms. The size of a landmass.

[00:43:36] One of the side effects of what they do. Is to make all the tiny European ruling class nations where the royal families come from look much bigger than they truly are. And the rural area shrunk down. That’s just one of the side effects. But. Now go look at Peter’s map. And put it straight next year. McCotter projection anyone can go online and put them side by side. Well which ones right. Well if you’re a logical human being you will come to the conclusion that a logical human being will come to neither one of them. Right. Because there’s not just a goal Peters There’s also a Peeters there’s all these other projections. And what they’re telling you. Is well this is the best we can do. Guys give us a break it’s a globe. How can you possibly take a globe and cut it up and put it on a flat surface. This is the argument. Well first thing I’d ask you. Is really. Is that a true. Argument is that truly the argument. You also told me we went to the moon. I can prove beyond the reasonable shadow of doubt that is nonsense. I can prove beyond the reasonable shadow of doubt that rockets. Fall into the ocean. Anyone who looks at these things can know these things. So getting back to the maps. If you’re a logical person and you put four or five of the modern projections and there are some very modern projections where more people in the recent era. Went out to solve this math problem or that math problem.

[00:44:56] But when you look across them you can only walk away knowing one thing. You have no idea. What the landmasses of this world look like.

[00:45:04] Right. That map manipulation is huge.

[00:45:07] I’ve also heard someone talk about how. The way they show us the map you know the way you read a book Top left to bottom right. They put the European nations on top because there is a psychological component to North America and Europe being at the top of our flat map when in reality this is a globe and a ball that’s just floating around in space there really is no top and bottom yet you’ll never see it depicted any other way than the United States and Europe on top and yes much bigger when in reality they have shrunk in Africa down way more than they should have.

[00:45:39] So so they say.

[00:45:41] Yeah it’s Korea it’s a crazy crazy thing but it’s not really arguable. Any person who wants to use their higher minded logic will understand. They really don’t know what any landmass in this world looks like. That they have not seen shot from a plane at 17000 feet. Not only that you can put the made up nonsense NASA Earth from space. You know there’s a couple of Mi-Go put right next to each other and you can tell one of them the land masses are way bigger. The other ones way smaller Not only that someone recently took the blue marble photo. Which I have said for. I don’t know as long as I’ve got a telescope. In the modern you know since since the 2000s. I’ve been saying the blue marble is just an artist’s rendition it’s it’s a construct. They went in with a very critical eye and they circled and squared all the cloud formations that were duplicated using a cloning tool. In you know something like Photoshop. It proves that the Blue Marble is just nonsense. But to get back to the point here. Shoot what. What what were we talking right. I wanted to make a point right before we got to the Gleason map casting and I lost my lost my train there. Yeah I just.

[00:46:49] Did this the way they manipulate maps and the way we see the world and then it’s impossible to really know. I think. Where you’re awesome.

[00:46:55] Yeah it is. And this in itself logically tells you something. How can it be. In the modern era. With technology at such a high level. With planes that we know can go 70. 80 thousand feet in the air. That we don’t have a real map. How is that possible. Well I’ll tell you how it’s possible. You live in a construct. You’ve been conditioned your entire life. That’s what school’s about. School is about nothing more than to tell you how to get along within the system. But at no point in school were you ever told anything true about the system. And that’s the sad truth you know recently. On the tail of the artwork I did and social engineering. I was told people you should go back out you know every high school America’s got Animal Farm. On offer for its. Young people to read. And these books. 1984 Animal Farm the brave new world. Those books were all written by people who had direct connection to the psychologists who created the Tavistock Institute which are responsible for. A lot of social engineering but. If you go back with a clean eye and you read Animal Farm I’ll tell you flat out. That’s exactly what’s happening to everyone in this world every day. You just need to understand that when you were first handed that book. You weren’t told the right context. You know you were told this is a. Sarcastic lampooning of the you know the modern condition or some nonsense. No what it is.

[00:48:21] In the terms of Brave New World is a blueprint. For what they want this world to be. It’s a frickin blueprint. Now Animal Farm is how they do it. 1984 is a very dark kind of view of what they’re aiming for could look like. And this is what’s going on. Yeah.

[00:48:41] And so far we’ve obviously dissected the models served up by the elite and said that hey there’s a lot of problems here but it might be confusing for some listeners.

[00:48:51] Is there any.

[00:48:52] Type of. Mental picture you could paint about what you see the sun moon earth system really looking like how it really operates.

[00:49:03] Do you have any kind of.

[00:49:05] Clear picture of the construct in a way but.

[00:49:08] But maybe not so much in a way. You know. It’s problematic for people. Who are just looking at this and passing. The stars or not hundreds of thousands of light years away. That’s a logical deduction that anyone can make and I have way more evidence than that. But for the average person. If you took the brightest frickin object you could possibly possess. And you have the ability to move it further and further away from yourself you understand that before too long you won’t be able to see it even in pitch black. If you get it far enough away. Everything is close. It’s almost. You know it’s reminiscent. There was a. Do you remember not too long ago when I was still in San Diego they were pushing this new show this mini series on TV. Where they put people in a fake spaceship and convince them they were out in space going to New Worlds but they were in the basement of a building. And all this outer space they were seen was like projected around them on this big dome. Wow. Now yeah I forget what it’s called the picture of it shows the moon. In the promo pictures as like a construct like with girders and. You know like a grid around it. God I wish I could. Was it oblivion. I can’t remember. That’s awesome. But it’s a TV show but it’s a bit like that. And we’re going to get closer to being able to demonstrate these things. You know we get more people. Up.

[00:50:32] Within what is called the Arctic Circle just filming the sun across the sky in a day. And seeing that the sun changes size it goes overhead and it gets smaller and smaller and smaller all the way otherwise and. These tell you things you know when I get over to spring and some of the new people that are my friends these days. What we’re going to go at. The sun. And. I’ll be able to draw a better picture of that. But it’s a construct in that kind of way. Where a group of people are put in a spaceship toldo you’re going to save the world because this place is going to be destroyed. So they’re in the spaceship and everything about it. To them is real they’re traveling through space. Even when they look out the windows they see oh that position of that star changed. Oh here’s a nebula we’re closer to after all these years we’ve been doing this and they did it for years. It’s that type of construct. The wool has been pulled so firmly over your eyes that you almost build your own illusion for them because of the school and all the things you’ve been told.

[00:51:31] The globe in every classroom on a map on every wall. That’s right.

[00:51:35] And that that should tell you something too. You know think think of the earliest movies why was it. That. RKO pictures I have Dema is matter of fact one of the articles I wrote for you was about the weaponization of music. And RCA had a lot to do with that. And those early RKO RCA pictures which was all weaponized. Part of the problem. Corporations that were shown a spinning globe with a plane going around it and a radio on top of it. And then we got into universal same thing. They gotta keep putting their false construct into your mind and they will never stop doing it. MTV did it. MTV picked up with the moon man. To get the young hip generation to buy into the whole moon landing thing. And not only that the globe models come out where it shows the landmasses right how they want you thinking about them. So that you’re just lost in space for most of your existence.

[00:52:25] Man I love it. It’s just so great the challenges. And. Of course as you noted we both know that.

[00:52:33] It’s not really the year 2016 or 2017 as we’re going into the new year this transition that’s made up part of the contract.

[00:52:41] How is there any way to actually date this environment or know how long humanity’s been here or what those early early chapters of our story are this plane story might be.

[00:52:54] I will never accept that there are not human beings alive that know the whole story and that’s a big. Part of the reason why we’re all. Told nonsense our whole life. I would suggest you could go grab a rabbi. I mean there at least up to five thousand seven hundred seventy seven and say hey dude you know I’m a goy. You know I know you don’t look on me as equal. But maybe you could tell me. What you know. Where do we come from. Why did you start counting only from 5 7 7 7. You know what if someone was someone open up a jar and put us all in here. How is it that Asian people don’t look like black people don’t look like white people don’t look like redheaded people. And we know by your own rules of what evolution that nonsense is supposed to be we haven’t been here long enough for that kind of variety to have occurred.

[00:53:43] It’s all nonsense ma’am. I’m with you on that.

[00:53:46] The races do seem just too different and that’s not a good or bad or a moral judgment of any kind it’s just a totally neutral observation that they just seem too different they are different.

[00:54:00] You know. Some of the white rulers in Europe you know really treated black people badly. How just the whole slavery thing but even in the modern construct of Hollywood how they’re always made to look unimportant or ridiculous. And yet those people. If we wanted to take the stories about the Zulu wars those people were living in concert with the land. They were living in a sustainable existence. But for these other. People these. European. Rulers. They didn’t see any Castles.They didn’t see any you know monstrous building in. Cantilevered. Architecture and suspension bridges. So clearly these people were less well look where we are now in this world where trying to live. In in simpatico with the environment you know getting back to sustainability. And yet those people all the way back there were doing it so it goes to show that yeah we’re all different. Right now China is taking the United States old role. And. Look. At how. Savvy. The Asian races are to the technology of the time. You can look at any given group of people. And understand that the gifts in that group. May be unique to some degree.

[00:55:11] Yeah.

[00:55:12] And to get back to space for a minute it seems like you’ve been saying that your latest conclusion.

[00:55:19] Is that space is water. Is that true how do you arrive at that.

[00:55:23] I suspected it for a long time. It’s a funny thing to try to communicate it to people because the average person who saw the 2012 balloon or wave footage probably looked at it once or twice and that was that. You’ve got to realize there are those of us out here who have looked at everything that’s been captured. And that particular footage. I don’t even know how many thousands and thousands of hours. Through filters on every kind of monitor we could get everything we could possibly do. To try to squeeze more information out but in the back of my mind. It was never far from me. Simply because I was raised. In a Christian household. And I was aware of what that religion had told me. But I had studied many other. Religions and each of those religions had claimed. That there was something in the sky separating the waters from the waters and. Even as a child it was funny to me because they called it the firmament while firmament is not air. Even if you look up the firm the word firm is in there you know. And even if you begin to look at the definition it implies something solid. But. Clearly. Religion was never going to drive. You know enough for me to make that conclusion. So what I had been doing is working on defocusing. Lights in the sky stars bright stars bright planets. And watching them. And when I began to realize was I was looking at the exact same pattern. As if you.

[00:56:43] Turn on a light in a pool at night and you disturb the water. The pattern that you get. It’s exactly what it defocus star looks like. But not only that. I notice there’s a current. Like it will move left or right. From my point of view. And you can go to different stars. And the current is the same and then it’ll change on a different night. And that really started to get me there. But then when I began to look at. Language is what finally did it for me. I realized that every. Facet. Of legal language. In our world. For the Western world at least is based on. Admiralty law. Basically pirates law maritime law all of it. All the language is based on being maritime. While this. Translates into space language we float in space. Everything that gets named so many of them are ships sailboats that used to be on the oceans and now they’re named after these. Ships in space. And of course the astronauts always practice in this big pool which they often film and try to fake like it’s space. But. I finally said OK enough is enough. If this is true I should be able to predict that the language. That I will look at next will leave me no other. Possibility than to announce one way or the other. And the language I chose was the JFK speech we’re going to the moon and of course it starts and I had not heard it in a long time but in my mind. I had decided that that was mass communication to everybody.

[00:58:12] At a time when we’re told we’re going to go to space and all this other nonsense. I said the language has to be there or what I’m thinking is incorrect. Not only was language there it’s all that’s there. We set sail on this new ocean in this ship you know on this new sea it’s. All the way. And at that point I couldn’t ignore it anymore. The language demonstrates that. It’s probably some kind of liquid. Wow man. Well I think they could go for anyone who doesn’t think that’s enough language go look at the first verse of Yellow Submarine by the Beatles you ever think about why they’re saying we all live in a yellow submarine you know and they show me this cute little cartoon. So that’s where your context is oh there’s the yellow submarine. We’ll go look at the first verse of that song. What are they talking about. We go up to the sun until we find the green waters on the way or whatever that is you know something to that effect. It’s everywhere once you get into the mindset. And after I announced it. I see it everywhere man it’s painted on the walls. For crying out loud.

[00:59:14] Right. And it didn’t. The doors have a song. Jim Morrison of course his dad was an admiral I believe who set up the Gulf of Tonkin. Started. Vietnam. Yeah exactly. Yeah.

[00:59:26] He’s. Jim Morrison’s father is the reason for the beginning of Vietnam.

[00:59:30] You know Didn’t he have a line about rockets. They don’t go anywhere.

[00:59:35] You know now that you mention it I think I had heard that. I wonder if I even said it. I just don’t remember at the moment.

[00:59:41] Yeah.

[00:59:41] I mean there’s definitely a lot of lies out there and this idea that space is water definitely does put a different spin on that term lunar way of doesn’t it.

[00:59:50] Yeah it absolutely does. But. You know I often say things like when I was initially trying to describe blue in a way that I was using the word hologram when I came to regret that pretty quickly. Then I started to say facade and then I regretted that pretty quickly so. I went to a very literal language saying in my view the moon is not a rock and space. Much closer than we’ve been told and probably emanating its own light or producing its own light. So when we get back to these other things we’re talking about. You know for rockets. Well before I get off that we’re talking about music I mean anyone can go listen to songs like the Chili Peppers you know a space maybe the final frontier but it was made in a Hollywood basement. But. One. Thing I had done. Is go do a search for all the songs about the moon and just start perusing through the lyrics and you’ll be very stunned you know think of the song Paper Moon You know they’re all talking about this illusion. And quite often sleep or death are wrapped up into it.

[01:00:45] Right. That is also often connected. And you know we’re talking about a lot of really big epic deceptions the possibility that everything that. You think you know could be wrong.

[01:00:59] And whenever people say Dude you’re going way off the deep end with this there’s no way these massive you know things could be illusions. I say well look at religion it’s an interesting one because I don’t believe at all that there is a bearded man in the clouds that watches over our lives and either sends us to heaven or hell.

[01:01:18] I consider that to be a made up thing and a lot of people I think do on a fundamental level but yet.

[01:01:25] That has been spread pretty damn far and wide. I mean there’s a lot of people that live their life by that principle. So if you want to say that a lie. Like the shape of the Earth couldn’t be instituted I mean this is a pretty big damn lie and it’s gone pretty far. So there’s an example if you’re you know if you don’t necessarily believe that paradigm you can look at that and say well I mean how they convince everybody you know and maybe it’s not that hard.

[01:01:52] Well if you wanted to maybe do a logical mind. You know just use your mind in kind of logical way. There were people who had stated at one point that if you had a young child. And you didn’t allow them to be initiated into the system or the language that we use. That they would get to a point where they wouldn’t even need language they would be mentally able to do all these things or even people that claim. You know I say all the time mind creates our reality. Well the idea that if you were better in touch with reality. Your mind could really shape reality in a way that is more you’re intending to. So you think about this trial then you think about the people that are brought up while. People can think this is nonsense. But. Let me break it down for you. The English language. Is basically magic. It spells. It’s made. To be an unhelpful thing. It’s not resonant in the way some of the older languages were. And it’s made to basically pass spells and as an example of this you would say. When you get something I understand. Well why aren’t you saying you inner stand or you overstand because this is the way this is the construct you understand you’re always the thumb is always being pressed down on you. You’re always being pressed down into a lower animal mind. And yet this is the language that is going to be the world language you can go to China now or into the middle east and you’ll see on many signs.

[01:03:18] The English equivalent to whatever is written. So you’ve got to realize that even the very basic language that you are speaking is basically spellcraft. Now look at something random like medicine. How is it. That in the level of technology we have now medicine has come down to basically drugs. Nobody ever gets you know curing people is not the goal. SAHL treatment. Yeah it’s alleviating symptoms. And actually the truth is is that most of the drugs they give you cause other symptoms which also then need to be treated. When we have known for probably more than 100 years. That you can cure most cancers with just plant juice as a matter of fact. Cannabis. Was a major contributor to the form of COPIA. Of curing things like cancer. So if you begin to. Take little pieces of this construct we live in and logically look at it you’ll see a man where we’ve been getting the short end of the stick. For a long long time. And.

[01:04:16] You know I was wrestling with this idea that space is water and I’m sure you’re familiar with either theory that used to be the alchemical belief that space is not an empty void but a medium in which light waves travel through just like water waves travel through our oceans so. Right. Pretty similar concept.

[01:04:34] Well actually you know even if you go to a place like Tibet today. They don’t have a periodic table. That ends up with einsteinium California come and Berkeley them. Ridiculous of all things. They use the basic five elements or four elements. And that would be fire air water. But one of the elements when the fifth element is included is usually ether. And. You will also see that the sonic traditions they use that. I demonstrated in one of my episodes when I was demonstrating what was encoded into. Catholicism’s Christianity which most of the world inherited. By the Masons and that there were only three people at the top a king a duke and a rich dude. Who knew the highest truth from the Masonic teachings. They were hiding passwords using those five elements. So even at these lofty levels of kings and the movers and shakers of this world. And the Masonic orders who are. Jacking up their religion to encode things they don’t want you to know. Are using those five elements to remember passwords.

[01:05:39] That’s an intriguing thread. And. You know I’ve I’ve heard you say a couple of times before and in this interview that we don’t have planets and stars we have lights. That’s right. And. This of course is something I wrestle with are the lights in the sky what we’re told are they a bunch of stars and planets. It’s really hard to know. But you filmed probably the best. Footage that I would trust that.

[01:06:02] You know because I know you the best footage of Saturn that I’ve seen and you can see the rings around it and everything.

[01:06:08] What do you think that really is because it does kind of look like what they say it’s supposed to.

[01:06:15] Well it’s it’s an amazing thing when you see it. But let’s logically look at that. All the things that we’re taught to believe that are nonsensical. Do you have any clue how horse modern is from us. No. 888. Point two million miles. Eight hundred. And 88 two million miles. That number is so big that no one listening this can even contextually or reasonably think about that distance. We have nothing to gauge it by. There is nothing he can say so many football fields. You can’t say so many trips to Chicago you cannot logically think about that number and that’s by design. But let’s think about me. Going in San Diego into my backyard setting up a little 8 inch telescope and looking across 888 million miles. And I can see all the detail on this planet called Saturn. It’s nonsense it’s ridiculous. And this is just a commonsense way to get people to think about it who may not be ready to think about it. But there’s so much more that goes into it. Everything that we see over see here is another thing. You know there were some artists. Who were beginning to challenge what we see in the sky and they began to ask a very simple. Perspective. Based question. Everybody knows that when an object is very distance it moves much more slowly and is much smaller. Right. When closer it appears larger and moves by much more quickly. When you look out your car window. The things by the side of the road are whipping by.

[01:07:46] But if you look out to the horizon there barely move in. So how could all these stars that we look up at. And some of them are hundreds of thousands of billions of millions of light years different in distance from us and yet they all stay equidistant from each other as the sky rolls by night. There’s another example that you can logically think about. And I’ve even seen the people who want to defend what NASA has said come and say well you can’t see it all. But you see you need to set that stuff aside. You see this is the Gilligan’s Island we live in. From your birth you have been trained. To live in Gilligan’s Island. And Gilligan’s Island was a perfect example of you seeing Gilligan’s Island. The man who was the skipper the maritime law. If any decision needed to be made on the island who makes that decision. Skippered us. Right. That’s why is there now if there’s some scientific aspect where something needs to be calculated or gone to a site well who does that well the professor does right. If Glenarm needs to be made who does that. The Lady. That’s right Ginger and Mary Ann do that. Now what are the rich people do the Howl’s. Well not much of anything they do whatever the hell they want. You see the construct is encoded even in something as silly as Gilligan’s Island of course most you and I are Gilligan won’t of us. You know that’s that’s the ridiculousness. But this is the kind of programming.

[01:09:08] I mean it’s such a part of popular culture but people don’t understand you’re not looking at just comedy that was programming that was subconsciously getting you to buy into this false system. But to get back to your question. Yeah. There’s some sort. Of A. I don’t want to say projection. Matter of fact I don’t have what I want to say which has always been the problem. These things are not. Lots of distances from us. They are all about the same distance. And they’re rolling by in some manner above our head. And it’s probably them that are moving.

[01:09:44] Wow. So and speaking of San Diego you know not far from here is the Palm Moore Observatory. That’s right.

[01:09:50] Supposedly one of the most advanced spacewalking facilities on the planet. I went up there a few weeks ago and I was just shocked by how little actually there and surprisingly you can walk around inside during the day. But after 5 p.m. No one from the public ever is allowed to go in there and like look through the telescope. And it was so empty that I couldn’t even find anyone working there. That’s right.

[01:10:13] Ask if maybe they had a special day I could come back at night and to kind of describe it for people. You walk in and it basically seems like an empty farm silo of course there’s a big telescope looking in there but it’s not really attached to a large network of computers or anything like I’ve taken micro-brewery tourers that looked more elaborate and you’d expect this silo that houses this telescope to be attached to a huge lab or research facility. But it’s not it’s just out there with a big plaque on the front door in the Rockefeller foundation for building it. And I mean it’s not as if anyone’s unsure just how high end this place is supposed to be I pulled this from the Web site where it says the celebrated 200 inch hail telescope is considered one of the most consequential scientific instruments of the past 100 years. The Big I was the world’s most prominent and productive telescope between 1948 and 1993 until Keck one’s first light. So this was the telescope until the mid 90s and it’s shockingly unimpressive.

[01:11:19] Right. And you know it was an optical telescope for most of that time. I don’t know what they’re doing now which means. It’s still a telescope where you put your eye up to an IPCC visible light although I’m sure they have tools that do other things there. Now I was there too not too long ago and I remember walking away reading the Rockefeller plaque which tells you about all you need to know. And then you know where is all the time when the public had come to look through this. Well I guess they can’t risk anyone taking a 200 inch telescope and pointed at the moon for too long. Because people can film things you know which I’ve kind of demonstrated but you know. Let’s think about this a little. When I was a kid it was the premiere school. My father was a college professor. So you know I was on track to be a scientist. My stated goal as a young kid was I wanted to be a scientist. So you know I did meet the people in in academia who were all over this stuff. But logically think about this for a second. You can see under the right conditions. Things like Uranus or Neptune in the sky I’m not sure if Neptune’s a naked eye object I’m pretty sure Uranus is. I’ve looked at it through my scope and I don’t remember if I could see with my naked eye but if not it’s right there at the edge. B.C. This is 1.7. No. 1 point seventy four billion miles Neptune’s two point seventy nine five billion miles.

[01:12:41] You see you’ve been convinced that you were this insignificant. Little. Worthless speck. On this place that is so massive that you can’t even wrap your head around it you can’t possibly begin to understand the immensity of what’s being described. As a matter of fact. Any. Astronomy 101 textbook in the first chapter will address this very thing I’m talking about. They will try to describe how massive. The distances we’re talking about and then end up by saying well they’re so big that we’re just going to talk about them at the speed light travels in a year. Those are some pretty big distances you see. So B S C The truth is you can wrap your head around where you are. You can understand this place and your place in it which opens a universe of possibilities and it’s your birthright and you’ve been denied it.

[01:13:38] Him then. So.

[01:13:40] I’ve had. A flat earth guess on as have you and a lot of them come to this conclusion that the flat Earth reveals the Grand Architect or God and that the ception is off from the elite trying to spin us off into material atheism. But I really don’t get how the acknowledgement of a created environment means that the Creator is our friend. You know do you have any thoughts on the creator of this environment. Do you think of it more like in the Gnostic Demiurge present planet type away or something less nefarious.

[01:14:12] Well I can tell you that every religion in this world seeks to get out of this place to go to a place called Heaven to go to a place. Nirvana enlightenment whatever. But I can also tell you. That we seem to be trapped here. And I can also tell you that the people in control down here don’t give a fig about most of us. They treat us very badly. We live. An entire lifetime. In debt slavery. All of us. So why what what do you think when you buy a house you’re given a mortgage. Look at that word. The first part of it is more death. It’s a death that. For crying out loud. Every living being has the right to have food. And water. And a place to live. And it’s been perverted in this system. To where you will give up. A major portion of your life. To try to get the money that’s required so that you can exist on some comfortable level. That is a system that has been designed to keep you sodium busy. You won’t look up. For long enough to understand the massive lie it is. Everything you know is wrong. Man that’s all there is to it. And I don’t usually say that because it’s too overwhelming for most people the important things are this we need to get people to at least start to become aware of what the news is and what your television is and what movies are. These are just the watchdogs. And the. Drugs.

[01:15:34] Of the system of control that are. Literally. Pulling off the animal farm. Construct. Turning us all into lower minded. Animals. That’s what these things do that’s what all the fake violence on TV is. It’s what the nonsense that just went on for the winter solstice the other day and they even faking to shoot a man on live TV. These things the whole human being away from being a human being. And I’ve said this a lot of times. But when a deer walks into the woods it scared. For good reason. A lot of things can kill a deer a deer. It’s grass every little sound makes it panic. So it’s entire life is lived in this fear based reactionary state. That’s what all this fake news does to a human being you see a human being can walk into the woods and it doesn’t need to be afraid. It’s a human being. We don’t need to be afraid. We’re the apex we’re the top. And we should be doing Top things and yet we’re not. We’re constantly driven down into this violence idea of this fear this all this stuff and that doesn’t even start to address the idea of spellcraft or blood ritual or all this other nonsense that these people participate in.

[01:16:47] Right. And like spirit cookie and pizza.

[01:16:51] What pizza gave the kid pizza gate is just more nonsense. Probably it will be used in some way. If this new fake news law goes but you know that’s just more nonsense. They just were more sneaky about how they released it I think. What is it ready that that came through instead of mainstream to just start all regular regulars It started on WikiLeaks technology and the e-mails.

[01:17:11] It’s just nonsense.

[01:17:12] You’ve got to understand what the news is for. The news is never going to injure anyone in power. Because they own it. Fire an operation. Five corporations own all the news. But I can make it one. Wanna see how. Cool all scholia. So you can point to Sony and Disney in the five corporations that own every last drop. Of media. What we would call a news or other media outlets. All the board members on each of those groups each belong to the same overarching. Agencies or organizations like the Club of Rome. The CFR. The Trilateral Commission. You the builder birds. You’ve heard them all so these five corporations that control all media. All the. People sitting on the board. In other words the people in charge of the corporation who vote the boss in and out who make the rules for the corporation sit on these higher level things which run our world. So any person who continues to listen to the news pizza gate or whatever it is. Kids getting molested is always one that people fall for if it’s in the news and things that’s happening they mean death happens all over this world. People being molested happens but not at the level it’s being portrayed. Hmm. Let me ask you if you lived to 100 years. Had no access. To television movies. Internet none of that you’re just going to go live in the world. By the time you reached your hundred years do you think you would have seen enough horrible. Violence. Rape. Sodomy.

[01:18:52] Bombs guns all of these things living your life in that way that it would have drastically affected how you lived your life. Or would it probably be a very small portion of that hundred years.

[01:19:03] Right. Well I get what you’re. I see what you’re getting at and that people are largely peaceful and that a lot of that stuff is just pumped in through the media and if you didn’t have the television you wouldn’t realize there was all this death and destruction and that that’s kind of what they’re pumping into us and that scared deer analogy that you gave. But when it comes to the elite I think the reason why I might. And your analogy I wouldn’t see a lot of those things in that hundred years is because if the elite are abusing kids torturing them sexually molesting them and possibly even eating them.

[01:19:37] I’m not going to see that you would you would never hear anything about it if that were true because they control all the information outlets. You see. But then someone who hears this and I say this all the time people have been fooled into not understanding what a peaceful. Safe place this world is and they’ve been fooled into not understanding this by all the fake violence and fake wars and all these staged things. That well at the colonel may have like in World War II. Yeah I know people who were at GM and watched the flag go up. But did the battle go down. In the way that we were told. Well I just took apart the movie December 7th and the Midway documentary to demonstrate that it was propaganda and nonsense. See it’s a hard thing because clearly there were ships and people moving all over the world. You see because war is how you establish control over areas. But my point is. If something really desperately bad. Was going to be known about the rulers you’d never hear about it. And I’ll tell you why. Because first of all they control all the avenues for mass communication if something managed to slip out it would be another Unabomber thing where the tobacco industry got busted I forget for what. But some for some horrible thing they’ve been doing to all people who smoke and hooking kids or whatever it was. And that news was going to break. Live. The morning the Unabomber came out. You see it well it’s a total spectrum control. I agree. Yeah.

[01:21:08] All the people who fall for pizza gate or all these other things and they get upset and they’re so you know when one measure is that if someone tells you. Some piece of news was false that you were invested in it it makes you upset. That is a key you should look at why are you so invested. Is it possible that you’ve been programmed by this information. Why should you give a damn whether or not you know you see where I’m going.

[01:21:36] Right. Right. And you know not to belabor the point about pizza gate but in that instance you know like you said if something were to slip out there would be a Unabomber type situation to quickly cover us. I mean that did happen. There was a gunman who went into commet pizza and then from that point on talking about pizza gate wasn’t just silly and stupid. It was actually dangerous and read it. Totally banned any conversation. Twitter completely took it off trending even though it was definitely there. The news media circled the wagons like I’ve never seen and said fake news fake news fake news. Russia hacks you know they’re trying to get us in this conflict with Russia. Right.

[01:22:15] Yeah I don’t at all. It’s all just social engineering and a matter of fact that very the very way you describe that fits the Tavistock program for social engineering where an event is done but you’re never really allowed to get a solid idea of it then conflicting information is introduced and erroneous information. Then a little more of the initial information but never to a degree where you can ever quite wrap your mind around it. And this is part and then you can look this up. This is textbook social engineering. But you know I we just point out that until people begin to understand what media is what television is and. Don’t give your mind over to it. If you get away from it for about a year then all of a sudden you come into this adult mind that you’ve always had where you’re not fooled by these lies. You need to hear all of a couple words or an image or two and you instantly understand the ring of truth is not present and then it becomes. A thing of whether you’re going to be a grown up person who then gets trapped by the details. You see the devil is truly in the details. You’ve been told this your whole life the details are the spiderweb. The details are that bear trap. That is set by the people who put these false things out. And at some point you have to be able to just recognize that there is no ring of truth and move the hell on. But what actually happens.

[01:23:38] Is even people who have come to a point where they realize it’s false then they dig into all the details and they get caught in that spider web and keep digesting all this foul kind of low minded nonsense that is designed to do exactly that.

[01:23:52] Well you have been big on this idea that we’ve been dumbed down and that we were much more higher minded just before even the widespread adoption of the TV and seriously try to read a book from 200 years ago. It’s like another language entirely and it’s way more complex you know way more than than most writing is today and that’s a huge clue. But another thing that I thought was interesting I learned on your show when talking about the invention of the TV itself is the first drama. You say that was broadcast with something called the Queen’s Messenger and it was broadcast on 9/11 and now.

[01:24:28] Twenty eight and you got to be suspicious of anything on that day because that’s one of those ritual dates that they love to craft solutions around.

[01:24:36] Well you’ve got to be more than suspicious any major thing that happens on that date is a tribute to something or a start of a news cycle it’s playing a cult game. But really so television does the first drama it’s called the Queen’s Messenger. You know do we really need to. Explain to people what is encoded in all this nonsense. They knew from the get go. The power. Of television. You got to understand that it was you know when people were coming in through Ellis Island Statue of Liberty. You know. One of the things those people were supposed to do was make sure they didn’t have disease make sure they could make a living. I even heard that they were trying to determine if they didn’t have any money on them. That was a reason they were trying to turn people away. But when you look at the groups that were not turned away. You see huge groups of Italians massive groups of Irish people. And then the Jewish people. And what few people ever really understood. Was that vaudeville. That’s a Jewish thing. The Jewish. Kind of influx into this country is what started vaudeville and almost all the Golden Age actors like Cary Grant that everyone ever loved came straight out of vaudeville and went into Hollywood which was also controlled by Jewish families. They knew from the get go. What the power of entertainment was and the reason they knew it is because if there was a time called ancient Greece they could see the effects of a play. On society. You could steer.

[01:26:03] What a society was thinking by what you portrayed in your theater. So by the time it got here they knew what it was going to be and you know there’s modern So people from even Tavistock saying you could control the American people if you simply give me control of TV.

[01:26:20] You bring up an interesting thing a lot of people in this alternative world trying to figure out who is at the top of the power pyramid Jews come up very often and it’s no secret they’re esoteric traditions go back very very far and contain some fundamental. Blueprints of what they think reality is that might be closer to our true origin. But it’s all hidden. But then of course you have the behaviorists. They were mainly German.

[01:26:48] The school system is based off our Prussian system and it is kind of confusing. I mean the Bushes are our length. Back to it being a German family what is going on here.

[01:26:59] I can kind of unravel that in a logical way and it’s another one of these things were you know as human beings we always want more details than we can have. But again details are not always your friend. In my view. Nothing ever changed. The same royal families that emerged early on that made all the rules held all the land. Lived in the big house. Were the kings and queens they never quit wielding power. You have these ancillary places like the Vatican. But in a lot of ways those end up having connections to royalty. But you could still see. That how an organization like the Vatican had sway over many a massive part. Now when you start to look at Jewishness. That’s a whole other thing. Well there are Jewish families. It’s my contention that the design is Jews or whatever you would call them the people at the top the kind of people controlling Hollywood this thing. I think they throw the average Jewish person to the wolves without blinking an eye. That’s what I think. Yeah. Well what you see. Is kind of like Crowley. You know Croly is held up as this. Great Uncles figure and Jimmy Page from Zeppelin was buying his houses. And there’s a bust of him on a Doors album. And there’s other albums where Croly cruelly Crolla even the most popular album cover of all time from the Beatles. Croly is on the album as far as I can tell. And I have read his stuff a lot of it. As far as I can tell what Crowley did.

[01:28:24] Was he went around the world. Finding the little magical. Usable portions of ancient traditions that he could find. He took them. He stripped away any sense of spirituality and then he recombined them. It’s almost like the idea of taekwondo like in older forms of cry in kung fu. There is all this ritual movement added into it for spiritual reasons and for personal growth. When we got to taekwondo it was like well why did you move that way it’s not hitting or kicking anyone. So taekwondo was like realize desisting were all that’s left is what’s going to hurt someone you know if it’s taekwondo it’s a kick or a punch no level of you there’s none of this dancing around or any of this other stuff and that’s not 100 percent right but I’m trying to use it to illustrate a picture here. That’s to me what it appears Croly did. And a lot of what Crowley did was based in the ancient. See break or Jewish tradition and Kabbalah and to the point where even Crowley himself supposedly spoke. Hebrew and I got to preface this whole thing by saying that I’m not even convinced Crowley was a real person but we know the books attributed to him and the other things exist. So whether or not these are real. People in history it doesn’t really matter. The ideas and what attribute to them do exist. We can know this. So when I began to understand that it’s a lot like what we see in the modern age you know where in the 50s if you watch things going on the 50s.

[01:29:52] It’s all much more polite and less direct and less in your face. Whereas now. You can go watch a Macy’s commercial and they’ll be thrown the double horns at you. You know the hand with the devil’s horns right in the commercial and they’re brutally in-your-face about it. They don’t care anymore. And this is what we see. And I know that doesn’t exactly answer what you want. But I think for the most part it’s the same people that were ever in charge any time and there may be groups at odds and other things. Who knows what a modern military or CIA might be able to carve out for themselves. But nonetheless I will remind everyone listening. Prince. The artist. How to ritually. Host death. For the tribute of the Queen’s 90th birthday of England. And the first time anyone in this world ever heard the words Purple Rain were 40 some odd years before. Written by the band America. And when the writer of the song was asked why did you use the words powerful rain. He said it beats me. So if you can’t understand that song structure. In this kind of roundabout way I’ve tried to form it out for you or at least I’ve given you maybe something you can think about.

[01:31:00] Wow. And you also doubt the.

[01:31:03] Death of David Bowie too right.

[01:31:05] There is. There’s none of these big people think well I don’t even know how to go at this because so many people get hung up on it.

[01:31:13] Well you talked about how fame is given and then it has to be given back.

[01:31:16] Right exactly. You know someone who had said that to me it was the best description as I began to think about it the minute. As a human being you are given a recording contract or a movie. You have been made into a king of sorts haven’t you. You’re going to live better than everyone else. You’re going to go all over the world you don’t need a passport to move. Every door is open to you. You’ve been given a pretty damn big thing. The idea behind the fake ritual death which is just more ritual blood and kind of blood magic. Done. In the in Princes case for the Queen’s 90th birthday. You have to give that back. And when I began to logically think about that it was the best description I had ever heard. But you’ve got to understand David Bowie died near the summer solstice in the sign of cancer which is 69 at the age of 69. It’s just all the ritual nonsense. And there is no. Rich person. At the higher echelons of existence that will never die of cancer in this world because cancer is a curable thing and we’ve known it for a long time right.

[01:32:20] Yeah.

[01:32:20] Cannabis oil the Gerson mouth all those things and less and less and that’s only the ones you and I are aware of and I’ve done the Gerson method. So you know anyone can argue any way they want. I’ve physically done it and I understand what it is truly about and why it works. And I’ve even looked at the clinical but my point is if you see. A. Head of state. If you see a famous wealthy musician movie star die of cancer you’re looking at b.s.. You’re looking at nonsense and not only that if we consider the state of technology and all this ancient knowledge like suppose people like Croly went and got Why do we think people are still dying at 74. There’s a lot of songs written by rock bands that start to use the biblical thousand years and well I’m not suggesting that people live a thousand years. I am suggesting they may live a hell of a lot longer than we do because they know the right people and they have the cash to do it. And technology. Is you know. It’s clearly. Portions of technology and ancient things that we never knew about or far beyond what we think is possible. After all if you go back to even the 40s and look at cancer rates at the back then I think it was even cold consumption still. The disease it was minuscule part of our existence compared to where I think. Three and five of us or whatever it is two and five of us are going to supposedly die of cancer by the modern construct.

[01:33:49] You can logically look at these things and understand what the system we live in is doing exactly.

[01:33:54] I mean that’s something my dad always says is when he was a kid you barely ever heard of cancer and then we have this thing where they’re trying to push the vaccine agenda. They say all these kids at Disney World got measles and my dad is like yeah we used to get measles and it was a couple of days off of school it’s not something a pan that’s a pandemic that you really need to even put on the news necessarily it’s like chicken pox it comes in a goes and you don’t really need a huge vaccine campaign against it and it’s OK it’s not as bad as they are making it sound.

[01:34:26] Let me draw a picture here and I’m not an expert in what I’m about to say but it is a good way for people to think about how the system that we live in. Is designed to diminish our lifespan our abilities to thank our abilities to stay healthy through our life. All of these kinds of things. The idea of copper based blood. We’ve all heard of bluebloods. Now I’ve seen people start to break down that the idea of blue blood has to do with copper based blood when in fact we are told. Us red blooded Americans that that’s iron doing that to our blood giving it that color. These people who are going down this road to see if there was any authenticity to this began to find things like how hard it is to get through with copper in them. And actually most of the ones that I was seeing the components that would allow you to get it were animal. So you know vegans and vegetarians were going to have a really tough time. Point is as they began to look at things like inoculations what they found was that the inoculations were any limiting the ability of your body to take in these certain nutrients that were key. And being attributed to what we call bluebloods. Now I know that’s kind of a nebulous statement I just made and as I stated I’m not an expert but you can see at the level of technology we are what if that chemistry is so simple that simple.

[01:35:45] What if the bluebloods truly do have different blood than we do and that’s the whole idea of you know marrying into a royal line so you don’t dilute the blood. And what if the people who control the food supply have done everything they can. To chemically ensure that we are all held low. And when you begin to understand I mean like milk I have never drink milk. I will say for the record human beings should not drink milk if they do it should be from a human being. But you know think about how easy it would be if you had an uprising in some city to simply put an additive in the milk where you knew 98 percent of all people were going to drink it. Well this is the kind of system we work in. And it’s proven. By the false news that’s piped out. If people have our best interests they would not be faking this violence and making up terror and doing all these things that we can prove they’re doing. And these are the very same people that control the food supply. I mean consider if you’re a Freemason you’re part of the craft. Well have you ever eaten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Did you see an ad for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese about six months ago where they said oh we fool. We changed the recipe of Kraft didn’t tell anyone. Guess what no one noticed. But by the way we made it better so don’t worry.

[01:36:58] Right. And you have talked about the importance of learning some basic numerology even in this context citing that fast food restaurants are using the stuff with companies advertising their wicked number fours a number associated with def. And you’ve got to wonder how far that goes. I mean they’re hitting us on a physical level with the nutrient deficient food and the mental level with some of the numerology around it.

[01:37:24] Yeah let’s address that because so many people think that’s just hairy fairy nonsense. But I will point out. There are real world examples. Anyone who believes there was a Roman Empire should understand that every letter had a numerical value. Anyone believes that there is a Jewish language. Every character has a numerical value. This has been done since the beginning of time. It’s done with English. You’ve just never been told about it but you see when you began to give numerical values to a language it begins to allow people to put it in a programmable cycle. And what Greg just said is true true true. If you ever see foods. Particularly fast foods and they’re doing the fourth thing run like hell. For is a number that often stands for death and 44 is often meant to represent the idea of death stores. There it is. Add in every person. You know if I would have been in grade school and even though they told me ABC 1 2 3 they didn’t give me the context I needed to put that together. What they should have said is vague. Little Crow. A. Equals. 1. B equals 2. And by the way. There are only nine digits when you get to 10. That brings you back to one because there are only nine digits in the system. If I would have simply been told that. Man I would have seen a lot more of life as I was coming out.

[01:38:47] And then. So another. Big slice of the deception pie I want to ask you about is nukes. You know so much of our geopolitics revolve around these weapons of mass destruction the shock and awe of the atomic bomb and you seem to be thinking that this is just propaganda and scare tactics and that there is no real atomic bomb technology which is the case I’ve heard made before but is that where you’re leaning.

[01:39:10] Well I’m not just leaning That’s my view it’s fear porn. And not only that we live in a closed system and nobody in their right mind that lives in a closed system would pop something that. Is like they have described nuclear radiation. And while we know there is radiation as a matter of fact my cell phone is putting it off in my pocket right now. So radiation exists but nuclear radiation in the way you’ve been told it exists is B.S. and when it first came to a head for me I had been challenging it for a long time because when I was in the report I went to Hiroshima. On a side trip. And we asked some of the people there some of the military men you know how is it that we can be standing in Hiroshima. They popped a nuke here didn’t they pop an atom bomb or a hydrogen bomb isn’t the half life we were told when I was a kid the half life was like thousands of years or something. No one could answer it. And then I went and looked at the pictures of her Oshima and I remember what we were told in training that people were tattooed to walls or even tattooed to a horse. They had these pictures to try to demonstrate these horrific things they were talking about. And. Then I started to logically think well. Over a million people or whatever it was I don’t know the number 100 thousands. In Hiroshima and they dropped a nuke and that was ground zero that means everyone there was radiated.

[01:40:28] Then they began to tell us in the military Well the funny thing about a nuke is there were people right at ground zero where one guy vaporized and the guy next to him didn’t get it. And I started thinking about that. And then. I started thinking about how is it possible that I’m standing here now. This place was leveled by a nuke. The picture of a Enola Gay truly blowing this place up was real. How is it. That this place. Doesn’t have endless deformed people endless blind people endless birth defects endless can’t grow the food right endless fish have three eyes in this lake. Not what we see but I set that aside and kept traveling through life and then we got to Chernobyl. I remember the day Chernobyl broke. 1989 or. Something like that. Hope I have the right but I remember physically the day and they said that people were in fruit markets and other parts of Europe and all of a sudden detected this radiation spike so they got on their Geiger counters and lo and behold those bastards the Russians they were lying. We asked them three times if there was a problem with the nuclear reactor and they said no and dammit they lied to us. Here it is. And not only that those stupid Russians went when we told them not to pour water. On a melting down nuclear course so all that steam plume is now going out all over the world and we already got nuclear vegetables over here that we’re detecting and that was the story. Fast forward. Anthony Bourdain. Takes a friend of his. With a radiation badge.

[01:41:59] Into Chernobyl and that’s when I began to see it I could see all the code that I’ve ever seen in any false news story that a higher mind human being any higher mind human being can see the ring of truth hit the floor like a busted bell. And I knew what I was looking at. And so when Fukushima happened I was ready. And I saw. Those were apparently land grabs if I had to guess. But they’re nonsense. So matter of fact right after Fukushima happened my wife and I were sitting on the couch surfing YouTube on a big screen TV. And there was footage of a Japanese man not very old. I had to guess 20s or 30s maybe shorts. I think he had sandals on. He put some Somehow he got right up to the facility you could see the blown up facility behind him that we’d all been shown on the news. He puts a camera tripod down and walks away from the camera all the way down to the supposed blown up reactor walks around for I don’t remember how long quite a few minutes. Then walks back up to the camera shrugs his shoulders and walks up a turn off flick clip. Nukes are nonsense nukes or fear porn. As a matter of fact where I live here in Rhode Island there was a coal fired. Energy plant. That they wanted to clean up. You know what. They got. Now it’s still just an electrical plant. They got to three mile island chimneys you know everyone’s seen three mile island chimneys that big nuclear places out.

[01:43:21] That’s what our standard electrical place has here that’s burning coal. Boiling water. But to top it off. My brother in law was a journeyman electrician who worked at Saturn Elfric. And he came home day after day with horror stories that that place was falling to the ground. And safe. And that it was so insulated that no workers could ever get near the heart of the place and just to go from one space to another you had to have a badge and permission and all this things. And that’s when I began to formulate how they hide the lie. They’re clearly making energy they’re they’re clearly boiling water to get steam.

[01:44:00] But nukes are nonsense. Well damn man you know I have gone back and watched the black and white footage that they used to say were atom bomb tests. But they’re clearly fake. You can tell that the houses and trees are just models. You know a lot of the time the camera is just sitting a few hundred feet away but it suffers no damage of course. So at least we can say that footage that they showed people was staged and nobody ever thought hey why didn’t the camera get fucked up like that two story house did.

[01:44:29] So let So let’s ask the logical question that proves nukes are fake. If. You have a real nuclear blast to film why do you have to fake it. All right then I’ll answer that question for everyone because there’s no nuclear blast to fail as a matter of fact. I’ve often wondered on a few of those like some of them look way bigger than other ones. I’ve always wondered if they just used a high explosive and then used a really high frame rate camera to you know film the mushroom cloud and then slow down because. Everyone knows when you. Light a stick of dynamite. It’s the quickest thing that can ever happen. It’s so quick your eye can’t catch it. It’s so quick it happens before the sound gets to your ear. And you go looking at a nuclear explosion. For some reason nuclear explosions happen in slow motion.

[01:45:15] So what did happen to Hiroshima and Nagasaki just big bombs.

[01:45:20] It’s a hard thing to know this far back but they could have incendiary bombed it. Who knows. But World War II didn’t go down in the way we think it did. I demonstrated Pearl Harbor at least and Midway is complete hoaxes and that. You’re talking to a Marine here. Marines claim to fame is the Pacific island chain hop up to Ewood Jima. That’s the Marine Corps claim to fame and even in boot camp. They tell you flat out you know that famous picture of the flag being raised on Jima that was staged. And it goes well why was it staged. Well you see because the first time they raised a smaller flag and the Pole wasn’t good so they pulled it back down and then they staged that picture to take it. And that tells you really all you need to know because that’s what so much of our existence is. And you’ve got to understand the power of film. Even back to the 40s. Hollywood was a thing you know they knew. You know. I once saw. On Turner Classic Movies this weird show that was shot around the time the Wizard of Oz it was black and white and they were showing what looked like death masks of all the actors who were in this particular studio. And they you know member death masks. That’s what they look like but what they were was moldings of the faces so they could make prosthetics. For Rock Hudson for any. You know for any famous actor and they had thousands of them in this room. And I remember thinking oh my god.

[01:46:51] It dawned on me all at once what would even be the point of all that. Clearly to make make up and prosthetics. Day when you go back and look at the Wizard of Oz. Look how good that makeup is in 1939. The first movie that’s ever going to show you color. The Wizard of Oz. First one no color before that. There it is. And look at that level of makeup on those guys and they go to the 80s. And look at some of the makeup jobs. You’re seeing the intentional. Hiding. Of what the true abilities are. And I would suggest that people go back and look at the 60s. Television Show mission impossible. Because that is so much closer to the truth where they take an actor they take out a world leader they replace him with the actor but the actor looks exactly like the last guy even the voice. Perfect match. And at the end of each show they show and pull in the mask off that’s closer to where things have gone.

[01:47:47] Wow man. I mean it’s intense. You know we talked about satellite’s earlier and then there’s nukes too.

[01:47:52] Both seem to have come up from fiction writers before they were realities and that might be a clue.

[01:47:59] Well of course it is. I mean who are they. I always get this wrong is it Arthur Arthur C. Clarke who invented the. Or is that Asimov. Is Isaac Asimov one of those two men. I’m sorry. I can never remember invented telecommunications and the satellite and guess what his job was. Sci fi writer in the same way we have Scientology. Written by a sci fi writer. We have satellites written by a sci fi writer. If people. Have not grown up enough to understand that when a sci fi writer you know that’s not what I was telling you about Animal Farm 1984. You know all these authors were writing blueprints and inventing things that were about to come. Like Brave New World is a blueprint. Of what they want to happen what they push for animal form is showing you how they do it. Some of the things they do currently to keep people living like animals and thinking like animals. So when you see people like Asimov if that’s the right guy inventing this satellite. You better know what you’re looking at. And not only that if you look at. Who Asimov is quite often you find they’re. Related to a royal family or they’re in that kind of elite European family set.

[01:49:11] Yeah. It might be a little easier for people to swallow to dissect aspects that are clearly manmade satellites nuclear weapons things like that. But another thing I’ve heard you talk about is that. You are pretty sure. That you think dinosaurs had been a big deception. That’s fascinating and something I’ve heard only a few people talk about but what did you see here that brought you to that kind of conclusion.

[01:49:37] I had already been thinking. That most of the things in this world we believe in are these ridiculously large things like if you walked up to a kid and said hey kid you know you believe in this. They would look at you like you’re crazy. That’s a ridiculous thing to believe in. And dinosaurs was that for me because when I was a kid dinosaurs were a big damn deal to me. I even collected like these huge wall maps that went all the way across the room. From Cambrian into all the different ages you know it was a big deal to me. But at one point in my life. I was told. That there does not exist anywhere in this world a real dinosaur a skull. I said why. And so I started looking online. I started sand you know looking. Is there a real dinosaur skull in any museum. And. While I couldn’t. Answer it definitively in the way I wanted it became a logical deduction problem where it should be simple as hell to determine if there is a real bone. Petrified skull in a museum and you can’t do it or I couldn’t do it when I tried a few years ago. And as I began to look at how it came to be. I began to realize it’s just more making things bigger than you can ever wrap your head around this place that you don’t know about has been here so long that in this really long time ago millions and millions of years there were these giant lizards. And by the way they all become birds.

[01:51:01] So every night when you eat chicken you’re eating a T-Rex. And we didn’t know that in the 80s but we started to find it now just a week ago. We found some dinosaur feathers locked in the number and they paint this. It’s no different than the fake. News that gets pushed it has the same elements that you can see dinosaurs are nonsense.

[01:51:21] Wow.

[01:51:22] And not only that there’s a story not too long ago about how. The T-Rex the new big T-Rex or maybe it was an Allosaurus one of these new big dinosaurs where they had a mostly complete skeleton. They had been painted with lead paint because of the radiation it was giving off would make it safe. And you see the fear poured pasted all over that. And then when you began to realize that there really aren’t real dinosaur bones on display anywhere I’m just sayin. People got to get there at their own speed I suppose.

[01:51:53] I guess that would be the challenge to listeners find a museum that has real dinosaur bones that isn’t some kind of caste model. Well we do.

[01:52:02] We do have hippos horses and elephants so finding a real bone is not enough find a real dinosaur skeleton and find the root cause that’s really the unique identifier have for a skull of something. So finder. You know I tried to answer and I couldn’t and the logical thing for me became if this was real it should be the simplest things to verify.

[01:52:22] And I couldn’t. You would think and I mean we’ve talked about the Smithsonian’s raΓΊl and deception. I mean you have to kind of throw in the whole network of museums in there because they’re given to us from the top down.

[01:52:33] You know when Bush was seated you know who was in charge of the Smithsonian. Cheney. Cheney was the highest man on the totem pole. You know what great things the Smithsonian has brought us. While the chair from Archie Bunker is in the Smithsonian Fonzie’s leather jacket. So yeah they’re complicit. Of course they are. You do not mix serious endeavors with entertainment. So when you. Arrive at the 1980’s and you fool the American people into accepting Ronald Reagan a known Hollywood actor. You have demonstrated what government is. Serious endeavors. Do. Not. Mix with entertainment. Subsample entertainment is something else and it came from a very little place called Vaudeville. And it came from an even lower place. When you take the word actor back to the ancient Greek which basically translates to hypocrite because actors are known to be two faced not allowed to hold any public office. And when the Christian era came we’re not allowed to bury actors in Christian graves because they were that bad of people. As a matter of fact men had to play the male roles in female roles because they didn’t want their women anywhere near this bad thing called theater. And that’s up into the modern era. So all I’m saying is if you can trace Hollywood into the Nassa. Stinking thing in Houston that I went to you better understand what you’re looking. At. They named their first stupid probe Galileo after a Star Trek TV show. Sirius endeavors do not cross over. Into serious endeavors right.

[01:54:10] I mean I definitely would agree with you there.

[01:54:12] But casting doubt on dinosaurs really casts doubt on the whole model for the Cretaceous period the Jurassic period.

[01:54:22] All these. Kind of Ages of our earth. I guess that would have to all go out the window too because they’re marked by these so-called species that existed at the time. Do you have. I guess any. I mean we already kind of talked about the fake history but do you have any kind of a model for. Our Earth’s. Lifespan if not the typical one.

[01:54:44] It doesn’t seem to be nearly. You know what. I have talked to other people. Who independently. Come to understand what newts dinosaurs other things are. Independent of me. And I respect their work. Some of them people have problems with them but I’m interested in information. It almost seems like what we call the Dark Ages was some kind of. A switch flip. Right. And if so it’s a ridiculous thing to think about on the face of it. So let me get this straight. The Romans fall. So now the church has control of the Western world and we go into the dark ages. Nobody seems to know shit but we’ve got a problem with that description. China didn’t go into the dark ages. Many other parts of the world didn’t go into the dark ages. How come we’re not learning about all these people that didn’t go into the dark ages because we can’t pronounce their names. But let’s dial it back. Churches in charge of the world we know how the priest craft works. Right. They don’t allow people to get educated. They tell those people you can’t talk to God unless you go through a priest. And by the way this priest speaks your language. But he also speaks this mad magical language that every single one of you that can speak Latin. And by the way all these books we got there written in Latin. So we pretty much got to have a priest or even with to all. Day. That’s the game we know that’s the game.

[01:56:01] So then for some reason we come out of the Dark Ages and BAM. All right man we’ve got renaissance. We’ve got doods carven marble like the most awesome living person you ever saw paintings with perspective all of a sudden someone mad who put what in the Kool-Aid we came out of the Dark Ages and damn it all in the 14:00 we got us ourselves a renaissance. When you begin to look and pull the support it looks like the Dark Ages are some kind of a. I don’t even know what to call it. But I make. An excuse. The dark ages are an excuse. And there’s actually a Russian researcher out there that I started to read. That claimed. What was it that we only had. A few hundred years of history and it’s only for Menko. Yeah. And even in the Hodie Bob’s stuff the claim that was being made there out of Russia was that nothing before the year zero the magic year zero that we all decided to zero our calendars because the magic baby was born. So the whole world agreed Well we’ll start in the world over now. You know. He said there was no true history prior to that. But even that. Let’s go back. 2000 years. I suspect that it’s not nearly as old as we think it is maybe just mere hundreds of years. And if there is any truth to what we see the later acting and Hollywood doing it’s quite possible that most of the historical figures you’ve seen are just another actor putting on just another name and just another outfit.

[01:57:30] I mean how about the idea that King George of England is actually George Washington. Well that might sound outlandish but is it possible.

[01:57:39] Man I love that you’ve read a little bit of a Manco because I have a reoccurring guest Sylvia Ivanova and she gets into the new chronology movement which apparently is pretty big outside of the English speaking world or you know big in a alternative sense and that’s kind of her contention.

[01:57:57] She talks about the Reformation period 1800s and that this is the time that the printing press was invented and that this is the time when you know within this window is Napoleon of Columbus and that this is like the big campaign to go around the world and knock out. The old system and rebuild the new system and this Reformation period.

[01:58:20] Once all the death and destruction is done and that has to be kind of whitewashed from history. Then you have the rebuilding the Reformation the The Golden Age and it’s like well yeah now that it’s all under your thumb and we’re listening to your history you call it the Renaissance.

[01:58:34] Anyone doing research in that way it has my respect. Now you have though you have the potential to find things that matter but anyone doing that type of research that doesn’t have English as a first language. Man do they have some possibilities. And the linguist language is not a good thing. We say things every day we don’t understand and very few people in this world are prepared to think about what I’m going to say next. When you’re taught to spell. In third grade. You literally are spelling. You are casting a spell. When you pick up that pen and you put three letters together. You invent. A magical idea out of nothing. That did not exist before you did it and now it’s in your mind. And if you hand that paper to the person next to you you’ve put that magical brand new thing in their mind. Language is magic. Spelling is casting spells. And English is a completely corrupted. Form of communication.

[01:59:35] Well said and we have talked about many different allusions in the world and you have been covering some of these things on your show like TV and like satellites and rocketry and in the realm of rocketry. You did a show talking about the Space X Falcon 9 rocket launch and it’s really landing that they said was successful but you interviewed witnesses who were there and said that they saw it blow up.

[02:00:00] Right. Right. There was actually a couple of people who claimed they saw it blow up. And what actually happened. You know that probably could have been done better because all the YouTube generation needs YouTube video even though I stated the interview was the key although that the sound of the explosion was pretty key. I don’t care what anyone says about the interviews if they have a problem with them or not you can demonstrate that rockets are not going to what we call space. As a matter of fact you can go right now onto any image. Tool online and do a search for a rocket launch where someone just opened the shutter to their camera for about a minute and you can see the arc of what a rocket does. Rockets land in the ocean. So what they do. Know that there has never been. Ever. In the history of rocketry anything that has gone into what we call space. We’re in a closed system.

[02:00:53] I will. It’s so provocative man it’s captivating but that would be another challenge to people if anybody has captured footage of a rocket achieving escape velocity and going out instead of curving super hard. And going out over a large body of water you know just send it to crow send it to me if you got well.

[02:01:14] I’ve already put that challenge out there and not only that I have stated that I have a few basic rules like I publish some rules for how I tried to wake myself up on one of the articles I wrote for you but I have other rules that I haven’t really published. One of the rules as a rule of thumb to help guide your logic in this age of deception is this. Anything. That can be filmed. And is amazing. Will be filmed. In the digital age and it will be filmed in high def and if the absence of that footage. Is Schobel. Then you have found a problem ally and the idea that no rocket has ever been filmed leaving the atmosphere or doing the so-called burn coming back in I’ve shown with any number of my video clips that I could easily film that and I’ve just got what I can afford. You know how is it that some observatory somewhere it doesn’t. Have just this incredible footage of what it looks like as something punches out into the most amazing adventure a human being can ever go on leaving this world out of fear. How is it that no observatory ever filmed. The opposite of that supposed bird. You know these people in a human fireball coming back from the most amazing adventure human could go on. And now they’re in a freakin torch. Burning. Like a roman candle to come back into the atmosphere. How was it that’s never been filmed.

[02:02:37] Come on while I’m in a house of cards it’s just fallen apart. But awesome. Always a pleasure to talk to you. We certainly hit a lot of the bases today. And you know I just love it so take care of yourself out there keep doing what you do. And cheers

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    1. I have been recommending the work of Chris Thomas since 2011 I am stetting to feel like a broken record …..the story of Our real Human History is within his books…..You just have to let yourself believe it I suppose…!!!

      Crrow sounds like his is going through a faze of Everything is a lie….There is no truth….I went through the same thing a few years ago (peace and love to you Brother)….then I found the Truth….!!! From the books of Chris Thomas…..

      SOLAR SYSTEM DISASTER -There was life on all Planets

      3.9 million years ago –Due to decisions made earlier on in their development it became clear that it would be impossible for them to fulfill their goal of creating a body that would hold a ” full soul”…one of “us”….. 4 planets decide to leave the experiment. When 2 of the planets minds left the physical matter..or the Electromagnetic field that is consciousness removed itself from what it had created…. the Planets blew up causing a catastrophe in the solar system, our MOON is the inner core of one of what was the 6th planet……The Earth and the other Planets are peppered by asteroids…

      The Asteroid belt and Oort cloud are the physical remains of these Planets.

      This disaster kills most of the life on all planets…..The Earth is the most resilient and decided to continue…..the other planets wait and see how Earth gets along…..DINOSAURS go extinct here.

      The remaining 2 planets left our solar system before they removed their consciousness and are now Gas Giants….They are in the constellation of Orion and were seen by Nasa’s Iras telescope…article here…

      Playlist here……

      Interestingly…..Our solar system is in a Energetic frequency barrier… like a bubble within a bubble …the only way in and out of our solar system is through the Orion and Alpha Draconis Gates…..The Draco gate take you to the other civilizations in the Universe…..the Orion gate takes you to the rest of the Universe…..That is where the Planets left…through the Orion Gate.

      Also I was thinking that the energetic frequency barrier that surrounds our Solar system could be the Firmament from the “Flat Earth Fool’s fame”…..Firmament means a “Firm Mind”….”ment” meaning “Mental”…..we live in a sea of consciousness….and it is this Field that coalesces itself into a physical reality such as our Planet…..but it could form a energetic barrier also….Maybe…!!!


      1947 Roswell crash…..3 grey aliens are captured and a information exchange agreement is made.

      The U.S. Military were experimenting with some high powered electromagnetic generators …trying to achieve some kind of stealth or invisibility technology….similar to the Philadelphia Experiment….When the Generators were switched on ….this causes the anti-gravity drive on the alien ships to malfunction and the ships to crash.

      12 other alien ships crash over the next 3 Days

      1959 the first Moon landing using flying discs back engineered from Roswell

      The money from the Gemini and Apollo programs and the equipment made is used to create the secret space programs…..there has been a base on the Moon since 1959 ( Ran by the American and Russian secret space programs )…..there appears to be a colony on Mars ( There was a Human colony on Mars before here on Earth until the Solar System Disaster 3.9 Million years ago)… and we have already been to other solar systems in Our Galaxy.


      Chris asks the Akashic “Did Apollo 11 Go to the Moon…?” The answer comes back…” NO …!!! ”

      Then Chris asks ” Did any of the Apollo programs go to the Moon ” ….The answer comes back…. ” YES ”

      Sean David Morton said He was Brought up around the Astronauts who were part of the Apollo Program and states ” Don’t tell me they didn’t go to the Moon Man…..The Astronauts were changed by the Experience….!!!”

      After the Apollo 11 Press Conference Debacle the American Military must have thought it would be more convincing to actually sent the Astronauts to the Moon….Then some Mind control to Alter their Memories…(Maybe…!!!)

      Jay Weidner’s D.V.D. Kubrick and Apollo “Nail’s It “…..I was unsure till I watched Jay’s D.V.D. The Images are Laughably ( not in a Good way )…..Fake…!!!

      This is how accurate Chris Thomas’ reading of the Akashic record is…..

      538 A.D. The beginning of the Dark Ages

      Arthur and Mordred are killed at the battle of Camluan….

      Merlin removes the Sidhe(planetary helpers) out of human harm the Earth gets a shock as Merlin Has not made his intentions clear. Other names of Merlin-Thoth / Enoch /Zamna / Wohannah Wish Hay / to name but a few this guy is everywhere traveling up and down the spiral of time.

      The Sidhe also known as the Elohim and the Faerie look after the plants and tree’s with their removal there is virtually no plant growth for ten years.

      The Earth shrinks and sea levels rise 200ft (Expanding Earth is correct) loss of land here and loss of life by famine and plague .

      The Earth (a conscious entity like us just a big soul) she takes 10 years to recover.

      In a few of Randall Carlson’s interviews he states that…..Dendrochronologists (people whom count tree rings) have found that between the years 536-542 A.D. Tree growth comes to a stop for 10 years……Here is a date that we can know for certain (with in a handful of years)…and the Akashic Dates this event at 538 A.D.

      David Keys book Catastrophe documents this mid 6th century worldwide disaster very well


      The Earth shrinks and sea levels rise by 200 ft…….. this must cover up much of the evidence of our previous history…….A port 10 km off the coast of Egypt has been found 150 ft below the surface ….the statues have had their noses knocked off…..I am guessing the Nose Knocking off spree came after 300 B.C. and before 538 A.D. after Humanity’s mindset had been poisoned.

      Video here……

      It is better to read his books as in his interviews you only get a small piece of the puzzle …..excellent detail if you read “All” of them….. His book “Synthesis” is a good over view and a good place to start….but the detail is in the rest of them…

      The story of human history is in a guy known as Chris Thomas (who can read the Akashic Records) books….(8)……Atlantis / The Pyramids / The Archons and Reptilians / The Illuminati is all explained…The story He tells in his books continues to reinforce itself….There Ain’t no Mystery regarding the story of Human History.

      His Books here……(at the time of posting all his books are sold out)….( they have been sold out here for over a year….all they say is back soon….I would forget these Guys )

      The books are more expensive here but appear to be in stock……

      Capallbann books uk….(search Chris Thomas his books will appear in the drop down menu)

      Try Ebay or Amazon for a used copy…(Β£10 to Β£15 Amazon has his books on for crazy prices)…

      A Playlist on Youtube with most of his Interviews Kindly created by TheMedowWolf…

      Interesting thread here………..His latest book can be ordered direct from him and his contact details are on page 18 of this thread…

      More interviews here…..

      In 5 parts (scroll down) full second interview with Robert Stanley here….

  1. Admittedly haven’t listened to all the Crrow episodes as the first one I listened to when I was new to THC was a bit too far out for where I was at the time (The Hadibov stuff was just too much.) So I wrote it off as just another crazy. But this interview is changing my perception of that. This is clear, articulate, and well crafted. I’ve taken in some of his youtube now, and my interest is piqued. I’m definitely “mind raped,” and interested to see where this rabbit hole leads. Fantastic content, as always Greg, keep up the good work my man, THC is the best part of my work day, until I eventually break away from the system altogether. One day at a time πŸ˜€

  2. Just want to point out that daylight savings time was not implemented to give farmers more daylight. It was first used by the Germans during the First World War to save coal and other fuels. Farmers have always hated DST as it screws with their harvest and market schedules.

    1. I switched show notes writers and we tried out a transcription, but this doesn’t work. I can’t even scroll through to the comments and it’s format is pretty unreadable. Sorry!

      1. I am hoping maybe the play button can be moved to the top of the notes as its pretty difficult to scroll through all this on my phone. Otherwise though really kickass show. Crow really does a great job challenging my notions on the whole icewall idea as lands and world(s) beyond. Got me to thinking what if we are the inner earth and the lands beyond the outer. Anyways keep up the great work.

      2. Yeah, I thought that I stumbled into a special episode section for the hearing impaired. I nearly sprang my thumb getting down to the comments section on my phone. Lol

  3. Awesome, been looking forward to another Crow show. I’ve been catching up on Crow’s podcast lately so it was treat to hear you point out some of the episodes I’ve listened to. I really appreciate Crow’s ideas even though I don’t agree with him 100% on everything (I agree 90 % of the time) I still follow him from time to time. His first THC episode was actually the first episode I listened to of THC and I don’t think I would have been a listener/subscriber now if I didn’t come across Crow. The amount of spiritual and other forms of growth I experienced from that point and the way my world view has changed as been amazing. His talks about not leaving low earth orbit resonate with me because I have independently considered the no outer space thing before coming across his work. You’re on fire, keep the quality episodes rolling!

  4. You mention the complexity of books later in the episode – how apropos that I used the notion of War and Peace. Sevan answered in his paid-for Innerversity Semester two, answers my question on how space travel is not possible. It’s not space. It’s amniotic fluid. The planets are luminaries, and we have never landed on the moon. One cannot. I’m simply stunned by this. As our words are combed over by the multiple sets of eyes from different factions who -may- comb over our words… As Magazine noted “it’s all happening in English” – so Bowie died near the summer solstice in January? Cancer is Capricorn? Tropic of Bowie? But he might know something I don’t know. I am trying so hard to piece together this reality the best I can my self, but, I’m using Tool’s music, and it’s in English. Am I adding to the problem even while I feel like (Crowley died in 47 while Croww said 74… so too did C.S. Lewis and some other notables)… uh… well, am I really helping? Or am I just adding to the problem? I must believe in A.T.L. Carvers ‘solutions-based’ thinking, which is exactly where I’ve been vibrating at – No fear, no wallowing in the sadness – maybe I HAVE found a holy gift – adding the spirit back to Taekwondo of life… in this realm, that we incarnated in – we will go back if we can escape this system – think of having a roundtable sometime with Sevan and Croww, and I’d love to join if you’ll have me there. Iron is red is Mars – so we’re Martians with Martial Law, against Maritime? Hmm Hmm Hmm. Greg, Croww, Cheers brave souls. “We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion.” – One of your best episodes yet. What a return to form!

    1. I LOVE Tool. Great choice. Have you listened to Maynard’s other band clalled Pusifer? Ive had a song of theirs stuck in my head for hours now! What a coincidence. Cool Daddy O. Way groovy cool.

    2. I will have that song played on a loop at my funeral party. We are eternal all this pain is an illusion is the most PROFOUND statement that aint froom the Beatles’ members ever made. God. My English teacher would freak the F out over that last sentence. Oops. My most favorite song ever is by John Lennon ~ My Sweet Lord. Makes my liver quiver just thinkin’ about it. β™₯

  5. I add thricely that the spider/owl question was one I asked a long while back on the Q&A forum and now I get two questions answered (kinda) in the past two eps. Here’s a synchronistic link I shared w/ Greg earlier – – that’s my calendar from last year I ‘on a whim’ chose to scan through about twenty minutes ago. #Spiders #Owls (thinking of the maps positioning of Anglo (Angel? Angle?) countries in ‘reading position’ for that marketing subliminal – the Spider is on top, the owl below – BUT one is an enemy, and one is an ally)… – Twin Peaks is coming back – I wonder if the ‘net’ has anything to do with the younger crew, seeing that it came from … presumably the older crew? i.e. DARPA… and wasn’t The Who like, the same age as … and what was it Nixon called Bohemian Grove? anyways. Twin Peaks… May 22 2017 – “The Owls Are Not What They Seem”. Cheers Crrow and Greg!

    1. The Spider and The Owl. The Lion and The Dragon. The Front and Back of a leaf. The Two Sun/Sons on Tatooine. Cain and Able. Fox and Coyote. The poison and the cure.
      Different faces of the same substance, and EVERYTHING has it’s place.

      The only way I can find to deal with this stuff now is head on; you want to know about Owl, then go ask Owl. If you aren’t pissing around you will get an answer. Not The Truth, but a truth, which in context is probably easer to grasp, and more illuminating.
      Did grumpy old white dudes co-opt Owl to take on some of the strengths, or did Owl present itself, “American Gods” style, so as to be fed? Or can it be both?

      So are Toyota’s the Truck of the devil/terrorists, or are they just so tough that even the Devil wants to ride in one? One view has blame and judgement, and the other is free from it.

      Case in point, I have no special connection to Spider, but while the other 4 members of my family are mortally shaken by them, I am happy to co-habit. But snakes produce a fear/revulsion based physical/electrical crawl up my spine that I have NO control over, while others in the family could easily pick them up. Some of these watercourses run deep.
      Am I part of the pro spider/anti snake lobby. Hell no. Add to that I can fully grok a snake, whereas a spider is a freaky alien MotherF-er. But I can still live with the spider, not the snake…..go figure. πŸ™‚

  6. Crrow’s back and weirder than ever. Fresh breath of illusory air I must say. And did the THC+ elves transcribe the whole show this go around. I’m so happy I even questioned authority today and as always, did my soul a world of good. it’ll do yours good too!

  7. I dont know if it has something to do with the incredibly high wind outide, but 3 times the player stopped-and when I clicked play it was at the damn begining! Argh! I look forward to new shows like someone w/out a real life (which I proudly Am) but having to work for it like this is terrible. 15 second forward fast does NOT go forward fast. Waaaa

      1. Thankee kindly Mr. Greg. I shall try. Im on a tablet today due to iphone disaster. Ever damn time I download something on it I can’t find it afterward. Im just an old broad that cant do tech well at all. Plus theres that BLONDE THANG hp’nin’ also. Wish me luck. Tho from the half hour or so that I DID hear, it was kinda sad to listen to a gret mn who didnt believe in ANYTHING AT ALL. NUTHIN’ Sad. So sad. I send a nice hug to you Mr. Crrow. I love you for the stuff you DO. And I thank you. β™‘β™₯β™‘γ€Šβ—γ€‹

      1. Not Addreal. This robot’s definitely just drunk. I cant. I just cant. Ill save it for tomorrow. Hope itll work for me then. No more reading for me tonight.

  8. I can see from the one archived Crrow show I listened to the other day, and even more so from this one, it doesn’t look like I’m a going to be a natural born Crrow fan. It felt more like time I’m never going to get back.

    BTW, whether the vaccinations are safe or not (and I avoid them), measles is a dangerous disease. Most of the first blind kids I met as a child were blinded because their mothers were exposed.

    I felt there was lots of uninformed stuff being put out (pronounced as fact) by the guest, but I have to apologize because I am not going to listen again in order to do any point-by-point. A real broad brush approach there. Not my style at all.

    Looking forward to the next ‘cast.


        1. Which is why people could be a bit fanatical about trying to get a mild hit of measles, and chicken pox, into their girls before the age of 14/15. Before pregnancy.
          Ramp up the anti-bodes.
          Not the ideal way to insure your family, but then, neither is a needle when all the evidence is broken down.
          Life in the flesh sure is a trip.

    1. The thing to keep in mind with any vaccine and in part why they can be more dangerous than the maladies they claim to protect you from is that the initial exposure bypasses the blood brain barrier which would normally weaken the state of the virus before it infects you. Secondly we often receive them in a bundled form with multiple ailments which our bodies would be very unlikely to encounter normally. That alone can overwhelm our bodies not taking into account any preservative or additives or the aluminum used as a binder in pretty much all medication. Its fairly obvious that if we wanted to minimize any negative outcomes all would be administered orally and one at a time. That is of course assuming they do any good at all which I doubt. We shall see if anything changes with Robert Kennedy appointed as the vaccine czar for Trump.

  9. Crow has a very specific formula of fallcious argumentation: He takes a few accepted facts (i.e. the sun is 93 million miles away), a few incorrect facts (i.e. the sun changes diameter as it moves through the sky – it does not) and then jumps straight to an argument from incredulity (you can’t wrap your head around that!) followed by a string of non-sequiturs (i.e. astronauts train in water; therefore space is water) followed by an appeal to the people (anyone can prove this) followed by a pontification that “everything they tell you is wrong”, followed by a redefinition of words (i.e. stars are not stars; they’re lights) so that anyone who tries to communicate his ideas to someone who hasn’t had the definitions shifted will sound like they have verbal/mental diarrhea.

    He reminds me a great deal of the fraudulent young earth creationists I used to hear in church.

    What does he mean by: “We can fly 50-80 thousand feet, but we can’t have a real map?” What is a ‘real map’? Anytime you try to represent a 3-D object in 2-D you’re going to have distortions. Maybe he would like to try a globe? Statements of his like this really demonstrate either severe ignorance on his part or a transparent effort to scramble the brains of people who don’t have much knowledge. Yes the Mercator projection enlarges the Northern hemisphere… it’s not racist… it’s most widely used because most people live in the Northern hemisphere and it will be most accurate in the areas where most people are living and requiring a map.

    I’m sorry to say that Crow is one of my least favorite guests (next to Dubay).

    Oh well.. you can’t please all the people all the time. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m not sure what point you’re making here, but…. I thought according to Crow: “nukes don’t exist” and “stars are not stars; they are lights”?

          1. There are some basic things we can know and Crrow is attacking basic knowlege.

            People who cannot allow themselves to know anything are just as powerless a prey for the elites as those who believe the illusions.

            There is a middle ground between two ditches. Let’s not over correct and veer off into the other ditch.

            1. Mmm, overcorrection is a big risk in this.
              It can be tricky to be fully prepared to burn the whole thing down, and then not burn it.
              The Paradox of that middle path.

              You need to care enough to look, but not care so much that you get co-opted for the ‘other’ team.

    1. It is not Crrow who jumps to conclusions, it is you! He is deconstructing, that is all. If NASA clearly lies about a, b, c, how can you rightly believe d? If we’ve been lied to historically about a, b, c, how can you believe d without proof? What I see, though yes I do disagree with him often enough, is that the reasons folks disagree is based in fallacy–Belief. What I see is folks who are so uncomfortable when their worldview collapses that they re-commit to straws.

      1. I’m not even talking about NASA’s claims. I’m talking about things that are empirically available to common people with a few simple tools that have been around for centuries.

        You’re right about one thing: Crrow is deconstructing. It’s as if there’s a few holes in the sheet rock of the edifice of knowledge which need to be patched up and he is coming in with a dozer and wrecking ball.

        Hey if you’re a puppetmaster and the rabble is questioning you, what do you do? Make them question everying! Knowledge is power. No one can do anything if they doubt everything. Question everything and hold on to things lightly, but solipsism is not a practical viable philosophy for getting things done or fending off the big bad wolves in the world.

  10. Greg, i’m not much on double or triple dipping. Say your business directly, succiently, then get out. Just paused the podcast after Crrows words and started digesting his comments. He’s kinda like a brandy alexander (look it up, a smooth drink), goes down easy and hits you like a velvet glove…smooth. After a few, your heads spinning and your holding on for dear life. How can something that goes down so easily pack such a wallop? It’s simple, take away the cream and sweets, and you have a couple of shots of good, old fashioned hard booze. S what does this have to do with the price of tea? Being a skeptical fan of Crrows, he’s one of those researchers whose ideas I must take and evaluate on the whole. A simple “taking what you want and leaving the rest” method doesn’t work with Crrows ideas. And on the whole, he seems to heavily rely on old-world-style elitism liberally sprinkled with new,”it’s all part of the construct”, whatever he believes the construct to might be, though I still have no real idea what this construct is or consists of? Listen, Greg, i’m in. The more ideas the better. But I just don’t believe that either myself or those who I’ve had the honor of learning from (not school…life) are animals at the slop trough being fed a big lie. The lie is there, the majority buy-in, the rest of don’t. I would just say this, Take Crrows words and use the gift I perceive many of you posess, intuition and sences, and carefully put his ideas on the scales. use your gifts people. I love y’all. Stay open.

    1. Listen to Crrow, then pause, and listen to 10-15min of Allan Watts in full flight, and then try (for dear life) to sink back into Crrow and take it as seriously as you did.

      “The lie is there, the majority buy-in, the rest of don’t.” This is backed up by one of my fav scripture metaphors; The Devil is a tempter, no a Judge. At every turn, you still have the ability to choose. And if you really don’t, then you are unaware and part of the backdrop for others. No harm, no foul.

      But, if you have sold your Sovereignty to be free of responsibility somewhere in your life, it is a bit rich to whinge about a lack of sovereignty in other areas. We all need to straighten our own shit up first, in my opinion. Or maybe just I have a lot of shit to square away….! πŸ˜‰
      If it is all part of a construct, then lets get constructive. If it’s ‘just’ a game, hows about we don’t loose the level this time?
      Last I checked, folks played games ’cause they were good fucking fun, hard or not.

      “Why so serious?…”

    1. I had a couple of individual forum thread pages on separate tabs and just thought to check on those. Both are fine and no posts seem to be lost. It’s just that first forum page that I linked above that seems to have corrupted code. I looked at the page source but it’s way past my HTML skills to see the problem. There was some notation at the bottom of the source page about clearing cookies, and I tried that but it made no change.

      1. The front page of the forum is still buggered from how and where I navigate. I see that in the few threads I can get into via tabs I have kept open, the online/offline notifications have disappeared from under the poster’s info, and that now here in the individual show commentaries, the thumbs-up / thumbs-down thing has disappeared.

        I sure hope the transition goes smoothly, as I have been enjoying this place and am starting to feel the community.

    1. Why are we still using the same rocket’s we used in the 60’s to go to space? After all the advancements you’d figure getting a casino on the moon would be simple, but no one being allowed to the heritage sites should make ya question a bit.

  11. I love the show Greg and Croww is an entertaining character. However, he certainly hasn’t looked very hard to find a dinosaur skull in a museum. You can see them around the world in situ at numerous current digs let alone in museums. I’m afraid his ill informed point of view on dinosaurs makes me far more skeptical of some of his other views.
    Given the number of active digs and the thousands of paleontology academics scratching away at dinosaurs in rock strata, an enormous corruption of all these people would be required. Have they come up with a miraculous method of inserting the bones into 65 million year old limestone deposits? How do the “elite” or “the controllers” convince all the worlds paleontologists that they should tell a fairy tail to the world. I graduated in geology but must not have been high enough up the ladder (or down the rabbit hole) to be corrupted by our nefarious masters.
    Do a web search for the Carnegie Quarry – proof of dinosaurs and their heads is extant. As to feathered dinosaurs – that’s old news and there have been numerous discoveries of them for years.
    Keep up the good work, Greg. I liked the program but am wondering if Croww is taking on a bit too much. Maybe he should just stick with the telescope.

    1. Look into your dinosaur comments there are only parts of the old Dino’s left and a whole skull is very, very rare as its made of many parts and they get lost. Other than mastodons the rest are paper mace. Basically the paleo’s run with the idea they “should” know how the animal goes together.

  12. Good questions at the end:

    Why do we not see other planets make a crescent like the moon? Only planets that pass between the earth and the moon will appear to make a crescent, but with the naked eye you cannot determine the shape – it still looks like a point of light. Mars’ orbit being close to the earth will at least appear to be slightly over half full. The angle made with the other planets that are further out means very little of them will be in shadow from our perspective.

    Why the twinkle of stars or planets? Look over the hood of a hot car or over the road on a hot day… the waviness is atmospheric distortion. Light is bent when it transitions through different densities of atmosphere. Slight turbulence in the atmosphere even on a cold clear night causes starlight and light from planets to bend back and forth slightly (twinkle). This bending and waving of the light is very slight so it is more noticeable with smaller fainter points of light than with larger brighter points of light – so since planets are typically the brightest “stars” in the sky, they don’t seem to twinkle as much.

    Mars and Venus do look different even to the naked eye. Mars is reddish due to its iron ore and thin atmosphere and Venus is bright white thanks to its clouds.

      1. At Little Bighorn, apparently, Custer, or his underlings looked out and saw a large expanse of waving grass. The locals working for them said,(paraphrasing)” No, it’s horses and men. Grass looks like smoke from a distance. Horses look like worms.”
        To which they got, ‘Bullshit!’ There can’t be that many horses down there. It must be grass.”

        We all know how that turned out…
        Light reflection and refraction through the water that we call “Air” and how different thing generate and reflect light is one hell of a spooky science.
        No one puts goggle on and goes underwater expecting vision to be clear and constant. We are underwater ‘up here’, and it is just as variable.

        1. “…the water we call ‘air’…” what? You’re doing the same thing Crrow is doing: redefining terms in a non-sensical way that only muddies the ‘water’ and does not clarify anything or provide any new information. Water and air are clearly different substances with different properties… that’s a basic empirically obvious fact.

          And light refraction and reflection is not “spooky science”… it really makes sense intuitively and mathematically. Light is bent whenever it passes through a transparent medium of different density (e.g. crystal prism, glass, water, oil, gas, air, etc). Of course questions about the ontological nature of light and material are still on the table, but we don’t have to forget what we know about their mathematically predictable patterns of behavior to ask those ontological questions.

          There’s plenty of mystery in this universe without creating more by destroying what little knowledge we do have.

          1. β€œβ€¦the water we call β€˜air’…” what? You’re doing the same thing Crrow is doing:”

            Sorry. It was metaphor designed to get the old brain thinking in a different way. I am well aware that at we call air is not what we call water. I was thinking that people who are not aware of this are probably not in this arena.
            Never presume. My bad.

            I was not trying to create more mystery out of known absolutes.
            I guess I was trying to bridge the gap between people with a working knowledge of this stuff, you know, geeks, like myself, and people who’s eyes glaze over a the technical stuff.
            I did not intend to throw away knowledge of mathematically predictable behaviour, but to try to point out that to the vast majority on ‘the street’, light, like radio waves, starts to look like magic. Doesn’t mean it can’t be known, or that we don’t know quite a bit about it already.

            The issue becomes when someone starts to say,” I understand it ALL. I know it ALL, and ( insert A here) is not possible. So therefor it must be (insert B here)!” That is not so cool, because people will follow that kind of conviction.

  13. Talking about the Talmud jews have you listened to the finkelstein interview? After learning about Hampstead kids blood rituals, snopes leaving the open ended article on HEK-293, the amount of missing kids and the u k on all food his ability to hit the nail on the head while the interviewer says the jews don’t lie. A simple “human in mcdonalds” search makes me question about this being a false flag.

  14. Excellent point about never wholly investing yourself in belief, however this also works for the discounting of theoretical phenomena; how can you on one hand say never believe anything and then in the next breath say something is categorically BS? This highlights the problem of veering back and forth from Subjectivity to Objectivity for the purpose of sniping at narrative.
    I agree Social Engineers have long understood that power is an illusion and so have made the mastery of illusion their fulcrum for administration. Ultimately this demonstrates the smoke and mirrors nature of psychology itself, writ large on the macrocosm around us – after all, what would be the material difference be between evidence of a perceived construct or a constructed perception itself?
    Without an ultimate compass of discernment based on existential alignment we are lost in the sea of the mind. Know thyself.

    1. There can be a very fine line between belief and knowing. I trust neither.

      But then again, I only ever made one mistake. That was the time I thought I was wrong, but then it turned out I was right.

      1. To put semantics to one side, and then awkwardly pick it up again; /belief/ implies an initial judgement based on perception that is then used as paradigm to countenance reality. To /know/ is to own the understanding of the now as ultimate and organic authority. One reflects while the other only illuminates. It is just an emphasis shift to keep truth at the level of axiomatic awareness rather then the partial data of empirical observation.
        Trust is an emotional investment in belief.

  15. Yes Greg. Yes Crrow. I got put onto Crrow’s stuff from his first THC appearance and have listened to every one of his (free) shows. Totally plan on getting a sub to his show at some point too; but as of right now, I’m still a friends-floor-dweller. Although I’m moving to Ireland with my girlfriend in a couple of weeks for a few months so we can save up to go traveling. I’ll need a plus membership for Crrow and Greg for that trip so I can take my favourite internet “madmen” with me. Really looking forward to this show, what’s this now, 4 times? 5 times for Crrow?


  16. Just gotta say Croww, I think if you lived to 100 years in a place in the middle east or Africa that has been a warzone over the last 100 years you might see enough horror to make you distrust humanity

    1. I thought more about this and see that it could be pretty realistically seen as demonstrating that I am still stuck in the construct I was trained into. I have never been to the middle east or Africa, nor have I come anywhere near to attaining 100 years. I don’t even honestly have an older friend who claims to come from those places and have seen a lot of death. (I do have a friend who claims to come from Kenya and have seen from fucked up shit) But that’s beside the point because I live in a place (on the American pacific coast in far northern California) where the ‘native’ people are less than one century removed from the genocide. So I do trust that a non-European living in this hemisphere can stand in for the more typical minorities I cited in my first post. Got real stoned and reconsidered my wording. Thanks

  17. Another enjoyable informative show greg thanks, I particularly enjoyed crrows change of direction and willingness to do this so openly.
    As with Chris Thomas’s work and Crrow – both are now heading stedfast into the work of David Icke ! Now I know Greg you have a little issue with the t shirt thing. But I think you should at least read david’ book perception desception. Perhaps a little context on Davids background before you all shoot me down. David was a professional footballer in the uk and then a well known sports presenter for the BBC. He turned his back on all the trappings this gave him! to start his journey into the rabbit holes of reality. If for no other reason we should at least give him the opportunity to share his research. Crrow’s show today was similar to listening to David over the last 25 years.

  18. Definitely not my favorite guest (very hyperbolic in his statements, especially about his work [“I’ve seen EVERYTHING”], says “nonsense” too much, used a Beatles song to defend his notion that space is a liquid, and has factual inaccuracies mentioned in the above comments), but that’s good. Usually things that attempt to challenge my “brainwashed belief” the earth is indeed a sphere utterly fail to do so. Admittedly, I really don’t explore that realm of conspiracy very deeply and he seems like a decent diving point. If nothing else, his motive appears to be to just make me question historical assumptions and is not afraid to change his verbage, if not his theories, when presented with new evidence.

  19. As always, great work. Love diving into the deep end. Glad to have all these topics brought up, and really nice to hear Crrow mention milk, humans get human milk only. Yup.
    Anyone know why Buzz Aldrin was in Antarctica end of 2016?
    Greg, Thanks for keeping the Pizzagate thread alive. Drag that shit out into the light, for sure.

    1. …Thanks for keeping the Pizzagate thread alive. Drag that shit out into the light, for sure.

      That show discussion stalled on post 108. I have been keeping an eye on it, but it’s gone quiet since I added to it five days ago. Last post before that was December 28. Meanwhile, the MSM sure has shifted to “fake news” and the bullshit story of the Russian hack.

  20. Crrow is very entertaining to listen to because of his hyperbole. However, he seems to have gone way off with some his latest stuff. The bits I did find interresting were his ideas about the sun because they do have an historical context. I believe there is a lot of “sun talk” in Hermetism in that it is a dimensional portal of sorts and is quite close to the Earth realm and quite possibly not “hot”. Neil Kramer mentions this quite often but is reluctant to elucidate much on it.

    As regards Mr Crrow, I dont know why he has to come out with unimportant silly stuff such as Crowley didnt exist or Bowie isnt dead. And…? So what?

    Greg, you should ask him next time about his link to Uncle Al-you know, Crrow/Crowley/777(the seal of Babalon). I think Mr Crrow is either Crowley himself but then I dont actually believe that Crrow really exists, it’s just someone pretending to be him ;0)

    1. Kramer resonates with me. Dollard said some interesting things about the Sun too. Add that to our fundamental misunderstanding of electricity (Dewey Larson makes a good case of no such thing as an electron) and there is much to rediscover. Kramer would have us figure it ourselves or find the knowledge ourselves…

    2. Applause for Red Fox.

      Crrow’s show gets 5 dollars from me and then I’m canceling.

      Not enough content AND not enough quality AND just coz I ‘resonate’ with the space travel is impossible

      The rest of what he says is frantic and disempowered. That’s a no go, Pasquale.

  21. Interesting enough that I went and bought a 3 month sub to his stuff. I think many of us travelling this path hit that point where you realize you need to check every assumption. That said, a couple of comments.
    1- re satellites, I spent a part of my youth in the late 80s installing home satellite dishes. This involved aiming them and setting them up. If the comsats are not in geosynchronous orbit of a globe Earth, I am not even sure you can do the math to set them against the firmament in such a way that azimuth, elevation and declination all vary correctly with lat/long. If someone wants to pull the string on that math, I think it would pretty categorically settle flat/globe and space. The gist is you have to align a dish correctly on an east/west axis to track across the geo band. Then you need, from the northern hemisphere to set the correct angle above the southern horizon to hit the apparently fixed satellite that orbits 22,300 miles over the equator. Finally, there is a third setting, declination, if I recall, that is the angle you tilt the dish above the hinge so it shoots the correct section of an ellipse to track from one GS sat to another in the geo band. I did this numerous times in various locations and observed that if you did not get it right, you would get satellites at the ends only or the middle only. Modern Ku band dishes have much more sensitive receivers and the signal is stronger and digital so boresighting is not so big a deal. Anyway, seems to me if comsats were ballons or fixtures stuck into the firmament hundreds of miles up, then a) boresighting would not have been so big a deal and b) the inclination and declination angles would not work out the same way. In other words those old home systems were set to track a band of geosynch sats 22,300 miles over the equator and if you get close enough you can see they point up into the southern sky in the northern hemisphere.
    2- Re the whole nuclear thing, I was trained as a reactor operator in the Navy and can attest that *something* is boiling water. Given my first hand experience, it is probably a fission reaction. What I have not personally observed is damage from ionizing radiation. Also interesting is how the primary cooling water is only dangerous for 11 seconds supposedly. Awfully convenient that. Just to be clear, water itself does not stay radioactive. Water that is actually in contact with fissioning fuel goes to a heat exchanger to make steam in a secondary loop. Which always made me wonder re Fukishima and all those scary radiation maps. As they used to say at Nuke school, the solution to pollution is dilution. And I can first hand attest to the size of the Pacific… So I am willing to keep an open mind on that. Also, I think there may be somehting to the whole no atom bomb thing. They supposedly rely on something called fast fission, which is the natural neutron radiation in fissionable material. For U235, the stuff they use in subs, something like 2.7 neutrons on average fly out per fission. For controlled power, these so called fast neutrons are slowed down or thermalized with a moderator, usually water, which allows them to be more likely to cause more fissions and release more heat etc. For bombs the geometry of a hunk of fissionable material (U235 or Plutonium, I forget which isotope) is optimized so that those 2.7 odd fast neutrons do the chain reaction thing. I could see where that part could all be fiction as it is not the sort of thing that is easy or desirable to test first hand πŸ˜‰ Also, it seems that the energy released might disrupt the geometry enough to keep the fast fission chain reaction from going too far. I am not claiming this is truth, but pointing out where, if there are shenanigans going on, they are likely taking place.

    1. …the solution to pollution is dilution.

      Perhaps in an open system. The biosphere, being a closed system, not so much. But you are correct; that is the navy way. We dumped everything overboard. Now we hear sailors’ reports that crossing the Pacific can be done and nothing alive is seen. Back when I was crossing it (’66 and ’67), I loved sitting up on top of the sail (conning tower fairwater) and watching the abundant sea life for hour upon hour. It was a wonderful experience.


      Good example, that satellite aiming. I have been watching the low orbit satellites since Sputnik. The north/south low orbits where the spy satellites are is now approaching clusterfuck, I have watched the progression over the years. I was an electronic spy on a diesel sub. Diesel subs did the job before the nukes’ reduction gear noise could be masked. The nuke boats could not sneak the coasts because of their gear whine. It was the spy satellites that made those diesel boats’ missions obsolete, but it took having that fuckload of spy birds up there to do it.

      Anyway, like I said above, that ‘cast needs a point-by-point refutation on so many things, and I wasn’t going to be the one to do it. But here we can pick them off a few at a time and I won’t have to put in another two hours, hearing it again.

      1. The pollution solution was tongue in cheek. I certainly don’t advocate it. even if so called ionizing radiation isn’t a thing, heavy metal is.

        I hear ya re the old diesel boats. And I saw plenty of satellites from the bridgewings on long night watches. And ships and buildings hull down on the horizon. I get questioning everything but the whole globe/flat/no space thing seems like jumping to a conclusion. I DO think there is something ritualistic-re rockets and countdowns, and would even entertain the idea that its not rockets that put things in orbits. I think NASA lying is a good set up for this type of disinfo. Not saying Crrow is, just can’t get to where he is with the same observations. I lean electric universe for now. I feel like that big dot issue of things transiting the moon probably has some sort of optical explanation they are glossing past. maybe like mots of dust in a barn. Or atmospheric refraction. There is definitely something up with the moon though. Just the eclipse thing is shouting for attention through the ages.

        1. The pollution solution was tongue in cheek.

          That’s a relief. That’s about the only way I’ve heard it used. I’ve only heard it from other environmentalists, describing what we were fighting.

          I’m electric universe all the way. We have a good thread going on that in the forum (when it’s working again–and I see it’s still down–hope it survives the transfer of software–got some writing hours in to it).

          I’ve been both sides of the International Date Line and across the Equator too. Seen the southern stars. Flown from Japan to McCord AFB. Took off just after sundown; by the time we reached altitude, the sun was well back up over the horizon, Flew the great circle route along the Aleutians on a moonless night and landed at 10:00 AM in Washington State on the same date we took off (time travel?). I think the planet just might be a ball. Anyone can see the curvature of the horizon from 30,000 feet. You can sit on the beach and see hull-down ships all day long, coming and going.

    2. “Re the whole nuclear thing, I…can attest that *something* is boiling water.”
      You have re-piqued my interest in this area. Thank you.

      “I get questioning everything but the whole globe/flat/no space thing seems like jumping to a conclusion.”
      Good call. If we are going to throw out observable data because our ‘eyes are tricking us’, then might as well go back to bed and forget about it! πŸ™‚

    3. Maybe now that Croww has his own “show” which he amazingly charges the same as Greg we have less need to have him on this show. Think you have covered all the interesting things he has to say a few interviews ago. Now, he is starting to show his flaws even more. Kinda boring and annoying at times. He is a great observer but short on logic and a little stuck on “high and mighty”.

      1. Yep. I have noticed a few not quite right things listening to his other shows. Some stuff resonates and some just clanks. He keeps going on about how rockets are faster than bullets and no human could survive that velocity. But it’s change in velocity that can hurt (acceleration), not speed. Seems like a really basic thing to mess up.
        In another shor re false flag mass shootings he kept talking about high capacity clips. The box that holds the bullets is called a magazine and I can’t imagine a Marine using that incorrect term. You’d be doing lotsa pushups even in Navy bootcamp. Other descriptions of military life and taking orders definitely ring like what someone on the outside thinks it is like rather than what it really is like. Enlisted talk back to officers all the time, especially re stupid orders.

  22. Never liked Croww. Seemed so sure of himself, now has different outlooks. I understand that people learn and grow, but he can be a bit pretentious. He says that everything we are told is a lie and all media outlets are controlled and not to believe them, but he speaks freely and expects us to believe him.

    1. that sure of himself thing gets me too. Especially how he is so sure of himself, always has been,now he is has changed opinions without realizing that his previous surety now plays as foolishness.

  23. When I first heard of Crow, about a year or two ago, re the lunar wave, I thought this was pretty interesting. Listening to him today, and hearing him dismiss dinosaurs, and backing away from the wave and other assertions, I have to question his credibility.

  24. Hey Greg, please pass onto Crrow the following: Is he aware of the footage James Gilliland, Peter Maxwell Slattery or Damien Nott are getting…. I’d be keen to hear his assessment of the what the lights and craft are….. I would also point out to him the reason he like the rest of us perhaps don’t see these beings is down to predisposed evolution and intention of sorts…. I am a member of his forum too so I will send him a similar comment…. Cheers.

  25. Good interview, but I want to say that I didn’t learn about ritual abuse from the media. I learned about it from friends that survived it first hand. Scars on their bodies, damage to their psyche…trafficking, abuse and killing are very very real.

    1. Thank you! There are millions of humans of all ages that have endured horrible scarring no one can see from the outside. We are legion & we personally know the hard truth. And these perpetrators do it because they can.

  26. Crow is in denial about the violence and murder the elites are capable of. If the elites can get away with it, why would the refrain from it? Because of a sense of decency? LOL

  27. Loved this episode as the most far out are closest to my heart. I share a lot of the same suspicions as Crrow about this construct but wouldn’t dare champion them as they are more private ideas. It is fun though that we can entertain these concepts without throwing anyone in an asylum. I just want to add about the color of the sky/dome/firmament.

    We are told it’s Blue and that it’s blue because it reflects the ocean and Earth is mostly ocean. However, if you remember the black&blue/gold&white dress debate online where people literally saw both schemes, or how Homer in his Greek epics did not use the color Blue and described the ocean as wine dark. I watch the sunrise every weekday and the sky appears to me to vary from dark blue to silver whitish to light blue when fully lit. Almost as if it’s Tin Foil (fitting ridiculous suggestion) in the way it refracts light and is capable of displaying a spectrum of color. Is it separating us from a dark blue ocean above/below(?), i don’t know, but what do you think of the range of colors at sunrise & sunset?

    1. Hey Kyle, it was nice to hear you once again, having a higher chat with Greg at the end of the Q&A.
      You should grab the mic more often, like the good old THC days. It’s also good to hear that your life changes are giving a fruitfull harvest πŸ˜‰
      Keep on having a good one.

    2. No one has ever claimed the sky was blue because it reflects the oceans. It’s blue because of the refraction of sunlight passing through the atmosphere. Shine a light through a prism. You’ll get a smooth transition from blue to red. When the angle of the light is steep (mid day) we only catch the blue end of the spectrum. But at sunset or sunrise the light shines through the “prism” of the atmosphere at a steeper angle and we see the sky fully transition from blue to red.

  28. For several years, I’ve told a select few friends and acquaintances that everything we’ve been taught is bullshit. Then, the Crrowster says the same thing and I (initially) say bullshit.
    But after careful consideration of one of my core beliefs (we live in a ‘Matrix’), everything Crrow says could very well be true.

  29. The Russian Author Crow mentions that examined history and found a lot of it has been made up, his name is Anatoly Fomenko. His work is now available on the net., or search for New Chronology. He is actually a mathematician, and examined anomalies with the moon – eclipses and such. His research, among a lot of other stuff, uncovered that we possess NO ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS from anytime beyond about 300 years ago. All of what we now have are copies produced by, of all things, Jesuit priests about 300 years ago….!! Add to that the work of a German group that demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that at least 300 years, from about 700 to 1000 AD, are totally made up. This project was spearheaded by Heribert Illig. Lots of info on both on youtube. (also check out New Earth yt channel on lost history).

  30. I like Crrow. I like his ‘question all that you are told’ attitude. I like listening to his opinions and I value his off the wall point of view, mainly because it makes me stop and consider my own reality And Yes ffs, Why would I possible believe the consensus reality! I like to challenge my previous unquestioned beliefs. And that is a good thing in mho.
    Probably not all he ponders is truth wrapped up in a neat parcel! But he ponders it anyway, and that’s the pointy end of the point.

  31. Loved it! Crrow sometimes can be a bit annoying, but we all sometimes are. Yes, he has flaws and some of his “facts” are off, but I suffer the same forgetfulness – I know a lot and feel it deep inside of me, but when I have to tell somebody specifics, facts, dates, names, I just can’t remember precisely most of the time. I know that I know and I feel why I feel the way I feel about lots of stuff.

    I love how Crrow makes me question everything.

    One thing I`m still not sure about – dinosaurs. Too many tales about dragons, even in our country..
    About rockets dropping into the ocean – I believe it`s true, but the “arcing” of them in photos could be because of perspective? Like planes flying parallel to the ground look like they are flying up and down when comming towards and moving away from an observer.

  32. This was the best crow show yet. I’m glad GC took the confrontation about Crows views on pizza gate. Just because I don’t know about a subject, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Pizza gate had nothing to do with the major media. They buried it. It’s a naive approach thinking because you didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. That’s the exact metaphor for “burying your head in the sand”.

    1. Secondly, I’m on board with thinking dinosaurs are fake. I came onto that idea off of Eric dubay. It’s all bogus and the dating is too. They literally tell how old the bones are is due to the rocks that are around it. Okay, do you know they tell the age of the rocks by the bones that are buried around them? It’s circular reasoning. Bones are dated off the rock layers and they know the the age of the rocks off the bones. I’m sorry but a person can’t really do this and be taken seriously

      1. Lastly, there has be 16 times in the past 500 years when the sun and moon were both visible in the sky during a solar or lunar eclipse. That right there proves we really don’t know what’s going on.

        1. How so? If the eclipse is viewed from the northern hemisphere in summer and from the longitude where the sunrise/set is happening at the same time as the eclipse then yes you could see both at the same time. That is perfectly compatible with known solar system geometry.

      2. Could you point us to a few peer reviewed studies where this circularity in logic was overlooked?

        This is a recycled young earth creationist argument. There are various radionuclide dating techniques (e.g. Potassium-Argon) to establish the age of rock layers.

  33. Great Show although I do think Crow can be very dismissive of anything he does not buy into, which comes across as a tad-arrogant and the complete opposite of what we all stand for.

    To completely dismiss paedophilia amongst the elites and society in general is a huge statement, I mean he states the moon glows internally which is a very grandiose statement compared to a far more grounded theory in pizzagate, strange logic.

    Coming from the UK after the Jimmy Saville scandal I think there is so much more we are yet to discover (if ever)


  34. I don’t really know (and it is rocket science), but that arcing trajectory makes sense in that it would likely take more energy and fuel to shoot a rocket straight at anything you’d be wanting to get to off planet, whether it be a point in space, another celestial body, or an orbit. What is needed to escape is speed (“escape velocity”), not raw torque. And since rocketry is truly anti-gravity, getting away from planet Earth with nothing but brute force is a highly energy intensive proposition. What is popularly called, “anti-gravity,” in my book should be called, “gravity generation,” and would use gravitational polarity, which is not even recognized in todays physics (after Newton). Every form of lift or flight we have now (except in black projects) is what I call, “anti-gravity.”

    To achieve escape, what is needed is the proper vector and relative velocity. Speed will be acquired easier if not all the propulsive force is being used to lift. All you uphill skateboarders will certainly agree.

    Anyway, when we, the unwashed masses, at last have access to gravity generation technologies, we will see that what NASA and our military-industrial-security state-MSM complex have shown us, in the open, thus far, has truly been some caveman shit, not far beyond the throwing stick.

    1. I get what your saying. Take a bow and arrow. If you shoot the arrow strait up, then you will notice it may travel 150 feet high. But if you angle it at a 45 degree, that arrow will travel much further. 2-3 times as far. Of course I made these numbers up, but iv been deer hunting all my life and own a few bows. That’s a simple way for my simple mind to show as an example

      1. The arrow will travel further horizontally but not vertically. If the atmosphere moves with the rotation of the earth (as we are told) arcing a rocket would lead to it getting caught in the upper atmosphere as it levels out. I could see launching at an angle to get the desired trajectory but unless the rockets are like planes and can fly up and down (and they can’t) arcing makes no sense. Also how does a rocketship fly in space? We are told with gas. How does gas work in a vacuum? It has no atmosphere (resistance) to push off of so how does one guide the rocket when in the vacuum of space? Short answer, you cannot.

        1. Rocket propulsion is action/reaction (Newton’s Third Law). The rocket exhaust (high speed matter) goes one way, and the rocket goes the other. The exhaust isn’t providing thrust solely because of air resistance, a small effect compared to the action/reaction effect. If you shoot a rifle in space, it will still kick.

          Direction in a rocket is changeable on ascent by directing the exhaust nozzles one way or another. The rocket is held stable and controlled in its attitude by the use of gyroscopes. In space, attitude alone is mainly used to direct the capsule or stage, that being manipulated by way of thrusters. When the desired attitude is set, main engine thrust can be engaged.

          While I am very critical of Newton, it is not his third law where my criticism lies. It is in his [f]Law of Universal Gravitation where I believe he has steered us wrong. No conspiracy there, just an honest mistake, passed down as scientific law. If there is any conspiracy, it would be to keep the mistake being taught as law by any who have recognized the error.

  35. As far as the Pizzagate shit goes, I would like folks to see what The Washington Post is doing to promote the fake news and the it’s the Russians claque. With, Bezos (or however you spell it) having taken his Amazon riches and bought that paper (of Watergate fame), he now is leading the charge. I say for that, and all the scandalous employee relations issues of that company (the first employees to be shitcanned when any robot will do), we should all be boycotting Amazon dot Fucking Com. Every order to Amazon will be paying for the shouting down the alternative media’s reporting, and may even result in the full censorship of anything beyond News-Speak. It’s moving that way very quickly.

  36. With respect to early Snake Cults: Watch Conan the Barbarian with Schwarzenegger.
    The author of Conan actually was a friend of HP Lovecraft, you can find their letters here:

    With respect to the lit side of the moon and its angle towards the sun: I observed a half moon with its lit side not pointing towards the sun. It was a very awkward moment and I took some minutes to double and triple check.

    1. When looking at the moon and its lit side and its angle towards the sun, keep in mind that the sun will be/look lower when it goes away towards the wanishing point (perspective).

  37. The geometry and trigonometry used to measure sizes and distances within the solar system will allow quite accurate estimates. It’s not too tough to do with the proper equipment. I am skeptical of much in science, but I will give the experts here the call, assuming a quite small percentage or error. I think we can believe our eyes, even if sometimes, not our minds.

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