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Michael Wann | Susquehanna Alchemy, River Goddess Worship, & The Big Ritual

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Occult Control, Synchromysticism

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, today is not the first time we’ve examined the prospect of reality warping rituals carried out by the cabal behind the curtain, transmuting the timeline and transcending time and space, nor will it be the last.

And even though we poor “profane masses” haven’t been initiated into the secret religion- and we’ve been told there’s nothing to the not-so-subtle art of manifesting one’s will. We’ve heard too many lies and seen too many examples of the contrary at this point to be fooled anymore:

-The collapsing of the Twin Pillars on 9/11.

– The methodically planned, named, and timed ritual missions of NASA.

-The esoterically drenched dollar bill.

-The extremely particular layout of Washington DC

-And the strange overemphasis on Obelisks, as well as thinly veiled tributes to gods and goddesses all across our so called modern world.

They do this stuff for a reason people, and while the purpose and players might not be 100% clear- it’s easy to see that something’s up.

Well today, we are going to be looking at just such an example in the ritual-revealing work of today’s guest Michael Wann.

Michael is the man behind the body of work and website known as Susquehanna Alchemy, which revolves mainly around the Susquehanna River – one of the oldest existing rivers in the world, which runs largely through the state of Pennsylvania and empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

Folks we know there was an emphasis on alchemy, geomancy, and magic by the early founders of America- but the impressive work that Michael has done- shows that this River is ground zero for an on-going Rosicrucian Ran – Druidic ritual of River Goddess Worship – complete with secret locations, methodically mapped reverence points, ritual offerings, and several yearly traditional celebrations we take for granted- all strategically placed at the ends and intersections of the Susquehanna River to prop up the potency of this “behind the scenes” magic.

In the vein of Chris Knowles and Cort Lindahl- this has quickly become one of the freshest and most fascinating things to cross my cluttered desk in quite some time and I can’t wait for you to hear about it.

The great River-Goddess Worship Revealer and Alchemy Exposer- Michael Wann


PLUS Content

-The Significance of the Baseball Hall of Fame on the river. -The Groundhog’s Day ritual. -More on the significance of High Point. -The Susquehanna River Petroglyphs. -Relevant Native American history.
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