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Michael Wann | Susquehanna Alchemy, River Goddess Worship, & The Big Ritual

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, today is not the first time we’ve examined the prospect of reality warping rituals carried out by the cabal behind the curtain, transmuting the timeline and transcending time and space, nor will it be the last.

And even though we poor “profane masses” haven’t been initiated into the secret religion- and we’ve been told there’s nothing to the not-so-subtle art of manifesting one’s will. We’ve heard too many lies and seen too many examples of the contrary at this point to be fooled anymore:

-The collapsing of the Twin Pillars on 9/11.

– The methodically planned, named, and timed ritual missions of NASA.

-The esoterically drenched dollar bill.

-The extremely particular layout of Washington DC

-And the strange overemphasis on Obelisks, as well as thinly veiled tributes to gods and goddesses all across our so called modern world.

They do this stuff for a reason people, and while the purpose and players might not be 100% clear- it’s easy to see that something’s up.

Well today, we are going to be looking at just such an example in the ritual-revealing work of today’s guest Michael Wann.

Michael is the man behind the body of work and website known as Susquehanna Alchemy, which revolves mainly around the Susquehanna River – one of the oldest existing rivers in the world, which runs largely through the state of Pennsylvania and empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

Folks we know there was an emphasis on alchemy, geomancy, and magic by the early founders of America- but the impressive work that Michael has done- shows that this River is ground zero for an on-going Rosicrucian Ran – Druidic ritual of River Goddess Worship – complete with secret locations, methodically mapped reverence points, ritual offerings, and several yearly traditional celebrations we take for granted- all strategically placed at the ends and intersections of the Susquehanna River to prop up the potency of this “behind the scenes” magic.

In the vein of Chris Knowles and Cort Lindahl- this has quickly become one of the freshest and most fascinating things to cross my cluttered desk in quite some time and I can’t wait for you to hear about it.

The great River-Goddess Worship Revealer and Alchemy Exposer- Michael Wann


PLUS Content

-The Significance of the Baseball Hall of Fame on the river. -The Groundhog’s Day ritual. -More on the significance of High Point. -The Susquehanna River Petroglyphs. -Relevant Native American history.
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dreamtime jedi

Yes! This is right up my alley. Literally.
I live half way between Washington DC and Lancaster, PA, right on the outskirts of Gettysburg.
There’s enough wierdness in this area for 10 episodes man, no shit. Ufo’s, cryptids, time slips, witches, D.U.M.B.’s, you name it.
I’ve been following this thread for the last few weeks after hearing Michael on Issac Weishaupt’s channel. I’m about to order a copy of his book, and I’m taking a canoe trip down the Susquehanna later this summer to check out all this for myself.
Can’t wait to listen to this one.
I’ve also been digging deep into the older archives, and I definitely need to go back and comment on some of the recent shows that I have been listening to on the go.
You’ve been killing it Greg. I’ve got some interesting bits of info I want to send you, as well as a show idea. I’ll email you at some point soon.


Greg, this episode was the shit! I think it sits up there with some of the best of THC. A completely new subject to me and very interesting. 5 star show fo sizzle!


Boom! Am a huge fan for about a year… this is in my top 3 faves???? Awesome dot connecting- can’t wait for part 2. I live an hour away so will check out the glyphs very soon. Well done Greg!

dreamtime jedi

I also live in the area.
Where are you located, if you don’t mind me asking?
I’m right on the Mason-Dixon line near Gettysburg, spend lots of time in/around Baltimore.


Excellent pull, whoa nelly . Just what the doctor ordered. Eureka, you struck solid gold. The backgrounder you included is key. Thank you, and the gods for discovery. and podcasting it. No way I get there on my own.


Greg I really gotta hand it to you. Been listening for a while but this was the episode that pushed me over the edge to get the plus.
Hard to understate what you’re bringing to the community, I look forward to going through the archive.
Keep up all the hard work, I’m sure it’s not easy

-a fellow Californian smoker


This one was absolutely great!


Wooooohooo! Thank you so much. ????????⭐️????

dreamtime jedi

Absolutely superb.
The man speaks truth. I live at the top of the Chesapeake Bay, and it’s fucking crazy here.
I dare not go off on a rant, just take Michael’s word for it.
Also, the Green Dragon is the name of the tavern in Lord of the Rings that the hobbits sing about.
they had a line in one of their songs that said something to the effect of “the only brew for the brave and true comes from the Green Dragon”… Boom.
Frederick, Maryland is another very intense place to look into if you don’t know about it.
Again, I’m fighting to refrain from typing like a dozen paragraphs here.
Fucking amazing episode.


Do it!


Great work Greg, loved this!

Asst to the mayor

GC, loved this one. Spent my first 18 yrs in york, pa, (can trace family lineage up and down the Susq. to pre-revolution, and yes indeed it is a weird place. Cant wait to dig into michaels material and take a trip home to see these sites for myself. Wonder if michael has looked into another major 1st on the river. Three Mile Island was the first nuclear reactor accident in this country. Thousands of gallons of contaminated water flushed down the Susq into the cheskapeake bay.

Thanks for the great work Greg.


I went to summer camp directly across from Aberdeen, MD and heard explosions coming from there all the time – they said bomb testing but maybe they were doing something on the etheric plane, maybe to amplify the green dragon energies (ley lines). Or maybe it was just what some camp counselors told the kids – that God was angry at them for misbehaving.

I know someone who went to the Mothman Festival a few years ago and heard an expert paranormal researcher give a talk. According to him, the state with the most paranormal events in the USA? Pennsylvania.

When William Penn brought so many persecuted religious sects over from Europe, what he was also doing was importing cults into Pennsylvania.

“Lancaster County is sometimes referred to as the mother church. This was one of the original counties which the Amish settled in when they first came over to the New World. William Penn invited Rosicrucians, Amish, and other dissident religious groups to Pennsylvania. The Satanic covens in Lancaster County, PA consist of members from Amish, Mennonite and Brethren churches. They are not simply all Amish.

Lancaster County’s Amish will fellowship will all the approximately 200 other settlements of Amish around the country. What is a peculiar phenomena, is that many churches that do not fellowship with one another, will still maintain “communion” with Lancaster out of respect for place in Amish history. However, Lancaster County has some of the most immoral reprobate Amish that there could be. All this is hidden very well from the thousands of tourists, due to the secrecy of the Amish. The Amish do not often pay taxes, do not pay social security because they are exempt from the Social Security program, and send many of their children to Amish schools. They are truly a separate society which maintains rigid secrecy. If you were the New World Order or the Illuminati where would you want to hide your assassins?

The safest place is inside of the most pacifist group in the world, the Amish. Monarch mind-controlled slaves are being created out of Amish children.”
The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave by Fritz Springmeier


Of course, why didn’t I think of this, I live by the Amish and their mind controlled children are the ones involved in all the school shootings so far….bravo Sierra, son. The kids from broken, drug laden families where there are no controls of the TV, gaming and etc. that are on SSRI’s are…


The quote from the book said nothing about school shootings. Assassins can be used for many things…


Hi Greg,

Found this show very interesting as I was only listening to Mark Devlin recently guesting on the Kev Baker Show. At the start of the show the are talking of Rituals and Sacrifice, there is a strange tradition in Oxford were the on the 1st of May University Students jump from a bridge into the river, which takes on the name of the River Isis through Oxford and then is called the Thames when in London.

Just thought it may be worth a mention as there may be a connection to the River Goddess Rituals and offerings, from the Mark has mentioned this goes back 100’s of years and people are injured every year.


By what metric and from which source does Michael arrive at 2045 for the start of the Age of Aquarius? I’ve never heard this date before. It sounds shoe-horned to fit Kurzweil, with the added benefit of giving people to believe that they’ll experience the transit in their lifetime.

The conventional geometry, maintaining equal periods for the procession of equinoxes, holds 2150 year procession periods. The various dates people have posited, based on this regular cycle are 1989, 1994, 2012, 2062, 2150, 2654, 2680, & 2720 according to the g–gle. I tend to favor the Piscean Age correspondence to the advent of the Christ at 1AD, since this signifies the operative empire of our age, as PKD so eloquently illustrates in the refrain “the Empire never ended.” Naturally this figures out to 2150 C.E. for the end of that age and the commencement of the next, Aquarius.

This is a culturally useful approach since our current paradigm quite obviously remains still so far from redemption, enlightenment and the end of the patriarchy, regardless of the MeToo movement. It’s not inconceivable that the empire will fall under its own weight in its entirety within 132 years from now, nor is it an unwieldy thing to work toward, at least as far as there’s any potential for throwing off the oil & nuclear paradigm which enslaves us & our science. In other words, its a mythology that offers humanity some wiggle room. This 2045 stuff, just around the corner, lends too much credit & power to the Imperialists, from an operative perspective. Either that, or we’ve all got to get much busier.

Of course other scholars measure the Ages in relation to the actual reach of the very un-equally sized constellations themselves. But we don’t approach birth-charts that way, – and check with Coppack or whomever, but I don’t think anyone ever has – so I don’t see why we’d change approach for the equinoxes…

Very interesting stuff. When did Michael begin publicizing this thesis?

Word maven tip: “albeit,” despite looking like a german word, is an english word that is pronounced “All-be-it.” Probably derived from slang or legal usage and jammed together in the age of moveable type for typesetting efficiency. The same thing probably ought to have happened to “a lot” and others, but alas, it hasn’t. To say “something happens a lot” either referring etymologically to the Hebrew character, Lot, or even to a parcel of property, doesn’t really make any sense. One’s “lot in life” is what one is given, the hand that is dealt, the limits of range, so – excepting for prodigal sons – a lot should be a meager affair, and not something happening in abundance, as when we say “I love it a lot.” Rather, this ought to mean “so desperate as to sleep with one’s own father to bear children,” as Lot’s daughters did after their mother was turned into a pillar of salt (meaning ‘an upright source of salary,’ so no longer worthy of log-jamming, to use the parlance of our day) and fun was formally ejected from sex upon the sacking of Sodom and Gomorrah, leaving only rape-to-harvest-seed-from-the-father as the remaining function of sex. “I love it lots” actually makes more sense, because at least it’s plural! “Alot” as one word, appropriately, would be the opposite of lot, which would mean unbounded muchness, but as two words, “a” and “lot,” it means much less. It is the influence of the landlord that has determined the verb “allot” to mean apportion. It should mean to have taken away, as everything worth-while in Lot’s life was. Unless you’re a sick fuck who wants to breed with your daughters, in which case, go with God, brother – because there’s no redemption for you, except maybe to secure a job at DynCorp.



For those that love this episode ! Please watch Disney’s JOHN CARTER OF MARS! It literally will blow your socks off for those with eyes to see!!! The river issus is a big point in the movie! Amongst so much other occult stuff ! So much it’s hard to catch all of it!


Totally LOVED this! Seems the more far out the more it feels right these days! What detail but what humility as well – no face full of ego. Loved the guy and his info. Thanks, jay


Greg – brilliant!
IMHO, Wann’s research adds some structure to the symbolism Christopher Knowles demonstrates is everywhere.
Wann’s thoughts on the topics are very well-organized and he delivers the information in a way that is very easy to follow.
How the heck did you find him?
As usual, you do a magnificent job of appreciating, prompting, querying when necessary to facilitate your guest’s expression and elegantly stay out of the way most of the time. So, so good! I’m going to listen at least a second time.
Thanks for all you do! Also, thank you to your painstaking editor. Together, you create quite a beautiful product.


Well, I’m pretty creeped out now. I was born in Oneonta, NY on the west banks of the Susquehanna River on MAY 14TH.


classic THC thank you Gregoir. 😛


dude, these gravatars suck, there’s a reason why no one bothers. i’m a computer programmer and i can’t figure it out. (well, i’m not going to invest any time into figuring it out. )


Greg- love the depth of the history of this show. Very “Chris Knowles”! Have you been told about/checked out Robert Sepehr & Atlantean Gardens YT channels. Lots of historical goodness with hollow earth factoids and anthropological history intermingled! Please give him a listen- he’d make a great future guest, in my humble opinion.


Interesting stuff, up to a point. However, it’s very hard to get past the cold hard reality of… “So, my life fell apart and in order to cope with that I found out that I was at the centre of the greatest conspiracy in the world!”


Some of this lines up with a concept I came across a few years ago while working on the sequel to my first book (shameless plug at end, if interested) – about the reasoning why they built the original Roanoke colony so far inland (in a swamp), instead of staying out on one of NC’s Outer Banks islands – which was much easier to defend and had quick sea access, etc. They were trying to get to the 77th Meridian – or “God’s Longitude” as Duncan Steel called it:
Key quote:
In the late 16th century, in Protestant ruled Elizabethan England, plans were afoot at the instigation of a group of secretive collaborators including Dr. John Dee and Sir Walter Raleigh, to introduce this 33yr calendar. But it would mean establishing a new Prime Meridian on the eastern seaboard of America, in territories that were optimistically to be called New Albion. This would be on a meridian 77degrees west of England, “God’s Longitude”.

Basically, they wanted to set up a meridian (and possibly altar) on the 77th, so the Vernal Equinox would always be on the same day (Mar 21) every year for the next several hundred years. That’s why they trudged so far deep into the swamplands of NC. They later realized Virginia/Jamestown would be better, after the whole “Lost Colony” affair. Again – they could have kept the colony closer to the sea, but I believe they were trying to get to the 77th parallel. They eventually set up Washington DC on it – runs right through the White House & there’s a Natl Park called Meridian Hill Park: (And Washington, NC is also on 77th).
More reading:
All of this lines up with why they would trek 20 miles into the interior of a swamp, instead of staying out closer to the sea (where breezes are good, fishing, receiving supplies, etc) – always wondered that!
In any case, my fictional rock band of surfers also wonder that – they go on a quest to find out why there’s a pyramid & all-seeing eye on the dollar bill, what 666 is, etc. – possibly a nice little primer for young adults. (I also have a mermaid as a main character – but this was concepted back in 2005, so it was well before the current meme/archetype being pumped out – maybe I was tuned on to the zeitgeist that was being broadcast by the siren? Contact me if interested in the book, or for whatever else you may want to know: )

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