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Duncan Lunan | The Green Children Of Woolpit, Medieval Abductions, & Elite Families

Topics Covered: Abduction, Aliens, Hidden History, High Strangeness

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Alright Higherside Chatters, if one digs through the vast fortian archives of this weird world you’ll find all sorts of unexplained stories: From encounters with spirits, fairies, strange crafts in the sky, missing time, foreign beings, odd disappearances, and everything in between

But there are few, if any, stories that your humble host enjoys more than the classic tale, of the Green Children of Woolpit.

The story goes that in the late 12th century, 2 very strange children emerged in the village of Woolpit, England. Their skin was green, they spoke an unknown language and wore clothes of a color and material the locals had never seen. Weak from their journey from some mysterious place, and uneasy about any of the unknown food items presented to them, the young boy died- leaving only the older sister – who is said to have been taken in by a local, and eventually grew up to learn English, lose her green coloring, and speak of a mysterious land of perpetual twilight, on the other side of the long and mysterious tunnel she says that her and her bother traveled through.

A provocative tail that leaves one with all sorts of questions, and of course uncertainty about the verficationality of the whole ordeal.

Well, today’s guest, Duncan Lunan, is not one to leave something like this so open-ended, and he investigated the story more deeply than any other person on the planet: he traced back the origins of the tale to it’s sources, factored in the political climate at the time, examined the elite-class characters involved, noted some reports of extremely odd events in the sky that might be connected, and has drawn some different conclusions about what might be at the heart of this strange saga

A seriously impressive undertaking that is laid out in his 2012 book, Children From The Sky, which clocks in at just over 600 pages.

To tell you a bit more about the man- Duncan has been an active author, researcher, broadcaster, editor, critic, tutor, and more since 1970, with many contributions to fiction and non-fiction as well as 9 published books with interesting titles such as:

“Man & the Stars, Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence”

“Man & the Planets, The Resources of the Solar System”

& “The Stones and the Stars: Building Scotland’s Newest Megalith,” just to name a few.

A bonafide expert in Astronomy, Journalism, and the strange going on of Woolpit in the 12th century- gracing us with his presence all the way from Scotland, Duncan Lunan

PLUS Content

-Honing in on the prospect of a matter transmitter, and what that means. -Duncan’s thoughts on the fairy lore of his region. -The Sighthill Stone circle. -The mystery of Newgrange. -The wider scope of human-alien contact, which make have been initiated in 10,500 BC. -Oumuamua. -The curious body of a “sort of monster” that seemed to have fallen to the ground in 1205.
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