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Duncan Lunan | The Green Children Of Woolpit, Medieval Abductions, & Elite Families

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Alright Higherside Chatters, if one digs through the vast fortian archives of this weird world you’ll find all sorts of unexplained stories: From encounters with spirits, fairies, strange crafts in the sky, missing time, foreign beings, odd disappearances, and everything in between

But there are few, if any, stories that your humble host enjoys more than the classic tale, of the Green Children of Woolpit.

The story goes that in the late 12th century, 2 very strange children emerged in the village of Woolpit, England. Their skin was green, they spoke an unknown language and wore clothes of a color and material the locals had never seen. Weak from their journey from some mysterious place, and uneasy about any of the unknown food items presented to them, the young boy died- leaving only the older sister – who is said to have been taken in by a local, and eventually grew up to learn English, lose her green coloring, and speak of a mysterious land of perpetual twilight, on the other side of the long and mysterious tunnel she says that her and her bother traveled through.

A provocative tail that leaves one with all sorts of questions, and of course uncertainty about the verficationality of the whole ordeal.

Well, today’s guest, Duncan Lunan, is not one to leave something like this so open-ended, and he investigated the story more deeply than any other person on the planet: he traced back the origins of the tale to it’s sources, factored in the political climate at the time, examined the elite-class characters involved, noted some reports of extremely odd events in the sky that might be connected, and has drawn some different conclusions about what might be at the heart of this strange saga

A seriously impressive undertaking that is laid out in his 2012 book, Children From The Sky, which clocks in at just over 600 pages.

To tell you a bit more about the man- Duncan has been an active author, researcher, broadcaster, editor, critic, tutor, and more since 1970, with many contributions to fiction and non-fiction as well as 9 published books with interesting titles such as:

“Man & the Stars, Contact and Communication with Other Intelligence”

“Man & the Planets, The Resources of the Solar System”

& “The Stones and the Stars: Building Scotland’s Newest Megalith,” just to name a few.

A bonafide expert in Astronomy, Journalism, and the strange going on of Woolpit in the 12th century- gracing us with his presence all the way from Scotland, Duncan Lunan

PLUS Content

-Honing in on the prospect of a matter transmitter, and what that means. -Duncan’s thoughts on the fairy lore of his region. -The Sighthill Stone circle. -The mystery of Newgrange. -The wider scope of human-alien contact, which make have been initiated in 10,500 BC. -Oumuamua. -The curious body of a “sort of monster” that seemed to have fallen to the ground in 1205.
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Yeah! And yeah, First-a-rooni ;]]


Second to none!


This is gonna be fun!


I’ve always wanted more from the story of the Green Children, as heard numerous times mentioned on THC. And hearing it from that warm Billy Connelly Scottish accent! Gold.


Greg, have you ever seen the show Fringe?I believe that it conveys an important perspective.
In the show there is the present reality, as we know it, and then a parallel reality that overlaps the protagonists’ reality. The realities are, for the most part similar in the sense that they both take place on the same planet(no space travel involved), but there are slight differences in the history of society on that planet, between the 2 separate realities.

The section in the text where,”this Earth” is underlined, struck me as being a reference to a parallel reality or dimesnion that overlaps our own, with the possibility that there may periods of weakness or thinness in the veil that separates us.
Perhaps these children were from a parallel Earth where dyeing yourself green was necessary for some contextual reasons that we aren’t privvy to? Maybe they somehow walkerd through a portal or gateway of somekind, into what we know as reality?

Just some food for thought, lmk what you think!


Also, in the show, after a gateway between the two realities has been established, it later creates disruptive effects in the two realities that mimic natural disasters, as well as paranormal events(earthquakes, entire city blocks disappearing, inclement weather, strange beasts, etc). These events seem to mirror the phenomena that were left relatively unexplained by Duncan.


Green Children of Woolpit is also one of my favorite woo subjects!!
– the Man from Taured is another I would love someone to dig into at some time.


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not working for me


greg, its not coming up through the itunes app


My iTunes not updating either. 🙂


I’ve been a member, on and off, for nearly a year now. I’ve never experienced any downtime, maybe it’s a browser issue. Try viewing this from another device and I assure you it will work!

Once again it won’t work


My THCplus feed on the iOS podcast app is empty, saying there are no episodes in my feed.


Mine is too


I am able to download past episodes of plus on the iOS podcast app, but this new one is not showing up yet. As I am subscribed to the show, it will usually check for something new every hour and just download it automatically. All other shows I listen to still seem to be working, but for some reason this show isn’t coming through, Greg.

All that being said, I can go to a browser app, navigate to this page, and it will play/download that way.


I’m seeing this happen to a lot of different podcasts this week with itunes so I really don’t think it’s an issue on your end. It wasn’t there until today for me so all seems to be fine now.


No worries, it seemed to sort itself out for me without doing anything other than waiting a few extra days. Most likely an iTunes issue, but thanks for looking into it!


Woohoo! That was totally awesome. I can’t wait til I can afford to order books. Thank you both so much. ????????⭐️????


Great subject

When they describe a world that has a phase locked orbit and constant twilight sky it immediatly made me think of the description of earth from the Saturn Theory and it’s polar configuration.
So on the balance of probabilities that’s where they come from, my question is then how did the elites seem to have prior knowledge – or did they just know of a prime location for a woo event. ?

It’s tale not tail. 😛


Verifiability* ????


I was hoping to hear more about this “provocative tail” in your description. 😀


Excellent show! The mention of New Grange reminded me of the Irish podcast guy who did a book about it, James Swagger, he was supposed to have another book coming out and then he completely dropped off the (virtual) map.


Yeah, James swagger, he did some excellent stuff. I even paid for a lifetime membership of his show, then he disappeared! Another great mystery to solve.
Least I heard he was embarking on a globe trotting megalithic video tour which would result in a film but who knows?


That’s right, he was affiliated with Megalithomania when he disappeared, making little videos at some of the sites in Ireland. I’ve emailed them, maybe they’ll know what happened to him.


Great show! I don’t buy the ET zoo angle, but Lunan’s done a lot more research on this than anyone else I’ve seen write about the kids, and it was great getting to hear it. Definitely want to get his book.


I loved the episode. I like the good story tellers like this guy. I did find one problem though. He mentions the placement of joints on the extremities, the knees and elbows. He said we all have similar placement because of a common fish ancestor on this planet. But, if the woman was from outer space, it would seem near impossible that they did not evolved separate. How can they still reproduce with earths population? If knee and elbow placement is that big of a deal, then theres just no way they could reproduce and be indistinguishable from other humans. The only way that can be reconciled is by saying the early human population, or ancestors of the humans, somehow got off planet long ago. I dont buy it.


No wonder no one wants to promote flat earth and nasa space hoax! As Greg wouldn’t have anyone to get on the show! As all the guests seems to revolve around space, planets, other galaxies! But the people who could put it to bed! As in nasa never do! The minute I hear a guest go on about outer space I lose interest and turn it off! That no disrespect to Greg mate you do a good job and I suppose it’s for entertaining people with fictional stories for adults! But I’m here for the mark passio’s, Eric dubay’s Jonny cirutti etc! Just sharing a few thought people and I love Greg really nice guy and great at his job!! Take care everyone..


My favorite show to date. Great interview on a fascinating topic that was completely new to me. Just ordered his book and can’t wait to read it. Thanks Greg!

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