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  1. Provocative! As a recent +Plus member I am pleased with the extra content, so I wouldn’t really mind if there is a small bump in the membership fee. Excellent interviews/questions and some really cool guests/concepts. Keep up the good work Greg!

  2. Sweet man! I honestly wouldn’t mind if you bumped the price to 7. Hell, even 10 would be reasonable imo. I don’t know what that chick was talking about with the political beef. I don’t think you’re unreasonable and you let the Trump supporting guests speak their mind. I get irritated when I have to listen to guests talk about Trump like he’s a goddamn superhero! I would hope fans of the show are able to keep an open mind and sit their right/left shit to the side for a couple hours.
    I can’t believe dudes are making sigil to your butthole, in hopes of fucking you!!! That’s hilarious! I guess I’d take it as a compliment.
    Anyways, thanks for everything you do Greg.

  3. Greg: Your wit, intelligence, wide-ranging interests in the most interesting topics, and the outstanding guests on THC make your program a sheer delight, and well worth what it takes for you to continue on this path. You’re worth it, so sign me up. Mark me down as one of your most loyal subscribers. (If not probably the oldest.) Keep up the great work!

  4. Hey now a post from Crrow777 radio sub show 105 on canabis
    Serena Martin says:
    April 27, 2018 at 12:54 am
    Hemp. Much better definition. THC Hemp is ‘medicinal’ aka Herb, Weed, Cannabis, Maryjane (mari-juana). Excellent healer, myriad applications.

    Industrial Hemp was the norm for paper, clothing, sacking, ropes, fuel, oil and so much more before ……

    Big slave Cotton production in America and processing in those white-slave ‘Satanic Mills’ in the verse of ‘Jerusalem’ (ahem). This slave-driving Cotton production killed Hemp and coincided with Big Oil and petrochemicals. Cue Bono? What ended slavery was the Combine Harvester; more cost-effective.

    Not one tree need be harmed; Hemp provides all in The Law of No Harm. That this wonderful plant is outlawed simply because it gets rid of pesticides, herbicides, deforestation, slavery and disease is one of the more telling indictments against the economic technocracy benefitting the psychopathically in-sane.

    Interview: ‘smoking cannabis does not cure disease’ yet when Nixon commissioned research at University of Virginia to prove smoking cannabis causes cancer ‘he found that the opposite was true’? Same pattern when the A-Bomb tests were conducted in Bikini Islands without informing inhabitants of surrounding areas. People in China and other regions who had never smoked were becoming very ill with lung cancers. A whole lot of money was thrown at multiple research establishments to ‘prove smoking causes lung cancer’. At the same time ingredients forming A-Bomb and other toxic chemicals useful in war against humanity were extensively tested, proving multiple cancers. None in those animals subjected to tobacco smoke. Then some smoking mice were mixed in with mice to be tested with bomb chemicals: All non-smokers died, 80% of smokers survived these tests. ‘Smoking causes cancer’ has never ever been proven. Lungs of miners and those exposed to asbestos and other deadly agents were shown to the public as ‘evidence’.

    ‘the plants are largely carbon-based and we don’t want to be introducing carbon into the body’ WRONG. All biological life IS carbon-based, without carbon there is no life! This is why carbon has been demonised by the ‘green Agenda-21’ reducing our carbon-footprint. Also when bodies of immolated Iraqis had shrunk to infant size, resembling charcoal because that’s all that remained, charcoal or carbon. Rumsfeld again. It is why some pregnant womb-men crave charcoal and why charcoal is recommended for certain deficiencies in the gut (said to be one of our 3 brains: gut, heart, head brain). Intuitively, these 3 nerve centres would correspond to the 3 brains within the head; reptilian – gut, heart – soul higher brain – spirit. If one is compromised/malfunctioning, we do not process reality as clearly as we should.

    Legalisation: Israel holds the patents for prescribed cannabis worldwide. Israel has given the world so much grief including the A1 Transhuman threat to our and all specie. This is why decriminalisation is unlikely; we will continue to outlawed from growing our own. It is also likely IMO that these products will have been modified and of low value medicinally with perhaps some extra-added nano-ingredients. Isn’t it interesting that all those protests over decades called for legalisation, not decriminalisation? An idea whose time was yet to come. Medical Cannabis sales worldwide reached $150BN last year and USA projection by 2020 is $21.8BN. The Israeli Cannabis Venture Fund is called ….iCAN, the CEO Kaye claims that Israel is 10 years ahead of other countries in innovation of cannabis. Israel Guv announced plans to DECRIMINALISE personal marijuana use and approved export in February. Synthesised, GMO’d, regulated. For full article ‘5 reasons why Israel is Dominating the Cannabis Industry’ from Israel21c.

    Hour 2: Every time an individual through personal endeavour seeks to solve the diseases of society, on whatever level, they are destroyed by the medical or pseudoscientific quack-academic enforcers. Rife, previously honoured amongst his peers, was smeared, ostracised, vilified and ruined. Willhelm Reich died in prison. Bruno Groning died within a year of release from prison. There are so many others known and unknown experiencing the same attack from the same factions of The Mob.

    Mob Rule ala Gitmo Bay which they did in the American name, so in their bizarre reasoning it is a form of ‘karmic retribution’ on those who supported such heinous atrocities through enforced taxes, votes etc. Read documents a) The Genocide Treaty and b) The NASA War Document for a glimpse of intention.

    They who make the ‘laws’ are above such laws which are not Laws but Acts and regulations, policies, guidelines, recommendations. Most politicians have legal training and we surely know what lawyers are.

    There’s a guy named David Wynn-Miller who has claimed all sorts of legal success but he’s not fussy who he’s helped (Clinton get off the Lewinsky charge) and I can’t make sense of his website. However, he’s claimed to have made Hawaii independent and Sovereign; in NASA War Document, Antarctica and Hawaii are the only regions not to be touched by (G5) military ops in entire USA. So maybe there’s something there. Wynn-Miller claims to be able to scan any document in seconds, give a synopsis, point out the fallacy (using ‘quantum syntax grammar’ and get it voided plus a rebuttal in correct language.

    The Warrant may be fake, the ‘judge’ may be (is) corrupt and paid the proceeds from part of the armed robbery. Like voting, the ‘law’ gives the false impression to the public that they have a system worth upholding until it is no longer necessary to embellish a pretence. That point has been reached with a suitably infantile mentally disabled general populace. Voting merely gives consent for whatever plan is executed. If this were not the case, successive governments would abolish unpopular, draconian and corrupt legislation. Now that it’s become semi-legalised, they will annihilate any competition which may harm profits. The other aspect concerns Instagram results; testing the efficacy and purity of their products would be a big no-no and you might discover something else in there too.

    Thank goodness for small mercies; had Sean given signs of fear and/or aggression, the dogs would have acted in defence, they could and would have shot them. There are cases where harmless little pooches have been shot dead because the armed thugs got the wrong address and others where the dog did what a dog does to defend it’s master in a raid; it barked, it growled. Poor dears felt ‘threatened’.

    Industrial Hemp and Herbal Hemp is entirely nature friendly requiring no pesticides, minimal management and promotes other beneficial plants and flowers to grow. Industrial Hemp produces excellent building materials requiring no heating or air conditioning for some reason maintaining a steady atmosphere inside regardless of exterior conditions. It is light, malleable, durable, harmless and cheap. All hygiene products, clothing, fuel, paper, houses, cars and just about endless applications from this one wonderful source.

    Viva Hemp! Viva authentic Humanity and Nature, courage and truth.

    Thank you Sean for being an authentic Humane Being, with love, and thank you Crow and Jason for bringing Sean’s predicament to light and all the invaluable help offered through knowledge. May his soul shine on and prevail in victory for all our sakes. Sorry this thread is so long. Please keep us posted on Sean.

  5. It’s totally worth $7 for what you give us now without the extras!! You give the listeners great content and you deserve to be reimbursed for your hard work and effort. Inflation is a bitch and San Diego isn’t cheap. Do it and don’t have fear in your decision. Thank you for all that you do. Much appreciated.

  6. Please remember folks like me in Canada are already paying 6.45 due to the exchange. Are you posting on steemit yet? You could fill the vacumn there. All you would need to do is post each show and you’d be killing it on there with the 1 hour podcast. Dan dicks claims he’s making way more through steem than he ever did on YT. Dan dicks runs Press for Truth, really nice show if you haven’t checked out Into the fire it is truly excellent.

  7. That’s a good idea. Do a one hour monthly show wrap up. If people only want the shows, the meat and potatoes, that’s fine, they just don’t have to listen. I wouldn’t necessarily get rid of a show and substitute it with the Q&A, but only to supplement THC. Maybe just do it for the plus. All the same, more content is not a bad thing.

    1. Raise it to seven if you need. Maybe raise it a dollar January first. Then raise it again the next year if your hesitant. 5 bucks? That’s a can of dip, a pack of smokes or a 6 pack. 5 bucks isn’t much. I can scrape the 2 other dollars from the lent trap in my dryer or the sofa cushions.

  8. I’d totally be down to pay $7, you deserve it! I’ve had plus only for a couple weeks and it completely exceeded my expectations.

    Sorry to hear people are sending charged sigils, presumably love spells. That’s shitty. I highly recommend placing some sort of binding spell in front of any screen you look at to block any unwanted magic workings. I have animal totems in front of my monitor to block magical malware and to prevent me from charging anyone else’s sigils/memes. Definitely a precaution worth taking in a world of online psychic vampires and weaponized memes.

    1. Okay,Good Sir. I’ll back from YOUR main
      space but I certainly hope YOU have discerned the point of all this. If/When you do, Let’s chat. I’M down..or Up. Nobody really quite knows .;)
      <3, JAMIE ESPY

  9. I’m certainly willing to pay $7-10 for a subscription. I’m not sure if there’s an option right now to pay more as support for the show as well. May not be much from that but I would think certain supporters may be willing to pay more just to show support.

    Perhaps you can also do special annual packages that are at a slightly higher price but they get some goodies like t-shirts or something. Either way thanks for putting out a quality show.

  10. heyyy I totally understand where you’re coming from, I’m really sorry that some members of the gay “community” haven’t been as respectful as they should be. That’s, not borderline, but straightforward harassment. Hopefully you can take it as a sign that you have such a comforting and insightful personality. But the real reason I’m writing is … can I have Donny’s email? or can you give him mine? haha just think we may be a wonderful relationship waiting to happen and YOU are the arbiter Greg! seriously though I think I fit Donny’s stated requirements. I’ll leave it up to you 🙂 THC FOREVER

    1. Been a thc+ member/fan for a while. Loved every episodes. But some months lack honestly. If we keep the 5 episodes a month on time, then ok maybe 7$. I guess 5$ isn’t enough with such a large listening audience. But oil prices are higher so we all pay the price together.

  11. I have been a subscriber for a loooong time, there is a reason I have stuck with it; quality.
    While I agree that you deserve to increase price, there are a couple reasons why I personally oppose it.

    Being a UK subscriber I pay more anyway, for each months payment, I pay an exchange rate and also a bank fee on that exchange.

    Having subscribed for so long, to me the archive is not the treasure chest it is for newer subscribers, as I listened to and payed for those shows when they came out.

    Having followed your lead and given up my day job to follow my passion (animation), my financial situation is not as fluid as it was and even the odd pound (dollar) here or there has to be considered.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  12. A price hike is a bummer (though I fully realize that comes from my own greed and selfishness), but 7 bucks would be completely reasonable, even 10 would be fine given how much content you’re putting out. All I can add is maybe offset a price increase with a discount for longer subscriptions, something like 10 a month, 55 for 6, and 100 for a year.

    Keep on keeping on.

  13. Just heard about your tentative return to YouTube. These pricks do not deserve the amount of talent yourself and other creators, bring to the platform. Your ire is understandable. Sage, Crrow, and many others are being forced out. Perhaps the new platform being created by The Health Ranger (also being targeted on Yt) may hold some promise as well.
    I’ll be here till the wheels fall off, regardless. Keep on,Keep it on✊

  14. I dont typically write on forums, but damn it youtube brought me here hahah. I WILL NEVER FUCKING PAY YOUTUBE MONEY, BUT GREG I WILL TO YOU. I just heard the intro to your Dr Dean Radin Vid and it sent me straight here. I was making a mistake not listening to the full show. but im here now and Im going to follow you and your guests. Im here to learn, Im here to grow. Im here to drink a little drink and some a bunch of smoke. I know how you feel about God, but, GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.I pray for you, not as often as I want haha but I do. bless you and your team. I hope we can all find truth together and I hope to meet you and give you a great big hug one day!

  15. Thanks for doing this Greg ????????It’s quite awesome and I think it’s fair to bump up the price to $7 for all that you do to keeping it real.
    It’s been two years almost since I’m subscribed and THC is my go-to entertainment and source of growth. May have been the Judy Wood episode that convincd me to sign up for THC+. The forum community is awesome platform too.
    I also would recommend uisng more Steemit for videos, blockchain technology will pay off in the future, even if you made me reconsider my perspective drastically about crypto currency.????
    I’m considering subscribing to Rune Soup at some point too. Making Magic work my way.
    Some wild anecdotes in this episode????????
    ✌???? ????????

  16. Alcoholics Anonymous is not based on Religion far from it. You do not have to say a word ever little alone talk about religion. If you do not believe in God they say call it Good. Orderly. Direction. I went to it if it was not for it I would have never understood addiction I tried University type addiction programs they had no clue. AA was designed by alcoholics for alcoholics. Any other type of addiction I do not think it would work as good.

  17. I’ve no interest in Discord etc, but I think $7 a month would still be good value and I’d happily pay it. No need to do anything extra, I think everyone understands with youtube going the way it has, a slight price increase is to be expected. Maybe keeping it $5 for folks who pay a year up front.

  18. Greg 7$ wtf, know your worth, you should be charging at least 10$ for the quality and quantity of content you provide. You are so humble, refreshing and retain such a bomber sense of humour, can’t put a price on that.

  19. Greg I don’t post much online, but when I listened to this show today and heard you throwing around the idea for bumbing up your price to 7 dollars I had to let you know your well worth it and more. I’m in!

  20. You da best, Greg.

    Any fan who has lumpy enough thoughts to think the words “liberal” or “conservative” hold together enough to mean anything at all are just plain brainwashed. If they side with either side of the culture war, they are dupes.

    Re: your astrology session, however much you want to assist your friend, I really recommend you do not publish your private astrology reading. It’ll give people with ill intent too much detail about you. You had a tweet earlier today about the hard times that come with gnosis. Remember that. You don’t need to increase your paranoia tomorrow as a result of good will today. Instead, maybe help your friend by playing the role of a famous person and receive the reading of that person for a promotional material?

    Godspeed, man!

  21. I already pay a little more than $5, being Australian with the conversion rate. But it’s worth it.
    Plus, the U.S dollar ain’t what it used to be, so it stings a little less when I buy U.S now.
    Still cheaper than a shitty Starbucks coffee and way better for ya. ; )

  22. I’m OK with $7.00. You give us a good respectful well edited show. AA is Spirit, higher power based…I even asked before I went if I had to believe in God! It gave me a good jump start.
    I think you will love this video! It has all those deep, interesting and new down the rabbit hole adventures. It has Steiner, mystery schools, Cacye and UNCLE Trump. Daniel Liszt goes deep and does his research. His X series is remarkable. He also has several interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts. I love Gordon!

  23. <a href=""></a>:
    I’m OK with $7.00. You give us a good respectful well edited show. AA is Spirit, higher power based…I even asked before I went if I had to believe in God! It gave me a good jump start.
    I think you will love this video! It has all those deep, interesting and new down the rabbit hole adventures. It has Steiner, mystery schools, Cacye and uncle Trump. Daniel Liszt goes deep and does his research. His X series is remarkable. He also has several interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts. I love Gordon!

  24. im sure motherfuckers would pay it. i was thinking you could bring back money bomb in a way. also you could give a t shirt or grinder out every now and then like as some inceb i wanted to suggest for a health topic maybe qi energy like qi gong. its a palpable energy. like find the ultimate freak on that comin with some hacks is what im talking about. like whats possible n beyond. thanks bra…still diggin it.

  25. dear Greg thank you so much for your wonderful report I wanted to say that the ranch a book which is pronounced you’re in Chia was Channel back in the twenties some feel it was from the Kellogg family but the information they did not want to

  26. Hey Gregg, you caught my lazy ass. I was catching the basic shows on you-tube through my roku until I caught the show in which you announced your departure from the censorship venue. A number of your recent shows were missed as a consequence. If you need seven bucks a month I suppose I can spare it to hear a clever head speak, since their are so few in my current clever heads in my current place of residence. I feel a kinship with you because, I was also asked to leave a Catholic school, but in the seventh grade, rather than high school.

  27. Your shows are incredibly enjoyable and tremendously valuable in terms of giving us new ideas and allowing us to think in different ways. You personally have a well-tuned instinct while balancing your own opinions with the information from your guests. I don’t remember ever feeling embarrassed by prodding questions the way I feel with many other interviewers. Yes, I would pay more to listen to you and your guests. I like the idea of occasional “money bombs” for those of us who would like to contribute a bit more. I wouldn’t ask for more episodes or freebies. I just feel like your work is worth more to me than you are receiving from me.

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