Magnora 7 | The Rothschild World Order & The Ownership of Everything

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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the Rothschild World Order, the Corporatocracy, & the Ownership of Everything w/ Reddit’s own: Magnora7.

People, we’ve examined many pockets of power that have tried to claw their way to the absolute capstone of the global power pyramid: Secret societies, think tanks, religious institutions, multinational corporations, the robber barrons, various political dynasties, and several other psychopathic power hungry groups. But it seems fair to saw they all reach the impenetrable barrier of banking. Because when everything in the world is determined by green paper…The true king is the green paper printer….and while we have examined the structure of fractional reserve banking before, today we’re going to take a deeper look at the family at the heart of this debt based debacle….those nefarious Rothschilds….

00:01:42 The show starts by diving into Magnora7’s research into the Rothschld family itself, and Mayer’s 5 sons who eventually became the heads of 5 branches of the Rothschild banking dynasty: London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Naples, & Paris.

00:12:24 Magnora7 explains his underlying premise. that if the conspiracy community’s claims are true, and the Rothschilds control all the world’s central banks, (with the exception of a small handful,) then he should be able to research nearly any country at random, and find a trace back to them. Magnora7 goes on to say he started with Zimbabwe, and explains how the theory definitely holds up when you examine the country’s history.

00:23:30 Using Botswana as another example, Magnora7 breaks down the creation of the Rothschild owned De Beers mining company, and how they’ve overtaken the area.

00:43:13 Magnora7 breaks down the term “regulatory capture,” explains how the tactic is used, and how bad it’s really gotten.

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-The banking puppet masters and the Trump adminstration

-The pitfalls of identity politics

-Kabookie theater

-The Vatican’s role, and their loans from the Rothschilds

-JP Morgan and his roll in the big conspiracy

-The American police brutality problem

-The viral Dutch banker whistle blower interview of Ronald Bernard

-Dominance Hierarchies and Jordan Peterson

-Why the Fat Tire Brewing Company is so awesome

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  1. All I get is a picture of a page frowning underneath it tells me the webite is something or other or maybe moved. Awwww. Please fix. It says the same thing when I select- play in new window. Ill next see if I candownload it. The subject is fascinating.

    1. Not sure if this is the same problem but my plus episodes wont update. I have now tried in 2 different podcast apps. I have re entered the feed and my credentials to no avail in both. Non plus is updating fine though. Thoughts?

  2. Don’t buy a diamond, Greg. make it a sapphire or emerald. Or ruby. Let’s change the wedding ring meme.
    I am really into changing the mainstream meme’s these days.

    My spouse’s ring has a malachite, because when he put the ring on, it animated him. He almost danced when he tried it on. We PP’ed on tradition. Not much money was spent on the wedding. I had a large diamond prior to the marriage so we just used it in my wedding ring. But I would have been happy with a ruby or sapphire or emerald. If I had to choose, I would have gotten something from Brazil.

    Good episode.

  3. Ever decreasing returns, unfortunately.
    I’m sure you won’t allow this through moderation,
    In some ways, I’d prefer if you didn’t..
    The podcast has lost its spark, its life, its original power and curiosity
    The guests are less and less interesting,
    I haven’t been surprised for ages —
    Believe me, when I discovered you, I subscribed, you woke me up and I devoured every single podcast.
    Your questioning is now like listening to a sleepwalker interview a ghost
    Please. Take a break for a week. Find yourself and come back with passion.
    You can put this down to me being a troll if you wish.
    I’m not. I just really want you and the higherside chat podcast back.

    1. God, now I feel really mean you did let this through…
      My comments were harsh, and a bit mean-spirited. Apologies.
      I think some of this was the guest this time.
      We didn’t really learn anything new, and although you’re pretty damn good at interviewing
      He had clear limits of information and only shallow research to offer, especially compared to some of your other guests who have gone deeper on this topic.
      I know you’ve gotta be thick-skinned in this dog-eat-conspiracy world
      And my shitty comments didn’t get through the epidermis
      Even so,
      Please know I appreciate your work.

  4. Is it possible to cover Rothschild history without a discussion of “the Shin” [code=777]?

    You almost touched on it with a fleeting mention of Adolf, the Rothschild agent.

    I guess Magnora7’s perspective is summed up at the end when he advocates ignoring the overtly occulted secrets of these Merovingean fish king lineages. I suppose he sees them as a trap- which is easy to do when one would rather stay on the material side of existence-explanation.

    Incidentally, I wondered whether MAGNORA7 would equal 777. Oh no, that’s right, it equals 33.7 – funny old thing!

      1. Thanks Red Fox, I was being simple by adding each letter’s value to full sum…(4+1+7+5+6+9+1)
        Also not suggesting it’s relevant… just curious.

  5. An excellent show, I particularly liked getting into employee owned companies, although many are just as heirarchical as contemporary institutions they are a huge improvement. I agree completely with what he says about people only being able to form cohesive organization at about 100-200 people as that is about the limit of people’s ability to remember faces.

  6. Brilliant discussion in that i think it sums up where things are at from a normal person perspective and does so from a lot of angles. THANKS, ONCE AGAIN!

  7. The funding of Hitler (both sides) and supporting Nazism’s anti-Semitism as a set-up not just for Israel and Judaism but for Zionism are two things i’d like to know more about. Also, the question of how Asia – particularly, China – plays into the picture needs to be better understood. I may have to research it myself. I suspect that Peter Levenda would have unique insights into both of these questions. Thanks.

  8. So its jewish owned and run banks or jewish owned and run corporations, but don’t say its a problem with jews cos dats racist! The way most alternative media dances around this issue shows who is wielding the power. Hitler was a jewish agent? Give me a break. Even when a group like the National Socialists manages to mount effective opposition to jewish domination of finance, media, business, politics education… the goy can’t believe it and call them double agents. The jewish grip on our thinking is deep indeed. When you start to realise this is simply one racial group that uses a specific strategy (parasitism) to dominate all other groups things start to make sense. Why has cultural marxism, cultural debasement and communism always been led by jews? (If you didn’t realise they were then do the research) This is how other racial competitors are weakened and dominated.

    1. I do not think it is reasonable to conclude that the opposition Hitler mounted was self-accomplished. His anti-bank speeches are certainly thought-provoking BUT

      The term “Jewish Agent” doesn’t quite capture the sequence of events that leads to his installation (and eventual disposal at the hands of MI-6).

      – ‘Herr Schicklgruber’ (as Churchill referred to) was a wink to Adolf’s father’s conception via his grandmother, at a Rothschild mansion.
      – His life was spared by British forces in WW1, hence the ‘thank you’ letter given to PM Chamberlain at the Munich Accord.
      – He was spared the death penalty, twice (by judge Gay Knightheart), after his beerhall putches.
      – Operation ‘Winnie the Pooh’ effected his rescue from Berlin, under the command of Ian Fleming
      – He died at Monserrat monastery, of gastric cancer, by XRay poisoning.

      It’s a difficult topic indeed! … see Greg Hallett!

  9. So interesting! I think Magnora7 is well-researched and well-spoken and I hope he will continue to branch out and dig deep. And congratulations to you Greg and your beloved–I feel hope when I see each younger generation working to build a better future through following their hearts through their minds. This question of hierarchy and what degree of it is ‘natural’ and necessary and what we have regrettably been conditioned to accept was a great theme of this show. I do believe it is a relationship we have accepted–my mind drifts to an odd but poignant film I recently saw that points so well to our own culpabilities in this modern mess–Dogville. A good one too to dissect some of the capitalist/socialist false dichotomy. Bravo young men!!

  10. Awesome show!!! Congrats to you and ur lady, may the universe bless yall with eternal love!!

    And for those out there who have not subscribed to the plus… really need to! You will not regret it. Great job, best podcast out here! Keep fighting the good fight Greg!!! Enjoy ur time away!

  11. Greg, one of the reasons I got out of the design field was because one of our biggest clients Miller/Coors was working on buying up all the smaller craft breweries and keeping their label, but restructuring their business to maximize profits, and they were creating apps and online tools to give to distributors that would go to restaurants and talk to the managers about, “What was moving the most product.”

    They would use the app to make all sorts of charts and graphs based on their research, but some of the developers started figuring out that the calculations for the actual graphs were skewed to suggest that the craft beers Miller/Coors owned and all of Miller and Coors flagship products moved the most beer and generated the most sales. The restaurant owners thought they were getting just the facts and data from an independent source, but the math seemed fishy to say the least. It was really sad and felt unethical as fuck.

  12. Interesting guest.
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete” — Buckminster Fuller

  13. Huge congrats on some superb shows recently. Difficult to pick a favourite. Also huge congrats for you and the missus. Hope you have many years of happiness. X

  14. It’s good…but he’s just reiterating what’s very well known already. Sounds like some military brat off of reddit, a heavily militarily filtered site with a convincing feel of objectivity. Didn’t they whack that jewish kid who had a lot to do with getting it going ? And then the co-optation to bend it to their own preferences while seeming to maintain the same objectivity. Yawn. Same old.

    1. Yep, having serious Carlwood withdrawals also. Guessing his wedding has something to do with that and trying not to be selfish lol but he certainly deserves a good break, he’s a legend at what he does & it obviously takes some serious time & dedication so I suppose some patience on my behalf is called for so he has time with his new wife on their wedding. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop checking THC twice a day! Okay, at least 3 times a day lol >.<

      1. Gotta be honest, my patience is wearing thin. Its been almost a month with no new show or info about why. I respect the situation and all, but if its our payments that provide his income (as is heavily implied in MANY episodes) then leaving subscribers in the dark so long is a bit disingenuous. I do really enjoy the show, but i dislike feeling taken advantage of. I sent an email to thc+ about my feed error almost 3 weeks ago, still no response.

        1. @doodhere I feel like I was pretty clear at the end of the Magnora7 show in terms of what has been going on. The deal has always been 5 shows a month for $5. As I explained, I put out 3 shows in the first week of July, because for most of the remainder of the month I would be entertaining out of town guests, getting married, taking a honeymoon in Mexico, and then moving apartments. The apartment move is still taking up a lot of time, but the month is not over, and I have yet to violate any of the promises I make the to the THC+ members.

          We also had some unexpected issues when making server moves, and that has taken added hours to fix, and I believe it is all in working order now.

          I’m sorry about a lack of response from “The Higherside Team” but that team is literally just my (now) wife, trying to help me with the overwhelming amount of emails I get. Naturally, July would be a month when neither of us were available, but that’s rare, we were getting married, and I’m still just a 1 (or 1.5) man operation.

          I neglected to respond to the hundreds of emails about feed issues, until there was something to say about them, but they should be good now. Just make sure you refresh.

  15. For what it’s worth, New Belgium, the company that makes Fat Tire has a slew of other flavors (Sunshine Wheat, 1554, Trippell, etc) for your Colorado Craft Beer pleasure.

  16. A question raised at the end of the conversation, whether the dream hypothesis (or the simulation hypothesis, in its updated form), is primarily an invitation to or justification of political in-activism, is an interesting one to me. On the one hand, it seems likely that persons in power might see the dream hypothesis and various practices in which something like it is embedded (e.g., forms of Buddhism) as something to exploit. On the other, to argue from personal experience, lucid dreaming has shown me that the perceived “reality” of a scenario, especially a bad scenario, seems highly dependent on the dreamer’s emotional investment in that scenario. So, if this world is in fact a kind of dream, it may be that the illusion of it cannot be stabilized without some degree of that personal involvement which political activism would seem to represent. It may be, in other words, that the dreamer blesses the unfavorable dream with his resistance to it, or that resistance is, in the greater context of the unreality of all things, one of the many masks of consent.

    A more “Gnostic” way of looking at this would be to say that I may be myself the tryant that I imagine myself to be oppressed by, so that, when I am unhappy in my place, I am my own demiurge.

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