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Join The Higherside Chats as host Greg Carlwood discuses the latest details of Pizzagate, Podesta and pedophiles with returning guest, David Seaman.

When it comes to the dark underbelly of the conspiracy world, one of the most consistent claims and rumors over the years about the political, religious, and Hollywood elite is that they maintain and protect an international child tracking ring. The abuses of these children range from every twisted sexual desire, and ritual working you might imagine to even as some claim, engaging in cannibalism.

We’ve seen a few instances where these persistent claims have been substantiated over the years: Jerry Epstine’s private pedophile island, the Franklin Scandal, and the threads of abuse at Canadian catholic run orphanages. Guys like Kevin Annette have been exposing these atrocities for years, but like always the toothpaste seems to get stuffed back in the tube and accountability becomes a pipe dream.

However, with the exposure of John Podesta’s emails, and the revelations about Spirit Cooking, and what is now being called PizzaGate – it looks like this is the best chance yet at exposing and breaking this longstanding cycle of power and abuse.

One of the brave journalists digging deep and shouting from the rooftops about this, is returning guest David Seaman. David has been one of the most prominent voices in this area, as he’s made this scandal his focus. As a studied journalist, David joins The Higherside to help walk us through this tangled web of dark connections.

5:30 David begins by giving some context to his background, including being fired from The Huffington Post for covering Hillary Clinton’s health issues during the 2016 campaign.

9:25 To dive in, Greg and David start by discussing the details of Spirit Cooking, which is the first instance of some of the elite’s true darkness coming up to the surface in the John Podesta email leaks. One interesting leak from the Podesta emails includes a private invitation to an event with the graphic, ritualistic performance artist of Marina Abramovic, a favored artist in elite circles, whose work eludes to cannibalistic practices behind closed doors.

16:15 Another picture drawing the attention of journalists researching this scandal is of John Podesta, holding up his palms with the number fourteen and picture of a fish on them. Could this be symbolism for “fishing for 14s”? David breaks down the language and coding used throughout the emails to refer to the details of child trafficking.

25:15 Greg provides a few specific quotes directly from the emails to help reinforce the language and codes being used, including having pizza by the hour and pizza related maps.

27:00 With much speculation surrounding the health of Bill and Hillary Clinton, one possible explanation circulating is that they’ve both contracted a rare neurological disorder found among cannibals of Papua New Guinea, known as Kuru.
34:50 They discuss the weird connections involving D.C.’s Comet Ping Pong and Podesta’s child trafficking ring, including the bipolar and revealing reviews, and a journalists experience while investigating the establishment.
42:57 After examining Besta Pizza’s involvement in Pizzagate, from it’s symbolic logo suggesting pedophilia, to it’s owner Andrew Kline, who was suspiciously appointed by Bill Clinton as one of the four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of The Department of Justice. They also discuss James Alifantes, the ex-boyfriend of David Brock, the CEO of Correct The Record, a pro-Clinton media conglomerate known for it’s manipulation of Reddit.
48:25 Another big offender who’s behavior has raised quite a few eyebrows is creepy Joe Biden.
52:59 They discuss the connection between Laura Silsby and Clarissa Coulter, American women who have been charged with trafficking children from the Dominican Republic to Haiti and, not only the Clinton Foundation, but Hillary herself during her time as Secretary of State.
59:34 David and Greg discuss the events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the Podesta brothers involvement.
1:08:10 With Obama still in office and capable of pardoning Clinton for her crimes, there is speculation that the wheels of prosecution won’t begin turning until Trump is inaugurated. Will he soften his stance or follow through with campaign promises showing it wasn’t just political rhetoric, but the beginnings of something bigger? Can Trump be trusted, or is he as well connected and devious as the Clinton’s?
1:16:57 While the media critically condemned Trump for unsavory things said in the past, it is obvious to see their complete negligence in covering the egregious actions of the hawkish Hillary Clinton, making them somewhat complicit in these atrocities.
1:28:35 Greg and David discuss the pivotal election results, including a resounding rejection of the “War on Drugs”, by the American populous and how a Trump Cabinet will effect state’s rights.
1:37:30 After experiencing alarming health issues recently, David elaborates on the complicated and sometimes hazardous repercussions journalists face while investigating such high profile politicians.
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  1. Oh awesome! I’ve been excited for this show.
    I’ve been following this story and David Seaman has his facts straight, this should be a excellent listen.
    Keep up the great work Greg!

  2. Perfect timing. I trust you and have been curious about this nasty business. If only those responsible could be thrown in prison. And NOT in the seg units that protect them from the general population. Let um see how it feels to be a victim. God this shit just makes me sick. We’ve GOT to turn this world around somehow where the beasts are no longer in charge. Too much for too long.

    1. Just finished listening. Sure was tip-toeing around. I guess it’s safer that way, but I was hoping for something I didn’t already know from from watching a couple YouTube videos. Greg, it seems that you were the one with all the info. You coulda been talking to a sock puppet for all the info David gave you. Greg, you’re still my fav Truth Master and I love you soooo much. I’m so very proud of you and your excellent work.

      1. I’ve been suspicious of Seaman since he first popped up on YouTube. When Pizzagate broke, he & about 3 other channels I’d never seen before suddenly jumped to the very top of my feed, & I was seeing nothing but their videos advertised. Starting the episode now – Have a great day, everyone.

      2. Fair, but this isn’t really the kind of subject you want to take further than the evidence. Plus, it’s a little hard when every thread I spell out, the guest says “Well now, we want to be careful naming names.” It doesn’t give me much room to do anything. Also, I expected us to be going back and forth with the evidence like most shows. I had no idea I would be the one presenting 90% of the info. Of course, it doesn’t matter who says it, as long as it’s said but I’m just lucky I had all that info in front of me. Can you imagine that 2 hour conversation where I didn’t?

        1. I’m not sure how much I want to talk about it either.

          I was drifting when the journalist wound up dead looking into something- in Haiti?

          But he’s already feeling threatened.

          Just damn.

          This shitz real.

          Now we know why they killed Breitbart.

          He’s reaching from the grave.


          Stay blessed.

        2. hell no, homie. if you wouldn’t have been talking, this would’ve been as bad as Pinchbeck. Yeah, as always, you were great. I’m kinda hesitant to even say that anymore because it’s a given. BUT, you still deserve props. I’m not suggesting any nefarious intentions from Seaman, but it is somewhat disturbing that he came out of nowhere for this even. Then again, he may have just seen an opportunity to get some subs & make some $ & therefore jumped in. And yet again, his motives could be pure. As you said, though, he was definitely afraid to say much. Well see what happens in the Daily Show. I really hate being negative about these kinds of things, & it’s been happening a LOT lately, but I’d bet an OZ that he comes off as either a lunatic or he tiptoes like he did on your show. I love that you suggested he take ping pong pedos instagram pics too. That was golden.

        3. You could have done this show yourself the host is supposed to be throwing in the uh huh, yeps and grunts not the other way around. Dave just seems to say the same things over and over and uses his chanel to whine how his old buddies in the main stream are treating him badly. Anyway way to save a show Greg. Hope he does better on the Daily Show but I suspect he will fall straight on his face and that will be the cherry on the “Fake news” cake.

    1. Damn, I missed this. I’ll copy my comment here though:

      Ah I didn’t see this beforehand. I still lean towards Pizzagate being real, even thought it can be co-opted and used against us. (and it is, right now)

      I do find what seemed to be some key changes in Wikileaks right around the time of the leaks, a bit suspicious too. It’s hard to know exactly, but I wanted to present all the details and leave it open ended just in case.

      I got a lot of flak for my “silence of Pizzagate” leading up to this episode’s release but I try to let a little dust settle before I jump on something, for these very reasons. It’s a tough thing to balance sometimes.

      1. …and my comment on your comment:

        Pizzagate is too obviously real. The question will become, how will a cabal of some of the world’s most powerful and clever people play out this scary (for them) development? I would think someone will likely be thrown to the wolves. Some patsy, or patsies, who will die before he/she/they get to spill too many beans. Don’t look to MSM or FBI, who certainly have high up elements already in the know (and for how long?) to be stepping up with anything except handing us the patsies.

    1. Great bit of spy-craft nomenclature. I was unfamiliar with that one.

      Naturally we can look at so much of ‘fictionalized’ work in the espionage and sci-fi genres as institutional and/or rogue forms of “modified limited hangout.” Guffey talks about that quite a bit.

      I just saw a trailer for a new Tom Cruise vehicle called the Mummy. Perfect example. If there is some kind of ancient technology or ancient wisdom to be unearthed, especially if it is to be beneficial to people at large, then the best way to demonize said knowledge is to make a horror/disaster film about it. The idea that a Goddess-focused, matriarchal social structure may have been fundamental to earlier civilizations is hugely threatening to both the Vatican and anything to do with the patriarchal, military industrial complex. God forbid we actually rediscover a more peaceful way of social conflict management that may have been operative for millennia before the common era. Better to personify the revelation as a fiery demon hellbent on revenge and destruction, a veritable satan/lucifer reversal, so that we fear the otherwise benevolent unveiling, which otherwise only threatens the establishment grip on power.

      The benefit of a consciously crafted hangout is that it enables the author to render the characters involved with whatever psychological valence benefits their side of the story. Ayn Rand utilized the same methodology to make fiction that operated as ideological propaganda rather than art – it is so plainly, and painfully obvious in the reading.

      1. The trick, as I see it, is not to deep six the Patriachy as we reinstate the Matriachy, but rather to put both of them in a room together, (probably called Earth) and get them to work it out; ’cause this divorce is Hell on the kids, if you know what I mean.

    2. That limited hangout perfectly summarizes my thoughts on the matter. Isn’t Comet Ping Pong just too perfect a fall guy for all this? I know the emails are damning though.. I at least am glad to know that this whole incident won’t just end up as a “we found it!” kind of thing for everyone. There’s a lot of us now who have a more rounded acceptance of everything and anything and now know to simply stay vigilant, not just accept what we find even at what we think is the core.

      That’s why I like THC. I know there’s other good podcasts out there but all the viewpoints that come on here let me just soak in the pool of what is my reality.

  3. Here’s one interesting connection between pedophile rings and UFOs: Both the author of the Franklin Cover-up, John DeCamp, investigating the Franklin Scandal, and Dr. Steven Greer, investigating government involvement with UFOs and seeking disclosure, lost a mutual close friend who was an extreme insider in the National Security State, ex-DCI, William Colby, murdered, called “suicide.”

    Video: Why CIA Director William Colby Was Murdered?:

  4. This was better than I expected, mainly because of Gregs research. I guess this chap is being careful for obvious reasons. There is less circumspection over here (Britain); you only have to listen to David Icke or the Richie Allen Show to listen to twice weekly, at least, revelations similar to “pizzagate”. The only part of the interview that I had to ironically laugh about was where Mr Seaman mentions it should be the role of BBC (British Buggering Children) journalists to do actual investigations. The BBC being seriously infested with such people as Mr Seaman talks about.
    I hope that there are hardly any people left now, outside of Britain, who holds an opinion greater than utter disdain for this embarrassingly biased and corrupt broadcaster.

  5. This subject makes most sane humans turn away because they can’t entertain this reality for so many children of all ages.

    The repeated trauma of horrible acts being perpetrated on the innocent is so disgusting, denial is the answer. That will not make the problem go away & the thought of what those creatures inflict on others is an executable offense.

    My kudos to all the citizen journalists shining a million watts on this issue at their own peril.

    1. Brings to mind the “Big Lie,” as explained by Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. Though here, it is reversed, where it becomes a ‘big truth,’ something so unthinkable that few good people can even entertain such a possibility.

      But it has begun to show up, if only circumstantially, in plain sight. This brings to mind something I heard from our dear departed investigator, Michael C. Ruppert, about why the elite villains must finally get caught: “When you are playing in a rigged game, you get stupid.” I begin to think our clever kiddie rapers’ secret code might have become their telling on themselves.

      Having seen this iceberg’s tips broach the surface here and there for so many decades now, one thing that stands out for me is this; how often there is a connection through the military, though the damage control flows out from far more powerful institutional structures than just that. Across the lettered agencies, the MSM, and the other private sector haunts, separated from these by those proverbial revolving doors, the rot seems pretty generally metastasized as one draws nearer the pyramid’s apex.

      1. RIP MCR.

        Tireless champion of truth. Followed his writting for 15 years. Took me a while start looking at the big picture again after some of his predictions failed and the sadness of his passing. But his spirit is back in the truth game at a much higher level now to be sure. Looking for a way to act guided by his memory.

        1. I was nearly a charter subscriber when From the Wilderness was still in hard copy. I worked with him some online, and on the phone, and eventually got to introduce myself to him at a Portland State talk (which is somewhere online). Initially my motivation got ramped up when, like ex-FBI agent/investigator, Ted Gunderson (died in 2011–cancer), in the video I linked above, learned of heroin coming into Travis AFB in dead G.I.’s bodies (for the likes of Ted Shackley {mentioned in that outtake of An Open Secret as at the “after party”}). I spent many hours trying to get this issue of Secret Team heroin addressed by my congress critters and after years it finally sunk in that I was pissin’ into the wind, and even the one congresswoman who gave a shit and was genuinely interested, never said “boo” on the floor of Congress.

          Anyway, it broke my heart that Mike so totally gave up as to kill himself in a depression. Though I only met him that one time, I really loved the man. I myself have abandoned much of my activism, seeing the dead ends of too many blind alleys, both in the political and environmental efforts. I just try to live a mostly uncorrupted life with a small footprint. So now I pretty much just watch from the sidelines as I am quickly approaching my seventieth year. I suppose I still adhere to the notion that the dark places need a light shined in there. But in it all, I have become slower to judge anyone, having seen so many of those “there but for fortune” twists and turns, especially in my younger years. For me, it’s not about executing the ‘evil’ people so much as just getting to the truth of the matter.


          1. To late to edit, but, I went to watch An Open Secret and what I had heard as, “Ted Shackley,” was actually, “Chad Shackley.” Kind of an Emily Litella moment for me here. Oh, well that’s very different… never mind.

            I was a bit shocked to think the CIA’s “White Ghost” was a dirty old man pedo on top of everything else the bastard had been into.

            We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

      1. Oh Man!…..
        I just typed my whole response, clicked to post and the page said “page cannot be displayed” and like that, it’s gone!
        I’ll try again tomorrow. A moodyhootie

        1. Anyway, I guess my problem is that there might be more than one illuminati (3) or more, all with different ideas and agenda’s, to add to that different factions within those known branches. So, to call this a ‘hoax’ !!! It’ easier to Not believe Anything at all, right? So, Hats off to you Greg, for not discounting the reality of this global infection.

          From the Intercept
          Glenn Greenwald
          December 9 2016, 5:30 a.m
          A Clinton Fan Manufactured Fake News That MSNBC Personalities Spread to Discredit WikiLeaks Docs
          Now we have an even more compelling example. Back in October, when WikiLeaks was releasing emails from the John Podesta archive, Clinton campaign officials and their media spokespeople adopted a strategy of outright lying to the public, claiming – with no basis whatsoever – that the emails were doctored or fabricated and thus should be ignored. That lie – and that is what it was: a claim made with knowledge of its falsity or reckless disregard for its truth – was most aggressively amplified by MSNBC personalities such as Joy Ann Reid and Malcolm Nance, The Atlantic’s David Frum, and Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald.


    1. Few other things in The Blacklist that seem to be foreshadowing all of this, too. Glad someone else picked up on it. Follow the kid/disease arc for one. Designer babies/baby farm for another. Seem to recall a few other memories tickled. Will have to rewatch.

      1. I do love Red, and that show. I liked it a lot more when it was about the Cabal and less about Liz’s personal bullshit though. The Rockefeller-ish family auction episode stuck with me.

        Stewmaker. Haven’t thought about that one in a while. Someone should go back and watch that episode for Hawaii references!

  6. This below link is a surprisingly good round up. There were some things I had not seen before. Most interesting to me is the secure waste disposal stuff. That was always the angle I thought might cause the final unraveling of this horrorshow. I had been thinking along the lines of coroner or funeral home or hospital incinerators running more than expected for official, recorded deaths.

  7. Remember Trump going on about how he wants to “open up” libel laws? He framed it as combating major media, but I reckon this story will be a catalyst to the mainstream shifting to support that agenda to stop the “nutters”. Especially after this (alleged!) gunman incident. I’ve heard a couple personal friends I wouldn’t have expected it from hop right on the blaming fake news/alt-right wagon in the wake of that.

    Nice, balanced show too. Appreciate you raising the deeper doubts even if you aren’t exactly sold on them.

  8. This is such a weird case.

    A few thoughts:

    First, the continuous refrain that Breitbart was a first-rate legit journalist is troubling. I mean, he did occasionally break a story that MSM wasn’t covering, but we can’t ignore his pedigree with Drudge and the evolution of the Breitbart News brand that bears his name – it was always disturbingly NeoCon, but now it’s effectively a bastion for Nazis under management by Bannon. Breitbart was effectively a corporate-right propaganda operative, just like Drudge is. He’s no Russ Baker, let alone anything resembling Michael Hastings, Greenwald or Scahill. His integrity was always suspect.

    Second, the mention of Roberta’s Pizza shortly after the hour mark is absurd. I realize you’re in San Diego, Greg, but I can only offer you an LA analogue. If you’ve ever been to Gjelina Pizza on Abbot Kinney you’ll know one sense of ‘hipster’ pizza. That’s a place that serves the ‘hipster/yuppie elite,’ and their aesthetic is appropriately stuffy, precious and hipper-than-thou. And, importantly, their culinary product is remarkably good. Fucking awesome, really. Ok, now visualize The Cow’s End, or Pier 212, both MDR and Venice coffee shops, respectively, that cater to a bohemian low-brow crowd. These are the kinds of places that keep racks of free social-justice community newspapers (in the style of the Village Voice), and offer postings of punk shows, Occupy events, meditation classes, and yoga cult events on their bulletin boards, they host dissident salons, serve decent coffee (not the Australian barista kind), and allow freelancers and homeless people to hang out all day on one cup of coffee.

    So we have this pizza-restaurant archetype and coffee shop model clear in your head? Now mash them together and you get the kind of vibe at Roberta’s. If they indeed have an ‘eye in the triangle’ imagery anywhere, it is in exactly the same spirit that The Higherside Chats utilizes it. Ironic, Punk rock, DIY, suspect of ‘The Man,’ and again, the pizza and the rest of the food and beverages are off the hook. It’s an anti-establishment place that did well enough in execution to become a 1st rate restaurant and watering hole. The mention of such a place in relationship to this other “pizza ring” stuff amounts to distraction. I’d say for any pizza joint to be an actual pedo front, a good indicator would have to be that the food quality will be mediocre, hardly better than Papa Johns, and it won’t be popular among the young, aspiring creative class. As Satyagraha mentions, it’s very important to realize that any subject of finger-pointing may amount to ‘modified’ (meaning subverted and false) ‘partial hangout.’ It’s like Nixon saying, “look at all those negroes and hippies taking heroin and the pot, and supporting the Communists in Vietnam!”

    Lastly, you mention “An Open Secret.” It was impossible to view in any media venue online or otherwise for the first 18 months after its release in the film-festival circuit. (It was only released in like two small indie-theaters in like Seattle and Denver, or somewhere, where naturally nobody went to see it. I met the film-maker once at a Q&A about her doc “West of Memphis,” and suffice to say, she’s a real crusader out for justice, IMHO.) You can see “An Open Secret” on youtube now; I only saw it a few weeks ago for the first time, though I’d been interested from the beginning. I suggest mirroring the video before it disappears. Anyway, among all of the Mark Collins-Rector and Bryan Singer pedo-ring documents that were discussed in the film and provided for the making of the film by the victims of their sexual abuse, apparently Ariana’s ex-husband Michael Huffington was routinely included in the correspondence surrounding coordination of their afterparties and victim hunting efforts among aspiring child-actors. So I don’t know what connection he has with the current version of the HuffingtonPost. He was certainly a co-Founder of the on-line paper. At this point who even knows what influence Ariana has any more, or who knows what kind of relationship she or the paper has to her bisexual (now “celibate”) ex-husband. But one subject to consider is the relation of the Huffington name to Seaman’s former employment, his ostricization from that organization, and ultimately Seaman’s self-declared role.

    All I know is that if I were running a cointelpro style dis-info campaign, I’d send a “disgraced asset” out to all of the conspiracy talk-radio shows to talk about how every celeb, politician, investigator and “elite” belongs to a ubiquitous satanic cult until some lone nut walks into a pizza shop guns a-blazing. That said, I feel that David provided a lot of interesting information here, in the telling of his story. But he was also effective at getting Greg to summarize a lot of the findings, so that he didn’t have to say a thing.

    The story is truly an enigmatic one. It really makes want to get stoned out of my gourd and sit down for another screening of “Inherent Vice” – because that story is so damned lucid in comparison to this!


    PS. Check out Kill List, the film by Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump. Very interesting parallels to this story.

  9. Great one, Greg! Very informative. I love the tasteful lack of out’ro music on this one, very pointed. Or is that just something that I’ve missed of late? Having worked in a pizzeria in the past, I couldn’t help but wonder about one or two times when an adult would come in with a child who really just didn’t seem to be a part of the family. You know, the dynamic was just not as one would expect. No obvious crime. Just unsettling stuff that I’ve always wondered about. This episode makes me wonder, it just makes me wonder.

    1. To me these artworks depict the disassociation that happens when these children are tortured and violated repeatedly and systematically. Out of body experiences so that they can escape and alter personalities deal with the pain to protect the child.
      You would think a family friendly establishment would refrain from such graphic artworks in their premises and what sort of parents would take their kids to a pizza place displaying this artwork?

  10. So i canceled my sub to coast 2 coast today. I only have room for one podcast a day and i can say with no thought c2c has never made say “holy fuck” in low im tone…

  11. I haven’t listened yet – just reading the comments. I am reluctant to get too involved in “Pizzagate” as similar outrages have been pouring forth in the British alt and ms media. It just seems like quite a coincidence that the US and UK are exposing the most degenerate stories that could NEVER have been broadcast while my late grandmother (born 1901) was alive – she died in 1993. This constant stream of degeneracy makes me wonder what the aim is. And I guess it is to normalise something that is impossible – in my world anyway – to normalise.
    This attack is not just on tiny victims, but also is on the public mind and is a pure warfare tactic. Our governments must hate us working people.

    Off topic, but talking about naming names, Greg should interview Welshman – Gordon Bowden and his team Pandoras Box Investigations (they have a Facebook page). He and his team, allegedly, have evidence of the most extraordinary information on Boiler Rooms and money laundering on an industrial scale, not just in the UK but worldwide including the US. The information continually blows my mind and the names Gordon Bowden reels off never fails to astonish me. He has not been taken to court yet which seems to suggest that his information stands up. He uncovered the Panama Papers information years and years before it went public.

  12. It’s troubling that he hasn’t seemed to update his info nor keep up with the investigation . I can see him going on the Daily show and saying , but , but they said pizza, they said hotdog,,,,lots…. and that will be the cherry on the “fake news” cake him looking like a crazy fool. He better do a better job on that then he did on this show.

  13. Seamen = Semen?
    I couldn’t help but think his name sure fits for an ironic twist…

    The implications have been difficult for me to digest, but it sure makes all the effed up shit in this topsy turvy world make sense if what is being shown to us is in fact true.
    Greg, thank you for taking on such an unpleasant topic in a professional manner. You were definitely more informative than David

  14. It’s troubling that he hasn’t seemed to update his info nor keep up with the investigation . I can see him going on the Daily show and saying , but , but they said pizza, they said hotdog,,,,lots…. and with editing they’ll have him looking like a crazy fool. He better do a better job on that then he did on this show.

  15. Is it just me or is it the universal irony of the fact that the only mainstream journalist to look into this name is David SEAMAN ?! Is this some sick twisted joke? Anyways great podcast as always. Keep up the good work.

    1. Totally! The coincidence of David’s last name kind of feels like a sadistic wink & elbow nudge from those pulling the strings in the shadows…
      And man, the directions for the Comet Pizza app that Greg read at the end of the show was straight up sick & twisted.

      1. Yeah, it’s an unfortunate name. I had him on the show years ago talking about totally unrelated things, and he had me on his own podcast a few years back before he shut it down. So it’s not like an unknown journalist with the name Seaman just showed up covering these kinda of topics. It’s just an unfortunate name as far as I’m concerned.


    Considerable effort was made to “get to” Ted Gunderson, to discredit him and silence him. John DeCamp who was an aid to former CIA Director William Colby while in Vietnam, is similarly subjected to continual attack.

    DeCamp is alive but silent, though very much “on the record.” Their stories lead to the Bush family and beyond, from the presidency to the banking centers of the world, to the royal families of Europe, and throughout the American military.

    1. Thank you for mentioning Ted Gunderson. Another great man who exposed child sex trafficking in Texas was Professor Thomas Philpott. “They” tried to pass him off as a radical professor, and then they killed him.

  17. Great listen on a topic I know people are intrigued by. I think it is the nature of our inquiring minds to immediately make assumptions and jump to conclusions, all the while bringing our political and spiritual bias along on the journey. Believing even the most believable aspects of this requires many of us to come to grips with our team being bad, or with what bad might really be. This would be such a good time to look beyond your political and spiritual bias and practice the open mind that you are so proud of having. Disclaimer: I am a follower of Jesus and would recommend you consider the same.

    1. Just because I come to a different conclusion, doesn’t mean my mind is not open. I’ve had years and years of experience with the teachings of Jesus. I was open to it, absorbed it for many years, and decided it’s more of a control mechanism that fills the void of a culture that has no true personal initiatory experience. When I had that, a light went off. Thanks for listening, but please, to each their own. Or might I recommend you be open to mushrooms in the same way? Maybe you have been. I wouldn’t know.

      1. Thanks for your reply. I would take you up on that shroom offer. I feel you because I was in the same place at one time. I am one of those people who is very spiritual but yet feels religion turns good people away, 9f which you are one. I tried to edit my post unsuccessfully to sound less preachy. But after contemplating this topic it gets me emotional and I wanted to be at least one Jesus guy out here in the noise. P.s. my rant wasn’t directed to you personally, but you, the thc listener from any background who is questioning what’s up in these crazy times. Peace.

        1. If Jesus did show up on the scene today, I wouldn’t expect he’d be endorsing any book in its totality, or leading us down to any crystal cathedrals.

          Let’s ask this here man for his witness:

          While out sailing on the ocean
          While out sailing on the sea
          I bumped into the Savior
          And He said, “pardon me”
          I said “Jesus you look tired”
          He said “Jesus so do you…
          Now sit down son, ’cause I got some fat to chew”

          Everybody needs somebody that they can talk to
          Someone to open up their ears
          And let that trouble through
          Now you don’t have to sympathize
          Or care what they may do
          But everybody needs somebody that they can talk to

          ~J. Prine


  18. I was surprised by the comments about the BBC, as if the BBC is an honest news agency that was simply being rude. Do you guys ever listen to UK Column? They don’t mince words when it comes to addressing the cover-ups of sexual deviancy in the UK, and the ties to Westminster.

  19. Greg, At the end of the show when you are describing the layout of the buildings on Connecticut Ave you mentioned that there was a Sherwin Williams store and say that it is just, basically, there–kind of in the wrong place at the wrong time. But, if you look at Sherwin William’s logo it is fucking creepy: it’s a red can of paint being poured over the globe with the words “Cover the earth.” That logo has always struck me as pretty sick, on a number of levels. Just saying…

    Love your work, man. Always have. Peace!

  20. i greatly appreciate all the coverage on pizzagate. i can not seriously believe how badly the media is trying to cover it all up.

    on the trump stuff, im definitely not sold on him. he’s definitely on the pedo train and definitely involved with hillarys crowd. they have been in eachother’s circles for years. this year at i forget what fundraiser this was.

    and the pedo thing, he hasnt been seen with epstein once, no. he has been seen in his mansion parties and eachothers private jets enjoying their “parties”. oh, and you want to talk about hillary being a high priestes? well ivanka trump is miss mason! alfred webber brings it up in an interview with mark passio, who used to work in dc, confirms that all of this stuff is an open secret and that everyone working for d.c. and these people know about it

    the who interview is good, but skip to 1:27 to hear them talk about the donald being tied to all of this lets not forget, hillary and the donald are related and here’s a pretty normal father daughter pic, right? no hidden context at all!

    im not pro clinton but definitely not pro trump either. im not afraid to admit that im not exactly sure what the answer is, but giving consent to another person to “take the seat” isnt the answer imo

    damn, i almost forgot to include the pepe the frog shit. you have seen this right?
    sigil magic is very very powerful dude, from what i have seen (excluding this) its more than i vould have imagined!

  21. The whole thing sickens me and I just hope that it will be dealt with properly so that the true guilty people are punished, the kids are safe and the whole thing is stopped. I’m afraid that only fall guys will go down, the system will continue and the true guilty people will go free. We need to be vigilant yet responsible.

  22. Just a quick thank you to all the commenters here that posted their thoughts, links, rabbit holes…always thirsting for new paths to explore :D. I am a YT subscriber of David’s and love his tenacity so look forward to listening. There are many ways to tweak your noggin’ these days. With information, and actively…alterations to your body and mind that are designed to drive you…mad or just drive you, wink, wink. Reality is like an onion. Lots of layers. Lots of players. Pedophelia and sadism runs rampant in society. Look around you. They’re everywhere. Family, neighbors, etc… Order out of chaos… it’s a universal law… let’s pull back the curtains everywhere and get this thing rolling!

  23. Thanks for this great episode Greg. I really enjoyed your point of view on the story, with all the background info you have related to occult knowledge and all, that David seemed to miss. For those of us that are more familiar with these stories involving the occult, I highly recommend this read from David Wilcock and Corey Goode posted only last week, with much more corroborating evidence, including all that seemed to have been missing in the interview with David Seaman. Part II is coming out soon with more revelations about the Antarctica Disclosure! Peace.

  24. Your best interview bro, I heard your opening and thought wtf? but you didn’t hold back in the interview and we all appreciate that, anyone sitting on the fence on this subject should grow a pair.

    Anyone in any doubt about this worldwide satanic cult isn’t doing their homework, or are not courageous enough to go there or have alterior motives!

    Soon after the Jimmy saville revelations it emerged in the British press that a certain morgue in Edinburgh, Scotland had been keeping the remains of all the new borns and still borns from the grieving parents. What it doesn’t say in the press report below is that the parents were told such excuses that “there are no ashes because the baby was so small that nothing remained after the cremation”.

    Of course the nay sayers can excuse this as mere one offs, however the number was off the scale.

    Another fallacy about the report below is that at the time when it was being reported on the radio NOTHING was said about the remains being secretly dumped on the grounds of the morgue. For a start the grounds would or should have been dug up for the remains during a thorough investigation. The radio reports however were interviewing parents who unequivocally said they had all been told “there are no remains”.

    Well perhaps all the cynics can say that they were simply mislaid or wild dogs got to them first.

    What we do know is that a proper investigation was never held, hmmm, sounds famiLIAR. Once again the common denominator….psychopaths at large on planet earth!

      1. an internet based psy-op. seems like both were artificial (with just enough truth to lend credibility) creations with the goals of eroding the first amendment and gaining intelligence. ever read naomi wolf’s letter of warning to a young patriot where she lays out how the bill of rights is half gone? it was written in ’07 i believe. we’ve had the boston hoaxathon smoke bombing since, attacking our right to be protected against unlawful searches. we’ve had sandy hoax successfully (in CT, CA, NY) attacking the second amendment. the repeal of the first amendment is taking more time and effort, i’m thinkin alex jones/jade helm/pizzagate/birther debate are all part of it. “look at these crazies. they are causing people to act. we need a (problem, reaction,….) solution.” ‘the man’ has to take down the internet in it’s current incarnation because WE are waking too many people up. i see it on the daily. people you’d never expect to have a clue are now talkin about how both sides are corrupt and so is the media. they dont know how to put the pieces together, but at least they are catching a clue. i see the rise of farmers markets and permaculture and self sufficiency and GMO awareness and marijuana legalization and even the rise of THCplus as evidence. i also see ‘them’ as getting desperate due to being on a strict timeline (Grand Solar Minimum). it’s dangerous, but also creates opportunity for you and I. interesting times fo sho

  25. This was and is the best show to date! David Seaman Was an amazing guest. This was incredible information that no other host would dare to touch. You now have a Plus Member forever. Keep up the ground breaking information coming.

  26. I have been on the Conspiracy Theory train for a long time, having known more than a few illuminati-type people. Several of these people struck me as split personalities, they could be gracious and generous one minute, and cold-hearted and shameless the next. It is my suspicion that the Clintons and the Bushes (and all the rest of them) fit into this category. In my mind it has always been possible that Hillary (for instance) could very much want every child to be well-homed, well-fed, well-schooled and provided every opportunity to succeed, and also maintain other sides of her fractured character that will harm and/or do worse to a child.

    Having spent many years doing my own research, I have often been hopeless at learning of all the dark & horrible things happening in the world. And now we have Pizzagate, which makes my soul profoundly sad. I very much wish their were non-refutable, objective proof for every crime that has ever been perpetrated against a child. The GOP side of politics has spent many, many years investigating the Clintons, and while that may have been all for show, it is also possible that nothing truly tangible, no hard proof of the alleged crimes has come to light. I’m not for revenge, but I am all for justice, and I very much wish to live in a World where people who commit horrible crimes against other people can not get away with it – not ever, not even for a second.

    And now we have Trump. I have been stunned by how many people in the alternative communities have looked to him with hope as a symbol of change. His words and actions have led me to believe that he very clear totalitarian leanings. He has talked openly about changing libel laws in the U.S., which is fiddling with the 1st Amendment. If he were to succeed in those ambitions, he would create a very strong foothold for a totalitarian society where only the richest of the rich have a public voice, only the very top of the one-percent make policy.

    Trump has chosen the CEO of Exxon (the largest oil company in the World) to be Secretary of State. This is a man who has substantial business interests in over 40 nations, and also has close ties with Vladimir Putin. As of today, it is reported that Trump has picked former Texas governor Rick Perry to run the Department of Energy. This is comically tragic because Rick Perry is the politician who in a 2011 Presidential debate stated that he would like to eliminate three federal agencies. He remembered the Department of Education, and he remembered the Department of Commerce, but he couldn’t remember the third agency he wanted to eliminate, it was – of course, the Department of Energy. These are just a very few of the alarming choices Trump has made. Oh, and Jeff Sessions for Attorney General – should we go back to segregation?

    But beyond all this, Trump has created a space where he can operate without any regard to objective truth. He makes claims that are entirely false, and even people in his campaign have said that “the truth” doesn’t matter with Trump, it’s about what he can make other people believe. And I have watched too many people laugh and shrug-off all the horrible things Trump has said – “the blacks”, and all the horrible false promises he has made. He has now apparently admitted that he was never going to go after Hillary Clinton. His words were just false rhetoric to inspire anger in people, and rile-up support. This was also witnessed with Trump’s on-going “birther” claims against Obama. For a public figure of Trump’s stature to claim the President of the United States was not born in the United States, and have no objective proof, did nothing to make his case, but only appealed to people who harbor racist thoughts and/or agendas. (I am, for the record, a white man who voted for Obama in 2008 – the last time I voted, holding the slimmest amount of hope that he would produce real change. And I am also well-read on the subject of Obama’s birth and origins, including jump-rooms to Mars, and every conspiracy imagineable.)

    So, Trump has slandered Obama and Clinton without mercy, and he has provided no proof to back-up his claims. This is alarming to me, particularly in regard to Clinton, when Trump has led rallies of angry and un-informed people to chant “lock her up.” The President of the United States is not a prosecutor, he is not an officer of any Court. One of the truly beautiful aspects of the intention of U.S. governmental structure is the separation of powers. For a U.S. President to demand individual prosecutions of American Citizens would be a huge step toward Totalitarianism. American Citizens asking for the U.S. President to individually prosecute American Citizens would be asking for a totalitarian government.

    I believe that the current system of politics – the World order- is rigged and ridiculous and probably without repair. And even Trump has spoken about fighting bad wars and nation building, and how America should get it’s fingers out of foreign governments – a good idea. But Trump also tapped Betsy DeVos, a Michigan billionaire (she married into the Amway family) to run the Department of Education. She is a proponent of infusing more Christianity into public schools (what happened to the separation of Church & State?) and she is also the brother of Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, the private military company that helped to execute all the “false wars” in the Middle East.

    I don’t think living in Trump-Land is going to bring any truth or justice to the people of America, or the World. Hopefully the new episodes of Celebrity Apprentice will be entertaining….. or at least pacifying.

  27. Musta checked this site over dozen times looking for a new podcast fo try t to get tht shitty taste outa my mouth. I feel slimed. Not by THC but those evil twisted pieces of shit wallking around in human bean meat suits and hurting the most precious thing we hsve~ our children and Ourselves. I just want them GONE Disappeared I cant see what im typing no matter what I do.two sentences high ok. 3 and higher* yer typing in the dark. Greg, , would you pleasevlook into this matter? Im using a Samsung tablet to visit this day. I miss learning stuff thats being hosted by such akick ass host. Yer the host (ess) w/your

  28. I ran out ofvtime trying to fix the typing mess above. Me so sorry iff it hurt yer htead too much. Please hurrybup and put out th he next show Mr. Greg. Im jonesin here. Has anyone else here totally and completely lost th he e taste v fkr pizza? I just can’t.

    1. I thank goddess for real keyboards.

      You are not that mess you are seeing out there. It is not in your heart, all that shit. Stay with that heart and you will be fine. In the true heart there is compassion for all. The victims and the victimizers both suffer. Be grateful to be neither (this time around). All will balance and is in the balance (karma). We, in our true nature, are all we need be. We are the heart: gentle, caring, enduring, quiet, compassionate, and loving. Know yourself as this heart and be happy in that.

      I hope this helps.


  29. Great work as always Greg. I think this is the toughest subject you’ve taken on, psychologically speaking. Understandable restraint from David, I respect that. This is an issue where it is doubly important to stick to what we know and the context of issue. Thank you fellow THC listeners for your posts.

    P.S. – Greg, this has brought up the age old issue of the reliability of the MSM and their brainwashing influence over the general public. I’m not aware of a particular researcher, but it would be great to get someone in to talk about the ‘fake news’ that has so often been reported by the MSM to combat this attack on independent media. Best wishes for the new year to you man.

  30. And so, the NYT is going to make it a matter of record, the Russians did it!

    I’d say it’s the establishment doubling down. Maybe the Russians did order a hack, but maybe that straight leak, handed off by a Democratic Party insider, was the one that got to Wikileaks, just as the British ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray (the man who lost that job because of his open humanitarian concerns and open whistle blowing, a man known for his honesty) who says it was him. And just like Julian Assange, also says, “it wasn’t the Russians.”

    Follow the fucking money! Que bono? Who would want a new Cold War? The people who donated to all the candidates, except Bernie or the Donald (and I ain’t sure about the Donald)?

    Doubling down, dude, doubling down. Who controls the narrative? Could it be the military-industrial-security state-MSM complex? Could it?

    As an added bonus, at least we’ve stopped talking about powerful people fucking little kids. Forget what’s in the emails. Worry about who might have leaked them. There’s money to be made while there are powerful interests to protect. It’s a win-win… …for somebody.

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