Shamangineer | Earth Alchemy, Plant Spirits, & Engineered Abundance

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Earth alchemy, plant spirits and engineered abundance with Shamangineer.

As a returning guest, Shamangineer is back to pick up where he left off last time. Continuing with his “elemental series” of chats, he stops by help us continue on our path to enlightenment of pre-colonial American, their animist outlook, use of fire, & much more.

2:40 Starting things off and surveying the landscape, Greg and Shamangineer begin by discussing the state of the U.S. when it was invaded by Europeans. Contrary to population belief, it was much more different than simply the absence of buildings, but rather a land of abundance. Reframing our understanding is crucial to furthering our education of pre-colonialist America and Native American cultivation.

10:10 Continuing with the discussion, Shamangineer provides several examples of abundance from rivers overflowing with salmon, to treelines so thick a squirrel needn’t touch the forest floor. He also elaborates on the miraculous gardeners responsible for this engineering and the techniques employed by Natives to cultivate such a bounty of available resources.
19:25 After examining the ways in which Native Americans used the element of fire as an agricultural tool and a means of increasing efficiency in synergy with other elements, Shamangineer addresses if this can be attributed to a significantly lower populous or true environmental manipulation.
25:42 Although there are many references to warring factions of Native American tribes, Shamangineer elaborates on what it was really like and whether there was a sense of cohesion and inter-connectedness or competition and contention.
32:10 Greg and Shamangineer discuss research of The Great Gordon White that indicates cultures with a stronger spiritual and magical connection enjoy more stable and refined civilizations.
37:00 A big part of ancient Native American mysticism not only involved the use of Ayahuasca, but also the employment of herbs and plants as the bedrock of medicine and healing. Shamangineer details the value of this naturalist approach and offers insight into why these native practices have been cast aside.
44:10 It wasn’t that long ago we were living in a lush land of excess; Shamangineer walks us through exactly how we got here. He also begins to touch on exactly how we dig our way out of this hole and discusses techniques such as biodynamics.
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– our galactic positioning and magical ability

– the Black Crow, and the stages of the Philosopher’s Stone

– anti-aging studies and the alchemy connection

– alchemy, Egypt, and life extension.

– the differing philosophies of survival.

– the alt-right movement, nationalism, and this whole thing being a product of the deep state

– pyramids in the Grand Canyon and unearthed Jesuit artifacts

A few valuable resources from the interview:
The work of Viktor Schauberger:
Graham Hancock’s “War God”:
The Findhorn Foundation of Britain:
The Secret Life of Plants (highly recommended, if for nothing other than the amazing Stevie Wonder music video and soundtrack):
Evidence of quantum structures in the microtubules of all cells (highly technical talk from the Google Workshop on Quantum Biology):
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    1. I dont’ mind. It gives me something to look forward to. I like the guest. His last I nterview was fantastic. I learned so very much from it. And important things at that! Thank you Mr. Greg! ♡♥

    2. I haven’t been able to finish 3 episodes. It just stops playing and seems like it freezes. Any ideas about what’s up? I am so bummed til I get my THC fix!

  1. This episode got me to renew my THC subscription. The site keeps improving!

    I think we’re at a fork in the road for our civilization–keep following the tech-topia star-trek fantasy path or go the (apparently) low tech route, permaculture and intentional living route.

    I’ve been reading local history for the past couple of years, and the journals of early settlers in my area (northeast ohio) record the incredible abundance of life they encountered in 1799 and the early 1800s. They also record their incredible disdain or even antipathy to the natural world. In mere decades they’d cut down and mostly burned every tree–20 million acres in ohio alone. They killed every single animal–not just for food, but often just for no conceivable purpose–or from sheer malice. They were like a plague of locusts.

    Believe it or not in 1907, there was a bounty on squirrel pelts here in ohio… Squirrels were public enemy number 1. White tailed deer had been hunted to local extinction. Basically everything that wasn’t human or livestock was killed. By the 1900s, you can read the reaction in local newspapers–people started to realize what they’d done in 100 years. They had a sense of loss–part of it was economic loss–no more trees to make lumber–but I think it was deeper than that.

    Maybe the local spirits were starting to work on them.

    You should definitely buy a farm… We did. We’re starting on that permaculture quest ourselves. It’s really rewarding. It really is true–the plants and animals speak to you.

    1. We love it as well! Bought raw land in East TX almost 10 years ago now and moved here about 3 years later and it’s so rewarding. Organic gardening is really a challenge, especially with all the weather modification going on, but I agree, nature responds somehow–there is definitely something happening with the different “weeds” and crops that attract each other and also respond to my desires in some cases. But it takes time, this is what I think folks really underestimate–both the scientists trying to “hack” and those biodynamic types trying to cooperate. We will never give it up, but I’m realistic about how difficult it is to make a living this way–Hubby cannot yet give up his day job, and I only did last year. Great show, this has been such a great topic to learn about over the years and I intend to get much deeper into it on my blog too, for anyone who might be interested:
      cheers 🙂

  2. So glad to see this guy on here again. I was reading a book on the history of the “Rosicrucian” movement the other day and thought to myself, “I’d love to hear shamangineer again.” Love the synchronicity.

  3. What if the same people are promoting alt-right white power identity politics AND refugee migration? The promoters of those ideologies don’t necessarily believe any of it. Same old divide and conquer game IMO.

    1. Exactly my position, I see the creation of a refugee crisis not as merely the byproduct of the war on terror, but as a milestone. This milestone provides the foundation for the Operation Gladio playbook in order to promote it’s objectives (primarily erosion and ultimate abolition of civil liberties) through strategy of tension tactics. The war on terror has always been a war on rights and freedom.

  4. Oh wow! Great episode. Easily one of my favorite shows yet.

    Permaculture and living off the land is really the only way to unplug yourself from the matrix of everyday life. Not to mention that growing your own food is cheaper, healthier, and tastier.

    Thanks as always!

  5. This guy is a grade A spoofer even though I enjoyed listening to him and how pumped you were. I couldn’t tell you anything about the Native American stuff but for the neuroscience and biology he was clearly talking out of his ass. The opposing right and left hemispheres of the brain theory has long been disproven and microtubules transport proteins around the cell, so hardly is the nervous system of the cell? Even you were like “mmmmmmm” when he mentions mitochondria and longitudinal vibrations being the reason for altered consciousness (or something completely whack and without a shred of evidence). Cheers for another one Greg!

    1. Not a spoof! Just because you haven’t heard of it…
      Evidence for serial and parallel processing differences in brain hemispheres:

      I perhaps should have said the quantum nervous system of the cell…

      Electrical properties of Microtubules:

      Quantum Cognition and Brain Microtubules

      What I was saying regarding longitudinal waves (torsional energy of the ether or chi- not mechanical vibrations) was that these “resonant waves” are what seem to account for what are understood today as quantum effects.

    2. Please note the above information with regard to Stuart Hameroffs theories was referenced both in the podcast itself as well as in the supplemental links I provided to Greg for those with ears to hear and eyes to see…

      1. Gotta love it when you provide the information and the naysayers go quiet… No response? Not a sorry? We’re supposed to be a community of like minded people. Looking for truth and open to new ideas or theories. Just because someone’s published, taught a class or said so on TV doesn’t make it a fact… Long disproven? Where is that guys evidence? Keep up the good work guys.

  6. The permaculture narative seems to be recurring for me. Great episode in that respect. I’ve read several interesting old source materials concerning the first 200 years of settlement and exploration in North America. I’m always intrigued by the wonder of these people. They always talk about the verdant land laid before them as if they were manicured gardens. And just the quantity of food producing plants described is fascinating because there are settlements in some cases with people….but alot just no people. And why would you need so much for such a population? And almost directly after that time it seems animal populations rebounded enormously and those explorin speak of a mass abundance in animal populations. Just sayin this episode hit the spot. Good shit Greg. You need to look more into the permaculture stuff, especially the recent Brazilian finds.

  7. Thank you Shamagineer and Greg. Putting aside this migraine to say your presentation here really helps keep THC on the right track. A special episode of a special show.

        1. Sadly, the Permies people have slowed down how often they make videos. Therr is a great need for more systematic, periodic public vids on real operating permaculture operations. Their coverage of compost pile hot water and solar dehydrators are great.

  8. Just a couple things right now, Shamangineer, with the schism still ongoing between the macro and micro spheres of theory, something is obviously generating the discords between the two, and I would suggest it lies toward the base of our macro view, after the fLaw of Universal Gravitation, after Newton. This, in my reckoning, is the rock on which materialist science is built, and the errors I perceive in atomic and subatomic theory are put there to account for the macro theories’ reaching into these quantum colored quarters.

    So, I suggest here that we take the notion of the Sun and stars as fusion engines and consider setting that aside, along with so many other assumptions which have sprung from F=G m1 m2 /r^2. If there is this possibility of an Electric Universe operating here, then the Mass Equals Gravity As Always An Attractive Force Universe should be set to the side while we consider alternate possibilities. We should do this, if just to make room for the Schaubergers and T.T.Browns, to name but a couple. It certainly makes it easier for me to entertain thoughts of the æthers, their actions and dynamics.

    One other place I put my mind’s eye is on the observable structures of the common spiral galaxies. These show us a repeating image that I have found to coalesce within fluid environments wherein a centripetal vortex is, or has been, operating. And yet, because of no more than an assumption, we see the whole universe and our own spiral galaxy to be in a mode of explosion/expansion, where it’s form is of contraction/implosion. This should draw either the fact of red shift, or its causes, into question.

    Something looks to be generating the schisms that have been employment security for the mathematicians. There must be a few who would rather figure it out than be true to their saint. But it seems they have all knelt before the altar of Sir Issac. Where might I find one person of letters who would dare take the name in vain?

  9. Loved the show, I really enjoyed learning about native american permaculture practices. Funny I just wrestled with that same thought of alchemy not just being an analogy to spiritual enlightenment not too long ago…keep up the good work!

    1. Hope you liked it, I think we’re gonna do more together! I have a lot of extra time and THC pretty much on lock. (I think?) So I’d love to be the “conspiracy info guy” for some of these comedy circles if they’re into it. It’s just fun.

      1. No worries at all, sorry you were having trouble. I uploaded this ep the day the Amazon servers had issues. If that sort of thing happens again, just reload your feed completely, or in those special cases, just dl the mp3 directly from the site onto your phone or whatever. Hope that helps.

  10. Greg. This isn’t the article or even topic I wanted to get on to with you about this SUPERB AND PHENOMENAL podcast with the Fringe Dreamcatcher (who is totally on spot – I wish you could have been in my head listening to this thing – I took some notes – and syncs came of it later – recall the Phoenix and the Salamander (the salamander is used on fire-based tarot cards esp in the RWS deck – so check that out – my card for now until I/You are 35 (we’re the same age) is the Prince of Wands, but look at the King of Wands and see the Salamanders – there be fire – and there be a clue – so I sent you via twitter the Thelma Moss ‘clue’ (dude, seriously, would love you to get on that ‘The Secret History of Twin Peaks’ but you’re busy, and, respect, but yeah… Uh… this fucking thing. I used to get this journal in physical, I might again, but I love that you’re like me – you have two sides of the brain, right and left, so you like them to both work, so you’re a neutral observer – yup, signs of intelligence and heart and courage in the Carlwood for sure. So, still, this is a bit left-wing coming at right-wing but check it –

    1. Interesting! I never really watched Twin Peaks, so to get into the subtleties would be a lot, since I don ‘t really have context. People say it’s great though. Thanks for the compliments too!

      1. I have no idea what exactly occult fan is trying to say with his mileu of veiled references or his article on “beta” male shooting rampages or how that ties in with a book about a T V series I haven’t seen, but I do know you (Carlwood) would find this interesting given your proclivity for owl symbology:
        Perhaps the series or the book is with a look…

  11. To touch on our quick convo in Denver ( Greg) about Theosophy, Steiner was quite involved with Theosophy until branching off on his own into Anthroposophy. There is a direct lineage between the two for sure. If it wasn’t for the Secret Doctrine we might not have Waldorf Schools.

  12. Shamangineer, have you read Gerald Pollack’s The Fourth Phase of Water? It’s shaped my thinking about the fluid dynamics of water and is very approachable. It’s proof there is still some great science being done today. Perhaps it might give you something more for your next show?

    Also, as far as permaculture goes, I love the movie Back to Eden. Paul’s incredibly simple system helped me grow 8 foot cannabis in my backyard (allegedly). I only did two things: water and prune. Don’t mind his bible talk. He’s the best kind of Christian.

    I’m looking forward to the next show! Good work, guys!

    1. Excellent, yes I read the 4th phase of water… I have not read his second book cells, gels, and the engines of life yet, but something tells me it will tie in nicely with my alchemical knowledge once I do…
      Heres the stack of books on my shelf I would like to read or re-read before the water episode:
      the 4th phase of water by Gerald Pollack. Cells, gels, and the engines of life by Gerald Pollack, Hidden nature by alick Bartholomew, the water wizard by callum Coates, the spiritual life of water by callum Coates, aquavideo locating underground water by Cameron cox, dancing with water by MJ pangman and MS & Melanie Evans, and secrets of the soil by Peter thompkins& Christopher bird.

  13. Greg: The book you must get is “The Secrets of the Soil” by Tompkins!!! Many interesting chapters but the one you want to read is about the biodynamic preparations of the Pfeiffer Institute. He was a chemist who knew Steiner. The Institute is in the Hudson Valley. They got the city of Oakland and a seed company to use the preps both on the ground and on the garbage of Oakland where its microbes reduced garbage to really rich loamy soil used by the seed company. Yes! it worked so well that the corporate interests ruined it. Your guest’s info is incomplete on this point. I got small amounts of Steiner’s preps from the institute. To potentize it you placed it in a clean container, in water, and stirred it until a vortex was formed, and then reversed direction because Steiner knew this put energy in the water, which ties in to the earlier convo with the guest. Absolutely, the Soil book has more of the stories relevant here than the plant one, tho not so well known. Get it!!!! You will be glad to have it.

  14. As I was listening to this I was especially moved when he said that in the days of the natives a squirrel could go from the coast to the Mississippi river, about an hour later while I’m walking my dog, a squirrel falls from a tree and thuds on the ground right in front of me, looked up into my eyes and passed away minutes later. This was one of the biggest synchronicities I’ve experienced in a while. BTW I love the shamangineer stuff and the whole show of course.

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