Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Earth alchemy, plant spirits and engineered abundance with Shamangineer.

As a returning guest, Shamangineer is back to pick up where he left off last time. Continuing with his “elemental series” of chats, he stops by help us continue on our path to enlightenment of pre-colonial American, their animist outlook, use of fire, & much more.

2:40 Starting things off and surveying the landscape, Greg and Shamangineer begin by discussing the state of the U.S. when it was invaded by Europeans. Contrary to population belief, it was much more different than simply the absence of buildings, but rather a land of abundance. Reframing our understanding is crucial to furthering our education of pre-colonialist America and Native American cultivation.

10:10 Continuing with the discussion, Shamangineer provides several examples of abundance from rivers overflowing with salmon, to treelines so thick a squirrel needn’t touch the forest floor. He also elaborates on the miraculous gardeners responsible for this engineering and the techniques employed by Natives to cultivate such a bounty of available resources.
19:25 After examining the ways in which Native Americans used the element of fire as an agricultural tool and a means of increasing efficiency in synergy with other elements, Shamangineer addresses if this can be attributed to a significantly lower populous or true environmental manipulation.
25:42 Although there are many references to warring factions of Native American tribes, Shamangineer elaborates on what it was really like and whether there was a sense of cohesion and inter-connectedness or competition and contention.
32:10 Greg and Shamangineer discuss research of The Great Gordon White that indicates cultures with a stronger spiritual and magical connection enjoy more stable and refined civilizations.
37:00 A big part of ancient Native American mysticism not only involved the use of Ayahuasca, but also the employment of herbs and plants as the bedrock of medicine and healing. Shamangineer details the value of this naturalist approach and offers insight into why these native practices have been cast aside.
44:10 It wasn’t that long ago we were living in a lush land of excess; Shamangineer walks us through exactly how we got here. He also begins to touch on exactly how we dig our way out of this hole and discusses techniques such as biodynamics.
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– our galactic positioning and magical ability

– the Black Crow, and the stages of the Philosopher’s Stone

– anti-aging studies and the alchemy connection

– alchemy, Egypt, and life extension.

– the differing philosophies of survival.

– the alt-right movement, nationalism, and this whole thing being a product of the deep state

– pyramids in the Grand Canyon and unearthed Jesuit artifacts

A few valuable resources from the interview:
The work of Viktor Schauberger:
Graham Hancock’s “War God”:
The Findhorn Foundation of Britain:
The Secret Life of Plants (highly recommended, if for nothing other than the amazing Stevie Wonder music video and soundtrack):
Evidence of quantum structures in the microtubules of all cells (highly technical talk from the Google Workshop on Quantum Biology):
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