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Joshua Cutchin | A Smell Based Exopse’ of Alien, Crypid, & Spirit Encounters

Topics Covered: Cryptozoology, Fairies, High Strangeness, Otherworldly Entities, Paranormal, Spirits

Show Notes

Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he and returning guest, Joshua Cutchin explore the smells and scents associated with aliens, spirits and cryptid encounters.

While we are all familiar with the lore of Greys, ghosts, and Bigfoot, one aspect we may not be as well-versed in, is the scents and smells that can accompany these entities. Today’s returning guest, Joshua Cutchin, has researched the olfaction phenomena associated with these interactions and joins The Higherside to discuss his recent work, “The Brimstone Deceit”.

2:30 Smell is one of the most overlooked senses, and when it comes to understanding some of the more supernatural encounters, smell can offer some uncanny insights. Joshua begins by walking listeners through the intriguing aspects of olfaction, and how time and again certain scents are associated to strange sightings and abnormal interactions with otherworldly entities. He also elaborates on how scent is specifically tied to memory and the implications of that in his research.
7:01 “The Brimstone Deceit” is broken into three categories: spirits, aliens and UFOs, & cryptids and other animal-like creatures. Cutchin details some of the commonalities throughout these sub-sects and elaborates on the prevalence of sulfurous smells during paranormal phenomena.
12:42 With sulfurous smells being so popular, and their link, in most cases, to the decomposition of organic materials, Joshua puts a finer point to what exactly these entropic scents may signify.
19:17 Because smells have been linked to both physical creatures such as Bigfoot and aliens, as well as multi-dimensional creatures including spirits and ghosts, Cutchin helps to sort out whether the more mucky smells can truly be attributed to the flash and blood beings rather than dimensional ones.
25:42 Joshua discusses the scents and smells linked to the infamous Chupacabra. He also details the circumstances surrounding the other slice of sightings involving phantom animals.
34:10 In his book, Cutchin sites and interesting case of a flying creature observed in a Chilean copper mine. Listen as he elaborates on how this deep Earth sighting fits into the paradigm of paranormal.
40:42 During their last discussion, Greg and Joshua talked about the possibility of aliens being a modern technological skin on the long history of fairy-like encounters. And, while his newest work examines aliens from a more standard E.T. hypothesis, Cutchin offers his insight on if the study of smells has objectively moved the needle in his esteemed opinion.
47:00 Greg and Joshua take a closer look into the science of smells. With smells having the ability to arouse someone from an unconscious state or knock people out, the power of smell goes much deeper than we can begin to understand.
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Want more Joshua Cutchin? Check out his website: and be sure to check out his books, “A Trojan Feast” and “Brimstone Deceit”.

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