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Spiritual teacher, Sevan Bomar, joins THC to breakdown the levels of our reality, clarify the code of the Matrix, identify Archon control structures, share his psychonautic insights, and a whole lot more in a great episode to end the year on. Thanks for listening!

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  1. Matter, material… mat… matrix!?

    Imagine a matrix composed of cubic elements. Each element has 8 corners. Is this why atoms are so keen on having a stable octet of outer electrons? (not that they really know what an atom even is, but that’s another story!)

  2. You need to have something real before you can have a hologram. You can’t have a holographic universe cause you need something real to provide meaning to the hologram. You need the contrast!

      1. Greg would you do an interview with Mark Amaru Pinkham – and if you have time – watch this – look for the signs flashed at times if I’m not imagining things. – – but that’s a good video for you to watch I feel.

        Also I find it ‘neat’ that you interviewed Sevan on my birthday, seeing that I have quite the resonance with both of you. It’s cool too that Sevan and I are both ’22’ resonators – he is 10/22, I am the ‘true seventh’ month on the 22 – a pi day. That’s two individuals with 11 by 2 resonators.

        Oh and it’s 11:11 when I post this EST.

  3. I have been waiting for this ever since I signed up 6 months ago & this just made me renew my membership again !!!

    GREG !!! thank you so so so much for bringing on Sevan & continuing to pave a novel path !!!


  4. What the fuck was all that? I’ve never heard such a comprehensive melding of ideas into a whole and vast theology that seems so utterly sensible. It blew my mind. I’ve never heard anything like it, and this guys says he can’t be stumped, this was all off the top of his head? I hope you have him on again.

  5. This is a watershed moment for THC and the whole left field. Bravo GC and all honors to Sevan, bringing balance to the Holy Chaos and peace to all he touches. Genius.

  6. Wow! Very nice! I’ve been listening to Sevan’s transmissions for a few years and am still always glad when I see he has something new available to listen to in iTunes or on Youtube. And now he is here on my favorite podcast, THC. A real treat, thank you! I also liked that this was more of a discussion… it seems that Sevan is often able to just go off in a lot of different directions and just go (which also works for him), but I really liked that you guys had more of a dialogue that went in some awesome directions. Especially animals… I love animals so much and that was great to hear. Animals, plants, minerals, elements, soul. Man, that is right in line with my interests and what I’ve been thinking about. It was all great! Cheers and thanks again.

  7. Ohboyohboyohboy! 🙂

    Beast is an understatement! Sevan drops serious wisdom, not just half thought out ideas. You can really tell has the time to let stuff ferment before he brings it back up, which is rare in this get-you-content-out-first culture we find ourselves a part of at the moment.

    I’ve got to say, THC+ and Positive Head are two of the best interviews with Sevan going at the moment, because they are proper discussions. Like Greg with Gordon White and J. Farrell. Just a couple of sensible beings shooting the shit and trying to connect the dots.

    Loved it.

  8. This is my first comment ever on any show I’ve been going down the rabbit hole for about 5 years now and for the first time I hear somebody I really resonate with that I know that’s he’s telling the truth with all that he is .this guy knows his shit!!. Greg you nailed on this with my friend keep up the good work and we need more people like you Greg and like your guest I feel like the veil has been lifted to such an extent that I’m seeing more clearly now than ever thanks again my friend.

  9. I really couldnt get on with this one at all. This is only the second show ive been unable to listen to the whole way through. You do a fantastic job Greg but this guy just irritated me. It was like listening to a pinball machine; his ideas and mixing up of superficialities was just about impossible to follow. I listened to the first 70 minutes and last ten so perhaps I missed some gems? I will give it another go later but to mind his ideas are very derivative on a surface level with no depth. Spread yourself too thinly and all that…
    All the very best to you for the coming year.

    1. If I was to take a guess, I would say there was content from maybe 8-10 2Hr+ shows packed into this one.
      He was certainly hyped up, but other stuff he has done has much more depth. Sometimes you gotta play the ball, not the man….
      Sometimes not. Your call. 🙂

    2. I concur. He sounds like a consciousness car salesman. While I agree with a good bit of what he says, he comes off as full of shit if you ask me. Bullshit detector is flashing like crazy. Ugh. His disingenuous amalgamating of jargon and spiritual concepts seems misguided at best and is very irritating.

  10. Wow, this dude sure has quite the rap. He set off my bullshit detector with his massive ego and superficial wordplay.
    To paraphrase Rick James, “Rhetoric is a hell of a drug.”
    Anyway, I appreciate your non-judgmental attitude to a wide variety of guests and their various outre themes.
    Keep up the good work, Carlwood.

  11. “Pack your glass and park your ass”.

    Done done and done.

    Been saving this.
    Yeah I know it’s only been a day, lol.

    Patience is a virtue I’m still cultivating.

  12. Wondering quietly to myself who downvoted all the people who said they enjoyed the show?
    All are entitled to their opinion, but downvoting some ones purely personal take on wether they liked the show or not is a little petty, no? A bit like downvoting someone who did not like it.
    It’s strictly a personal take on the program, good or bad; why the hell would you downvote it? Because you do not agree??

    It’s not like you don’t agree with a specific take on a specific topic, it’s “the vibe”. Some don’t jive, some do. That’s life.
    That’s the sign of a show that bares listening to again, in my book. Inflames passions.

  13. Also, props to you, Greg, for saying “On my “conspiracy” show this week, we will talk to a guy who’s message is, in a nutshell, you are already enlightened, you just forgot.”
    Not many on the circuit have the huevos to change direction like that from show to show.
    Hat’s off to you on a bloody fantastic year.
    Take care, fella! 😉

  14. There was a lot more that could have been added to manifesting that change. Once you aware of the manipulation you need to recognize it for what it is and emotionally detach. Fix the things you can and disregard the things you cannot; and have the wisdom to know the difference. You’ll feel better and actually accomplish a lot more of your goals.

    Take time to clear your mind a few times a week. Work on shutting yourself down when you do this. Once you are good at putting yourself in a calm state go use a float tank if possible as it makes this next part much easier. Try to not to touch yourself during your time in the tank and if you are calm enough and pass your bodies *are you awake?* test; you will begin to see things manifest before you. For me right now its patterns and geometries. Once I am done and I leave I am in a state so relaxed yet fully refreshed and awake that I feel like everything is in slow motion.

    1. Wise words, as ever.
      Thanks greyowl.

      Much as it sounds NewAge-y, meditation, or watching without reacting, is about the only tool that will help you to discern the signal from the static. The more you do it, the stronger the signal gets, the more you disregard those things you can not change or do not serve you.
      Noticing mind control is one thing, getting out of your mind long enough to do something about it is the real trick.

      1. I think lucid dreaming is one of those beginning steps to peeling back the onion and its something we can all do. Its simply tricking your body into thinking you are asleep. The black canvas of the tank is great too for projecting your subconscious onto. We talk a lot about the divine feminine and masculine and the merging of the two much like the merging of the two hemispheres of our brain much like the merging of our subconscious and conscious or our higher and lower selves or the big angel and little angel. In the end its about acceptance and unification through love.

        I do think that Sevan knows a lot but didn’t feel he was disseminating the information in a practical way for people to try on their own. Kind of like a teaser for his lectures or something.

        1. For sure not much dissemination! It was more like the WW1 German opening barrage in a content war. 🙂

          Lucid dreaming, or at the very least remembering the dream, even if control was sketchy, for whatever reason, has been a huge thing for me in the last month.
          It’s like looking up from the steering wheel you are holding and finding out you can actually see out the windscreen!
          Playing life from both sides can be a real blast.
          Would love to give a tank a go….

  15. If only Sevan Bomar and Santos Bonacci could have a conversation. If they could talk together I feel that they would probably multiply and add to what the other has said. They both talk about the same thing which is truth but have different perspectives and if they were to put them together they would create something great.

    1. If you dig around in the astral quest archives you can find a show where him and Santos are interviewed together, also a show where he is intervieed by former THC guest Kate of Gaia. I’ll try to get back with links.

  16. Yes, Greg, this guy was groovier than Marsha Brady. However, while he explains both male and female genitalia, in cosmic terms, he doesn’t explain why men and women both like tits. Also, cats & dogs aren’t left or right-hand dominant, only people, so what’s up with that?…

  17. I like the bit about not giving away our creativity, but his philosophy seems a bit simplistic to me. We are everything that has ever existed and there was no Creator, so we created ourselves? Apparently he believes there is no evil except as a counterweight to goodness, so we need people that do things like murder in order for there to be balance with someone that saves lives? Granted religion has been the source of many evil things like genocide, and is commonly used to justify wars, but just because they have been manipulated this way does not mean that there is no true God that is the source of everything good. Aethiests love to paint Him as the bad guy, but they have no comprehension of what a true relationship with God is all about.

    Still, the show gave me lots to think about.

  18. Thank You Greg, I signed up for your plus subscription in hopes of you putting Sevan on your show. I love it. Sevan breaths life back into so many of us

  19. Greg! You need (neeeeeeeed) to have Dr. Eben Alexander on here if you can get him! Along with Anatoly Fomenko and Catherine Austin Fitts! And please, Sevan AGAIN! This is really happening. Combined with the -marvelous- interview with Silvie which came back to back with this one (best way to end a year and start a year, you sure know how to DO IT! – We will see the negative parasitic forces be driven out. Paul Levy is a good interview guest too, if you can keep him from repeating himself! He did Dispelling Wetiko and both Freeman has spoken with him and I believe CAF did something with him as well. Of course I have his book sitting over there which I got from my favorite metaphysical shoppe The Enchanted Fox in Medway, MA, in case any New Englanders or adventurous metaphysical shoppe lovers are reading this comment! That place has a weird Jack Parsons connection but that’s a story you’ll have to find out if you go there, and only if you catch the right person… AS IT IS. Thank you for having Sevan on – this reallllllly blew my mind to have it at the very last ‘nick of time’.

  20. Sevan is an awsome wealth of esoteric and solution based information. I have listened to his talks since the esotericradio sgows were new. Awsome interview thanks for this one

  21. This is one of My Top 3 Favorite interviews I herd you do, meaning I can listen over and over and never get tired of it. Would have loved for you to have interviewed the late, Dr. Delbert Blaire, but Sevan is like a younger version on him. Thanks for this one.

  22. That is THE most mind blowing coolest most amazing interview I have EVER heard in my life!!!! I will listen again and possibly again to get it deeper. Will certainly deepen my meditation that’s for sure and will help me get out of the dark places or innerstand them anyway! Sincerest thanks to both of you – can I get a transcript? this was it all in a nutshell from Hermes Trismagistas to Alan Watts through baba ram das to ayawaska and beyond! thanks to my higher self for manifesting THIS!!! XXXXXXXX

  23. I really liked this guy, but the language connection was tenuous at best, spurious at worst. Seems a bit ethnocentric, but the etymology and symbolism certainly is interesting. Not sure if I’m 100% on board, however, I really enjoyed this talk, and I think a lot of what he said was right on

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