Ole Dammegard | Problems With Paris and San Bernardino: False Flags and Faux Terror

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Ole has dedicated his research to several topics over the last 30 years, but false flag attacks have always been near the top of that list. Today, Ole breaks down the story of what happened in Paris, and all the sketchy details that lead one to the conclusion that we can’t trust what we’ve been told about the event. Many of these elements also spill over into the events in San Bernardino, as well as several other components that fit the typical playbook of “drills gone live.”

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    1. Again i re-iterate, the JFK “assasination” was as fake as a 10 million dollar bill.
      What jackie placed on his head is called a squib in special effects, and its for show only.
      A dead giveaway is the total lack of a gun.

      JFK was not jesus incarnate, he was one of the bloodlines, stop buying into these hoaxes.

      Politics are a show, and there is no one in it, NO ONE that is for the people. That includes JFK, mr lets hoax our way to the moon himself.

      Here is a book about the subject :

      If you are a actual researcher and not just a plant/my-mind-is-made-up person, the least you can do is read it and tell me where it is wrong.

      Just started listening to the show now, but sounds pretty good so far, Ole is usually at least 65% correct.


      1. JFK was a man… I know that!

        The Zapruder film probably had a frame or two removed to make the gun disappear. A tiny little gun hidden up her sleave… easy. Or hidden down the back of the seat? She pulls him into position and BANG, blows his brains out. Then goes off to live a nice rich life with Onassis? Her handler?

        So the bit where his skull flew off? Is that special effects?

        1. It took an entire year from the incident to the “release of the zapruder film”.

          The movie as a whole is a forgery. And any conclusions drawn from analysing a forgery leads you into pure lala land.

          hence why the likes of Fetzer has zero to show for, after years and years of “research” with that movie as the go to “evidence”.

          This is how inteligence works. They provide the narrative and the counter narrative.

          When you realize almost every “big” event is made to influence you (and being damn effective at that), that is when we can start digging deeper into the agenda, instead of spinning our wheels analysing fake images beamed to our idiot box.


  1. Another good interview with Ole. I have a question about this law of Karma that states if I let you know that I’m about to do something bad to you and you don’t do anything about it, the bad Karma is on you. I’m no expert in Karma and I have no idea if there is any truth to this or not but I’m interested in learning more. Can anyone expound on this law of Karma?

    1. Basically, if you do something, anything, a bit of it sticks to you.
      Ka or Kar is a root word for heavy, dense or flesh. The more Ka that sticks, the heavier you are, in every sense.

      This is why monks and nuns sit and try to do nothing. Nothing in, nothing out. This gives them breathing space to actually see what’s what, theoretically.

      Also, why high lever Masons are charged with the ultimate power of good and evil, apparently! It’s fine to kill someone, as long as you balance it out with a “reverse” sacrifice.
      To me this is a bit like breaking an animals leg before you eat it because your law says you may only eat anim,als with broken legs!! Just who the fuck do you think you are fooling?? If God exists, then your bullshit is seen through. If god does not exist, then it doesn’t matter.

      All a matter of perception.
      So it probably doesn’t matter how Karma works, it matters how this group perceives Karma to work.

      1. You’re a font of knowledge, hammer1 and I’m always interested in the origin of words and I completely agree that perception is important but where exactly did the notion that if you intend to do harm to another and you tell them about it but they do nothing, you somehow get to pass on the bad Karma to them? That whole concept makes no sense but people repeat it as truth. I’m asking why? Greg answered by saying he’s not buying it either.

        1. I don’t think it’s that “the karma doesn’t stick” so much as the snake gets to tell the other snakes “But I TOLD her I’m a snake”.

          Not that snakes are necessarily bad. It’s just that they’re snakes. And if they tell you so, well it’s on you.

          That’s snake logic. If you don’t get it you obviously aren’t a snake.

          Bless up.

        2. The East has innumerable writings and treaties on karma and how it MIGHT work.
          Like the halal thing, the whole notion of “This karma is back on you!” sounds to me like a groups interpretation of the “Law”, twisted to suit their own ends.
          Cut down red meat intake by only allowing maimed animals to be slaughtered? We can find a way around that!
          As a side note, the prayers uttered while the animal is slaughtered/offered is as much for the slaughterman as the animal….trying to reduce karma perhaps!?!

          Back to the “Law”. Lets us imagine that we proscribe to the notion of karma for a minute.
          I have not seen, heard or read anything anywhere to suggest that you can put your karma, that you are picking up or already carrying, onto someone else. To do so would produce so much more karma, like exponential!, as to not really make it worth while.

          It sounds to me a bit more like “If you are smart enough to catch this, then you probably should be a member of the club, and at the very least could be useful later on. Not-a-sheep. Therefore, anyone who is caught with their pants down is asleep and so has proved themselves a sheep.” Apply broken leg, pray, and slice.

          Sorry for ragging on halal. I just hate people trying to justify doing stuff that they are going to do regardless.
          Do it already! You aren’t justifying shit to me. I can lie straight in bed at night without creating a fairy story for myself.

    2. I think Karma in a general sense exists. If you are doing bad stuff and feeling bad about it you are more likely to self sabotage yourself due to guilt… i.e *i deserved that*. For moral people it is like a form of penance where they feel the need to make up for what they have done wrong on a subconscious level. That can be constructive by doing good things but other times it is by inflicting harm on yourself. However sociopaths don’t have much of a conscience to speak of and so for them its not really a game changer with the exception that in these cabals they are surrounded with other sociopaths who will just as easily treat them as prey once they have outlived their usefulness or made too many mistakes.

  2. Karma.

    I’ve also heard this unspoken rule stated many times by reality researchers and Zionist-shills alike such as Alex Jones.
    On the face of it, people come up with wonderful rationalizations about why these demonic people (actually partially possessed by Fourth-Dimensional Aliens) MUST tell us what they are going to do before they actually do it.

    I always ask “Why would a murdering psychopath tell you that they are going to murder you?”
    That is just asisine primary school analysis.
    Mindless Automaton: They have to tell you ! It’s a rule !
    SW: What do you mean it’s a rule ?
    MA: Well, it’s like a vampire law.
    SW: So vampiric law now is operative in the Psychopathic Bloodlines of the Illuminati ?
    MA: Yes. THey are telling you what they are going to do. And if you tacitly accept, even through a non-response you are agreeing to them. Then, they can do whatever they want with you because you gave them permission.
    SW: Okay. So let me get this straight. We have an inbred collection of murderous psychopathic pedofilic parasites that rape babies, torture and murder children by the hundreds of thousands, genocide entire races of people, destory whole countries into dust but, BUT, they have a rule that says they must tell you what they are going to do. And if they do that, they are off the hook ? Do you not realize that every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie ?! They are professional liars.
    MA: Well I wouldn’t put it that way.
    SW: No you wouldn’t but I would because that is what it is. I’ll tell you what. They are telling you this stuff because they get off on it. They are Manchurian Candidates that get a perverse orgasm from tormenting their victims ceaselessly. These venomous vermin enjoy speaking of their future dastardly deeds. It is not different than the serial rapist who dreams in his sleep about raping an endless supply of women and children. He can’t stop thinking about it because he gets sexual relief from it.
    MA: I don’t know. They can’t be that bad , can they ?
    SW: You are so ignorant, I keep shaking my head at your destructive naivete. In fact, I can’t even continue talking to you…

      1. I think this goes no where because everyone with a logical mind sees how bogus it is. Only a twisted sociopathic puppet master could follow the logic to the point of accepting it.

        It seems to me that the entire concept of karma is misunderstood, particularly by monks if they choose to do nothing rather than do the wrong thing. That is not living, and certainly not a purpose for a lifetime on earth. If you take no action, you can never learn from your mistakes in order to become a better person. Inaction means you are failing to do what you are here to do. Where is the karmic reward in that?

  3. Another great interview. I want to especially commend you for asking Ole questions like has anyone ever contacted him trying to tell him they have a family member who died, etc. I’ve heard a lot of interviews with Ole, particularly with Fetzer, and he is not asked these questions. I realize most people familiar with these topics may not need more convincing, but I appreciate you keeping a critical eye on the whole thing, and attempting to put yourself in the skeptic’s shoes at least for a minute. I think one flaw with Fetzer is he is so enmeshed in these topics that he has trouble believing anyone can be skeptical after he presents his information, he is myopic and that approach makes it hard to speak to people who don’t already agree with him.

  4. I also want to add: listen to his answer to the refugee crisis, and life in general: if you don’t want refugees here, stop bombing them! And don’t be afraid, don’t listen to the propaganda, and be nice to people, be generous for no reason! Compare this to other recent takes on the refugee crisis, who don’t blame who is really responsible, and get angry that their culture and race is threatened, and are scared of people who are different! In a world where we are being bombarded with fear and nihilism, the ultimate rebellion would be to be generous and caring, right? Cheers to Ole and Greg for putting forth this idea instead.

    1. Good comments.
      I noticed that as well about the Refugee Crisis (now being called the Migrant Crisis).
      Thank you for making a point about stating it again.

      If you don’t want these people coming over here/there/anywhere, DON”T F*CKING BOMB THEIR HOMES !

      Seems like a pretty simple logical conclusion. Yet people cannot seem to grasp this. Inside they are inundated with FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. On top of that, most people are Narcissists Spineless Jellyfish who offer less resistance then water.
      We are f*cked royally unless WE ALL STOP BEING AFRAID.

      Why Fear FEAR ?
      Even animals don’t behave like we do.

      1. We have to be careful when saying WE should stop bombing Syria etc. It is the zionist occupied governments doing the bombing not us. It is the same zionist forces behind the ‘migrant crisis’. Israel wants to be surrounded by piles of rubble with no competitors in the region. It seems they don’t want any organised opposition in Europe either so they are creating cultural and demographic chaos. Asserting your right to a homeland and your own culture is not being fearful, it is being human.

  5. I hear that 80% of these refugees are not from Syria and are mostly men. I hear that prisons across north Africa were emptied and the men given tickets to go to Europe…….. Why spend thousands to keep them in prison when you can just dump them in Europe? Of course I wasn’t there to see it with my own eyes…. as usual.

  6. Greg, thanks for the content. this is, i’m guessing, my 3rd listen to Mr. Dammegard and i’m not quite on the hook. Enemy refugees, evil corporations, man i’m trying. Anywho, my young brother, you do this right. Peace.

  7. All wars are satanic mass human sacrifices. This has always been the case, going back tens of thousands of years. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense.

  8. I always enjoy listening to ole, and I think Greg Is a brilliant interviewer.i’d just like to add something though, the Isis threat on the Intel plant outside Dublin, was actually just a guy who worked there who got one of his friends to phone a threat through, so he could continue to party, and dodge work the next day, whiskey and mdma never a good idea in a work night?

  9. Reading some of the above comments was a trip. Jackie killed JFK?! Come on.. I love Bill Cooper but saying the limo driver shot Kennedy?? Come on..

    OK, Greg, I always appreciate your shows. Everytime I hear Ole though, i cant help but think he’s the consummate captain obvious. Definitely not a guy I ever look forward to hearing.

    Thanks for posting & keep up the great work, Greg!

  10. While I can agree with or at least with Ole on some points he makes, the fact that he speaks in absolutes about each of these events degrades his credibility in my eyes. He will make a few good points and then make large leaps to absolute conclusions. I’m not saying he’s incorrect, but the way he goes about sharing his information could be less opinionated. I want someone to give clear information and facts, not just speculation. And I read a little bit about this Chip Tatum guy he refers to and after reading a few paragraphs I think it’s BS. C’mon, this guy went from being a Forward Air Controller (FAC) with the Air Force to resigning, being ‘involuntarily reactivated’ to be a Night Stalker pilot? That’s a complete crock of shit imo

    I appreciate Ole’s points of view and listening to you and him has definitely made me more aware of events like this, but I can’t get over some of the things he says.

    Lastly, was he ripping a bong when you asked him about San Bernadino? I may not be able to recognize all the signs of these so called false flags but I do know what a water bong sounds like!

    All in all good work as usual Greg

  11. I really enjoyed listening to Ole. For me the learning journey is about listening to a wide range a people, and gleaning what resonates to me. No one person presents things of which I agree in total of what they say but there is always something to learn. When I began my journey into breaking the psychological holographic world I lived in, I understood/believed things quite differently to what I do know but I needed all the steps in my journey to get to where I am now. Who knows what my understanding of events will be in another 2 years time. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Ole’s angle and he offered some good insights for me. Some of what was said was put into the ‘I am not sure but will keep that until later’ box of tricks.
    I like you interview style too Greg. : )

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