Robert Phoenix Astrology and the Elite Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Robert Phoenix | Astrology, The Elite, & The Symbolism In Everything

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Top notch astrologer, Robert Phoenix, joins THC to explain the mechanisms of Astrology and walk us through extrapolating insight from the stars.

In the free one hour show, we talk about the Elite’s use of Astrology, and the symbolism they’ve coded into world events that proves they are very interested in a field that’s largely projected as silliness in the mainstream. Robert schools us on what he calls the “Malaysian Flight Death Ritual,” the Elite’s Gemini Program that very well may have flipped us from the enlightening Age of Aquarius into a darker alternative timeline ruled by the shadowy puppet masters, and the symbolic attack on water. We also discuss the plethora of Horse/Neptune references this year, which is the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.

In the second hour, we get more into the details of the Elite’s Gemini Program, and how 9/11 may have been a more modern “anchoring” of said timeline. Robert also reads Israel’s birth chart and give us the insight of the stars, into what we should see in global politics in the near future and beyond. (Be VERY wary of August 25th and the surrounding days!) We end the show with my birth chart as a detailed example of what an astrological reading would look like for those interested, and I also ask Robert for a little astrological insight for the audience into the dates and windows that would best nurture someone who wished to take a leap from corporate life and pursue passions of their own. Plan accordingly!

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A deeper dive with our guest! If you liked the first hour, how could you not like more?

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    1. Bummer man…I actually thought Robert wad a great guest! I was considering checking in with him on current events on a regular basis. Sorry you didn’t like it.

    2. I would say there is probably a more constructive way to say you did not like the episode… maybe say why. What about it made it feel like a hotline? No one likes an arrogant commenter esp. not the host.

  1. Really enjoyed it Greg, respect Tommys opinion but we cant all like every episode. Certainly there have been other episodes I havnt enjoyed so much but hey thats the way it works.

  2. Great episode, Greg! Super fascinating. Another person along the astrology vein you might consider as a guest is DK Brainard…VERY cool. He explains brain entrainment techniques & how our brainwaves affect our levels of consciousness & how watching television makes us ripe for subliminal programming–I know, very 101 stuff but he does guided meditations set to binaural beats that can easily put you in an altered state of consciousness! The lazy man’s meditation device… Let me know if u r interested in talking to him & I’ll vouche for ya

  3. I thought this show was really interesting and I would definitely enjoy it if he was a guest on a regular basis. He had a lot of great information to share- plus he seemed like a really cool guy! A+ in my book.

  4. First episode as a THC+ subscriber. I thought it was a great interview. Mr. Phoenix’s interpretations were fascinating and thought provoking. Keep up the great work Greg.

  5. I don’t know if it is my phone or not but I can’t seem to get these plus shows to download and store. I have to restart the episodes every time I get in my car and scroll through the episode to find where I left off. Is there another way to download these? I click download and nothing happens….

        1. Oh easy, thats what I have. Where is says “Download” right under the media player, click and hold it down until the pop up shows that says “Save link as” and then the MP3 will download to your phone to be played from your music app!

  6. I loved this episode. Robert Phoenix seemed definitely switched on to the big conspiracy stuff. I find so many people into astrology get a bit airy-fairy, so it was very refreshing to hear him get into some real gritty stuff, especially 9/11 and JFK ushering in new eras; that was sublime and I’d love to hear more….

    If astrology is what the big cabal is into and is doing behind the scenes (which i believe they are) then its definitely worth paying attention to this guy. It felt like a window into their world and their way of thinking and planning.
    I think he’d be great to hear from on a fairly regular basis.

    Another guest I’d love to hear more from was Mr Gates. I really wish he’d made it onto the Plus side, would have been great to get an extra hour from him.
    Loving THC Plus. Well worth the price of a soy latte and so much better for me!

  7. I loved everything about this episode. If you know Greg in person, or if you’ve followed the show long enough, you know how surprisingly accurate the birth chart reading was. Yeah many of us think Astrology is a good amount of bullshitting/making the pieces fit, but Robert was a captivating guest whose passion for the subject brought life to it.

    Someone I wish I could quote said, “It’s not about what you believe, it’s about what THEY believe.” The Powers that be are way into occult significance and so even if we find it hard to digest it’s our duty to look into it. Learn the evil wizard’s spells to break their control over you.

  8. Spot on for astrology info that is actually understandable. Loved hearing about your birth chart – makes me want a reading. Most of all a big thanks for wrapping up the interview with a hit of positivity. After the Aug 25 info, it was badly needed, at least for me. Great job as always, Greg.

  9. Yea man! This was pretty cool, i believe in astrology but dont have a fn clue how it works or houses or sht LOL but man Tridents huh that stuff was pretty interesting. I wanna learn more about Tridents and the end of the piscean age. Def have this guy back Greg and again Cheers man lovin the THC+. Listening to a couple a day till im caught up lol. ☥Peace☮

  10. Hey greg, not a bad episode. Kinda hard to follow but very interested none the less. Keep up what ur doin man. Love ur show. Ill be a listener as long as ur on the air!

  11. I really enjoyed this episode, even though I’ve never found astrology very interesting. What did it for me in this episode was connecting astrology to world events — which, fascinatingly — shed light on the shadowy world of the conspiring elite. I hope to hear Robert Phoenix on more episodes, perhaps each December, to give us a wrap up for the past year and then a forecast for the upcoming year. Thanks for putting on such a great show, Greg!

  12. Hey Greg i know you like your movie references. And i have been listebibg to alot of your guests talk about astrology and everytime someone says the age of Aquarius this pops into my head.

    I just went and relistened to the lyrics…. These elites are just dangling the bait in our faces. I hope u see this comment.

  13. I’m here listening in July 2020 because I’m learning more about Astrology and remembered hearing some interesting/useful info in some older episodes. 

    At one point he talks about alternate timelines and the way that an omnipotent consciousness might view JFK’s assassination. He says, “… not the fact that the dark reality that you’re about to inherit will be interesting [than if JFK had lived], but your response to it might be more interesting. Because maybe somewhere in this mix when you wake up, it won’t be one individual that will help wake you up, but it will be a massive number of you that will wake up. So that somewhere along the line this will never happen again.” It’s at 1:21:11

    He says that ‘they’ tried to make an alternate timeline where they use knowledge as a weapon

    “But what they may not understand is that they may be doing something along the lines of facilitating our own awakening!”

    very relevant to today 

  14. Ok just finished the ep. Greg, from an outside perspective, (which isn’t worth much really lol) your chart reading seems to have really panned out! Especially as a fellow Aries sun I think that’s really cool. The end of the ep was pretty cathartic 🙏

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