David Paulides Missing 411 National Parks Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

David Paulides | Missing 411: The National Parks Conspiracy, & Bizarre Disappearances Within Them

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What a show! David Paulides joins THC to discuss the hundreds and hundreds of people that have gone missing, many within national parks, who’s cases contain evidence or facts that are seemingly impossible. How does a 2 yrs old in a park, disappear in an instant, and reappear 12 miles away just a few hours later? Why are people’s clothes found, undamaged, miles away from camp, but no body? These are just a few of the very strange occurrences that the National Parks Service would rather you just not know about. Too late.

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A deeper dive with our guest! If you liked the first hour, how could you not like more?

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Great show. A real thought provocour … Problem: The podcast link above is taking me to the first hour show. Where is hour two hiding?

    All the best,….

  2. Wow!! Im impressed! Growing up, my aunts would take the “kids” on vacations during the summer through national parks, here in Canada, and the states. Never would i have thought that these incidents were happening there, although my Grandma before she passed, told me how the National parks are used for future “concentration camps”. She did have info on it, but i have yet to find it. Would you be able to find out? Would be great to have a show on that. Great job on the podcast.

  3. Man, this is exactly why I signed up for my 6 month subscription. Thie second hour of this show was super interesting and really got me thinking about this kind of stuff.
    Great job on thc+ Greg, and I hope future thc+ shows will be as interesting as this one. Keep up the good work man.

    1. I haven’t had an iPhone for quite some time, but underthe streaming player, it should say download. Somehow there’s a way to grab that by either holding it down or whatever Iphones use to download stuff, and select “save link as..” or save file as..” and you should be able to get it. Hope that helps a little!

  4. Great episode Greg. I’ve been listening for about 6 months from Australia, awesome to get a mention in the topic!

    I have never contributed to the money bomb in that time but heard the call and happy to support future episodes. To be honest I got a little bit worried when you put the call out which prompted me to subscribe. I listen on my drive to work and one show used to cover there and back. Now that I get an extra hour I have to decide wether to stop listening when I get home and save the second hour for tomorrow or finish the episode while I enjoy my knock off smoke. So far neither have made it to tomorrow! Its a great show that I thoroughly enjoy and makes me not give a shit how much traffic there is. Thanks for that alone Mate!

    2 things came to mind about this episode. Has anyone attempted to recontact these child surivivors as adults? and the pooping on paper for dna would be unlikley if a pin prick on grandma was all it took to dopplegang her wouldnt it?

    Also, I wasnt even thinking sasquatch until it was mentioned sighted on the hill either! Love me them cryptids and down for more of them too.

    Keep em rolling in Bud. Ava good one

    1. Thanks man! I wish I would have asked more about checking up on them as adults. That might have been a missed opportunity, but I’m pretty sure he would say they didn’t remember then, and still don’t. Maybe some hypnotic regression is in order!

  5. Fuck everyone saying you “sold out”. People are going to hate what you do no matter what, if you only do 1 hours shows they’ll say the shows too short, thc+ and paying for the second hour they’ll say your evil for making people pay. I think anyone that’s actually taken the steps to move outside the normal 9-5 understands and supports you on thc+; plus really ? You don’t have $5 too give to something you like? I bet you’ll spend $5 on a beer at the bar though huh… Not trying to be hateful but $5 does not make or break your month to month budget, and if its something you like it’s a great price for it.

    Shit some months I’m on netflix the whole month, and then others I’m paying $8 a month and not going on it once, but I keep coming back to thc every single podcast, and am going back to the old ones too.

    Keep doing you Greg

    1. Well said. The quality of the content is worth the minimal fee and IMHO Greg produces shows better than other mainstream ones. I’m really impressed by the time spent on audio clarity as well.

      As the Joker says, “if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free.” 😉

    2. Agreed. It would be a huge loss if Greg had to put on a clown suit and serve customers. I live in a very socially oppressive place. This show is a respite for me. I take off my clown suit, 420, relax my bullshit detectors, and listen to THC.

  6. Great show! I’ve read 3 of David Paulides books….very thought provoking. Greg…please don’t let the folks who are freaking out about paying for the extra hour get you down. It’s well worth it. If they don’t want to pay for the extra hour…then screw it. You’ve given us all free shows for a long time. You still have to pay bills and pay for equipment. Still enough money left to buy the beer and smokes….I did the 6 month subscription. Come on people! You’re the best and keep up the great work!

  7. Keep up the good work Greg. I’ll support you for life. You’ve got a real fan. Awesome topics. My wife and I listen together. Before you came up with the 2 hour show idea I had stated that the her many times and wished you would do a longer show, or more than one a week. There’s a reason you got nominated for the stitcher award. I browse podcast. Listen if it look cool. Delete it if it sucks. You are at the top of my list right next to Alex Jones. What can I say I love him and you too. Keep it up. Thanks. Aaron, C.

  8. Loved this episode. Have listened to a few David Paulides interviews and bought his books and I must say I find this to be quite disturbing. Thanks for having him on your show!

  9. Hey awesome show ! I was listening to this one an many other more at my work the whole day ! I mowe lawns so it helps me get through the day better ! Anyways, I was listening to it on an app called ” stitcher ” an I just signed up for THC+ an I was wondering if you knew how I can listen to the full 2 hours in that app. Would really appreciate it.
    Keep up the great work !!

  10. Great show! I wonder if anyone who has disappeared (and found later) been hypnotically regressed to the time they were missing? That would be very interesting.

  11. I’ve been going backwards and I think I found an interesting connection. David said in this one a lot of Germans are mentioned in missing persons. In your latest episode “Space Nazis” are jokingly mentioned that may be taking medical study samples. Maybe a strange correlation, I may just be reading too much into it… Anyways I’ve loved the show since the beginning! I started the work/university/family thing and fell off, but I’m back and I’m so fucking glad you’re still at it!

  12. greg, you are as the kids say ‘da bomb! since I’ve been a thc+ member I haven’t had a chance to go thru past eps. At home on a rainy evening babysitting the granddaughter, I ran across this thc show. Wow, that was a supercalifragilistic interview. Mr. Paulides is doing great work. I just ordered his book cause I have to know more. Push on young man.

  13. Hehya Greg- Good show. DP has one or two new reports up, youtube, one in March/Feb this year.
    Dave has been checking out similar disappearances in cities. Bright, candle-burning-at-both-ends, College males.
    A docu coming out this year.
    Frustrating knowing that there are more to these events- being held back. Couple more recent Forensics discovered drug similar to Date Rape via tests.
    Growing speculation coroners involved in withholding information.
    Keep up the great shows sir!

  14. This was excellent episode I had a friend of friend who went missing in America and it was found too be an odd disappearance,so when heard this it reminded me of this,so glad I paid for the plus extra.thamsk greg

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