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Robert Bonomo is a film maker, blogger, novelist and esotericist. All three of Robert’s novels,  Twilight Breakout, Cactus Land and his latest release, Your Love Incomplete, are available as free downloads on Smashwords.

In July of 2018 Robert released his documentary on the major arcana of the tarot, The 21 Faces of God.  The film can be viewed here.

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-The art of number. -Getting off your personal moisture farm. -The mechanisms behind tarot divination. -Robert explains key cards of the major arcana. -Popeye & Walter White. -Overcoming the 7 pillars of the Matrix.

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    1. The “telephone telepathy” of podcasting, nice!

      Some people want less magic-y stuff but it’s a magical Universe. I did’t make it, so what am I supposed to do?!

      1. Greg – The magic stuff is freaking awesome. I have had some incredible experiences since you put me on to Gordon White and the Chaos Protocols.

        Follow your intuition!
        (but if you want a change of pace from the magic, why not some great lolz with Hugo the Poet?)

        1. But back on topic – what a great conversation! Robert comes across as lucid, knowledgeable and uplifting. He has lots of great, achievable suggestions for *right living*, both in terms of improving the world, but also in a personal simple, daily practice.

          As you both have pointed out, our world IS magical, so to leave magic out of the narrative of ‘conspiracy’ is to tell less than half the tale. We acknowledge that TPTB use magic and astrological timings, so why shouldn’t we?

          Thanks so much! I’m really look forward to seeing his film!

    1. he was also on grimerica not too long ago and was kind enough to answer an email i sent to clear up some questions I had. I’m all too happy to hear him again!

  1. nice show, i listened to it on my xbox and the show normally stops randomly a few time but it didnt this time. my xbox must have liked it too or ai, that would be weird lol

  2. I thought it was great some shows are better second time around. It cannot always be middle Earth or Antatrica. Greg you are one of the best at interviewing you could carry any guest and usually know things on the subject that surprise the guest.

  3. In my view of the control system. We give it to much power in the simple context of our speaking forth these energies. To know that archons are in control is to give them control What force is truly in control of society and all archons?That would be Earth, Elemental rule is all there is truly . We as humans beings, and all beings who live here are true technology of Earth. One comes out of the many lost ignorant masses who has the nuetrality in the midst of duality as the pendulum swings, the measure to the right is the measure to the left. To the control the controller is in the center point of creation, where instananeous knowing is beyond both measures. All people of this great awakening have to create a new way in which people thrive. In a world of duality there is but one currency that both “sides” use. Money. Can we not create a new currency in which good moral earns it and things of harm cannot be bought nor sold. If we divided the rightcheous from the wicked how many would of us would inhabit this Earth. Split the world into three sections of land and separate the ones living in truth to the ignorant dualistic confused, to the truly wicked. I believe the confused would group would be extremely large and the rightcheous would be almost the size of the evil. The one binding thing in this triangle financial system
    is money…these are the types of thoughts your generating in myself; Thank you so much for another great great interview you both are awesome! Keep up the good work. Time for Mastery is Now

  4. Your interviews are always great Greg, but the paranoid conspiracy researcher in me always has to wonder if a guest may have an agenda being pushed besides the guests own interests.
    The stuff about the world needing a new archetype made my ears prick up, that’s cutting awfully close to one world religion type thinking, and saying archetypes just arise and no one can create it seems a bit naive (and I’m sure he’s not).
    There’s nothing new under the sun, any new archetype will be a repackaged one, I’m thinking an androgenous prettier Baphomet riding a unicorn. (Barf). Look up unicorn symbolism, seems to be a current flavor of marketing.
    Anyway Robert seems like a nice guy, I plan to watch his movie when I have time to look at pictures and not just listen.

  5. I’m really digging all the topics of magic. I’m still new to understanding magic, still clueless but each day I learn something new. I’m ready for a new astrological magic interview.

    Best thing I like about your show Greg, is how random the topics are. Things I knew a little about and dozens of things i never heard of. The archives have kept me busy all summer.

  6. Great show as usual! Just finished watching the doc/21 Faces and loved it! Also interesting is that he included a couple of clips from “Donald in Mathmagic Land” a great source from those clever old time witches at Vintage Disney.( Disney also produced some telling space travel docs with Werner Von Braun/these guys were smoking and no doubt taking the .gov lab produced LSD prevelant at the time. Trippy Disney future in space videos on YouTube. ) If you have never watched it it’s pretty amazing for understanding “The Golden Section” which is the simplistic key to really everything!

  7. Although I usually prefer material that is in no way fanciful and I confess that I would normally dismiss Tarot as fanciful. Robert presents himself very well and I liked his flirtations with subversion and his humor. Will he be a returning guest?

  8. Wow I’ve been searching for a new myth for so long, without even realising I was trying to fill this void. Recently I’ve been really interested in the mythology surrounding Shiva along with Brahma and Vishnu. Shiva is really cool and accessible as a god, sits around meditating and smoking weed. Plus loads of animal motifs. Would recommend looking into these stories as it’s trippy and refreshing, nevermind ancient. Also not too patriarchal as the female god Kali Ma is the most powerful. There are reams of these stories accounting their multiple reincarnations through human form. 100% agree where Robert says we need adventure. So important and I don’t hear anyone saying that ever! just to grow up and advance your ‘career’.

  9. Loving the magic/occult shows Greg. Only makes sense that to understand whats going on in the conspiracy world you may want an understanding of the occult/magic. Haters gonna hate! Keep up the Great Work.

  10. 1st time I have heard Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance mentioned on your show.(great show as usual) The book was a very big deal at the time and is still as relevant as ever, for a lot of people. The book could be considered as the ultimate conspiracy story and should be talked about MORE within these circles (even if you disagree with his conclusions.) If there is an understanding to be made about the western archonic metaphysical underlying principles of how we are taught and entrained then this book does present other very in-depth answers and solutions. there is a certain interesting contemporary clash of powers between Robert Pirsig (the author of ZAMM) and Ayn Rand which would be interesting to dive into if poss. Ayn Rand being the capitalist individualist (Rand having demonstrable influence in neo-leiberal politics..Greenspan etc) and Pirsigs understanding of undefined goodness, a goodness more than just substance and self. His own story is worth digging into too, Buddhists claiming that he had attained ‘hard’ enlightenment. he is drunk on eastern non-material mysticism but platonic in his explanations.

  11. I’d like to discuss this episode in relation to Peter Jenx’s work on researching Thai mysticism. What I really like about that episode is learning the fact that for most Thais the esoteric is part of their main stream experience consciousness similar to what Robert discussed with Native American’s experience of the magical. It’s also poignant that Thailand was one of the few Asian countries never to be subject to colonial rule. In the west magic was certainly driven underground by the church (at least for the masses), except for the elite who continued to develop it for their own profit. As a Gnostic Christian\ Buddhist myself I wonder what we lost when the Cathars were exterminated by the Albigensian Crusade. I think some of the universals discussed boil down to an Alchemical idea of transmuting the soul with the Buddhist ideal of getting off of the Karmic wheel versus being servants in the material. If I had to hazard a guess I would say that our consciousness, focus and energy are being harassed by the elite to create a version of reality that profits them and even creates reality itself. How far up this goes up the pyramid beyond the human experience is what interests me know. Thank you Greg for the last two shows. I appreciate that the guests have thought about these things on a deeper level and done there home work so to speak.
    As you say the political machinations of Trump, Clinton, Bush etc. can be distracting. I think we’re onto something deeper and more profound to the human experience here. We may find we don’t like it, and what we learn may be upsetting, but we have to put on our big boy and big girl pants some time.

  12. I have been watching the direction you have been going in recently and wondering if it was mine! This episode was a great bridge between my interests and magic. It cleared some things up for me. He was very easy to listen to and I felt quite empowered to find out more. Do take the point above about the concern about a new archetype – but these are supposed to be OUR internal traits? Very thought provoking stuff. Will listen to this again. Thanks for your work which NEVER feels like it’s about you x

  13. An awesome interview amazing questions he is a super good guest his explanation of the journey through the Tarot deck is right on.. I have been reading my own tarot cards for 30 years I did start with the writer wheat deck since then I have moved on to another set that I have used for 25 years but he is an excellent teacher and he seems extremely knowledgeable in different areas as well which all tied into the tarot such as Alchemy astrology start. Thank you Greg

  14. I will admit when I saw this I said “tarrot, kewl.” But man did this one deliver. This guest was one hell of a speaker, very knowledgeable. Greg came with the top tier questions as always. Loved this show.

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