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Robert Bonomo | Tarot Archetypes, Banking Alchemy, & Marketing Magic

Topics Covered: Archetypes, Corruption, Finance, Magical Toolbox, Marketing, Occult, Tarot

Show Notes

Robert Bonomo is a film maker, blogger, novelist and esotericist. All three of Robert’s novels,  Twilight Breakout, Cactus Land and his latest release, Your Love Incomplete, are available as free downloads on Smashwords.

In July of 2018 Robert released his documentary on the major arcana of the tarot, The 21 Faces of God.  The film can be viewed here.

PLUS Content

-The art of number. -Getting off your personal moisture farm. -The mechanisms behind tarot divination. -Robert explains key cards of the major arcana. -Popeye & Walter White. -Overcoming the 7 pillars of the Matrix.
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