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Peter Jenx | The Thai Occult, Spirits, Leklai, & The Ajarns

Show Notes

Peter Jenx is the author of The Thai Occult series. His third version has just been released, and he joins THC to talk about the rich occult traditions of Thailand and the Ajarns.

The Thai Occult Book covers the full range of the talismans produced as well as the rituals and blessings conducted by the Ajarns, all told through in-depth interviews with the best magicians in the country.

PLUS Content

-The history and linage of the Thai spell books. -The art of Sak Yant tattooing. -Thai fairies -The Rare One-Eyed Coconut -Thai herbology & supernatural plants -Cats in the Thai Occult & cat fetus amulets
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Occult Fan

Awesome! I own all of Jenx’s books. Looking forward to this one!


I guess this is a show for only witches and magic ideas now. BORING


I like the Magic and spiritual episodes but I somewhat agree, it would be nice to here some more stuff like free energy and stuff like with Aaron Murakami. Or something else that is tangible. Great work tho I enjoyed this episode. Looking forward a Clyde Lewis episode 🙂 guy is colorful in his ideas sometimes but educated and well spoken.


Enjoyably interesting. Another episode I’ve listened to as soon as it showed up. Others I save until I’m out bush with no internet.


As a resident of Chiang Mai myself, I’ve had to accommodate all sorts of rituals and practices in every aspect of life here for many years. I’ve learned to cooperate with it all rather than endure the wrath of my wife! Up ladders tying string round the house or sacrificing another black pig to the ancestors… Yes dear. No problem.
Interesting to find out about all these habits that make up such a large part of Thai life.


What is not to like. Thai occult by Peter Jenx great interview Greg I need to listen a few times but that is every show. I get my money’s worth lol.


I think it’s super interesting to learn about the Thai occult and how it relates to and differs from Western spirituality. It really makes me want to live in a place like Thailand where everything is more connected to the ethereal realm.


It’s more like ‘everyone’ is connected to the ethereal realm. You can be connected wherever you are it is just some cultures are more attuned and appreciative of their surroundings


Dang! Living in Thailand sounds EXHAUSTING! ????


Ha! In a way it does. As someone who finds it exhausting just to have to brush my teeth twice a day, the routine of constantly attending to spirits daily does sound like too much for me as well.


A most amazing and rare glimpse into the world of tie a cult. Indeed you asked really great question and I hope you have this guest on one of my favorite episodes ever! The information was truly fascinating and informational, educational and wonderful. I look forward to hearing about your hero’s journey which is going to take you to Thailand.. And you are indeed very special for having a personal invite like this. I really loved his talking about not telling the black magic rituals but yet he spoke about inclusiveness among the magical practices. Every day we can do something as he shows in very simple ways thank you thank you


I lived in Thailand for several years when I was younger and so a lot of what was said here was familiar, however I was unaware of a lot of it, especially the corpse amulets. This show has helped me to understand the Thai culture and my time there better. Thanks Peter and Greg for a very interesting and enlightening show.

Thinking about it I still have several Thai Animalist practices that 30 years later I still keep up with, like not stepping on a doorstep.


Not sure if you’ve heard about or seen this guy’s stuff. His stuff is rather deep but pretty interesting.


So this explains why I loved Chiang Mai so much and I can’t wait to go again this year for Songkran. Great episode! In general, the only misgiving I have is when Greg mentioned entheogens being the main?only? (sorry I can’t remember the exact word used) for Westerners to connect to spirit. I completely disagree with this. As a “westerner” myself, the issue has more to do with many westerners being lazy and wanting shortcuts. As Kanye said “You needa crawl before you ball”. You can’t just meditate for 5 minutes on Monday and then expect to be channeling angels on Tuesday LOL.

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