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Peter Jenx | The Thai Occult, Spirits, Leklai, & The Ajarns

Topics Covered: Culture, Occult, Spirits

Show Notes

Peter Jenx is the author of The Thai Occult series. His third version has just been released, and he joins THC to talk about the rich occult traditions of Thailand and the Ajarns.

The Thai Occult Book covers the full range of the talismans produced as well as the rituals and blessings conducted by the Ajarns, all told through in-depth interviews with the best magicians in the country.

PLUS Content

-The history and linage of the Thai spell books. -The art of Sak Yant tattooing. -Thai fairies -The Rare One-Eyed Coconut -Thai herbology & supernatural plants -Cats in the Thai Occult & cat fetus amulets
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