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Michael Wann is the man behind Susquehanna Alchemy and he made quite a splash with his first THC appearance back in May, where he outlined all the esoteric elements of the river and its surrounding area.

Today, he returns to examine some other recent stories and themes in the zeitgeist, give us a broader idea of how he views these esoteric tools being used, and what we can learn about the nature of reality by giving them a closer look.

PLUS Content

-The 100 Year Cycle: From ENIAC to the Singularity. -Merging the digital with the physical. -The simulation at the end of the world. -Mount Ecclesia. -Bill, Ted, & Neo.

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  1. I rate this episode Excellent, like B&T’s Adventure.
    I’m a fan of Michael’s work, and I have begun exploring the Susquehanna material more in depth, as I live right there in the Chesapeake watershed area. Very interesting stuff.
    I was actually sitting near an old man I know who is a (former?) member of A.M.O.R.C., during the final segments of the show. I backed up the part about Rosicrucian Headquarters to let him listen. He nodded approvingly, then immediately got the reference to Silence of the Lambs, almost before you even finished saying it.
    The B&T/Matrix stuff, very relevant I think. There are many more connections, but I’ll simply touch on the fact that towards the end of B&T, Reeves was sword fighting on stage (make-believe world) with Joan of Arc, as though she had obviously trained him to fight, and her physical features closely resemble those of “Trinity” in the Matrix, another short-haired female spiritual warrior of sorts.
    I’ll conclude by saying that releasing an episode on culture manipulation on December 8th, the birthday of the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison…very appropriate.
    And just because I’m a movie nerd in rehab, Greg, I’m wagering that your reference in the outro was to George Clooney being a “Dapper Dan man”, in the deeply esoteric Oh Brother…
    Oh, and if anyone has been on a penis kick (ouch) I’m guessing Tracy T. I could be wrong, but I hope I’m right.

    1. Yes! Thank you. Was going to say the same thing. As an Aussie it always annoys me when people say our water spins in the opposite direction.
      I can make it spin whichever direction I like depending on which angle I pour it down the sink.
      Small point… in an otherwise excellent show. And a really, really great guest.
      Hope to hear more from him!

  2. My grandmother was a rosicrucian and loved going to the San Jose Center it takes up a whole city block and it looks like a piece to Egypt with drop-down so definitely go there and enjoy it I don’t know what the latitude longitude lines are built in the early 1900s.. Michael Juan is an awesome person full of wonderful information and he is one of my favorite guest so thank you for both of you bringing out the conspiracy and religion

  3. Like it’s getting good reviews..

    The direction water flows in toilets and sinks is due to construction, not hemisphere.

    And the title art? Why does the globe Earth have to be involved, smh 🙂

    This guy’s bad ass

  4. Great show , excellent discussion and integration of concepts . Really good discussion a lot coming together of what we are in, learning gain knowledge . Get tools we need to light it up. Listening to your first interview excellent primer to revisit with this one.
    Frequency medicine with Phi ratio with Dan Winter and Paul Harris inventors of the TheraPhi , please consider their work. Here is Clive deCarle interviewing Dan Winter. Right up this alley , We are there.

    Thank you .

  5. Hey, I live right down the street from the Rosicrucian HQ, and before you go you need to realize this IS NOT THE ROSICRUCIAN ORDER WITH THE EGYPTIAN ARTIFACTS. THERE ARE TWO ROSICRUCIAN ORDERS. The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross, AMORC, who are the ones that own the artifacts, and they’re up in the Bay Area. The other Rosicrucian Fellowship, was created by Max Heindel, a very well respected Occultist from the early 1900’s.

    The HQ in Oceanside is a bit of a local mystery. The place looks deserted. The landscaping is dead, and the buildings don’t look like they’ve been maintained except for the bare minimum. I mean that literally, just enough to keep these 100 year old buildings up, but not enough to think someone actually would reside or work in them. Their Temple is an exception, and can be seen on the side of a cliff overlooking a valley, and on important Astronomical dates, the temple will have lights on during the night.

    The compound used to be locked up with no visitors allowed at all. Nowadays they have opened up to the public, and you can walk the premises but not enter any buildings. The view from outside the temple is amazing, it overlooks the Oceanside Valley from a vantage point that’s unbeatable. Growing up here, I’ve know the area like the back of my hand, and they definitely chose that spot well. You won’t find Obelisks or Sarcophagi, but you won’t leave empty handed either.

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