Rick Simpson |The Cannabis Conspiracy, Hemp Oil Healing, & Rockefeller Medicine

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Living legend, Rick Simpson, joins THC to celebrate 4/20 by exposing the truth about the mighty marijuana plant, dropping knowledge about the hemp oil “cure all” he is famous for developing, and discussing all the various ways that lifting the marijuana/hemp embargo could benefit humanity. Enjoy!

Learn more about Rick Simpson Oil and how to make it at:

Watch: Run From The Cure- The Rick Simpson Documentary

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  1. Sweet stuff you do Greg….if you ever trip over to Wales in the UK….I have some smoke for you…….;)…..and are there any UK listeners out there?..
    Keep doin and bein bro!!!!!

    1. Dude, I am Greg’s buddy that has Cronh’s disease. My wife and I, and our sweet dog Buddy, packed ourselves and whatever else could fit into the car and moved from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO. We’re staying in Aurora for now, and looking for new housing on May 1st. I would love to meet up with a fan of the show, and any help you could provide during our transition until we’re more established would be excellent.

      PM me or find me on Facebook as Kyle Izzet-Sirius if you want to meet up. Peace

  2. The US is awful! We don’t even get free health care… could you be so caring and rip people off on the daily? Breaking Bad is the prime example…… no one can afford it and everyone has it……. If I had one wish- everything to be organic and free especially if it comes from the ground….and legal for God’s sake.

  3. Rick Simpson is the man! Really enjoyed this episode and even though I’ve heard Rick multiple times on YouTube I never get tired of hearing him rip into pharmaceuticals / western medicine. I’ve used the oil recreationally before but I’m convinced now more than ever that it should be a regular thing in my life even though I’m perfectly healthy. It would be a good emergency medicine to have around at all times too. As Rick mentioned India has wild cannabis all over the place especially up north, its pretty incredible to see.

  4. Hey to all the UK guys and gals……Britman you live nearer to me as I live in Wrexham……will have to have a pow wow getogether…..nice home grown stuff… ………and Suze….we don’t want
    “Legal”…..we want lawful and decriminalised….
    Love to all…….
    Still want a return of Jan Irwin……:)….

  5. I know three people personally that have vouched for oil curing them of tumors. This guy was in Amhurst NS very close to the NB border originally. I’d love to think this is all true, but my brainwashing runs deep.

  6. Could this be the origin of the medicine man/shaman/witch doctor? If a dude on the edge of the tribe was curing all known ailments with this stuff I’d be taking him very seriously.

  7. Sativa to change the things I can, Indica to accept the things i can’t. The cannabis Serenity Prayer. Cannabis saved my life from opioid addiction. I am a walking testimonial I fought and conquered addictions and depression simply by accepting that medical professionals were as brainwashed as I was and walking my own path. I haven’t even had a cold in 3 years, and I travel with hippies, live mostly outside and swim in fish ponds. Crazy right? Haven’t seen a doctor in 8 years. Not giving 100% credit to cannabis, just 80% credit. Diet and discipline are essential as well. Living in and off of nature for a while is a great way to cleanse your pineal gland I have seen a night and day difference in my life since I stop dwelling in drywall boxes.

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