Anthony Patch | CERN: The Portal To Saturn, Electric Universe Theory, & Other Occult Science

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Today on the podcast, researcher, author, and self proclaimed monk – Anthony Patch joins THC to discuss his research and theories involving Cern, Saturn, demonic entities, technological channeling, Berkeley University, and a whole host of conspiratorial themes.

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  1. A couple traditions I can think of offhand, describe things coming to materialization in various stages from a non-differentiated void of potential, down through grades of selection to eventual physical reality/occurrence. Hearing it discussed just now, made me think of perhaps its all a big cycle, an endless back and forth between physical being manifested and spiritual potential trying to manifest. Ugh. That sounds a lot like hell to me, once you get here, everything is forgotten and time to start all over again. Fuck that.

  2. All these gravity based CERN experiments will prove fruitless . Nonsense to suggest it could cause a big bang . Gravity , black holes , big bang is all bunk .

  3. Awesome show man! One of my favorites so far! You have turned me onto so many cool people, books and podcasts. You’re still by far my favorite interviewer. Well prepared and you guide it and let the guest be the main focus. And no callers, which I love. Keep it up!

    1. You’re too kind! I’m glad what I try to do is what people want, it’s what I thought was missing from the shows I was listening to. Much appreciated.

    2. Agreed…you are def by far the best! Even on the random occasion of an obviously ridonkulous guest, which I would normally skip through immediately, after realizing they are 100% wack, I even like those…it’s hilarious! You always keep it real and keep yourself civilized and on point, whether it’s a ground breaking, near genius, or a total basket case as your guest! Makes it even more interesting, to have to read between the lines! You wear your heart on your sleeve, but not your BS radar! ;)’ Loves it and thank you for the steady awesomeness!

  4. Great show. Your interview with Anthony was the best of all the ones I gave heard. Still trying to wrap my head around all the science involved, but it’s so fascinating. Thanks for bringing up vaccines too, most of the public is so brainwashed about how dangerous they are on so many levels. It’s practically impossible to go a day without seeing something on tv trying to convince me I’m evil for not vaccinating my child. Every time you bring up these type of important subjects it helps to counteract all the propaganda the media is shoving down our throats, so thank you.

    1. I totally agree with you about the bombardment on vaccines. It’s pretty aggressive.
      Even watching the new Daredevil series on Netfix that people are talking about, the entire show feels like a fictional world and they never make any real world references- except one time a nurse says something like “Gotta work late, another measles outbreak from all these damn parents that aren’t vaccinating.” for no real reason at all. It seemed really awkward, out of place, and a little forced to me. Even in my superhero shows I’m getting blasted about vaccines, yet nobody knows anybody who’s died from some outbreak of disease. It’s annoying how aggressive people are getting about a non-existent problem.

      1. I understand that there are people who get diseases such as measles, both vaccinated and unvaccinated. The majority that come down with measles are the vaccinated group. The strain of measles that the unvaccinated group get causes little problems. It all goes away and they are left with immunity.

        However the strain of measles the vaccinated group gets is much more toxic and can indeed cause permanent damage and death.

        1. In addition, I must say that vaccines result in little to no immunity. Of major concern is that none of the many adjuvants in vaccines have been studied for safety by the FDA. That might be because the people of decision-making capacity at the FDA have a revolving door policy between employment by the FDA and positions on the boards of major pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Thank you thank you for this awesome information!!! Put together so well! ;o) I’m glad I get to watch it over again. Another episode with this dude would be great because 2 hours was not enough. You guys were very harmonious together.

  6. Interesting stuff. I loved the discussion of the data storage potential of diamonds towards the end. It reminded me of your discussion with Michael Mott, about the images found within quartz, etc. Of course, you can’t think of all of that, and not think of Superman’s Fortress Of Solitude, and his whole data crystal setup. It also makes me think about diamond wedding rings, and the conspiratorial possibilities therein.

  7. Man, what a combo you two are. Great stuff. This was one of the more mind blowing episodes for me because you hit up on so many topics I’m interested in. Definitely worth doing a second interview at some point.

    From an “occult” perspective it’s my understanding that diamonds / crystals are symbolically linked to information / data. There’s an interesting association between crystals, swords and the element of air that essentially represents mental clarity, information or “left brained” analytical energy. The more you look into these symbols the more I think it makes sense (studying tarot cards helped me come to a lot of these insights). I’ve even heard some say that crystals basically “pick up” / store information naturally and that it’s one of their hidden properties. I wouldn’t doubt it based on how I see things now. So everything that was said at the end with storing data in diamonds / crystals resonated quite a bit. It was a random tangent but I enjoyed it.

  8. I’m going to have to repeat this one, so much great info. The CERN / Saturn connection could very well be the end-game. Good call Greg in letting Anthony flow with his biblical worldview. A lesser host would have made it a point of contention.

  9. I think the electric universe theory is really interesting–and I think it’s the people out there on the fringe are the ones who come up with new knowledge. I see it is a poetical investigation into origins and cosmology.

    Perhaps from another perspective, though, it’s like a literal interpretation of the bible and fraught with the same type of problems.

    I think there are much “simpler”, though extremely subtle, interpretations of these ancient myths and the relationship of the planets/gods to man and the earth. From my perspective the mythology is basically like a decoder ring, you can apply it to understand man and his relationship with the universe, but it has no real information itself.

    The Saturn mythology is endless. One could spend all day riffing on the ideas. There’s the whole Osiris/Isis/Horus mythology, where some people see Osiris as saturn, or the underworld sun, or the sun on earth. One interesting interpretation of that is Osiris as the metaphor for the soul in the body, or literally, the sunlight becoming plant life, really everything on earth. If you study just those myths–the Osiris/Horus myth, you’ll start to see how pervasive the symbolism is. From my perspective, this idea of the lost golden age and a dying king seems to come from this story.

    If you’ve ever wondered what that black slab/black cube symbolism was about, for example, the famous black slab/sun/moon/venus picture in 2001, my interpretation is that’s an expression of the whole mythology. The black slab–the underworld/apep/Osiris’s coffin? The waxing crescent, Isis (which ties into all the female gods of the pantheon).

    It seems saturn absorbed a lot of the earlier mythology and negative associations from the Egyptian mythos. For example, you get the Orouboros being the symbol for the snake which eats the sun, and also a symbol of limitation, Saturn being the slowest planet around the sun that the ancients knew about. Saturn also get that negative association from the Kronos myth–of eating his children, sort of a demented system run amok–an ailing king. This is also fitting, since he’s a god of the harvest–a really good time, but also a time tinged with dread. It also seems he absorbed the Egyptian god Seth.

    1. “Perhaps from another perspective, though, it’s like a literal interpretation of the bible and fraught with the same type of problems.” Yeah, anytime anyone starts quoting from Revelations something in me says “uh-oh”…and when they start throwing out dates for the end times, it’s even worse. I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. I think that Anthony is sincere and has some great info. But I’m also guessing he is someone who is actively looking for the end times as described in Revelations, and finding patterns to match that expectation.

        1. Yeah, I really struggle with what the significance of this mythology really is… I’m starting to think really the only way to obtain the most basic knowledge about the universe and human life is through these crazy myths and stories–the poetical “gnosis”, so I’m all for people delving into the deep end of the pool.

          But I think when they stay focused in a specific corner of the mythos, the bigger themes get lost.

  10. I think the example of the crescent moon is a really great example of how this mute heavenly body weaves itself into our culture.

    The crescent moon, the waxing crescent is a right-facing arc. That arc resembles a bow. Of course the young crescent moon also becomes Artemis, the young kick ass warrior girl god.

    Clearly she’s a kick ass warrior because she’s based on the crescent moon, which resembles a bow. The moon’s associated with women through the monthly cycle. Etc…

    So in our time, we have this favorite mythical character, the kick ass warrior chick, that’s the star of about 1000 movies and TV shows as a result of all this poetry and poetical associations–apparently that’s how our minds work.

  11. One more comment since Elysium Fields were mentioned. Demeter is the female Osiris. She’s the goddess of the harvest. She also ties is the moon and the female cycle in this solar mythos.

    The idea of the mysteries is really explained well by Alvin Boyd kuhn. His explanation is essentially the opposite of your guests understanding. It blew my mind.

    The message of Demeter from my pov is our immortal soul is welded into our body, but one day we will be reunited with our mother.

    Don’t fear the Saturn!

  12. Is it me or are the dates mentioned here for when CERN is firing back up (July – September) the same date that Jade Helm 15 is meant to be taking place? I love your work, your energy, and your path, Greg.

  13. Wow! Just finished listening to this episode … there’s so much going on. I’ve never really looked at CERN in an occult light before, but I’ve just checked out the logo and watched the CERN Symmetry dance – perplexing to say the least. Not sure I buy all of what Anthony has to say in this episode, but as always, interesting to ponder.

    On Greg’s comments in relation to vaccinations and the ramping up of the propaganda, it’s interesting to note that the same is happening here in Australia at the moment. The discussion is becoming increasingly heated and more and more attention is being paid by the mainstream media outlets (including our own public broadcaster, the ABC) to the necessity of vaccinations and subsequent demonisation of the anti-vaccination crowd. Interestingly, the pockets of resistance (ie anti-vaxxers) come from the most affluent areas of Sydney (North Shore & Eastern Suburbs) and Melbourne, just as well as some of the “alternative lifestyle” areas.

    The discussion on modern society’s apparent dumbing down and loss of communication skills also resonated with me. As somewhat of an Australian historical Fortean researcher, I am often in awe of the way the people of yesteryear were able to put into words so eloquently their strange and mysterious experiences. From bushmen driving cattle over vast distances, to soldiers in the trenches and housewives busy raising a house full of children, their descriptive writings with pen and paper run rings around most of what is banged out on a keyboard today.

    I’d LMFAO if it wasn’t so sad.

  14. I recon Greg’s on to something with his “Sun God” crowd vs. Saturn crowd thread. I think there is waaaaaay too much going on for it to be just one group with one agenda.
    My take on it is; We have the Jupiter Mob- representing the status quo and paying lip service to the “Sun God”. Give me a break! There is so much Jupiter symbology there you could choke on it! They have been lording it in the “civilized” world, and expanding that world since the strife in China, India and the Med calmed down a bit, say 600BC.
    Then was have the anti-establishment Saturn Mob. They need no introduction to any listener of this show.
    Do we think either of these groups vying for control through their proxies on Earth mean us well? Do they Fuck!
    It’s hard to follow though, because the two sides seemed to be mixed up through all countries and governments.
    The third and, in my opinion, most interesting group is the Earth mother/Gaia/Sophia group. They are far more quiet and subtle,( and they don’t evangelise; You don’t want to be in? Fine. See you later.) but they are starting to hit back. Heard much about Re-Wilding or Earth based/Heart centred Shamanism lately? You bet.
    For me, my vote is with the 3rd group. I grew up here on Earth, and I’m kind of fond of it! She may kick our arse occasionally for fucking with Her, but other than that, it’s just get on with the business of being alive. No much ‘let someone bring up your children and manage your life for you so you can work 60 hours a week to not quite pay back a loan to a group of billionaires for a house you hate’ in the Amazon, or outback Australia, ‘cept for the white fellas!
    So I will see you on the front line. I will be the one dripping with crystal tech, looking to re-educate an Archon puppet. Hope that we are touching shoulders, and not eyeballing each other

  15. Just wanted to make a quick connect that popped in my head when Anthony talked about the demons coming through a portal from Saturn to Earth. I remembered watching the movie “Howard the Duck” as a kid in the 80’s. The whole premise of the movie seemed to be EXACTLY what I heard Anthony saying. Scorpion-type demons, high-energy portals, and all the rest of it. I put a clip of the movie below that shows the demons and the high-tech portal maker below. Also, if you check out some of the other clips, Howard is seen flying past Saturn on his voyage to Earth in the credits. Check out the movie if you haven’t seen it lately. Very eerie to think if Hollywood predicted the direction and objectives of the CERN project for such a long time…

    1. Additionally, I rewatched this movie with my girlfriend. It’s George Lucas. Really?? This is just beyond coincidence. The movie was his worst flop, but it did get this imagery into the collective unconscious. So weird/spooky.

  16. Really good show. Doubt if I could find such a show done with such quality anywhere else but at Higher Side Chats. Happy to see the guest, Anthony Patch, and in particular, Mr. Carlwood, (what is his first name?) show his superior knowledge about these things. We have just too many hosts, that don’t prepare for a guest with pertinent questions and in fact have no knowledge of the subject in question. Not so at Higher Side Chats.

    Saturn directed information is always of interest to me. It is likely true that the human-eating giants that we find skeletons of on Earth came originated from Saturn. Having little understanding of Cern technology, I appreciate Mr. Patch directing me in that direction.

    I abandoned Red Ice a while back because I didn’t like the declining quality or direction that was going on there in multiple ways. That said, I do think we should investigate things like the Holocaust and Khasarian (sp?) Jews.

    Would like to see an intelligent discussion of the Sphere Beings and those planet-sized craft vehicles that they reside in, if that is at all possible.

  17. Loved Mr Patch. His theories make sense, but only if you’ve done tons of research around all these subjects, otherwise it could sound quite mad. He sounds like Field McConnell of Abel Danger – could be his brother!!

    Having said that, Greg, could you get Field on the show? He is v interesting.

  18. This interview was outstanding. Greg, you did a great job keeping up with him and asking the right questions, you’re always on top of things.
    Sadly, Andrew Patch has gone dark. I was digging around, looking for more info regarding Patch and End Times Matrix News as directed in this interview but, I am convinced that this group of people were to ‘close’ to spilling the beans and decided or were made to, shut it down. I found this alleged statement on Youtube while looking for End Times Matrix News videos…here’s the post: Anthony Patch –
    Due to attacks to my computers, my friends at End Times Matrix News having their YouTube Channel pulled, my website having been corrupted, and a personal visit by two gentlemen from an agency during my last Saturday’s public presentation for Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero event, and their same-day attacks as cited here…no longer will I be providing CERN-related information here, or elsewhere. Including personal appearances, web interviews, etc.It goes on to say: Nor, will my last novel: “Coalesence” be published. This is not a fear-based decision. Simply prudent. The information has been put out. It is still available through other sources. I will be here to correspond, however not specific to CERN-related topics. Thank you my friends for the sharing and mutual education. Prayers and Blessings to You and Yours, Anthony Patch. They have been targeted and shut up. What they knew and the amount of intelligent research they were sharing was not favorable with shadow agencies. I think I will download this interview before it disappears. Thanks guy, you are my favorite alt pod cast and I’m sticking with ya.

  19. What a phenomenal interview, and so pertinent to our post C19 world. Mr Carlwood I commend you! My subscription is money well spent and I aint goin nowheres

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