Nick Bryant | The Franklin Scandal & The Elite’s Big Pedophilia Cover Up

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Author and journalist, Nick Bryant, joins THC to talk about his massive book, The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, & Betrayal which details the exposure of a specific child trafficking network, the unjust trial the followed, and the widespread cover up that stopped the bleeding.

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  1. Wow, another amazing interview. I own and have read Nick Bryant’s book, it’s awesome. It is the most accuracy and reliable book on the Franklin credit union cover up. (Just skip Decamp’s book, it’s full of disinfirmation) This type of stuff is still going on all day every day in America and around the world. Information on The Finders has basically been wiped clean from the Internet in the past five years since I have read about it. Thanks for making another show about incredibly important topics that everybody needs to know about.

    1. I’m really happy you covered this issue. I watched that Discovery Channel docu called “A Conspiracy of Silence” which never aired. It brought my attention to the issue of child sex rings and the connection of establishment figures (e.g. politicians, police, teachers, et al). I am glad you covered the topic and got Nick’s name on it. I am now more aware of the background and how to find more info on the topic. I hope more people like me dig into this dark, unpalatable topic and spread the word. This kind of behavior abuses children and harms countless (literally, because the kids “go missing” and there is no account) souls, ultimately weakening our humanity. Thank you!

  2. Did you ever notice that the intro of “drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke” is the perfect mind control mechanism? It ensures that we are all on the same page of government conspiracy. Only with beer and bud goggles can we see all those little insidious schemes to manipulate our minds.

  3. Great interview and absolutely crucial subject matter to understand (as difficult as it is to hear about). Unfortunately this research will maintain its relevance for a long time to come I’m thinking. A couple of years ago I was digging into all of these scandals and decided to keep tabs on all news stories related to pedophilia / child trafficking to see what I could find. I was shocked to find out how regularly these stories break, it’ll make your stomach turn. As Nick Bryant was saying it affects all socio-economic groups. It’s a world-wide pandemic and at the heart of NWO culture.

  4. So much of this has been exposed in the US, the British Isles, Australia and other parts of the world yet it doesn’t seem to make a difference because it continues. I don’t understand that. Is it because it’s so disturbing that people don’t want to look at it?
    I agree that it is a huge part of the NWO and they have been very successful in keeping their power by blackmailing those that engage in this sick, disgusting exploitation and murder of children. Kudos to those brave souls like Nick who have dedicated their lives to shining a light on this very serious problem.

    1. I wonder if some how we can find places, addresses, dates and times to begin performing citizens’ arrests… most of the action we can take needs to be in show leather so to speak: ordinary people doing extra ordinary things whilst walking in on the acts.

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