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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the flickering universe, secret technologies and time travel with guest, Richard Lighthouse.

As many of us have found by now, obtaining the latest cutting edge research can prove to be harder than finding a needle in a haystack.
Indeed, they do a tremendous job of keeping us out of the metaphorical loop, by distracting and dumbing us down.
And those of us who have managed to slip through the cracks of compulsory schooling and slave labor still have a hard time finding truth, because for years, black ops government programs have spent unfathomable amounts of money conducting unsupervised research of unreported secret technologies and access is restricted.
But today, we break through the chains of those dark ages as guest, Richard Lighthouse, joins The Higherside to illuminate us on what has been hiding beyond the curtain.
2:42 Diving directly into the deep end, Lighthouse begins by discussing one of the most important scientific discoveries of our time, which is the fact that our entire universe literally blinks off and on more than 1 trillion times per second. This “Lighthouse Frequency”, as Richard explains has profound implications on both science and religion, and can be verified using the three mathematical approaches. He also details the ways the harmonics of this technology’s frequency can be used, such as time travel,travel between parallel universes, and instant radio communication to distant galaxies as well as describes the three pieces of physical evidence validating this theory.
12:20 After examining the mechanics of the flickering on/off universe, Greg and Richard discuss what is beyond the “on” state we are able to observe. Lighthouse elaborates on Figure U-1 from his website, a sine wave explaining what’s actually happening physically in the blinking universe. As he describes, in our terms when the universe blinks off and the antimatter universe blinks on, nothing exists except consciousness. They also touch on Jane Roberts, the channeled Seth Material, and it’s influence on Richard’s work.
26:30 Continuing with their discussion of the Roswell crash and Colonel Corso’s interesting revelations, Greg and Richard talk about the beings taken from the crash, otherwise referred to as P24,  the work of Dr. Dan Burisch and the Majestic 12 Committee. They also examine whether this newly discovered “flicker” could be responsible for other strange and mysterious phenomena.
38:30 Greg and Richard revisit the work of Dr. Judy Wood, where they discuss how the “dustification of the towers” she describes, it’s connection to the flicker and possibility of rapid-aging being responsible for the buildings crumbling.
44:00 After detailing the science behind this flicker, and the multitude of nefarious uses our government has found for this technology, Greg and Richard discuss the potential uses of this technology for ordinary people, such as electric signal healing and time regression healing. Lighthouse also details one 9/11 survival story, documented by Dr. Wood where a man describes floating in midair.
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– 34 patents on subliminal mind control & the MK Ultra program

– Clowns, Idiots, and Assholes (the C.I.A.)

– the state of the infamous FEMA Camps and directive 51

– Terra-forming the atmosphere of Venus and dissecting deceptive space agencies

– The electric Universe & other aspects of space that might be different than presented

A few valuable resources from the interview:
“The Day After Roswell”, by Colonel Philip Corso:
Dr. Judy Wood on The Higherside Chats “Dr. Judy Wood: The Evidence for Directed Free-Energy Tech Used on 9/11”:
“Technical Description of the Infrared Laser Used on The World Trade Center 9/11”, by Richard Lighthouse:
John Hutchison’s “Hutchison Effect”:
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35 Responses

    1. Damn! Gotta respect that. For people who didn’t like the flat earth show, this should be better. For people who did like the flat earth show, they’ll probably hate this. Yay!

      1. I didnt like the subject of the flat earth but everything else in the interview was interesting and very well said. Mr. Greg, only you could make a sucky subject interesting and rather enjoyable. I feel blessed that I ever found the Higherside and im so proud of how youve become such a professional at interviewing ppl. You are always so well prepared and it shows. You are in a class above most podcasts masters. I appreciate all you do for us, Mr. Greg. I feel like you really care and I care too. Thank you so much for all the new knowledge youve put before my hungry mind as I journey thru the Lies and find pieces of the Real and the True. May the gods bless you~ and Mrs. Greg. I love you much!♡

  1. Wow! This was so very very good! Mr. Lighthouse was certainly named properly. He is a lighthouse of information that is vital for humanity. He is kind and concerned for his fellow human beans, and full of such a wide variety of information on subjects that everyone needs to know about. I love that he’s a scientist yet he speaks in plain English. This is one of my favorite interviews that I’ve heard on TLC. Bravvo!!!! Excellent! I’m going to listen again because it’ was such a Balm on my questing spirit and aching mind. Thank you Mr. Greg. Ya done GOOD!

  2. I actually cringed a little giving you such a low rating for this show. As usual, YOU are superb. Insightful questions, allow the guest to speak, great job editing, etc, etc. You and your wife do amazing work ?

    It’s all this guy. Repetitive, fear mongering, self promote much? ? I really get irritated when someone mixes in truth with outrageous truth, and complete bullshit like this.

    Looking forward to another great show, I love that you have a mix of subjects and this whole ‘fake reality’ is a fun avenue to explore.

    1. ❤️?KRISTILEE ??
      ???????? Haopy Birthday to you????? You belong in a zoo. ??????? With monkies and tigers. ????????? Cause you smell like one too!!???????????

  3. I am still stuck in the middle. There are some very valid points in all this; but its really hard to think that for all the time thats gone by… NO ONE has ever slipped up and set humanity absolutely straight on this subject. Who is doing such a magnificent job of lying to us; is this this just another giant BS story.. I don’t know and that is why I am still stuck. But I will continue with an open mind and move forward ….

  4. Is his name really Lighthouse because that’s incredibly synchronistic since he’s talking about a blinking universe…I liked the banking stuff. I respect the Dr. Judy Wood reference. He’s passionate. I don’t know math well enough to investigate further. I will check out Seth speaks. Great show, Greg. If it makes us want to dig further, that’s a win!

  5. If every time the universe shuts off and there is complete nothingness, then how does everything revert back to how it was. How is there “memory” in complete nothingness?! What is the foundation for the reality we perceive. From one instance to nothingness to the next instance, how is everything as it was before? Where is that information stored? So many holes.
    And if he has the math, why hasn’t he published it for peer review. I question peer review in scientific experiments because the data is up for interpretation and therefore subject to subjectivity and potentially less than honorable intentions. However, math is math. A proof is a proof. The calculations can be verified. He spoke about math in abstract terms and in a way that makes me think he doesn’t expect anyone to actually check his work.

    **Gripe** This is the third or fourth guest in the last couple months who talks to us like we’re slow. I don’t need anyone talking down to me or talking to me as if I will have trouble comprehending the material. I doubt I’m alone among your listeners. Brevity and concision are much appreciated. I often find that people who do that crap think they’re much smarter than most around them.
    Please, Greg, hint or tell your guests outright that we can keep up and for them to keep things moving along. No repetition. No deliberately labored explanations. No getting high on their own vapors.

  6. While his main theory is fascinating and worthy of investigation, this guest irritated me a little. Too mainstream conspiracy for my taste this time.
    No reflection on your show Greg, you knock it out of the park as usual.

  7. The blinking theory reminded me of the weapon durability problem in dark souls 2. The game developers used the games default frame rate to measure damage to your weapon if you struck a wall or something so if you doubled the frame rate your weapon would break twice as fast as intended.

  8. 1 star for the guest, 5plus for you having to sit through his patronising crap. Poor Dr Wood must be tearing her hair out if she listens to this. Infra red lasers? Being mentioned in the same sentence with that knob, Stephen Greer. Roswell? Give me a break. Has he done no UFO research at all? And i’m only 43 minutes in and he’s still repeating ,which anyone on here will know about, what Dr Wood herself has said. He’s another “Doctor name” dropper to try and obfuscate his own little knowledge or primary investigation. I’m afraid Gordon White does this as well-anyone called “Doctor” is used to lend weight to an idea.
    I wanted to write this before the end as I would probably forget otherwise due to my blinking arms not being able to get out from around myself to type anything.

  9. Finished it. He got very obfuscatory especially when it came to NASA. He deflected big time. Citing The Intercept for space information? It all comes from NASA. There is no wheat, just chaff. And, Stephen Greer, again…nah.
    One last thing; to all independent podcasters out there, especially Red Ice just now, hang in there!

    1. I feel the same. First section he was talking about the blinking on/off, that was interesting. But the dodging of NASA and their bullshit was a huge turnoff. No shit we have to research for ourselves – thats why we’re here, duh! And once he made it clear he was so far up Greers ass, I couldn’t stomach it anymore. I really wish Greg would have let this guy know about Greer bailing out on a THC show last minute and wanting to be paid for it.

  10. “Blinking”.. that was a cuss word my dear sweet little old Nanna would use. Makes me laugh 🙂 . Seriously though I did like that notion of a Blinking Universe, this single point made it worth listening to.. but all else was a bit hard. I see most everyone else agreed. It must be a challenge to get enough interesting guests to do the amount of shows you put out. I think you are doing a wonderful job. You, Mr Greg are by far the best host out there. I shall keep recommending this show to anyone and everyone.

  11. Those Japanese companies on the London Stock Exchange only appear to have market capitalizations in the trillions and quadrillions of dollars because Richard failed to convert from Japanese Yen to USD.

    1. Wow. This guy is a doofus extraordinaire. I looked up his claim about Apple’s market cap on the Mexico city stock exchange around the 59 minute mark, and he’s right…but he failed to make the conversion from pesos to dollars. After doing that it’s the same market cap listed on the US. He’s like the used car salesman of the conspiracy world. The kicker is when he implores us to do our own research when he cannot even take the energy to consider the obvious possibility that foreign stock exchanges are not measured in the US Dollar. DURP.

  12. I agree with those who did not enjoy this guest. My impression is that he is basically trying to hook people with interesting subjects so they will go buy an ebook, but has no real insights or research to back up his speculations. He displayed a superficial and inaccurate understanding of Judy Wood’s work, especially when he started calling the unknown weaponry which was likely involved in the destruction of the wtc complex a laser. Dr. Wood specifically points out that a laser is a known class of directed energy, and could not account for the effects observed on 911. And when he claimed that manipulating the “blinking” frequency of the universe was the key to the power of this “laser” , that it also worked through aging things, and that he knows which satellite it is mounted on…It just sounds like a bunch of conjecture that cannot be backed up.

    1. I agree. Dr. Wood very specifically warns against this “laser beams from space” kind of speculation. This guy is going in the “probably disinfo” sandbox until proven otherwise.

  13. I think I’ll trust my gut reaction over the ‘math’. The blinking theory was very interesting, but the rest sort of ruined his credibility with me. I just can’t stomach anything legitimizing NASA anymore or Stephen Greer.

  14. I personally take some channeled material pretty seriously, if not -always- verbatim. I’ve read at least “Seth Speaks”, of Jane Robert’s work, and I feel it is largely correct, in broad strokes. I would recommend to anyone further interested by this in also looking into The Law of One material (The Ra Material) by LL Research, which is available free online as well. Written after Seth Speaks, it’s philosophy is almost identical, and I would argue, more concise and pure, which lends credence to the Seth stuff. As if the Seth stuff was ‘colorized’ and made palatable for regular joes, and the Ra work being a deep look at the nuts and bolts.

    It is fascinating to contemplate the worldview and philosophy espoused by these entities, that of a completely loving and accepting being. It is important to note that LL Research, at least, was affiliated with Andrija Puharich, loosely (although allegedly he was never directly present or responsible for any channeling session by them) but good THC and Rune Soup students will obviously recognize the connections to MKULTRA and the deep state, the Nine, etc. It may jeopardize the reception of the material, but I feel if one suspends judgment and reads/contemplates it, it’s hard to see how these “beings” really have anything except the best intentions. So, I dunno. To each their own, I guess.

  15. Fantastic interview! Richard really breached a lot of topics that I want to look deeper into. Glad there are extensive show references, Thanks for the effort as always.

  16. You have never had a bad show, not once, but this one really had my mind reeling with the implications. Thanks for getting the good stuff out there for us every time!

  17. He kept saying sort the wheat from the chaff and he was mostly chaff.

    He’s probably a mis-info agent.

    And did you Greg call him out at the end by saying that some don’t last the course. Subtle diplomatic in calling his bullshit

    1. I think he’s a nice guy, who might have even stumbled on an important detail in the grand scheme of things, but I think I was able to have a much more entertaining conversation with Preston Gibbs about “our simulated reality” which is basically what we’re getting at in this case too.

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