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Dr. Judy Wood | The Evidence For Directed Free-Energy Tech Used On 9/11

Topics Covered: 9/11, Conspiracy, Directed Energy Weapons, Secret Science

Show Notes

Today we ask the big question: Where did the towers go? We’ve all seen the footage a thousand times, but maybe through the power of suggestion, we’ve missed something major.

That is the crux of Dr. Judy Wood’s work into 9/11. As she walks us through all the actual damage that was done to the WTC complex on that day, it becomes apparent that the typical alternative responses of bombs, nano-thermite, mini-nukes, professional demolitions, etc. are all inconsistent with the wide range of strange effects recorded and reported during the event.

Was this a “hidden in plain sight” example of the secret physics we’ve talked about all too often? Could the same technology be related to what Tesla talked about? Could it be the free energy answer if only we could drag it from the clutches of the nefarious few?

I hope you’re sitting down.

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