Dr. Judy Wood | The Evidence For Directed Free-Energy Tech Used On 9/11

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Today we ask the big question: Where did the towers go? We’ve all seen the footage a thousand times, but maybe through the power of suggestion, we’ve missed something major.

That is the crux of Dr. Judy Wood’s work into 9/11. As she walks us through all the actual damage that was done to the WTC complex on that day, it becomes apparent that the typical alternative responses of bombs, nano-thermite, mini-nukes, professional demolitions, etc. are all inconsistent with the wide range of strange effects recorded and reported during the event.

Was this a “hidden in plain sight” example of the secret physics we’ve talked about all too often? Could the same technology be related to what Tesla talked about? Could it be the free energy answer if only we could drag it from the clutches of the nefarious few?

I hope you’re sitting down.

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The website for the book.
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  1. Dr Wood is a hero in my book. Glad to see her most important work on 911 discussed here on Higherside chats. Dr Wood’s book “Where Did The Towers Go?” is a must read for anyone who cares about the truth of what really happened on 911.

  2. Brilliant show Gregg. Dr Woods has given us profound insights, not only as to what happened to the WTC but also highlighting the machinations, subterfuge, rabbit holes of some of the Giants within the ‘truther’ movement who don’t consider or simply dismiss her work out of hand.
    For me, this goes to show the incredible reach and influence of those that direct these events & we need to learn to critically think and evaluate again. Thanks Dr Judy Wood

  3. I looked for a few years at the 911 Thing and could not make any sense of it until I Stumbled across a guy named Andrew Johnson who told me about a Lady called Dr, Judy Wood….And it Makes sense Now…The truth is with Dr, Wood….Great show..

    Another point that is not mentioned is that the Towers were covered in Aluminium ….this alloy is used as magnetic shielding by those guys are trying to invent “free energy devices” and electric motors etc…..this would help keep the destructive wave inside the building…The buildings were designed and built using materials that are more susceptible to the “Dustification Process”.

    I also heard an eyewitness report from 2 guys that were there when the Towers fell…..They said that there was a very low vibration felt through the ground just before both towers fell….Exactly the same Vibration before both Towers were destroyed.

    You know with the bathtub Malarkey …..did they not build a ship…then scuttle it….Law of the Land and Maritime Law are quite different so I hear….????… Maybe….

    1. I’m not following your last paragraph, however I admit I’m new to this whole movement. If you could go further into what you meant about the ship,etc. I’d appreciate it.

      1. I might be completely irrelevant but…..there was no land where the towers were built….it was the river….so they turned the river into something they could build on by (tanking it out) or building a “Bathtub”…..Imaging you are sitting in a bath and floating down the river…like being in a boat….Obviously the Towers weren’t floating down the River but that is where they were built…in the River….like a ship…..Maritime law …the law of the sea…has a different set of rules to the law on dry land…Also there seems to be underlying rules in this created reality we live in…..Rules that those whom built the Towers (The Illuminati) have to adhere to….Maybe Building a Ship and then Destroying the Ship under “Maritime Law” allows for the “Rules of the Universe” to comply with them ….These “Universal Rules” would not apply if the Towers were built on “Dry Land”….so the Universe would not allow the towers to fall….

        I does sound a little “out there” (crazy) until you realize we live in a Holographic and Electromagnetic Created Reality that is Vibrating in Octaves like Music ….The underlying Rules of this Universe is “free will”….we are not allowed to take anyones “free will” away ….We have to agree to go along with it…..We have to be told what is going on before it happens….This is done by the “telling” being “obscure”…so We don’t notice….Just because we were told and didn’t notice…This is Our fault…as we were told….Then the Universe will comply as we did not complain about the event that we were told that was going to happen…. Covertly….Hope I have made some sense …struggling to explain it myself.

          1. Bit more 911 stuff showing Prior Knowledge of the Event…..

            Back To the Future …911 predictive programming…….”Doc….I need to tell you something about the Future “…!!!

            Get Smart episode 52 …The Battle of Jericho ….@ 4 seconds in…. the sign on the wall says….The Odyssey..a 41 story space center by Jericho Construction….….

            Bible Quote …Joshua 6.2… Then the Lord said to Joshua, “See, I have delivered ……”JERICHO”…… into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. 3 March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. 4 Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. 5 When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; …….”THEN THE WALLS OF THE CITY WILL COLLAPSE”……. and the army will go up, everyone straight in.”

            In Terminator 2 ….When Arnold and the boy are riding the motorbike being chased by the liquid metal Terminator in the Truck ….When the truck crashes into the “Twin Tunnel”..the height of the tunnel is marked @ 9′ 11″…..
            Show less

            Here is a copy of a picture Jay Weidner mentioned “No Floors” in the middle of the Towers:

  4. I absolutely believe there was a conspiracy to bring the buildings down but one thing I keep hearing in this interview is there was no debris left from the fallen buildings. One survivor of the collapse described the scene as though it was like walking out of the rubble onto a football field. Did I not see piles and piles of rubble afterwards? I recall seeing rescue workers removing debris a bucket at a time, but standing on huge blocks of rubble while doing so. So far that’s the only thing I’m having a hard time understanding . Any feedback or information would be appreciated.

    1. I remember seeing/hearing the same. Both rescue workers and dogs were climbing on piles of rubble and they reported the dogs feet were getting cut on the sharp metal. However, I wasn’t there. What I saw and heard was either on TV or the internet. So it’s possible that what I saw and heard wasn’t what the debris field really looked like. That’s one explanation that works for me.

        1. I believe that the consensus of everyone who is talking about there being no “rubble” is that there is a huge lack of it compared to the sheer stuff that went into making the building. So there is rubble but nowhere near enough for a 110 story building that came down. In the Irrefutable video series it gives the example of there being literally thousands of filing cabinets in the building and in the debris there was only one found. The filing cabinet found was in a basement and it was literally fried on the outside but the money inside of it was all good. Shady shit man.

    2. If you study Dr Woods work you run across a couple things that may add clarity. Many people after the destruction of the wtc were asking “where is all the rubble”? Including Peter Jennings and you can find that clip on YouTube I believe. If you read “Where Did The Towers Go?” You will know without a doubt jet fuel and a kinetic collapse are out of the question and the pictures of “ground zero” soon after the event lack the debris of two of the largest skyscrapers in the world. Building 6 is also a huge smoking gun. It had a huge empty hole in it. Remembering the news footage and pictures in the newspapers they showed angles that made it look like a huge mound of rubble and they kept calling it the “pile” when it was nothing of the sort. If you want answers read her book. It’s astonishing to say the least.

  5. don’t forget the 12 foot tall jumpers jumping out of the windows… since we know the size of the windows, a simple comparison shows that the jumpers were about 12 foot tall….. I say holographic projection or digital special effects added to the video after

    1. First time I’ve heard of the jumpers being that tall. I can’t help but think back to the sound of the supposed jumpers crashing through glass and whatnot on the way down and the firefighters wincing every time they heard this. They were being filmed in the lobby of one of the buildings as this was happening around them. I just don’t know because again, I wasn’t there and was watching it on tv. But damned if the firefighters reactions didn’t seem genuine.

  6. can’t be mini nukes cause nukes don’t exist… nuclear power stations are probably free energy power station… not free for us!

    probably more energy in an ant’s fart than there is inside an atom!

  7. You won me back with this show Carlwood. It was getting stale for me. I am shocked that a show about 9/11 ended up blowing my mind open again… but I am very grateful… to you and Dr Wood. Im in this with you.

  8. Thanks so much for this show, Greg! So far, the only thing that has really jumped out at me about 9/11, was the YouTube doc: September Clues… which showed compelling evidence of video fx and digital manipulation. But nothing else has really made my ears perk up… until now. Wow! How have I not connected this before? It’s such a ‘duh’, moment, lol.

  9. Me too Greg…I’ve been won back with this show. But really…I don’t know of any where else to spend my five bucks so I probably won’t cancel anyway. Just getting bored with the same old, same old. Don’t have any suggestions cause after I caught the flat earth bug, everything just seems bland. However, Mike King from tomato bubble might spice things up a bit. Getcha pull!

    1. Really? There are so many strange/unexplained, interesting things going on that have absolutely nothing to do with the shape of the earth. I’d step back for a moment and wonder why something had that kind of influence on me.

      1. Hi JKBM – for me, when one goes into it, it is far deeper than the shape of the earth and helps one to understand why these things like above happen, how they fit into the bigger picture and possibly why most of us saw buildings ‘collapse’ on that day as opposed to what our eyes witnessed.

        1. Fair enough. I admit I haven’t looked that deep into the FET but I don’t see how it could explain what Judy Woods talked about in this interview. Her information is pretty straight forward, imo.
          The FET also can’t explain what consciousness is, or what love is, or what happens to us after death or any of the other questions that human beings have pondered forever. It can’t explain abduction experiences, or out-of-body experiences, or near-death-experiences, or shamanic/magical experiences or countless other experiences that millions, maybe billions of people have reported over the centuries.
          If the Earth is flat all that really means to me is that it’s one more lie to add to ever growing heap. Just one more lie.

          1. Well my friend…weather the earth is flat or not really is not the rub. I mean, there is a mountain of evidence that our world is flat. So when I here people espousing all of there knowledge about a certain subject and then here them talk about a “globe,” it tells me something. Flags go up in my noggin. I start thinking they really don’t know what there talking about for some reason. I guess it’s because they haven’t taken the time to inform themselves on what may be the biggest lie ever. So…I dismiss everything else they say. Sorry, that’s just me.
            And for sure, I’m not knocking Mr. Carlwood in any way. I love him. My comment about not renewing my subscription was total bull. I wait feverishly for every show. The man is doing the Great Work and I respect him immensely.
            As for you sir…You need to get with it!

            1. I know what you mean about the flags. Flags went up for me immediately when I read “sir.” Interesting, albeit typical that you’d assume I’m male. I’m not. Then another flag shot up when you tell me I need to get with it. Get with what? Your program? Nope…it’s not gonna happen. This is one the reasons why I haven’t looked further into the FET. The true believers are such a total turn-off.
              But we do agree about Greg Carlwood and THC. That’s a plus.

  10. I was on board until the whole tornado/electromagnetic wave discussion, then I realized she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, or she’s a shyster.

    WiFi charging the tornadoes or killing birds? The average home base station is pumping out <1 Watt at 2.4 GHz. Your super tuned match filter cell phone or laptop can't pull the signal out of the background ambient noise when you walk into your backyard. The background noise is contributed by the universe, by the sun, etc… There are a bunch of RF sources that have been pumping energy into the atmosphere for decades…

    Meh. I put this lady in the Karen Hudes category. Conspiracy theory word salad.

    1. I think you missed the part where she said it was caused by SPECIFIC radio wave frequencies within a static field (which I assume can also be amplified or weakened to enhance effects?). You might want to give it another listen 🙂

  11. This directed energy weapon is like a lock and key… you can destroy chemical bonds by just bludgeoning them with brute force, or you can simply “unlock” them with the right key

    I think its like a tangled knot. You can hack at it with a knife or you can simply pull at the right bit and watch it unravel. It’s the entanglements of electromagnetic flux. I think the static electric fields hold it in place and then the fluctuating radio waves just pull on the right bit and unravel or unwind it.

    Same with free energy. You are just looking for the right key to unlock that which is already there. And the limit on energy would be the flux density; how many lines of flux.

  12. I’m a big fan of her work, but she might want to take a closer look at her hero Copernicus and the heliocentric theory…. in his time, there was no way to prove his theory, and there is no observable proof of the curvature (claim of 8 inches per mile squared). And NASA CGI does not count in this debate! Good show Greg!

  13. the buildings seem to fall at a too constant speed and the jumpers seem to fall at a too constant speed

    the crescendo of noise seems to be the loudest at the middle, when it should be loudest at the very end when it “slams” into the ground (but it didn’t)

      1. Sure. In Greg’s closing comments he said that he was kind of reluctant to do another 911 show but a listener named Jeff sent him Judy Wood’s book and after reading it decided to have her on. I believe he even said to thank Jeff, so I did.

  14. EXCELLENT interview. Dr. Judy Wood is the real deal. I’d venture to say she’s about the ONLY sane voice in the 9/11 investigation. Super job, Greg! Thanks for sharing with us this incredible woman and her awesome work.

    1. I didn’t vibe at all w Dr wood.  Her first statement was belittling to those that research truth calling them people with an opinion and an internet connection. Shit, everything I know is from my internet connection and is my opinion.
      “All truths are only half truths” -the kybalion.

      Also, why is it more important to know exactly what hidden military technology?
      Just to keep us polarized running in circles imo.

      I also thought it was weak to toally discredit the many workers and firefighters that heard explosions by saying she has an egg in the microwave.

      How can she say she doesn’t mix in speculation yet she speculates the squibs seen are from water?
      She speculates people are studying tornados and this technology was used.
      There was no debris it all turned to dust yet I saw them removing debris from months.

      Overall I wasn’t impressed. For my money September 11 the new pearl harbor and 911 missing links are the best 911 info.

        1. Nice try but she totally discredited the firefighters. By comparing them hearing bombs to eggs in microwaves. Don’t matter anyway. Just don’t think she was on her game. I still think d.e.w were used.

          But also other stuff is better to learn over which hidden technology was possibly used, imo. Learn the numerology of 911 and why they let the guys go back to their home country that were caught filming and dancing as the towers fell.

  15. Great interview. I’m a bit frustrated Dr. Wood refuses to speculate (in this interview) beyond what she can observe, but she has her principles.

    If Dr. Wood were to put 9/11 on the back shelf for a few years and dedicate her research to better describing the electromagnetic and gravitational anomalies found in a tornado, and THEN link the same phenomena (created artificially) to 9/11, we might get somewhere.

  16. I enjoyed this, but I’m having a hard time buying her theory. Here’s why.

    If some kind of directed energy weapon was used to take out the towers, then why did the “dustification” start in the region where the planes hit and move continuously downward in a “collapsing” fashion? Also, the portions of the towers above the region where the planes hit were not dustified – they collapsed intact as a unit but were hidden from view from the rest of the dust/smoke partway down. If the buildings were “dustified” by some secret technology, I wouldn’t expect it be so precise that you could make it look like a collapse that started exactly where the planes it. Rather, I would expect larger and more seemingly random chunks at locations away from the impact to go “poof” at the same time. If you could aim this weapon at the location where the planes it and then panning it downward like some kind of laser, you would’ve hit neighboring buildings in the process.

    Also, Dr. Wood warns against using terms that imply a specific cause, like “smoke,” but “dusitification” has the same problem. It assumes the cause was some advanced technology that nobody’s ever observed rather than the observed causes, like the impact of the planes, the giant holes in the side of the buildings , and/or the fire/black smoke.

    She also mentioned that the site of the collapse looked like an open football field, but I recall seeing giant piles of rubble with crooked beams sticking out of them.

    1. I see what you’re saying, but I think she was clarifying, not that smoke is always an inappropriate word to use, but she’d like to see the fire burning with her own eyes before she felt comfortable calling it smoke. Could she also have been trying to lead her readers away from the official story, which relies upon “fire?” I think that’s smart if that was her intention.

      The “dustification” terminology doesn’t seem so bad to me since she 1) is relating it to how the material of the building was pulverized and 2) is able to verify the dust, seemingly out of nowhere, with her own eyes. Could she have found a different way to define her observation? Maybe . . . but I think the term is very well suited to what we all can see.

      As far as the rubble goes . . . she does estimate that about 80% of the rubble was not there. I think she says that at about the 2 hour mark in the interview. So would 20% of the rubble be enough for what we all clearly saw after the buildings came down?

      I had heard about Dr. Wood from Jesse Ventura, and I just couldn’t believe he was going against the controlled demolition movement. After listening to this interview, I realize I’ve been pretty stubborn. Thanks Greg. Great interview. I ‘m planning on buying her book to see her methods more clearly.

    2. First of all. She doesn’t have a “theory”. Emperical data only. Second. One of the buildings top rotated and tipped then turned into dust. If it was a rigid body it would violate the law of conservation of momentum. Study her 500 page book and it becomes clear as day.

  17. Great interview. 9/11 seems to be having a resurgence in popularity recently … maybe it’s just coming up in my own life, but it amazes me how many self-styled rationalists I’ve encountered in the last month bringing up the “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” trope of their own accord, usually to mock and followed up with arguments of why it could do enough.

    Also, has anyone else been struck by all the (pretty blatant) 9/11 subtext in the new X-Files? Off the top of my head:
    -The wrecked saucer at Roswell has a top shaped like a jet turbine and twisted beams are sticking out like the WTC wreckage.
    -9/11 is the first thing you hear the Alex Jonesian character talking about.
    -Mulder surprises the creepy hotel manager coming out of his secret peeping passageways. “Oh, that’s a security feature I had installed after 9/11”
    -The horrible Babylon episode about domestic Islamic terrorists has a twins theme and juxtaposes TV images of the (triumphant!) FBI raid at the end with the burning towers.

  18. Although I suppose I should say “burning” towers!
    Also, I can’t help but second the poster above and say Dr. Wood should reevaluate Copernicus as a paragon of the scientific method. I don’t accept Flat Earth theory, but the journey to the current full-of-holes, Big Bang cosmology certainly involved excluding alternatives that smacked of geocentrism on the basis of philosophy, not evidence, every major step of the way.
    Doesn’t detract from her excellent work on the matter at hand, though – still the most clear-eyed out there I daresay.

  19. Hey Greg I’ve been a fascinated listener to your show for a few years now, and like others out there I have hoped that you would do something on 9/11. This show surpasses any hopes and aspirations I may have had. It was in my opinion your best show yet. What an incredible guest. What a perspective. That is what listening to your show is all about. Opening and expanding your mind and knowledge base and questioning the status quo. Thank you so much Greg. Wow.

  20. You did it! Thank you.

    I have her book. She spoke in my home town in 2007, although I missed it. She makes complete sense, and was kind enough to reply to me when I went bezerk at John B when he made a fool out of himself by interviewing Richard Gage (?mindcontrolled). She thanked me for standing up for journalistic integrity…

    However, Copernicus was Jesuit.

    I am frustrated by the world’s response to her- for instance if one runs this past Field McConnell (BUAP / pilot) and David Hawkins (Smacksonic demolition / plasma planes…), of Abel Danger, they asked me to think about who paid for her legal endeavours on this one.

    I can’t help but think her work actually devalues their insight on the ‘Amalgam Virgo’ war games of this fateful day. I wish they would discuss this without strategic avoidance of her thesis and all the fun & games they get up to. I still listen to them, I confess.

    Any comments appreciated team THC.

  21. Thank you so much for interviewing Dr. Judy Wood as she has been a hero of mine since I heard her on the Mike Hagan RadiOrbit podcast (another really fine interviewer with great guests).

  22. really enjoyed this show throughout. I knew about the facts relating to tornadoes after reading Geoff Stray’s beyond 2012 book. She is one of life’s true warriors…she can be arrogant if she’s telling the truth, lol

  23. Two aspects of 9-11 rarely, if ever, mentioned are 1) the unmistakable explicitly detailed engravings of the Oklahoma City, the Pentagon, and the WTC tower disasters on the Fed Reserve Notes issued YEARS before the events, and 2) the Cat 4 hurricane, Erin, headed directly to NYC that morning without any weather warnings issued by the media. Ample info on these topics on the web.
    As for the planes disappearing and connecting many more “dots” evidencing who maybe responsible, an author named Rebekah Roth (pen name), a retired flight attendant, is worth a listen to some of her interviews on YT. Her1st book “Methodical Illusion”.

  24. Thank you Dr. Wood for giving some crediblity to lingering doubts I’ve had about the “official story” we have been fed all these years. One fact many seem to forget is that the Bush administration delayed starting the official investigation for over a year after the events of 9/11. That alone is all the proof I need for a cover-up.

  25. What an excellent interview ! I appreciate Dr. Judy’s scientific method of sorting the Real from the Unreal. It ain’t easy being a lone
    Voice that has so much to say, but the courts won’t let her have her say. It reminds me of the myth of Cassandra. She was given the gift of true prophesy, but she pissed off one of the gods so that God cursed her in that while she would say true prophesy to ppl, no one would believe her. Poor Cassandra. I’m so proud of Dr. Judy for telling her Truth no matter who denies it. Thank you Greg for always finding such interesting and important topics from some of the neatest ppl I ever heard. I’m putting it all in my head compartments, and holding all this info gently ~ to put together with other things I already learned or that I will learn in the future. This podcast is making my Truth Quest pay off with with new and even info I already know about, but stuff is presented in many different ways, so we all learn as much as possible. I have a great time just happily listening and taking it all in. Of course I don’t believe every thing I hear/read. I usually don’t make judgement calls until I find out more on a subject. THC has it all ! I love this place and I love my fellows here who are so much like me.

  26. Following Dr. Judy Wood led me to your website, which I had not heard of. Well done for having her on. So many won’t go near her. Looking forward to listening to your archives.

  27. She made me laugh! She kept quoting that lovable old freemasonic rogue Copernicus! Then she said “don’t speculate!” then proceeded to speculate about a lot of things including that perhaps its the plasma having been created in the sky that is showing up contrails!
    Does it really matter how they did it? Fact is your own government killed your fellow citizens in front of the whole world.
    As usual Greg you did an excellent respectful job of interviewing. Thanks for the diversity of info and characters you bring us.

  28. Over the years I have listened and watched several interviews and presentations by Dr Judy Wood; in this interview I noted she has found a new confidence that seemed to be lacking years ago and I wish her all the best for now and the future.
    I have scrolled through the comments and am fascinated by the commenters who clearly have not read her book, have not examined the photographic evidence or read the differing testimonies of people who witnessed what happened on the day.
    All entries are scholastically referenced including the photographs, many are stills from the TV footage of the day and are demonstrative of a serious lack of rubble that should have been present if ONLY 2 x 500,000 ton buildings had, indeed, slammed to the ground, but it was in fact a total of 7 buildings that disappeared without trace and none of the usual news flashes of people being pulled alive from the rubble. I think that evidence alone is worthy of investigation and deep reflection before moving on to the higher octaves of evidence that will never let this history be silenced and done with until real truth is told.
    I enjoyed being educated by Dr Wood as to the scientific method and how to observe objectively. How observation is the first stage of gathering knowledge while the second stage is identifying what one is observing and how it is imperative to let the evidence speak for itself. However, as the interview continued, the irony was not lost on me as Dr Wood proceeded to abandon her scientific method while speaking of her hero Copernicus with a nod to the globe earth model.
    I am NOT a flat-earther; nor am I a globist because, when it comes to observing the facts, I have never been in the privileged position of going off earth and looking back objectively to make my observations; to analyse where this place is and what it looks like. I doubt Dr Wood or Copernicus, hero that he is, have gone off earth and objectively observed this place either.
    In spite of this blip, the interview was very well conducted by Greg Carlwood whose interview style I like very much. He has a light touch with the guests but holds the space very professionally as the guests work through their own process. He asks the right questions in the right order.

  29. Extremely interesting. Haven’t thought about this event in years (terror fatigue, I guess), but this interview really highlights the extreme weirdness of it.

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