Jeran Campanella | The Flat Earth, Early Explorers, & The Mysterious Polar Regions

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast, as host Greg Carlwood, talks Flat Earth, early explorers and the mysterious polar regions with guest, Jeran Campanella.

We know by now that the campaign of disinformation stretches like a spider web, intricately woven and designed to catch the unwitting.

But, trying to avoid the trap can be a seemingly daunting task when taking into account just how much of our understanding of reality is based on a carefully crafted narrative, littered with lies and deception.
Yes, beginning from our early years, we spend our days in school where our creativity and critical thinking are slowly stripped away and replaced with recited facts from history books written by a nefarious few pushing their own degenerate agenda.
We spend the crucial years of our youth being stuffed with inaccuracy, only to turn to the rabbit holes of the internet to help reshape our perspective and better understand this crazy universe that our rock, Earth, floats through.
And, fortunately today’s guest, Jeran Campanella joins The Higherside to discuss one of the pariahs of conspiracy : Flat Earth Theory.
2:50 Starting at square one, Greg and Jeran first discuss the obvious flaws of the official narrative, by examining the role of N.A.S.A, the work of mainstream physicists such as, George Ellis, the fact that much of cosmology is based on philosophical notions and that space is a mathematical construct.
15:42 After covering the various holes in the mainstream paradigm of the heliocentric model, Greg and Jeran deconstruct how such an enormous lie has withstood the test of time. They discuss some interesting abnormalities in career fields such as surveyors, and how these irregularities support the Flat Earth model. They also examine the role of mainstream figures such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and the spiritual implications of the Flat Earth model.
31:56 We are all familiar with the age old phrase by Oscar Wilde “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”, and the impact of science fiction on real science is no different. Greg and Jaren discuss Arthur C. Clarke’s prediction regarding satellite technologyhow Jules Verne invented N.A.S.A, and a curious quote from William S. Burroughs crediting sci-fi writers in creating  “the blueprint for the space age”.
43:00 Continuing with their discussion of “Puddle Theory”, exploration of Antarctica, and unrecorded lands in uncharted territory, Greg and Jeran discuss the importance of real investigation and the world governments’ efforts to prevent it.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:

– the Moon’s oddities, and it’s place in the Flat Earth model

– meteors, asteroids, and impacts

– using true believers for disinformation, and their usefulness

– what are the stars in the flat Earth model, can we use them to prove one over the other?

– the ISS as evidence

– Donald Marshall, cloning, and Jaren’s actual contact with rapper B.O.B.

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Anatoly Fomenko and the New Chronology:
Sylvie’ Ivanowa on The Higherside Chats:
Eric Dubay on The Higherside Chats:
Eric Dubay’s “200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball”:
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70 Responses

  1. Flat earth again. Cool. OK, yeah. In my ongoing effort to remain openminded to, oh who am I kidding? As this will more than likely get me booted from further postings, i’m gonna use this opportunity to riff. I like to use my feelings and senses to relate to other people and life situations. Not for science stuff. I’m a dumbass when thinking about matters of science, research and investigation. Saying that, I’ve learned to trust my feelings and senses. Not for scientific inquiry, but for assessment of ideas and theories. In other words, my B.S. detector. Young Jeran’s presentation was lucid and well-thought. I’m still not buying. Now I don’t believe Jeran to be a liar or carney worker, just unimpressive and gullible. Bless his heart though, he talks a great company line. Nothing against him or any other individual “flat-earther”. It just seems like a gumbo of bullshit clothed in weird science. Please take no offence. None is meant. I still don’t buy it. Bless you all. THC+is still our best value for our Fortean $$$’s. Peace.

    1. Don’t be shy, papadave. Call the flat earth meme what it is, BULLSHIT! It is a CIA psyop that’s only gotten as far as it has because because we have shit for education in the US.
      Educated people have known for thousands of years that we live on a rotating sphere.

  2. I’m totally not buying this. Ancient peoples all around the world proved the earth was round mathematically. There is no way they would have been able to achieve certain major constructions an artifacts. Also certain astrological events are predicted and listed in multiple ancient calendar systems. His whole argument is saying science is false while trying to use some science to prove his theory. Personally this episode really just highlighted to me that there is a massive anti-science movement going on.

    1. Could you name the “ancient” people that proved the Earth to be round mathematically? As far as I am aware the most ancient writings to date, the Vedas, posit the Earth to be a plane (Bhu Mandala) with Mount Meru, the abode of the gods in the middle. Other realms/dimensions are also planes but either above or below the Earth plane.
      Also, I dont really think there is an anti science movement but there definately is an anti-scientism trend which imo is a god thing.

  3. There is no proof for a flat earth besides our senses and some level of store bought tech which “prooves” it to the individual (or visit any 14teener in Colorado, 360° of flatness for at least 60 miles on any day). Problem is when the govt corp nasa gives a mass sense of their ideas , the masses follow the leader and ignore their senses, (or forget they have any). Until a corp or agency shows us the “flobe” we will never know for sure. But, F*** nasa anyhow.

  4. Great episode, Greg. I, like you, am earth shape agnostic, and don’t understand why any legitimate truth seeker would be upset about simply exploring alternates to our, obviously, fucked up paradigm. I prefer to force myself to entertain even the most far out, ridiculous seeming theories, because I just don’t fucking know. Keep it up man, I anxiously await every show. Thank you. Z

  5. As the son of a rocket scientist mother and career aviator father, neither of whom were active participants in any mason-based scheme to blind all of humanity to the true nature of the globe we live on I have to say that this episode was less entertaining than many of the others I’ve enjoyed at THC. The guests assumptions and conclusions are numerous but shallow. I love the Gordon White episodes because he brings a real depth of knowledge and context along with his provocative ideas. Jeran simply piles on a bunch of individual facts, forming a less than satisfying whole. The premise that our individual senses along w/their limitations should be the arbiter between which facts we choose to accept or reject is just plain flawed. The proofs he claims don’t exist surely DO exist; they’re just written in a language he doesn’t understand: high math.

  6. I have difficulty qualifying my comments politely on the “flat earth” since it is so absurd. It was 1610 when Galileo observed Mars with a telescope. It’s rotation (you know, like spheres do?) was observed in 1644. This was almost 400 years ago! All planets have been observed to be spherical by 17th century astronomers. These guys weren’t involved an astronomical conspiracy. So, an honest flat earther must conclude that the earth is the center of a solar system in which all bodies EXCEPT the earth are spherical.
    The Catholic and Protestant authorities were executing people for the conspiratorial view that we do NOT live in a geocentric universe. Now flat earthers conclude that these 17th century dogmatists were right and cell phone companies, astronomers, GPS technologists, surveyors, etcetera are either deluded or involved in some mad scheme to trick us with their guile. My gawd – wtf is going on with this shit?

      1. I listen with pleasure to 90% of THC. Most of our current scientific “understanding” is dogma. I get it.
        I didn’t hear any mention in this podcast of the early astronomers measurements of planetary size and rotation. I cannot conceive they were putting their lives on the line to propose a non-geocentric model of the universe if they weren’t honestly convinced of its existence. They observed and documented the size and rotation of planets and their satellites. If these 17th century astronomers were making these measurements were they deluded? Unable to see properly through their telescopes? Lying in their documents? That just makes zero sense. They observed and recorded what they observed – spherical planets and their moons.
        Chemtrails, alternative archeology, pedophiles in industry and government, sick pharmaceutical, energy and crop-science companies – I agree, we’re living in a messed up time, controlled by our minders. I can buy a consensus reality based on consciousness but flat earth? Nope.
        I do have some concern that the flat earth movement is a psyop, perhaps promulgated, but likely supported by TPTB. Get enough people to follow and subscribe to the flat earth theory and TPTB have yet another escape hatch to use MSM to colour all conspiracy theories as wacko.
        With that in mind – this is the first and last time I’ve every commented on flat earth. There are too many things in this world to figure out without the distraction.

    1. Agreed, this shit beggars belief for all the reasons you mentioned and more. The tides, the phases of the moon, eclipses, prescession of the equinoxes, etc, all show that we live on a sphere. Only uneducated morons with no critical thinking abilities are stupid enough to fall for this obvious psyop.

      1. You mad bro? Funny how none of the flat-earthers are name calling, shouting shill or psyop… probably should look in the mirror. This isn’t a devisive community and calling someone an idiot or moron isn’t going to get them to come running to your side.

        Also the tactics your using may work on reddit, but they don’t work here.

        Besides, what’s so harmful about anyone believing that the earth is flat, or at least questioning what it is? Seems like people like you don’t like it when people question their paradigm..

        Bigfoot, Magic, ufos, hollow earth, ghosts, faeries, homonculus, aliens, illuminati, etc… these are 100% approved? But don’t we dare question the place we live? What a joke bud. Get over yourself and let people question, one day we will have answers, but right now, none of us do or this debate wouldn’t be happening. Neither side has the silver bullet, The nail for the coffin, which you think NASA, ball earthers and the govt would have, but they don’t, and that right there is worrysome.

        Good day.

        1. I am not mad, and your point is well taken that insulting people will not get them to change their views, however ridiculous they may seem to me.
          Lately, I have gotten better about not caring what people believe, but this one . . . This thing smells like a psyop to me. It has all the characteristics of one. It bothers me that people have been taken in by something that to me is so patently absurd.
          Look, I can go out right now with a cheap telescope and look at the moon and planets in our solar system. Guess what? They are all spheres. But somehow the earth is not, really?
          The ancient Greeks knew the earth was a sphere.
          I totally get why people would question even the shape of the earth. We have been lied to about pretty much everything forever. I have no love for NASA, Never A Straight Answer. I think they lie all the time. They were also started by actual card carrying Nazis, so you know . . . I doubt the moon landings.
          Just because we are living in a totally manufactured false reality, that does not mean the earth is flat. The flat earth model is garbage in terms of any kind of explanatory power. It is not parsimonious and totally ignores Ocam’s Razor.
          That I even have to point this out . . .

    2. Preach!! I just wish I had more likes to give.
      What freaks me out about the HE delusion is that it is an actual thing that some people take seriously. My god, the mind recoils in horror at the implications of that.

  7. I’ve always had a hard time with believing flat earth, listening to FE shows you do totally make me question what we’re told.

    My biggest question with the FE movement is why don’t they just pack up a boat with a bunch of tech and head out on an expedition? Does TPTB have a complete blockade at the edge? If other people have gone there why cant we get there now?

    The discrepancies of the sun and moon are the most intriguing to me, especially how perfectly everything lines up. Just too convenient.

  8. Thank you Greg for broaching this topic again. I’m still not sold on the flat earth and am ‘earth shape agnostic” like yourself. Having flat out dismissed Eric Dubay’s videos upon first encounter, the past couple of weeks has had me seriously conflicted while re-researching this topic.

    Who knew the shape of the earth could be such a contentious and polarising subject. I really want the earth to be round, so it can nicely stay within my imaginary paradigm of the universe, but knowing the depths of deceit integrated into our fragile perceptions it really wouldn’t surprise me if it was flat.

    Just seems silly that in 2017 we cannot clarify one or the other for 100% sure. I accept we don’t have the capacity to answer the big questions such as who created life, why the ‘powers that be’ run our world the way they do, but how don’t have confirmation on the shape of our earth?! Seems I will have to carry out the experiments myself, go to Antarctica and come to my own conclusions cause I don’t trust this anyone with a youtube account anymore.

    P.S. Congrats on getting married. All the best!

  9. Boy what a hot topic! I love hearing different theories, because I know everything they taught me in school was wrong & not just in science. So many things to ponder, research & discuss. I seem to lean toward the epoch theory, we can see long ago enormous construction & with each new civilization construction it is smaller & less precise. This is apparent on every continent. We are smaller less intelligent & as in our current society devolving at a rapid pace. Ever feel like an experiment?

  10. Flying over the Pacific.. happens:

    I’ve flown from Amsterdam to Johannesburg direct, overnight. Not only could I see the curvature of the earth, I saw the sun rise over the curve of Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean, it started as a rainbow.. it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

    Accounting for curvature while surveying.. happens:

    The system is clunky and called correction lines. Oklahoma is for sure, the best example of land surveying in equal portions. I’ve heard there was a guy named Sledge Tatum on that crew.

    1. Hmmmm so you have seen curvature from a plane even though we are told by gov scientists that it’s not possible, and balloons that reach higher altitudes than aircraft can’t film curvature.

  11. FANTASTIC show, sad to see the closed minded comments of a few of your listeners even worse when it’s obvious they didn’t even bother to listen to it but good to see there are more dislikes to their comments than likes. This one show was worth a months subs on it’s own, great to see Greg that you are prepared to interview people that you might not agree with and you are not swayed by the childish blackmailers that threaten to unsubscribe ….and I bet those same people defend free speech. 10/10!!!

    1. I always find it curious and rather entertaining how emotional many people get over this topic. I feel like this is fertile ground for some sort of social experiment. So many people defend things that they have no way of knowing themselves…

    2. I don’t know if “closed minded” is accurate. I think they are so thoroughly brain washed and have to be told what the truth is by “official sources”. Cognitive Dissonance perhaps….

  12. Sorry Greg, but I find this so disingenuous to serious researchers such as Wal Thornhill, David Talbot, Laird Scranton etc. that you can sit through a 2hr interview with Jeran without any serious challenge, no rebuttals – and yet you (quite rightly) berate and question Adam Kokesh on his somewhat misguided proposals. Where’s the balance?

  13. I have massive respect for Jeran – he is always reasonable and honestly says he does not know everything – what more can you ask for in a researcher? I too am confused by those people who pour scorn on anyone who does not adhere to the current beliefs, no matter what they are. Surely we are all after the same end goal – truth? How else to find it, except by asking questions? Flat earth may be wrong – but so may ball earth, and it is pushed at us, same as all the false flags etc. Whatever a liar tells me is very suspect. And TPTB lie.

  14. I have to admit, this show was way better than the usual Youtube videos from Jeran, which are often a bit childish.
    A more in depth discussion of his ideas would be interesting.

    For most people it seems not possible to take an agnostic position; a lack of knowledge frightens people.
    Thus, they choose a “fact” and stick to it.

  15. Hey Greg.
    Interesting, reasonable show.
    I really like Jeran’s approach compared with some of the other more hysterical FE’ers
    Crrow’s tackled this topic and it feels like the main proof lies in the ‘line of sight’ curvature
    We can see too far for the current helio model to be accurate.
    I really enjoy the discussion:
    Food for thought is the most nourishing ever served
    There’s a guy called Derek at Gematrinator who’d be a great i/v for you
    Really considered, smart, thoughtful stuff.
    Also, Jordan Maxwell needs everyone’s help.
    I know you’ve had him on before, but it’d be great for everyone to band together —
    Conspira-Thon! —
    And help him out.
    He’s had some challenging times and is a wealth of knowledge.
    Keep up the great work!

  16. This is fascinating! I had not given flat earth theories the time of day, and now I must. Especially fascinating is the idea there could be land and people past Antarctica, wow, that sounds like a much more exciting exploration than space.

  17. Thanks for doing a Flat Earth episode Greg. I’m a huge believer and it amazes me that people still believe in the amazing faster than a speeding bullet watery ball theory when all we have to do is look with our own eyes and use common sense and logic to see that it has all been a lie to enslave us and to remove the creator from the equation.
    Hats off to Jeran! See you at the FE Convention!

  18. Hey Greg. Love your work. I may have missed it but coming into this interview the main question I was looking to have answered is “what would the motivation behind this lie being perpetuated and what is the value in exposing it other than discrediting the legitimacy of already questionable organizations?”. Jeran was articulate and raised some interesting questions but seems so intent on proving his beliefs that the true value of this information goes overlooked. Why does it matter if the earth is flat and what changes must we come to in our conclusions of the truth if we include this idea into our belief system? The answer to that question is one I don’t have but I came away from this interview thinking “How do does the shape of the earth change how I view the world?”. I guess what I’m getting at is that why is this so important to people? I get that it is but why? Other than the idea that we’re being lied too. Which I think is a conclusion most of us have already come too so what makes this lie particularly important? I remain skeptical of the theory (more so the value of it) although I’ll maintain an open mind and continue to hear arguments that support the idea, if they come from this channel. Keep up the great work.

  19. Awesome show my friend. While I am not a flat earther; I am definitely sure that we have been lied to about ourselves as well as the world around us. Such confusions make us more malleable because we are on an unsure footing concerning what is real and what is fantasy…

  20. I made a video about a different FEer and used one of Jeran’s more transparently deceptive videos in making my point:

    FE is a govt psy op to discredit real research and muddy the waters. That so many of your listeners appear to buy it (some are shills) is discouraging. For real cosmology go to — Electric Universe…

  21. The flat earth meme is a CIA directed psyop designed to discredit anyone who dares challenge the dominant narrative. That the damn thing has gotten as far as it has speaks volumes about the failed “educational system” in the US.
    Greg, I know you have your own reasons for not judging or challenging your guests, but I am free of any such considerations. So, anyone who believes in the flat earth is a drooling moron who has been made a fool by TPTB.

    1. Janu1562, I couldn’t have said it better myself, altho I tried.

      Btw, given that Greg lives right on the ocean and could see for himself (as I did in my video) that a ship does in fact ‘sink’ under the horizon (just look at it with binocs from sea level then from 10 feet or more higher), and since he’s not stupid, he must be a part of the psy op (the ‘stoner’ demographic). He calls himself ‘agnostic’ on FE, then doesn’t have anyone on who could easily debunk Jeran’s/Leeds’s/etc. crapola…. Also see:

      1. Thanks?
        “He calls himself ‘agnostic’ on FE, then doesn’t have anyone on who could easily debunk Jeran’s/Leeds’s/etc.”
        Yep. Dude’s gotta a business to run . . . Can’t really begrudge him too much for that.

          1. What freaks me out are the implications that this idiocy is an actual thing. That there are some people out there that believe this obvious mindfuckery does not speak well about our future prospects as a species.

  22. The thing I find most interesting regarding the flat earth and the emotional backlash “ballers* display is that their belief in the earth being flat is just that; a belief; taken on faith. Unless you have gone up and verified what this plane(t) is you believe in the sphere but do not know it. At least traditional religion will admit you need faith but scientism pretends faith are facts. *Of course the earth is a ball! Don’t be ridiculous its not like this is rocket science!* Truly ironic given that NASA is one of the largest and most obvious frauds around.

    Thankfully there are still; somehow; a contingent of thinking people who don’t accept whatever crap is shoved down their throats and actually examine the *facts* for themselves.

    1. I have deduced spherical earth from many directions, most notably my long experience in celestial navigation. If you take the time to look at my two links above and still cannot understand how I could ‘know’ that I live on a spherical object… well… I would say the problem is with your inability to think critically. That and the likelihood that your worldview is based on Youtube and not experiencing the actual world out there. (I am presently sitting on the projected path of the coming solar eclipse, btw; I have gone out of my way to view this amazing event, which is inexplicable in a flat earth paradigm.)

      1. Oh hey look its more of that emotional backlash with baiting personal attacks! Why are you so insecure you need to attack me personally and cast your own false aspersions on me. You don’t know anything about me but *know* what my worldview is based on? I suppose the same stellar reasoning has been applied to staring at lights in the sky and claiming you *know* what is out there. With such arrogance you must be a real treat to be around at parties.

        1. Hey, greyowl, did you write this, referring to me?:

          “Thankfully there are still; somehow; a contingent of thinking people who don’t accept whatever crap is shoved down their throats and actually examine the *facts* for themselves.”

          Seems you’re saying I’m not a ‘thinking person’ and I accept whatever ‘crap is shoved down {my] throat’.

          Seems so. Sounds like a ‘personal attack,’ with you starting it.

          By the way: still not a word about the issue, i.e., the shape of the planet, which is covered in my links. And regarding your logic: Do you believe in atoms? Ever seen one?

  23. Hi Greg,

    The first and main reason FE theory does not convince me is that it does not explain why you would be able to see sunlight on the bottom side of the clouds when the sun sets. If the sun is a big flashlight shining from the ‘ceiling’, how the hell can it do that?!?

    I was glad to hear you ask exactly that question. And then Jeran evaded it…

    Anyhow, interesting show, thanks for that. But I’m still not convinced of FE theory.

  24. Greg, congratulations on your marriage! Thanks for having Jeran on as a guest. I have watched/listened to everything Jeran has done for the past 2 and a half years. He is articulate, intelligent, a true researcher and an overall good hu-man being. You asked great questions and I feel got great answers. Thanks for your work Greg. xox

  25. If that nearest star is 24 trillion miles away, how fast would that star have to be traveling to complete it’s path in 24 hours? So, 24,000,000,000,000 multiplied by 3.14159, divided by 24 is the rate of speed? That’s fast

  26. Why is it that I just renewed my subscription and I cannot download or listen to the plus show but I can download the first hour? Please help gregg I’m missing your shows!

  27. 1. Anomalies in observational measurements (made with eyes that bends light onto a curved surface) do not make the earth flat.
    2. Anomalies in the gravitational model do not make the earth flat
    3. Anomalies in the current cosmological model of galaxies moving away etc. DO NOT make the earth flat.
    4. Testimony from a few people from many years ago does not make the earth flat.
    5. Hollow earth does not make the earth flat.

    I did not hear 1 piece of empirical evidence that would override the occums razor of the huge weight of evidence to the contrary. All I heard was him bemoaning how he doesn’t comprehend things of the current standard model and then supposing the earth is flat.

    If you take the very credible Electric universe theory and it’s cosmological model most of his arguments melt away. What will be left are fictional ideas that he has no evidence for.
    PS the Electric Universe model says all planets with a electro-magnetic field are a hollow ball – which still doesn’t make the earth flat.

  28. After doing research on this guy it’s pretty obvious that he is a shill, please don’t follow or listen to him! Want proof go to for more information.

    Any chance you can get Eric Dubay back on anytime soon?

  29. Where to start? I joined three months ago and have listened to all episodes through this one- with one exception.
    The exception is the second interview with the Russian woman who has discredited all history and other evidence of all cultures throughout the world. We are to believe that this person who stated she had no education and that she discovered the historical paradigm she presents largely during her 100 plus ayewaska(I realize this isn’t spelled correctly but not important enough to take the time to locate the spelling. HOw arrogant! How absolutely vain she must be to think her knowledge? surpasses the combined knowledge of both eastern and western thought. The other maddening information is this pathetic Flat Earth meme. I propose that the reason that those who think we live on a slightly squashed sphere reactr so strongly to the FE meme is at some level it is realized that this is the harbinger of the collapse of our culture. If there can’t be a consensus on some basic premises then it’s eventually going to cause an schism that well either cause the demise of western civilization or make it easy for the elite to establish a ironclad grip on humanity- a true prison planet. Apparently this guest and others believe each person should create reality only by their individual perceptions with a starting point that all is a lie. This isn’t stated but it is apparent in their arguments. This isn’t a paradigm for a functioning society. I won’t even begin to present the facts that attest to the fact this planetary object isn’t flat. I will state that the different facts this guest so glibly presents are incorrect or irrelevant. The guest seems so failed by our education system. I’m familiar with Dr. . Joseph Farrell’s book “Rotten To The Common Core “on the American education system. I hadn’t realized how far the process of dumbing down has met with success. I think the millennial’s, or at least a significant proportion, are dangerously lacking common sense. I have to stop this episode because I can’t listen to the shy as a hundred mile ceiling “We don’t know all the answers” the guest just stated. Yet he proposes a conspiracy involving all cultures across time , and all involved with the desire for the same outcome. The outcome isn’t made clear. This arrogance is just over the top. He is just soooo brilliant. Just lacking in any intellectual humility or any trust in the decency of any researchers. Last thought- I too think Nasa is deceptive for a variety of reasons which ISN’T evidence for a flat earth. Lives are quite short. A person doesn’t have time to investigate all the premises of their civilization.

  30. Couldnt listen. A guy yapping about how ideas stretch credulity for him and therefore henegates them is too childish an attitude. How about facts or at least figures ratherthann his feelings?

  31. Lovely episode. I’m on the fence about our cosmology, but I do believe that we are largely living “in” a thought experiment. Change the model and things appear still more interesting and strange.

  32. Just came back to listen again in 2020. It’s still great stuff.
    Reading the emotional comments from the ball side of the fence makes some of Jerans points for him.
    That is what seems weird to me.
    I can’t go to space myself and I don’t believe NASA videos, so I will probably never 100% know fact.
    Still no reason to call people morons etc.
    I Probably wouldn’t have believed that either if I had not just witnessed it here on the comments.
    Very strange reaction indeed.

    Still No Virgin Galactic by 2020 BTW 😉

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