Ole Dammegard | Staged Terror: Manchester, London, Charlottesville, Barcelona

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks false flags, staged terror events, and the events we’ve seen in 2017 with returning guest, Ole Dammegard.

While many of us have realized in the years since 9/11 that the string of so-called “terror attacks” are nothing more than manufactured fear aimed at keeping us on edge and the mainstream media machine continues churning out today’s latest event of crazed lone wolf attack type violence, it’s becomes easy to see how the collective psyche has devolved into one of angst, hatred, and paranoia.
And as this multi-pronged attack plays out, the military industrial complex continues waging overseas wars, while helping the empire expand, and as we slowly watch the police state grab hold and chip away our personal freedom.
Fortunately, today’s returning guest Ole Dammegard joins The Higherside to offer up some context and perspective on these horrific tragedies. As an author of books like “Coup d’etat in Slow Motion Volumes I and II”, and curator of his website “Light on Conspiracies”, Dammegard has earned himself a reputation for his insightful research on topics ranging from the mysterious deaths of rockstar celebrities to the caravan of crisis actors on their global tour of terror.
3:25 In his previous appearances on The Higherside, Ole has discussed a number of events from across the globe. Getting things started he and Greg examine the ways in which this terror campaign has evolved including the increased frequency and amplitude, the clues left at each crime scene, and the elite’s circumvention of karmic law.
8:00 Ole explains one of the most important pieces in these crisis situations: the drills preceding the live event. Dammegard believes these drills are used to help orchestrate the terror media event, put crisis actors and emergency vehicles in position and allow for shots to be recorded as “real time footage” that are later released to all mainstream media outlets. They also discuss the head of the octopus in the production of terror, a company called, Crisis Solutions.
25:42 Greg and Ole discuss the Manchester bombing. As one of the more controversial false flags, Dammegard breaks down the clues that lead him to question the official narrative regarding the Ariana Grande bombing and the logistics behind accomplishing such massive public deception.
39:20 Greg and Ole dive deeper into the connections between Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and manager to Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, Scooter Braun. Dammegard also elaborates on suspicious coincidences involving Nicki Minaj and the London Bridge Attack.
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– the odd coincidence that many of the people credited with capturing footage in recent terror events, actually have careers in media and government

– the extraordinary amount of “shoeless victims” in the media footage of these terror events, how that motif is also seen within Freemasonic ritual, and the symbolism behind it

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NC4 Safety and Security:
Ariana Grande video where she references singing hits for victims of Manchester:
Crisis Actors Rehearse Terror Attack in Manchester UK in May:
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22 Responses

  1. Yay! The HSC is back up and running! Good stuff!
    So many staged events it becomes obvious once you eventually see it. That said, the PTB never let a good crisis go to waste anyway. I think Manchester was fake, how quick was the remembrance concert? And all the big stars were available to attend? Calling Bullshit on that one!

  2. I always thought the vehicle-based terror attacks were to push the “self-driving car” agenda. My thoughts are that these events coincide with big business, and Google has invested billions into self-driving tech. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a hand in these events to help push their products.

    And I’d like to cite a book called “The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind” by Gustave Le Bon in which the author states that when people are in crowds, a phenomenon called mass hallucinations can happen. Le Bon cites several real-world instances where people in the 100s have incorrectly hallucinated how events went, when they went the other way. This could explain why dozens of people claim to see something that doesn’t exist.

  3. I recently had a strange experience with what was probably a false flag in a city about 45 minutes away from where I live.

    I was keeping my ear tuned for anyone that was related to any of the victims or witnesses when I finally heard that a lady I worked with was the mother of one of the victims. I work in a company of about 120 people at the time and we are all pretty close, so I was sure whoever it was would be somone I knew for years. Nope, sure enough it was some lady who just started a week before the shooting and promptly quit a few days after. I guess if it was real, I can understand why. However, nobody caught her kids name and her last name didn’t match any of victims’. Very common last name, too.

    Then my parents said one of their good friends was a parent of one of the victims. I asked them if they could find out which kid was hers. My parents didn’t know I was feeling out for false flag, just that I was curious. A few days later when I followed up, they said the strangest thing: She’s no longer answering her phone and she deactivated her Facebook account.

    After listening to this episode, I decided to call my parents and casually ask if they ever heard from their friend and they said no, she just kind of fell off the face of the Earth. I asked her name and it was another common name. I checked the victims list again and sure enough, no match on last names.

    Nothing conclusive but stranger than most of the things that happen in my life.

  4. Yay! Another great one, in the books!
    Personally, i would love to hear Ole once a month or every other month… Only because his work is so critical to what is going on tbese days… And i would love to be able to share the entire episode with friends and people without memberships… ALL your guests are important but… Ole has info that most people can grasp. It might make a big difference in the world! ( Lmao… I’m typing this as you close the show and you just said you are posting the extra interview with everyone ) As usual… You rock!

  5. loved this show!
    Norton flags the as a risky site and tries to stop me viewing it.
    calls it an SWBPL risk??
    Keep up the good work Greg 🙂

  6. Excellent. I learn something new every time I tune in. I feel much better now that Ole is in the picture. Your interview was Solid, Bravo!!!. Ole is a true resource. He has a great eye to see through the noise and deception, giving reality a chance to shine through; something you just can’t find easily. Ole mentioned his friend Chip Tatum, which is a very strong link to what really is going on and the agenda in play. The game is afoot and you are tripping them up. Keep up the superb work. Best Clutch

  7. I just adore Ole! I read his book Coup d’Etat in Slow Motion and wow, you really get a dose of his intense research skills and of course his passion and commitment. He is so open and honest, he doesn’t discount anything, but is sincere about where his knowing and experience are. He’s also so well-spoken and full of data front of mind that the time just flies when he speaks. I hope you will have him on often, such a resource and pleasure! And as always, which I forget to mention, you are entertaining and your intros superb, Greg, great work and thanks to y’all!

  8. Greg, man, the one thing i’m really trying to work on is my growing cynicism. Ole is a favorite of mine ever since I first heard him right here on THC+. What drives me the craziest is when Ole asks you (on behalf of the listeners) “why did they do___?” or “why would they do___?” and I found myself answering as he asked with simple answers. Greg, it’s a defect of character for the open-minded and I suffer (lol) with it man. Anywho, personal defects aside, A stellar show, a great presentation. THC+ is still the best value for your esoteric/fFortean $$$.

    1. It’s the matrix. These actors are designed to invoke action or thoughts. Super creepy when you think of some people this way. Kind of like the men in black.

  9. I love Ole and I love the interview. Following his work on the kekostacy to help explain the crazy n the world .
    BUT I found myself asking two big questions during the interview. First, given that these are false flags, how ever could they be so dumb to not make sure every thing matches and lines up. It would have to stand serutiny and plausibility with real people present. Why would they let such obvious mistakes happen?

    Second, what do the REAL terrorist attacks look like in comparison? Does he have any that pass his test? Did real people die by real intent? Was the woman who died in Charlottesville real, an actor or collateral damage?

  10. I think this was the best false flag information I have heard. Excellent excellent work. I will be forwarding this to friends. This is how I think about all in my life. I found looking at something without naming the item, i.e. Glass… I see a hard container that holds liquid. This enables me to “see” the glass or event. This is how you get out of the matrix. The downside to this is it can be very lonely and hard to find friends I can have real conversations about this stuff. Great work!

  11. Hey greg over the pond in wales my niece,s best friend and her dad were killed or taken somewhere at the manchester attack most likley killed as what else would they do with them -they deffiinatly havnt been seen since and a funeral happend.
    I do think it was set up like all the others blatently i also think they dont give a dam about blood being spilt probebly prefer it.
    One thing your man was bang on about and all should take note-throw your t v’s away do i today and dont let one babysit your kids for you there evel programing tools.
    Ps stop sending your planes over here gassing us and hideing the sun its non stop even in remote wales.
    Keep it up greg your a candle in the darkness x take care
    Nick of the woods

    1. So you knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who was involved.
      My personal rules regarding belief in these attacks: I will believe IF…
      I know someone who was involved in it, or…
      I know someone who knows someone who was involved.
      That is as far as I will believe, once removed or twice removed, … but not three times removed.

      Additionally, I ended TV cable during Obama’s first election. Just didn’t want to put up with the lies and have a personally policy NOT to pay for lies.

  12. Greg, so the chinese symbols popping up and the fuckery you mentioned cought my eye too. Just as i pressed play to start the show, for about 1 second it showed some type of wierd symbol almost sigel or chinese type character in place of the pause icon. Maybe sumthing, maybe nothing, def wierd. Keep cranking them out carlwood. And get sean hross on the show sumtime, he would make a great returning guest as Ole indeed does. Shout out to my fellow chatters from tucson Az!

  13. I need to predicate and establish that I am totally on the side of Ole and and am of the mind that there ARE false flags before I comment, so that I am not taken out of context. With that out of the way, I just wanted to note that the nurse mentioning that “the exercise went well” referring to the patient could have been in regards to physical therapy. Perhaps they have certain exercises they do to build up muscle mass or whatnot.

    It’s pretty shitty of me to nit pick this one point with all the massive amount of quality work and research that Ole does, but I did feel that it was worth pointing out. Great show as always.

  14. The odds of dying in a terrorist attack are 20 million to 1. What are the odds of two people each surviving three terror attacks in the same year?

    20,000,000:1 odds of dying in terror attack / 80 years
    = chance of dying in any one year = 250,000:1
    Assume 8% of people who are attacked die (statistically speaking).
    250,000:1 x 0.08 = 20,000:1
    = chance of being a victim of a terror attack in any one year.
    For one person to be the victim of three separate terror incidents in one year:
    20,000 x 20,000 x 20,000 = 8 trillion:1

    In other words in the span of 1,000 years you might expect one person on a planet with 8 billion people to be in three separate terror attacks in one year. I don’t know how to pronounce the precise figure of two people being in that situation, but the timescale for that incident is longer than the universe has existed. So to say it is a miracle is a bit of an understatement – it is a statistical impossibility.

    The cherry:

    It boggles the mind. . .

  15. Has there ever been an actual event in history or are we living in a world of purely contrived events? This is madness. I’m all for discussions on UFO’s, the occult, alternative archeology etc.. But this belief in false flag attacks, chem-trails, anti-vaccines is approaching full on mental illness. I feel like this show is turning into a documentary on a decent into full blown paranoia. Having an open mind is not the same as seeing conspiracy at every turn and evil intent in all intentions.

  16. As always, Ole is quite remarkable. Good wishes, deeply felt, into the ethers for Ole and his ability to bring us knowledge.

    To poster, as you get older, you (hypothetically) will realize that you (hypo.) repeat yourself all the time. Must tolerate it from others if you (hypo.) can recognize it in yourself.

    There are certainly things that are new. I have been listening to Ole since the Red Ice interview long, long ago.

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