Recluse | Nazi Occultism, Deep State Magic, & The Nine

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Another day, another dive into the depths of this weird world with an exploration of elite factions, occult ideologies, geopolitics, covert operations, and more- in the proverbial Pandora’s box that keeps us trucking along the conspiratorial path. Because when a lot of us first get a glimpse of the Hidden Hand, the tendency is to see an over-arching oligarchy controlling all the world like a debilitated marionette.

Although, as we go deeper, many of us realize the power path splits into so many divergent directions, that the tangled web of secret societies, think tanks, corporate interests, bloodlines, networks, and covert operations seems too knotted up to ever fully untangle. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost ladies and gentleman because today’s guest has been dedicated to holding a microscope to each thread woven into the conspiracy cardigan and basking in the warmth and comfort of his nuanced understanding for nearly a decade.

He’s the man known as Recluse, and author of the amazing, deeply detailed blog VISUP, which is dedicated to exploring the vast Fortean realms of mind control, deep politics, sacred geometry, onomatology and synchronicity; occult film and music; the supernatural, the extraterrestrial and the multi-dimensional; high weirdness in all its many forms

4:00 – Greg asks Recluse to elaborate on a passage from his blog, where he talks about the blurred lines between Cabbalism and Nazism. Recluse goes on to explain the rather deep links between the Far Right and Occultism in general.

30:41 Recluse talks to us about that infamous story of The Nine, and how those channelings are connected to Project Artichoke as well as The Office of Security.

36:52 Recluse talks about the influence of The Nine, and how they connect to a key player in the Watergate scandal.

49:09 Greg asks Recluse what might have happened to these more extreme deep state projects in more recent decades, and Recluse describes areas where he feels we see elements of their continuation., including Skinwalker Ranch.

Today, we end the show with a closing song by Seven Day Sleep entitled Red Lipstick Murders. Check out the video here:

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-The impact of China’s decision to open up their securities and insurance companies to foreign ownership.

-How Recluse balances the positive personal experiences with psychedelics with the knowledge of Deep State connections around the psychedelic movement & that the introspection facilitated by these compounds probably didn’t line up well with Deep State agendas.

-How Recluse takes issue with the trend of conspiracy researchers focusing on the distribution of entheogens rather that opioids, considering how much more damaging they are, as these opioids are synthesized and pushed by Big Pharma.

-The strange history of events along the 33rd parallel and how that relates to the idea of a Faustian pact or the potential for type of spirit bargaining by elements of the American machine.

-The true nature of the Elite & Entities connection. Are they in conscious contact, or infected by a parasitic mind virus?

-Why it’s interesting that William Shockley specifically would be chosen as the inventor of the transistor, if it was actually a ruse to hid a more occult origin.

-Secret Wars: Vatican Edition where we get into the Jesuits and the Knights of Malta

-How Skull n Bones dominates the military industrial complex

-The Death of David Rockefeller and how that might effect the power structure and the plans of the elite.

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15 Responses

  1. Lots and lots of “facts and figures, names and dates, and a CSI style geometry tying them all together” . this dude Recluse (great gimmick BTW) has it going on Greg. Like many of your guests, i’m not really sure where his research is ultimately going? But the rabbit hole is deep and i’m a confirmed deep hole diver so here I go. If i’m not back in a few months, call my family…they got me. LOL. As always, thanks brother. ;]]

  2. Gregg, a great guest to have regarding Nazis/Fascism would be Dave Emory. He’s been researching Fascism since the ’70’s. I think he started with Mae Brussel.

    Peter Levenda recently did 9 hours with him over nine, one hour shows.

    His radio show archive is

    He sees Fascists under every rock but his facts check out.

    For example, one of the lefts new heroes, Tulsi Gabbard has some weird connections. And, why did Karl Rove help sponsor Bernie’s campaign?

    After oral surgery a few years ago, his radio voice changed.

    You should check him out.

    I’ve never found a interview with him online.

  3. Say ‘what have you’ again. Say ‘what have you’ again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what have you one more Goddamn time!


    1. For real. Tacking on phrases you have heard smart people use before doesn’t make you smart. Especially when you don’t seem to know how to use them correctly.

      1. I think that was his first or second interview guys, I know I would have said ahhh a bunch and he brought a lot to the table so let’s give him a break. Nice episode Greg.

        1. I liked the interview for the most part. It just triggered that Pulp Fiction scene for me after the 10th “what have you” in the first 10 minutes. Besides the over use of the phrase it was also misused frequently… Sorry if anyone was offended. I just thought it would be funny to alter that movie quote slightly. ???? ✌????&❤️

  4. Devil’s Advocate in 4,3,2,1….It is often said that the public doesn’t trust the politicians or the press, but that has been evident my entire life. Yes, clearly, the internet has made corruption more apparent, but the one thing that has not changed is the people…the people seem to be very incapable of doing anything other than voicing their frustrated opinions. Once we do that, we immediately fall back in line as if the voicing of our opinion was just enough to give us some sense of importance or relief. It seems like the more we learn or gain access to…the more we know, yet fail to use to our advantage. The death of David Rockefeller isn’t gonna change anything. Most people seem to think that if we ‘killed off all of the bad people” things would get better when ,clearly, all the Elite would do is fill the gap and continue moving forward with their agenda. Attacking symptoms of the problem will never remove the problem… and its not pessimism to contemplate whether we even have the potential to make the necessary changes. Hell, if this is a prison planet… than it seems to me that everything taking place seems to be quite fitting of such a place. Victims, aren’t we all. So it seems.

    1. Hey. I’m frustrated with our frustration, too. I think the problem is so fundamental that we don’t know how to approach it. I suspect that the solution is at the micro-community level, right where each of us lives with our neighbors. Also… I didn’t find this deep or insightful. A lot of topics and concepts were touched upon but very few connections made or meanings revealed. It felt scatter-shot to me. I was VERY excited when Greg raised the question of what the Nazis and the Zionists have in common and was quite disappointed when it went nowhere. Did i miss something? Maybe i have to look into that myself. It seems like a lot of roads lead to those seemingly opposed camps but they must be cooperating because there’s a global system in place. (Divide and conquer.) The other piece is Asia; mainly, China, I guess. I want to know names, dates, places, actions where those connect. Nazis, Zionists, and China. Of course, it’s also plausible that they cooperate when it serves them and compete when it doesn’t. Thanks to Greg for keeping on keeping on!

  5. Listening to this guy say “what have you” makes me cringe and reminds me of that beauty pageant girl who kept saying “such as.”

    His pronunciation of names is infuriating, too. Totally distracting from the subjects.

    Gotlieb is prounounced ‘Got Leeb.’ Not ‘Got-Lee-Eb.’ It’s german for ‘god-love.’ Get out of the house man and talk to people.

    1. Holy shit – he just referred to Roy Cohn as “Roy Coon” and discussed his relationship with “McCartney, going back to the 1960’s.”
      Are you kidding me? It’s Senator Joseph McCaRTHy and Roy Cohn, pronounced ‘Cone,’ and their whole episode of Red-scare tactics known as McCarthyism was over by the mid-1950s.

      McCaRTNEy was the bassist and composer in the rock band called the Beatles which prospered in the 1960s and influenced the music of the late 20th Century. See “The Winged Beatle” for conspiracy content related to him, not to be confused with the “On Wings as Eagles” conspiracy from Hail! Caesar.

      Can we take anything this guy says with any seriousness at all?

      I nominate we all refer to him, not as “Recluse,” but in his own would-be style as “Re-Clouseau” after the bumbling detective of the Pink Panther, most brilliantly portrayed by Peter Sellers.

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