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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast, as he breaks down Gnosticism with the guest, Miguel Conner.

While many of us will be familiar with the term Gnosticism due to it’s influence among a wide array of topics, including the use of ritual magic, secret societies, and even the very process of awakening itself, one must admit the waters have been muddied throughout history.
With words like ‘Demiurge’ and ‘Archons’ freely thrown about, putting a finer point on this magical hodgepodge of buzzwords can prove to be rather difficult.
Luckily, today’s guest, Miguel Conner of AeonByte, joins The Higherside to help us tighten our loose grasp of understanding about this ancient mystic philosophy. So strap in, and get ready to swallow the red pill people!
2:45 Greg and Miguel begin by dissecting the massive body of work known as Gnosticism. In an attempt to categorize foreign religions, conservative Christians of the 17th century coined the derogatory term, Gnostic. And with the origins of the Gnostics being unknown, Miguel addresses multiple theories, such as their ancient Egyptian roots, Zoroastrianism, and the possibility of them being breakaway sects of Christianity or Judaism. He also breaks down the four hallmarks of Gnosticism.
12:20 With the work of researchers such as David Ike, popularizing terms like Archon, Greg and Miguel discuss how this term has been co-opted and contorted. Miguel elaborates on rebellious stance of Gnosticism during a time when the predominant belief was in the great chain of being that connected us to the Gods. Conner clarifies role of the Demiurge, expands on the demonic nature of the grand architect and details the saga of Sophia.
24:30 Greg and Miguel discuss the relation of seemingly separate schools of thought, from Paganism, to Kabbalah and Christianity to Chaos Magic. With Alexandria acting as the world’s melting pot, Conner explains how this uncommon cast of characters came together in ancient times and what role their coexistence had on the Gnostic paradigm.
30:42 Instead of stuffing the toothpaste back into the tube, the Roman Catholic Church appropriated many of the Gnostic traditions, perverting them into current day mainstream pillars of the church. Greg and Miguel discuss the idea that “religion is just magic for the masses and magic is just religion for the individual.” They also discuss the “Father of Gnosticism” and personal patron saint to Miguel, Simon Magus, his appearance in the book of “Acts of the Apostles” and his union with Helen of Tyre.
39:02 Miguel discusses his favorite group of Gnostics, the Sethians.
42:00 Miguel gives us his take on the work of researchers such as David Icke, John Lash and Jay Weidner.
49:15 Miguel imparts a few Gnostic nuggets from his extensive research into the forbidden gospels.
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– the Gnostic influence on Crowley and Thelema

– the occult belief system of the elite, and how to describe it

– the elite’s use of magic

– the coven that put the binding spell on Trump

– the history of manipulation and suppression of Gnostic sects

– looking at the most remote cultures for a glimpse into the uncorrupted traditions

– Buddhism and the Dalai Lama dilemma

– portals

– overlooked characters and stories in the Gnostic narratives

– HBO’s hit series “Westworld”

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Recommended Movie List:

“The Matrix”:

Simon Magus in Acts of the Apostles:
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34 Responses

  1. Thank you! Black goo is definitely something we all shuld knw about. I think I got some in my basement bsthroom. Or was that black mold? Goo. Mold. Hmmmm… I should call in an exert. Maybe thats why my husbnd has been such an assole latey. Blame it on the goo. Ha h ha ha!

    1. Absolutely loved this!!! Yip yip yip yippy! Braavo! I like stuff like this. I wanna hear about monsters like Bigfo I t and Dogman. Hint hint. Thanx again fr helping to expand my understanding. I love THC! Rock on Mr. Greg !

  2. I love AB’s intros.

    Thank you for having Miguel on, Greg. So appreciated!

    Oh Miguel, that was a wonderful podcast. You said things in it that I really did not know, even tho I have been studying the NHL since 1989. I loved the new takes on gnosticism. I loved all the new possibilities.
    I loved the sound of your little Sophia’s playing and having a good time. Pearls, each and every one!

    Is it really the gnostic in me that makes me feel so darned calm, peaceful about the chaos in Washington, DC? Because right now, US politics is like watching “Game of Thrones”, while I just sit back, watching, and know the duality is about to break up there.
    “I don’t want to stop the wheel. I want to break the wheel!”

  3. Hi Greg, Sure takes some sleuthing to find that “log in” button at the bottom. Anyway, I have found and would like to share this link that, imho, has the whole story and life mystery revealed. Very disturbing, and it can be seen how it correlates to all you have been asking about…… and may God bless us all:

  4. Nice episode, I’m more and more interested in Gnosticism.

    I don’t think there is much to worry about regarding the Dalai Lama, he only represents one stream of Buddhism. Additionally the hierarchy/structure/ceremony of his position is a bit counter intuitive to the tenets of Buddhism.

    I’m with Miguel on this one, I’ve always been wary of the spiritual value of such a public figure (He’s rubbed shoulders with a number of a lizard people and that archon black goo doesn’t come off easily).

  5. Very good episode, please interview him more often.

    Combined with the Resurrection topic (Freddy Silva), this topic is of utmost importance.

    If you really want to change something/yourself, go this way.

  6. For the record.
    The Author of the Trump banishing ritual ( with his permission ) is Michael Hughes. If you are a regular listener of rune soup, Michael was a guest late last year talking tarot. He is not a witch nor belong to a coven.
    He is a magician and occult enthusiast.
    The ritual is to occur on every waning crescent moon of trumps term as president. Video of our first ritual wound up on FOXNews . Michael was interviewed by Rolling Stone, Time and even teen vogue I believe. The second one was filmed by a Chinese crew. Not sure what happened with that footage.
    Still people write that witches are putting a spell on trump. Not true.
    It was intended as a mass ritual but also just playfully as a performance art project. But the thing really took off and is still being talked about all over the blogosphere.
    Just wanted to clarify.
    Thanks for having Miguel on. Great guest always. And host as well.

  7. I tend to think the Dali Lama is a shill and CIA operative. The guy has no joy or love radiating from him at all! Just my opinion…you cannot really have such a high position unless you are part of the agenda. Plus he is on TV all the time and hangs with celebrities. Come on now!

  8. Greg,

    When you ask what kind of price there is to pay for performing magic, I wonder this myself. I listened to a lecture by Manly P. Hall on Youtube titled ‘Secret Powers and why we should not use them’. He mentions briefly that there comes some type of bitterness that comes with asking for something and not getting it. That it can leave a scar in people, so to speak. From my own experience, this is true. I often try magic only to find that what I was shooting for doesn’t materialize and it leaves me feeling more alone than when I started. I also find that sometimes I get the exact opposite of what I was trying to manifest, so I think there might actually be something to “jinxing” things. This is why if I start to doubt myself mid enchantment, I knock on wood. That’s just my thing. Maybe it’s just a mental game? I think being open-minded to high strangeness can invite in paranoia and superstition, and maybe even drive a person kinda crazy because it doesn’t work in any black and white fashion that is comprehendible or simple, which in turn leaves people more confused than when they started. Gordon White says magic will ruin your life. I don’t exactly know what he means by that, but I’m here with you, wondering.

  9. At 9 minutes in I was already VERY IMPRESSED! A show focusing on Simon Magus needs to happen. That would be fascinating assuming enough information could be compiled. Closing thought….Great show…and that outro is pretty damn nice.

    1. Glad you enjoyed! On my end, we do have a show on Simon Magus. Just search Aeon Byte and Simon Magus, and you’ll get an interview with Robert Price.

      1. Excellent show!
        Do you get the John Goodman comparison a lot? It is uncanny. You definitely resonate with my thoughts. Will have to explore your writings more in-depth.

  10. Thanks for another great show Greg. Miguel helped me join the dots between the more ancient Gnostic traditions and their modern offspring such as Crowley’s Thelema. The Qabalistic journey from the (evil) material plane of Malkuth to the airy higher realms of Kether is echoed in the teachings of the ancient sects in their struggle with the Demiurge and his Archons. What if the journey were cyclic though…

  11. Excellent episode!

    I love when someone can find just the perfect, cogent way to describe something that can be very confusing. The mere statement “Gnosticism is more a metaphysical orientation than a religion or distinct tradition” felt like a lightning bolt of clarity. And so many other goodies besides.

  12. The Carlwood is The Stud, and nails it hard against the wall in this interview. Twenty years ago – when I was still an idiot, I often described myself as gnostic – not quite knowing what it meant, and then I got tired of trying to explain things. After this interview, I’m all-in, I AM GNOSTIC. There is absolutely a destructive control mechanism that rules this domain. I stopped meditating several years, when I could not sit in peace without telepathic communication from “higher spiritual” beings, that did not teach me or guide me, but rather challenged me to chase my tail around for another few years. I’m still not quite sure how Miguel or Greg thing that Trump is anything good – he’s surrounded himself with the worst people alive – but, okay – it’s a difference of opinion. I appreciated the Flat Earth conversation, but think the subject was over-simplified. If you fly from the United States to Australia, at what point do you start flying upside down? I’ve asked that question to a lot of my well-educated, well-placed, high-salaried friends….. they look at me like I’m an idiot. But, seriously… if you fly down to the equator, and into the Southern Hemisphere… doesn’t it make sense that the plane will be flying upside down? Eh, nobody really cares…. where’s the Vodka?

    1. This is way old and I dont know if you’ll even read it, but “down” is directly correlated with the direction gravity is pulling. It’s about perspective, out in space “down” and “up” don’t exist, they only exist within the constraints of gravity. Technically at a certain point in your flight the top of the plane would be facing the direction that the bottom was facing when you started if you are thinking from the perspective of being in space observing Earth from a distance, but that doesn’t make the plane upside down. Once you are in space everything extends outwards in all directions at a distance beyond imagination, there is no north or south, top or bottom, up or down in the universe. It comprises the entirety of physical reality, so you cant look at it from an external perspective and determine such finite, limited concepts like direction, size, volume, etc.

      I can understand why you would ask such a question though. Unless you have spent time trying to visualize the nature and size of the of the cosmos it would seem like a perfectly reasonable question.

  13. Words butcher everything, but there is only one thing, of which we and “archons” and Gaia are and the worst and the best are “parts” of. Alone with ourselves for eternity, we best learn to love even the wardens of prison planets.

  14. Kudos Greg another great one in the bag! Im gonna go as far to say this was my favorite ep of the year thus far. Keep up the great work and I promise im picking up 2 tees this summer lol.

  15. Best show yet Greg!

    Time for you to interview Steve Richards AKA Holographic Kinetics…you want some ancient indigenous answers??? They don’t come any more ancient than Australian Aborigine’s of which he is a descendant.

  16. Just feel compelled to add my voice to the chorus: Really fine discussion, Greg! Miguel is extraordinarily articulate and his sense of humor is so grounding! Sometimes it feels like folks who study old works come to inhabit the times in which the works were born. It feels to me as if Miguel is a time traveler who studies ideas from all times and brings them back to the present. Good, good stuff! Thank you!

  17. Back for another listen in 2020. Archon madness swirling in this plandemic. They have zero imagination and only offer fear and poison. Go away, Little archons- you hold mo power here…

    listening today you can clearly see the Archon players list- Kissinger Rockefeller’s Gates Fauci bushes Clintons(Hilary – lunatic power hungry  and Bill Of course since he was a drug addled rapist.

    this show more timeless than Ever and just as powerful!  cheers! 

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