Dr. Bruce Lipton | The Biology Of Belief, Self-Healing, & Epigenetics

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast for a special one hour bonus show as host Greg Carlwood talks epigenetics, the power of thought, and the important role of the conscious and subconscious mind, with guest Dr. Bruce Lipton.

With many people feeling the walls closing in around them, acutely aware of the elite’s carefully crafted plan to keep us under their thumb through launching an assault on our senses, the outlook of the future can appear bleak at best and utterly hopeless at worst.
Yes, the cycle is easy to see: long hours slaving away at soul sucking jobs, resulting in a populous feeling weak and overworked, whilst seeking nourishment in a vitamin deficient food supply, and distraction through media outlets unabashedly brainwashing their consumers.
Considering this immense uphill battle, one begins to understand how we have found ourselves in a constant state of feeling depleted and demoralized.
Fortunately for us, today’s guest, Dr. Bruce Lipton, joins The Higherside to discuss the science behind the power of thought. As an internationally recognized leading expert in rebuilding the bridge between science and spirit, Dr. Lipton presents one of the most compelling arguments in favor of mastering the mind as a means to control the body.
2:45 As the medical cartel continues it’s campaign asserting that we are all simply victims of our genetics, held hostage by inevitable disease, Dr. Lipton begins by explaining the fallacy behind this belief. As Dr. Lipton points out, one of the major misconceptions involves our basic understanding of the function and behavior of a gene. Rather than turning on or off and being self-actualizing, genes behave similar to a blueprint. Another important piece to this puzzle is the role of the contractor, who is charged with not only reading the genes, but in some cases also rewriting the genes.
6:50 Dr. Lipton details the psychological effect that this victim mentality plays on society. The dis-empowering of people forces them to seek a rescuer, who in turn, is almost always pharmaceutical companies capitalizing on fear. It is this vicious cycle of offering control to corporations in exchange for false security that has kept society from realizing it’s full potential through consciousness.
19:42 Dr. Lipton explains the role common misnomers regarding our understanding of the mind. Instead of being a singular mind, our mind is actually two interdependent entities: the conscious and subconscious minds. These separate entities co-function, but learn in different ways and have different behaviors Dr. Lipton details the critical differences between the conscious and subconscious mind, how our environment effects them, and how we can harness them to the best of our ability.
42:42 Because we have been programmed throughout our lifetime to believe we aren’t in control of our health, but instead victims of our heredity, undoing this can be a challenge. Dr. Lipton discusses the ways we can re-program ourselves and our subconscious behaviors to our best benefit.
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33 Responses

  1. Hi Greg! Thanks for the show. I’m a THC subscriber and I’m glad you are doing something you enjoy.

    It seems there was no intro for this episode? It just dove right in to Dr. Lipton speaking. Thought you’d like to know.


    1. Thanks!

      Yes, I’m fixing that now. The file seems fine on my PC, but cut off the first 10 mins on the upload for some reason.

      Now on the 2nd upload it says the file is 2hr long but this is an extra show for the month that is only 1hr17mins. I have no idea where that extra time is coming from!

  2. Well, I better get started de-programing myself from my useless subconscious viruses, set my desired positive nightly intentions, and get started on those new positive daily habits. Whew! Thats gonna take a lot of getting around some of the crazy people I encounter on a daily basis just too happen. I guess one has too start somewhere. Interesting that he never mentioned much about emotions and the role that they play. Hmmmmm……maybe those are the pesky culprits of it all!

    1. sorry but they are just coming out in the order they’re recorded. Unfortunately I got sick for a couple days, had a guest push back an interview, and then we had Mothers Day so that all got me off track, but they will all be there by the end of the month, promise!

      1. No worries I’m just addicted.. No other podcast measures up.. I used to listen to Crow and THC but I feel like he may have lost it or he’s found it, and the truth is that hard to handle… anyway it’s just your show now, I try and find other shows to fill the time between your shows but no luck…

    1. Yeah that’s really frustrating to me and I think users have to refresh or reload the feed for it to replace that glitchy file with the right one bc the RSS feed is just the data from the website, but once a file is posted and grabbed by the feed, site updates won’t get there without that manual refresh. At least that’s how I understand it. Unfortunately everyone wont know that.

  3. A very interesting show, thanks Greg.
    The good Doctor’s presentation style reminded me of Zig Zigler. If you want to improve your self-belief, then Zig Zigler is a great place to start.
    It’s funny, the one hour format reminded me of the times before I was a member, always left wanting more …
    THC has certainly played a large part in helping change my world view – and for the better, I might add. You can’t buy knowledge like this on the streets for five bucks a month!

  4. Sooooo glad you got Dr. Lipton on. I’ve bought multiple copies of Biology of Belief this past Christmas to give out, truly a gift that keeps giving. Paradigm shifting indeed. Thanks Carlson.

    Joel from Colo

  5. Excellent show, Greg, as always. Dr. Bruce Lipton is excellent, and one thing I really enjoy about his talks is not only his message but the fact that he explains it in a down-to-earth, accessible and understandable manner. I really need to add his book to my “need to read” pile, which seems to grow monthly! Well, thankfully, the summer is almost here. Dr. Lipton’s messages ring true of a lot of the ‘new thought’ writers, like Napoleon Hill and others who are featured in movies like, ‘The Secret,’ which has received both praise for its positive and accessible message as well as condemnation for it’s “new age bullshit,” to put it bluntly.

    One thing I thought was interesting in your talk, Greg, was the question you asked Dr. Lipton about whether he has looked into the occult work that is somewhat similar to what he is talking about. He responded to your question, though I didn’t get the sense that he answered it directly. I consider myself to be a student of new thought, having read and taken a number of courses through a local spiritual center that is considered new thought/religious science. Some strands, strong ones I’d say, thread back to material that can be considered occult or rather used by occultists, such as Theosophy for example. There are a number of parallels between theosophy and new thought religions, in general, though of course when you delve more deeply, differences do emerge (e.g., Christian Science, Unity and Religious Science or Science of Mind). Nonetheless, a common theme in all of them is the idea that humans co-create their reality and their experiences of life via their thoughts and their beliefs. Dr. Lipton adds credibility to this field because of the manner in which he links ideas that seem more or less ethereal or even “woo woo” to scientific or empirical reality. In other words, his research on this subject provides the necessary evidence or support for what he’s talking about. This is critically important because so many of these new thought, or new age, writers get dismissed as writing about “woo woo” or nonscientific “stuff,” when, in fact, a lot of it can be, and is being, grounded in science. As a researcher/academic myself (criminologist), this is important.

    My last comment or point, and this is something I have been mentally wrestling with for some time now, is rectifying the debate or arguments regarding different claims about the “new age” and even “new thought” as being evil, or as some have claimed, outright Luciferian, and then others who claim that it is about goodness. At this point, my conclusion, is that it is both and neither. Drawing on the esoteric principle of ‘As above, so below’ and ‘As within, so without,’ it is fair to say that our inner world reflects the outer world and that both impact each other to a greater or lesser degree. Dr. Lipton’s research on epigenetics demonstrates this well enough. Things in life exist and can be used for Good and for Evil. What makes it good or evil, perhaps then, is the intent that lies behind the action (or, in criminal law, the mens rea or mental state). The “gun” issue always makes for a great example here. Guns can be used to kill… intentionally or in self-defense; for food (which does involve intent but then, I guess, we have to ask, to what end or purpose; killing for killing’s sake likely is never good but for self-defense purposes, if one’s life was at stake, or to feed oneself and/or tribe then, the intent could be justified on grounds that the purpose could fall within the parameters of what we might call ‘good’). I am once again going off on a tangent, but this is something that I have been wrestling with–the occult/esoteric ideas found in a number of religions and how they are called both good and evil or good or Luciferian.

    If anyone has any thoughts and insights on this, I am all ears, as I am always looking to learn more about these ideas, concepts, issues, etc. At the end of the day, Greg Carlwood–you keep us thinking and learning, and as an educator, I am all about it!

    Cheers, peace and much gratitude, Sue

    1. Hi Proffessor Sue! I love Theosophy. It is my base. I’ve been frantically searching for the True and the Real for 22 years now. I’ve read hundreds of books, seen gobs of documentaries, and listened to a gazillion and three podcasts. While my outer thoughts on the subject of what’s really Real change pretty often, I find that they don’t clash at all with my Theosophical Base. I always stuck to the Pasadena Branch because all the others are creepy. I suggest you do the same. You know, the Pasadena Branch of the TS taught so many different things but they always came back to loving one another. Now that’s a belief I can get and stay behind. That’s my story and I’m sticking to n to it!????

      1. Hi JulieSunshine, thanks for your feedback and suggestion! I appreciate it very much. I don’t know too much about Theosophy, but what I’ve read, it does resonate with me and aligns with other teachings I have studied more in-depth, such as Religious Science/Science of Mind (primarily the works of Ernest Holmes and other New Thought/metaphysical writers and leaders). I will look into the Pasadena Branch as well. I am very, very open-minded and always eager to learn new things. Like you, I, too, can certainly stand in the Truth being kind and loving others. It certainly doesn’t mean any of us have to like everybody, but in terms of “the basics” of Truth and life itself, kindness and love above all else must reign if humans, and a species, and this planet are ever to survive. Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to share your insights on this! Have an awesome day! ~Sue

    2. The snake was a freedom fighter.

      It really is all in how you look at it.

      We have opposed inputs hence conflicting ideologies, even within ourselves.

      A lot of new age is CIA mind control, but everything is some kind of mind control.

  6. Epigenetics is a sub set of Epi-phenomenon, which is in turn a sub set of Phenomenology and philosophy proper. Is it time for a Philosopher of Mind on THC Greg? We are getting to that point, no? Get Galen Strawson if you can, I think he is almost in your neck of the woods, Austin TX, and is a real master of philosophy. You could check him out on Wikipedia, you tube etc. You are definitely heading toward Panpsychism in your shows. Gordon White has mentioned how panpsychists like A N Whitehead matter. There is also a panpsychist philosopher in Cornwall, UK, who recently released an ebook on nihilism and a book this year on psychedelics. His name is Peter Sjöstedt-H. Along with philosopher-god Strawson, Peter is also an A N Whitehead specialist. His latest interview (which is very pertinent to current THC) is here: . Anyway, as a philosophy fan myself I tune into THC Plus to enjoy all these angles. Thanks Greg, 1 hour is fine by me.

  7. Thank you Greg. There’s something about Dr Lipton’s enthusiasm that is appealing and contagious. I missed you leading the interview, but Lipton was on a roll and you just let it be! That’s wonderful. The questions you asked yourself on the wrap-up are the ones I have also and I would have loved to hear you ask them. Maybe he will come back again. Great bonus episode! And BTW I think $5.00 is NOTHING compared to the value you offer – no need to apologize for it.

  8. Thanks Greg for this short but long awaited show! About your ear and repairing stereo hearing, maybe you can get Loren Lockman, he is a raw vegan for over 25 years and he has a wellness center where his clients water fast for over 20 days (under his supervision) and get free from all kinds of health issues. You should really get him on THC, the things he says are so simple yet true and powerful. Have a great day!

  9. I loved this. Thanx???????? for always letting the guests speak Mr. Greg. That’s a rare achievement in the field of podcasts. Your TLC stands head and shoulders above the vast majority! I’m so happy to be a Plus member. Anyone who only listens to the free half is an idiot. We don’t want idiots anyway~~ just more smart people like us! ???? We are so pretty and witty and wise!!????❤️????

  10. My gf is 1 of 11,000 nurses at the Cleveland Clinic. I introduced her to Bruce Lipton about 4 years ago and she now see’s exactly what he is explaining in her day to day work environment. Tons of people completely broken and conditioned to think exactly what the Doctor’s tell them to think. Slaves to a system that creates disease and then treats the symptoms thus creating a never ending dependency on meds and medical care. It’s a “biology of belief” that we do as our Doctors tell us. I’m unsure of Bruce’s perspective on the origin of the human species, but one thing he explains is the cohesive behaviors of animals (and other natural occurring life on this planet) versus the destructive nature of man. Man is not from here, doesn’t belong here, and is the biggest threat to the survival of the planet. The honeymoon experience (for an entire) life seems absolutely impossible when you understand and follow the behaviors of man. It’s gonna be very interesting to see how we evolve in this new age.

  11. To be honest, Iv only ever heard that DNA was a blue print. Unless I completely zone out every time the topic of DNA switching on and off comes up, that angle was new.

  12. Best 5 bucks a month I spend! Can’t believe the plus membership ratio is so low to free… They are really missing out. I’m gunna have to give you some shout outs on YouTube and see if I can sway a few

  13. I don’t want to be the wet blanket, everyone else seemed to like this show, but this just seems very new age gobbledygook to me. I’m open to the notion of consciousness being of equal, if not greater, importance than matter and it is self evident that materialism is lacking. maybe there is some nuance that I would get out of his book that I missed here, but I get the impression something is missing in this. Maybe its just me.

    1. I kind of agree. Lipton is a good guy, but this world is real. You can’t think or feel or believe your way out of a toxic diet. Your conciousness does have a lot of power, but if you want a cup of coffee, the easiest way to get it do go make one. I listen to occultists and they say that magic is the hard way to do things, and Lipton is speaking of magic. The way to use it is to make doing things IRL easier. A good spell just makes things go smoothly with helpful coincidences.

  14. Yes you can restore stereo hearing and there are examples of people doing that.

    When you’re three you’re in the hypnotic state and it’s your parents’ subconscious beliefs driving your illness at that age.

    Napoleon Hill talks about restoring hearing in his deaf son.

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