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Dr. Bruce Lipton | The Biology Of Belief, Self-Healing, & Epigenetics

Topics Covered: Consciousness, Healing, Magical Toolbox, Nature Of Reality, Science Of Magic

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast for a special one hour bonus show as host Greg Carlwood talks epigenetics, the power of thought, and the important role of the conscious and subconscious mind, with guest Dr. Bruce Lipton.

With many people feeling the walls closing in around them, acutely aware of the elite’s carefully crafted plan to keep us under their thumb through launching an assault on our senses, the outlook of the future can appear bleak at best and utterly hopeless at worst.
Yes, the cycle is easy to see: long hours slaving away at soul sucking jobs, resulting in a populous feeling weak and overworked, whilst seeking nourishment in a vitamin deficient food supply, and distraction through media outlets unabashedly brainwashing their consumers.
Considering this immense uphill battle, one begins to understand how we have found ourselves in a constant state of feeling depleted and demoralized.
Fortunately for us, today’s guest, Dr. Bruce Lipton, joins The Higherside to discuss the science behind the power of thought. As an internationally recognized leading expert in rebuilding the bridge between science and spirit, Dr. Lipton presents one of the most compelling arguments in favor of mastering the mind as a means to control the body.
2:45 As the medical cartel continues it’s campaign asserting that we are all simply victims of our genetics, held hostage by inevitable disease, Dr. Lipton begins by explaining the fallacy behind this belief. As Dr. Lipton points out, one of the major misconceptions involves our basic understanding of the function and behavior of a gene. Rather than turning on or off and being self-actualizing, genes behave similar to a blueprint. Another important piece to this puzzle is the role of the contractor, who is charged with not only reading the genes, but in some cases also rewriting the genes.
6:50 Dr. Lipton details the psychological effect that this victim mentality plays on society. The dis-empowering of people forces them to seek a rescuer, who in turn, is almost always pharmaceutical companies capitalizing on fear. It is this vicious cycle of offering control to corporations in exchange for false security that has kept society from realizing it’s full potential through consciousness.
19:42 Dr. Lipton explains the role common misnomers regarding our understanding of the mind. Instead of being a singular mind, our mind is actually two interdependent entities: the conscious and subconscious minds. These separate entities co-function, but learn in different ways and have different behaviors Dr. Lipton details the critical differences between the conscious and subconscious mind, how our environment effects them, and how we can harness them to the best of our ability.
42:42 Because we have been programmed throughout our lifetime to believe we aren’t in control of our health, but instead victims of our heredity, undoing this can be a challenge. Dr. Lipton discusses the ways we can re-program ourselves and our subconscious behaviors to our best benefit.
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