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Recluse | Honey Pots, Cicada 3301, & High Strangeness

Show Notes

Our friend Recluse of the Visup blog returns to THC to talk about some of his latest investigations, new blog posts, current events, and his latest book: A Special Relationship: Trump, Epstein, & The Secret History of the Anglo-American Establishment.

You can also find Recluse on his podcast, The Farm.


PLUS Content

  • The Left-Wing Q like ARG.
  • The World Commerce Corporation, drug running, & Big Pharma.
  • the conspiracy theorist’s wet dream come to life.
  • High weirdness at Loch Ness.
  • Steven Ward, black magic sex parties, and the proto-Epstein.
  • GME, Internet blackouts, & an online ID.
  • Westworld Season 3.
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