Recluse Interview on The HIgherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

Recluse | Honey Pots, Cicada 3301, & High Strangeness

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Our friend Recluse of the Visup blog returns to THC to talk about some of his latest investigations, new blog posts, current events, and his latest book: A Special Relationship: Trump, Epstein, & The Secret History of the Anglo-American Establishment.

You can also find Recluse on his podcast, The Farm.


PLUS Content

  • The Left-Wing Q like ARG.
  • The World Commerce Corporation, drug running, & Big Pharma.
  • the conspiracy theorist’s wet dream come to life.
  • High weirdness at Loch Ness.
  • Steven Ward, black magic sex parties, and the proto-Epstein.
  • GME, Internet blackouts, & an online ID.
  • Westworld Season 3.

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    1. Agreed, he sounds like an affectatious  teenager trying to impress himself and others while searching for his masculine post puberty voice. I can't bear it, so it's a no go listen

  1. I think that thread in the first half about the Rosicrucian order, etc.  could help explain Peter Levenda's work.  His connections in relationship to his work has puzzled me for a while now. 

  2. I didn’t realize the forum was different than show comments. Sounds like a fun place to check out, glad that was mentioned at the end. 

    How do we interact on these show comments? I left one previously and missed a reply and once I saw it a month later, I assume my reply back was also missed. 

  3. The Rosicrucian history Recluse mentioned seemed positive to me – yet I think he was trying to implicate them somehow. Rudolf Steiner is often referred to as, "The Greatest Rosicrucian" – and Steiner is phenomenal. Also, my own learning of all things Rosicrucian has been enormously helpful and positive. I can see clearly their intent to restore humanity from it's tragically debased state.

    Still, it was a very good interview and very helpful in terms of creating coherence amidst the current onslaught. 

    1. Curious which perspective you're referring to? Guests always speak for themselves here, and my attempted neutrality as a host is sometimes interpreted  as an endorsement, but I don't think you're hearing anything inconsistent in this episode. Just listen to the semi-yearly check ins with Gordon and you get a better sense of my/our critiques of conspiracy culture. I've tried to give the Q perspective at least a fair hearing, and tried to stay open minded enough to let any results speak for themselves, but the time is up now. Re-examining the movement and it's origins seems worth doing at least one before we try to put it to bed. 

  4. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that there are still MORONS out there who have yet to figure out Q was a fucking psyop from the gitgo. Still waiting for Godot . . . Dumbfucks!
    Jesus will be right back, too. 😂

  5. Excellent chat, Greg.

    Dunno what people’s issues are with the guest’s voice. Seemed ok to me. Sounds like a late-night FM 70s DJ; pretty inoffensive. 

  6. Always love hearing from the recluse. It's such a whirlwind of topics and knowledge. I definitely need the book to spend a lot more time on this.

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