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Another community cast in the can: COVID, cold spirit hands, Arnold, and the flat Earth. Oh my!

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  1. great month. i am one of the ones that commented that dr. moody was something i thought i would have heard on coast to coast but after the episode was over i said i really enjoyed it more than i thought i would. btw my elderly grandpa, obese sister and both my filthy kids had covid and had headaches and thats about it. i have asthma and hypertension and i just want to go back to work.. im going crazy. my parents are still terrified. its getting to be really frustrating. my mom knows 911 was an inside job and my dad knows there is shit in the water but i have to unbrainwash them EVERY day. anyway, i think the next big conspiracy is going to be The New World Orders Civil War or fake aliens everywhere.

  2. a neat thing would be community shows. you could host the first few, just talking to listeners about what they thought about shows and their expierences and also guest could join. eventually the listeners could host them if you are busy. did you used to do this greg?


  3. Hey, Greg –

    Your caller from Sweden spoke of his pre-cog. dream the morning of 911. In his dream was an airplane and, on the television we also saw an airplane; or did we ? 
    For years I’ve been irritated about those airplanes; ……. something, something’s off about those airplanes; besides the fact that they cut holes in the towers like a blazing-hot knife moves through butter. 
    When the mainstream news began to beat the drum of, run and hide, Covid is coming to kill you, …. I went back to relieve the irritant that continued on in my gut about those, supposed airplanes; the one, “ we all saw”.

    September, 11th was a clear blue-ski morning. At 8:45 am the sun is near 45 degrees off the horizon, bright, not full spectrum, but also not winter blue light.

    The images that represent airplanes are in the bright light of the sun. Look at the common stock of skyscrapers and see how lit up they are ( on the sides facing the sun), but the airplane images are dark, shadow-like. Airplanes are not shadow-like when hit by full-blown beams of sun rays. That’s it I said, this is what’s so fuc***g off !

    Since that event technology has developed a phone that not only expands ( focusing in) but also performs, … screenshots.

     I went To YouTube, to the infamous fear-porn video that intends to set and reaffirm the traumas of that day and began to take screenshot after screenshot, after screenshot. I discovered a whole lot of missing wings, slanted wings/ engines, color variations, chatter markings, among other things. When the plane was in blue background, shadow black represented the craft. When smoke from tower one was the background white was the color of the craft; funny how that is.

     I then looked at what missile might match the fuselage that seemed consistent In the screenshots. It seems to me to be a cruise.

    The pentagon for sure wasn’t a jetliner, at least say I.

    Anybody who reads this who also naturally wears a detective’s hat might enjoy the query for themselves.
    By the way, you really do, do a great job in your contribution to the human play.

    As truly wonderful as growing weed is, I’m glad that was a failed dream this time around. You’re still planting seeds and giving the nutrients to build a strong beautiful being, it’s just being done, on, The Higherside, pressing against bigger forces that your persons mind development is truly equipped to handle. I think you found your calling!


  4. Ha I will admit that I always thought the "CGI planes on 9/11 theory" was taking things too far, to the point of being ridiculous even. But like a lot of special effects, watch it 10 years later and see how you think it hold up.  I think it was only really brought up on one THC episode actually:

    Ultimately, I'm in the camp of Dr. Judy Wood. An exotic microwave field technology was used that "dustified" the buildings. It explains not only a lot of the strange debris, and the lack of seismic impact from monitoring equipment, but also the behavior of people jumping which never made a ton of sense to me if they're 5-10 stories away from the impact. If you are under an effect that makes your skin feel like it's burning though, then I get it. Also the hurricane that plenty of weathermen discussed heading for the NY coast, which suddenly went the other way that morning. I could see some sort of field technology concentrated in a large area on the coast being responsible for that. 

    All that just to say that planes or no planes, it has no real impact on what I think actually took the towers down, it just seems way too bold to me. NYC is like, pretty crowded and stuff. 

  5. I loved Dr. Judy Wood’s deconstruction, back in the day; her execution of unapologetic broad scope seeing was seductive. But I guess in the long run I held it out there on the platter with so many others of, who knows?
    I’m saying, actually try it for yourself. Go to that unofficial official video that starts off with sirens and hand-holds you through the tragedy of the day, and others ( the first “plane” is hard to capture in screenshot, but worth it if you can) and screenshot them.

    expand them and that’s direct experience of evidence . I can’t imagine only my screenshots tattletaled against the narrative. 

    Still, it can be asked, evidence of what ? Well…… not to the bottom line, I’ll give anybody that. But it affirms a fracture in the structure, and, that is useful .
    Rock on !

    BTW – I grew up in S.D. From 1967 to 2003. Now I live in Southern Oregon……. and there’s a reference in that 😉



  6. Ideas… hmmmm … Well hear me out(as a closet artist) you could have a monthly art contest/show and use the most voted on/viewed/liked art pieces as your covers for the following month. We’re all searching for exposure in this closed off world. 

  7. I love this latest iteration of the Joint Sessions. I love to know what you are thinking plus the JS can be light and humorous while some of the regular episodes need to remain serious.

    Also, I think I speak for everyone here when I say, "There needs to be a Greg Carlwood interview with the estranged yet very much beloved Russ Carlwood"

    There are questions we all want to ask. "Where has Russ been all these years?" Why did Greg and Russ lose touch after the surgery to separate them? Why did Russ go criminally insane? And so many more….

    If that interview ever happens, sign me up for double plus membership!

  8. I for one loved the Moody episode it actually re-sparked my interest in Anthony Peake's work. You should try to get him on! I love the joint sessions too but if you want to try other stuff maybe we can do live discussions for particular topics. Like a book or documentary each month. Something like that. 

  9. I'm a newer member, personally I like the joint sessions but if it's burning you out then you have to change it. What about qualifying some members and shooting the shit with them, or something that would be fun for you?

  10. I LOVE Flat Earth and not b/c I ‘believe’ it!  What makes me inquisitive about it is not any of those reasons you mentioned, but the engineers of railroads and vast bridges who say they do not make any adjustments for curvature.  Also, what it does to folks in their reactions is FASCINATING!  To question any of ‘outer space’ sends folks into such a tailspin as if you’ve kicked their dog, a personal affront, and as if they would really understand any of it if it were not indoctrinated since childhood cartoons.  Of all the ‘psy-ops’ no other feels ‘safer’ to me either, though it’s a ‘game changer’ as they say, it’s actually ‘fun’ compared to all the really dark shit out there.  When you consider most of the ‘globe’ doesn’t adhere to a ‘spinning globe’ cosmology, seems to me it’s a conversation that actually has the potential to bring folks from all different walks of life together, for a change. If you start talking to folks from other cosmologies, that is.


  11. Gday Greg, love your show, been listening since about 2016 on and off, finally signed up. I would rather send some bucks your way than netflix, and I want to do my bit to keep you going, so please keep doing what you do. My absolute favorite topic is Electric Universe, and anything to do with Saturn theory. Talbott and Thornhill (fellow Aussie!) were great shows, and I loved the new one with Ari. Peter Mark Adams game of Saturn was a favorite, have re listened to that a couple of times, and recently I really enjoyed the Gordon White show. I was feeling down in the dumps when I listened to that one, and he cheered me up big time. I really just wanted to say thank you. When I went through my own big red pill moment, listening to your shows helped me feel less alone and not as scared. Thanks mate

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