Dr Raymond Moody NDE interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Dr. Raymond Moody | Near Death Experience, Nonsense Logic, & Storming The Afterlife

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Raymond A. Moody Jr, Ph.D., MD is a world-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher, and is widely recognized as the leading authority on near-death experiences as he coined the term NDE. He is the bestselling author of many books, including Life After LifeGlimpses of EternityThe Light Beyond, and Coming Back. Dr. Moody’s work profoundly illuminates our understanding of death, dying and grief and offers compelling answers to the question: Is there an afterlife?

Check out his website Life After Life for more.

PLUS Content

  • Comparing entity encounters to NDEs.
  • Consciousness and decapitation.
  • Bargaining with the Supreme Being.
  • Life story & reincarnation.

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  1. On a less cheeky note, you really did honor Dr. Moody in this interview, I’ve listened to dozens and dozens of interviews with him and you did respectfully steer this ship in the right direction. This kind of episode is why I became a plus member. Thanks Greg, keep it going brother.

  2. I recently watched the new Adam Curtis documentary series, and as he described the popular political and economic ideologies of the last 70 years, I was struck by how none of them acknowledged the afterlife or the soul. The knowledge of the afterlife on a mass scale would, I have to think, change the way people choose to live their lives whether they're in power or an average citizen. I remember how in the game of saturn episode, you discussed how people in power could use hidden wisdom to continually be reincarnated into the same bloodline. I feel like people like that would have a vested interest in suppressing the knowledge of the afterlife and reincarnation from the average person. (just to add some conspiracy flair!) 

  3. When I first saw the subject matter, the first thing that came to my mind was, “Oh… just more NDE accounts. Well life ‘is’ a Near Death Experience. Death is always near when attention is engaged in the midst of Living.”

    And then you both kind of took it there with the nonsense conversation.

    Wasn’t what I initially expected… nice.

  4. bahahaaa well somebody’s got a new nickname now don’t we Russ? i prefer the more formal Russell. and what a pro you were to let that slide. but dammit this is the kind of show that i wish could go and on. more like it please. i so very agree that in general people are unable or unwilling to discourse and that it’s sadly a dying skill, just like writing in the cursive with actual pen and paper. i’m a little older than you (early 50’s) but from a time pre cell phone. we could smoke inside at restaurants and enjoy an evening with a full bottle of something and discuss concepts/art/the piece of shit modern dance we just saw or whatever it was. or by a good ole bon fire with spitz and some beers and having these same chats about this very topic. yes higherfireside chats. this conversation was also one where i was screaming at the computer begging to have my questions asked. you mostly did! but with every point raised 5 more popped up. as well a perfectly timed reprieve from covid bullshit. well anyway ,,,, long time listener, first time commenter, fairly new member and proud HSC tee shirt owner. so glad to be a part. thank you sir. cheers from just up coast from you here in Kanada.

  5. WHERE IS GREG, RUSSELL? Did you really think you would get away with this??? That The THC Buds (or) Higherside Ridas(nickname still being workshopped) wouldn't spot your fraudulent, fugazi ASS?!? Us isn't dumb!  I don't know who you think you are trying to Deebo Greg's voice, interview technique & goddamn livelihood but if he isn't back by next show all Hellfyre and Brimstone will be unleashed upon thy forehead. Do the right thing, Russ. 

  6. Great episode!  I have no previous experience with or interest in NDEs but the stellar quality of this conversation was super interesting and provocative.  I am going to have to buy the audiobook version of his nonsense book…

  7. I’m sitting with my father as he lies in hospital bed~ he’s dying and he knows it.

    asked me to get him dressed in church clothes last night as he was going home. 

    1. Wow, I can't imagine. I'm sorry for your loss, but I hope this sort of topic is helpful. Sounds like a wise man, I'm always in awe of the people who are at peace with the transition. 

  8. I love this podcast!! This episode was beautiful and aligned with some personal synchronicities. Blessings to you (Russ) and Dr. Moody as we each traverse the aether.

  9. Awesome! Man. THC is really keeping me going these days while I'm bored out of my mind, in a work-from-home Groundhog Day. So weird, I've actually been thinking a lot about nonsense lately.  

    I haven't had a NDE. But, I did have a dream a year after my older brother died. The dream was more real than I'm sitting here typing this. I found myself in the location where my brother's spirit/consciousness went when he left this world. He appeared 2 inches away from my face, I was in shock/disbelief. I talked to him, I felt the muscles in his back when I hugged him, his voice was audible in my ears, there were things that clearly signaled to me (like shared memories that only he and I would know) that it really was him, to ensure I'd know I was awake in the dream. We talked about his death, I asked him what he has been doing and he said "I've been here, studying."  I've never felt a single moment of grief or sadness over his death – or even missed him at all, since that day. It's so weird. My family still struggles with missing him, but I don't in the slightest. And I was probably the closest to him since we were the closest in age. 

    I'm about to hit play and listen to this one a second time. What I wouldn't give to go back in time and take Dr Moody's university course on nonsense logic. Definitely going to buy his books. 

  10. Thank you for another great episode!  This subject is captivating and of special interest to me.  As always, you so deftly maneuver the conversation to get the most out of your guests.  I would like to congratulate you for staying so true to yourself after so many years in spite of your success and notoriety!  Cheers.

  11. Looking forward to this, I did read Life after Life a few years ago. I like to read comments sometimes before I play the episode…who the fuck is Russ? LOL

  12. Great interview. Thanks. In consideration of nonsense, I pondered the practice of magic. Or prayer. We may not intellectually understand ancient phrasings or words. But speaking them touches us both inside and initiates in the material world. 

  13. One question I would like to ask any of these near-death-experience researchers or experiencers is about the common characteristic of the life review and experiencing it from the perspective of the other.

    If I were an archon, and I wanted to tend to my flock, I might want to coerce an confused newly emerged soul to agree to another incarnation into my realm, instead of choosing to head for Nirvana, by creating guilt about how they treated others, and offer the chance to balance their karma.

    I've heard this referred to as Soul Entrapment by the Lords of Karma.

    Consider the NDE in the context of this video by David Icke.

    Saturn Isn't What You Think It Is

  14. I had an OBE while healing a herneated lumbar disc with Shipibo curanderos in a rural location some hours by boat distant from Pucallpa, Peru in 2007.  I completely left my body and immediately found myself at the center of the universe witnessing God for a nanosecond, then I had to back away as the force of love was too strong to stay.  I completely agree with Dr Moody that the two principal elements on the other side are love and knowledge, also colors like you can not imagine and a sense of complete 'otherness' which make trying to describe the experience almost impossible once back in this world.

    I believe this realm is where we come from before birth and will return to after death.  Like Dr Moody I'm totally fine with death, less so with possible pain up ahead.

    Great show Greg!

    BTW my back was completely healed following this experience.

  15. Great interview Greg! I like the way you approached this guest.  It was interesting to hear a logician's approach to NDEs.  The fact that he adheres to such strict principles and still ultimately arrives at the same conclusions that 'Spirituality' describes is great confirmation.  I think a lot of your listeners don't find this so 'paradoxical' or 'nonsensical', but of course that's how an academic logical philosopher would speak.  And you let him explain it in the way he needed to, and made him comfortable enough to get to some really important statements.  I don't think he knew much about the show, and it took him a while to 'get weird', but your Host skills really got him to open up & trust the audience.  
    Your statements at the end were spot on, 100%.  Thanks!

  16. Regarding nonsense, my father used to say "Things are more like they are now than they've ever been." It's somewhat nonsensical, but you know what it means. I recently searched for the phrase and found that my father was quoting Dwight D. Eisenhower, not the first person who comes to mind as someone who talks gibberish. I think the saying is helpful today to recognize they are still at it with their old propaganda stories for mind control, yet we can cast it with humor and make fun of it.

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