Ras Ben | The Philadelphia Experiment, Mandela Effect, & Timeline Management Magic

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Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no secret that the capstone cabal has worked hard to maintain an ironclad grip on humanity, stripped down our education system to create cogs for the machine, and hidden away so much of the vital history that tells us who we are and why we’re here. Of course nobody can answer that question for you in particular, but I doubt you manifested here to spend the better portion of your life clocking in to some makeshift cubicle, watching more Netflix, or collecting numbers on a screen for someone else’s dream. Yet many of us seem hypnotized and marginalized – compelled to continue for reasons that I don’t understand.

It’s a series of dirty tricks that we’re wising up to more and more each day- and if you ask me – the place where the rubber really meets the road is with high level magic and the ritualized manipulation of the masses and reality itself. It’s an ancient game, and one they’ve baked into many of our monuments, traditions, and major world events—and I think it’s high time we unpack all this stuff if we ever want to reclaim our Earthly plane.

Well, fortunately, dear people of the internet, this is all right in the wheelhouse of today’s guest: Ras Ben.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ras Ben is known for being an innovative educator, counselor, wellness provider, peace-keeper, Astrologer, Ra Sekhi Energy Healer, and jack of many other trades.
He has a Master of the Arts degree in African American Studies from Temple University, and he’s the author of “Rocks of Ages: Ancient Technologies for the New Millennium” which explores using crystals and sacred stones as resources for a spiritual technology. He’s also given several amazing presentations on the threads of this high magic and the underlying elite agenda that have repeatedly blown my simple stoner mind. From the esoteric hotbed that is Philadelphia, a true student of History, Mystery, and Prophecy- the great ritual revealer and spiritual teacher of the timelines- Ras Ben

PLUS Content

-The fight between factions to be the builders of the new temple of Jerusalem. -The true agenda of the “tall white” & “reptilian” beings, to reclaim their DNA after being punished in a previous age. -Gordie Rose’s 3 predictions for the D-Wave computer, which tell us what to expect in the future. -The JFK assassination & the Emperor of Ethiopia. -Ge’es our oldest language. -How to increase our connection to esoteric or lost knowledge.

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  1. Thanks Carlwood. Another great episode from start to finish. I did not know about Ras Ben before this, what a great mind. The Ethiopia segment – amazing!

  2. Don’t know if something is different about the intro on this one, or if it’s just a variant I haven’t heard in a while, but I liked this version of the intro song better than any other I can recall!

  3. Yep, this guy is one I want to hear more from. Interesting as someone who grew up without religious input, Bob Marley is our christmas music. Go the Rasta 🙂

  4. THIS WAS AMAZING! So many missing pieces filled in! Why I keep paying my fees! The Enochian stuff was right on and the idea of them making copies of prophecies so they can play out the way they want was such a perfect fitting explanation of the efforts they put into it all – using OUR energy notwithstanding! Thaks Greg x

  5. Great show. Would love to hear/learn more about Rastafarian history. First time I have had such a clear description of dimensions….
    Ras has a very good speaking pace for this dense information. You asked some good questions and the let him speak.
    Good stuff! I need to listen again.

  6. I have walked down streets cab drivers will not go with homes riddled with bullet holes, and worse, but Philadelphia was the scariest city I have been to by far, it was just a feeling, but now I have an inkling why. Very interesting show, I’m going to check this guy out.

  7. Absolutely brilliant! So much gratitude to you both. Yes please, I’d like more please. ????????⭐️????

    And yes to price increase. I’m facing same thing with my business. Go for it! ????????????

  8. What he’s talking about re fifth dimension is sounding true to me. Greg get Sevan back on and see what he has to say re this, if you think it’s a good idea. I do, obviously.

    Also yes cannabis, water, and meditation x2 prayer x1.

  9. Omg EXCELLENT INTERVIEW. we donthave to take our power back BEC WE ALREADY HAVE THE POWER!!! So lets KNOW IT USE IT!
    THK YOU RAS BEN…so many things make sense now. IM Awake but becoming more awake everyday. No wonder why “they” try to make evertythg confusing…BECAUSE ITS VERY SIMPLE. They depend on us not thinkg we hav the power and they depend on us to think its complicated. I alwys was wonderg why they gav us internet and cell phones cuz u knw its not bec they love us. Its bec it keeps us distractted.

  10. I loved the parallels with the 40th parallel and Susquehanna Alchemy. I drive from DC to Philadelphia on a very regular basis and I always cross over the Susquehanna!
    and from all the time I’ve spent in Philly I can promise it really has am incredibly powerful and strange energy to it. Seriously. Always an energy but on top of that I’ve had some significant anomalous events and synchronisities happen there. The veil is definitely thinner there.

    1. I’ve got to concur the feel there is unique to any place I’ve been as well. There’s a solid occult reason David Lynch chose to focus on it as a local in Philly. Also Coop’s FBI ^^

  11. Pleasant treat to find this…Ras Ben’s FYM presentations were very intriguing and I’m grinning with anticipation for this.
    Keep ’em coming Carlwood!

  12. I hardly ever post comments- BUT DAMN! Ras Ben completely blew. my. mind! I had to listen to it twice to process. Outdid yourself on this one, Greg. Please have him on more than once, we HAVE to get more of this guy! Oh, and the content had me so focused I didn’t even notice the sound (quality) after 2 minutes in.

  13. As someone with Ethiopian ancestry, I found this show doubly phenomenal! Just wanted to point out that the language is normally spelled Ge’ez, and sounds closer to Gih-iz (hard g, short i). Thank you!

  14. Ben Franklin opened the gates of Hell for the gift of electricity, LOL. I think I have grown past THC, the guests are getting really stupid. Philadelphia is a great spiritual place?!?! I have been to Philly, it’s a real shithole.

    1. You do realize that saying “the Gates of Hell” is not just for dramatic effect right? This is the literal name of a sculpture in Philly. It’s actually in several places. Ras Ben contends that it’s a symbol of something real, and the activities of a French secrecy society called The Hellfire Club, which Franklin was supposedly a member of.

      10 min clip with slides:

      We discuss on many episodes the connection between technology and non-human intelligence. This is just the same theme, in an new context. In fact, it’s a context that makes a lot of sense to me, because archetypally it fits the “Prometheus giving man fire” idea, to a T. Electricity is fire.

      Maybe ole Ben did just tie a key to a kite, but it sounds like a lame storybook cover story to me. How interesting that the one to unlock this technology, would also have these strange connections to Occult societies, no?

      Tesla should need no introduction here, also thought his ideas were shepherded from contact with something else.

      I honestly don’t think this saga is that implausible, actually, it’s a core theme of THC. Which as you say, maybe you’ve “outgrown.”

      1. Most occult societies are against the Creator and the construct, that is why they are kept in secrecy. A lot of your guests just bash secret societies and say they are evil or devil worshippers. So when I say I have outgrown THC, it’s basically saying I don’t subscribe to the main storyline that the secret societies are the puppet masters just out there doing evil shit for the hell of it.

  15. Here are a couple more interesting facts. George Washington was inaugurated at the Federal Building in NYC, not far from Ground Zero, wearing his Masonic apron. Also, when Benjamin Franklin’s home was being renovated after his death, there were 10 bodies (6 children) found buried in the basement.

    9 of 56 original signers of Declaration of Independence were Masons. Boom! 9-11 ????LIBERTY does not mean same thing as Freedom , it is derivied nautical term. When going a shore from naval or merchant ship you are given Liberty: is leave from servitude not same as freedom.

    Washington was not 1st US President. He was the 15th. Possible construct for King George.

  16. Oh how ironic, the Book of Enoch is the Flat Earth book, seems to be a large part of his overstanding and he’s not seeing it. Still love his work though, I don’t throw the water out with the baby.

  17. I Follow a lot of black scholars & researchers and I’ve never came across his work. THIS MAKES 100% sense!!!! He was actually drawing from true accounts and histories and I can’t wait to deep dive into more of his work and some of the books he’s mentioned.

    As a black person in America, my lens of this world is unique and I already walk through this world with healthy skepticism. The idea that people of color all over the world have been marginalized is not new and nowadays I would agree that the economic marginalization is in full effect for all people. No matter how much I’ve read, I was always looking for an answer as to how this all came to be. The idea that those in power now, were once the slaves and that prophecy can be intercepted… wow….

    Amazing show.

    I think like with everything… good/evil is all about the intent.
    As an example… pulling from pop culture, Thanos is considered a villain, but Thanos’ intent was to bring balance to the universe. In his mind, he is actually doing good work. Same with the siths etc.

      1. Honestly, the most reputable scholars/researchers have passed, imho.

        Ivan Van Sertima
        Frances Cress Welsing
        Dr. Sebi
        Chancellor Williams

        As of recently there hasn’t been a “baton pass”; which is why it was really refreshing to hear Ras Ben. I’ve seen a few clips from him on a youtube channel but I didn’t know he lectured!

        There aren’t many people who I will read or listen to because to me there always seems to be undertones of blind black supremacy or just plain false unresearched information.

        If anyone comes to mind I’ll let ya know!

    1. Absolutely! Chris and I had a show on the books earlier this month and he asked to postpone because he felt he was dealing with a bit of a breakthrough and thought it would be better if he could finish up a new series on it. Maybe next month or so, but I always love having Chris on.

  18. Interesting episode, thanks again Greg.

    Would love some more episodes with guests talking about astronomy and astrology! Especially with a lunar eclipse coming up and a seemingly tough summer astrology wise. Not getting answers here on earth, we probably need to look to the skies again!

  19. Excellent show. It was so good and had so much interesting information; I listened to it twice. Hats off to Greg and Ras Ben for an enlightening and amazing show!

  20. Loved this episode. I’ve listened multiple times and pick up something new each time. Aligning with a past that will give us the future we want…powerful stuff! I hope Ras comes back in the near future.

  21. Some interesting ideas here… All of the talk about animals is actually just astrological positions. The lion and the lamb is the sun in Aries. The wolf likely refers to a specific moon in Aries and is followed by descriptions of other constellations and signs… Most of The Old Testament is astrology. The Bible is nowhere near as old as we are told and the building of Jerusalem seems to happen relatively often. The jerulasalem as described in Ezra is actually the kremlin in Moscow – also referred to in the Bible as Damascus…

  22. Fantastic episode, deep gratitude to both of you. I ordered his book Rocks Of Ages right away, hope to have it soon. Keep on slaying for truth brother!
    Blessed Be

    1. I also ordered the crystals book via PayPal after listening to the episode. I did not receive any confirmation of the purchase from Ras Ben, the seller. I am just curious if you did. Thanks.

  23. Ras Ben episode… very enlightening and inspirational! I’ve been delving into his videos…thanks Greg. Easy to get distracted from the positive vibration when delving into the dark stuff disclosure material. Your Ras Ben interview helped reconnect me to the most high and I’ve even put down the heavy metal playlist of late and jacked back intomy reggae and African world music playlist. Hope you will have this dude back on Higherside soon.

  24. Holy Shit. This was top notch! Just look at the comments. We definitely want him back on THC! I’ll be listening to this one again for sure. So many topics and new perspectives. Greg, you are that motherfucker! Much love. Peace!

  25. Very cool show. I think partially why the book of Enoch was buried, was because it lists the names of the Fallen angels. I was under the impression you had to have their names before you can control them. I think Solomon may have had a hand in it. Some tradition holds Solomon began to chase strange women and became corrupt. He started dabbling in the spirits. Wisest man on earth dabbling in the occult? I think he figured something out.

      1. Last comment. He was talking about the lion wolf and lamb. I just think that’s commonly confused, because the verses are back to back. People are familiar with it, but not checked into it. The lion and the lamb shall walk two by two and a little child shall lead them, and the wolf will lay down with the lamb.

  26. Yikes,I’m way behind on my 2nd
    hour consumption.

    Hugely enjoyed listening to what Ras Ben had to say!
    Especially on the importance of Cannabis;)

    The Off-The-Grid guests are often the MOST profound.

    Thanks for still giving them a Voice,Mr. Carlwood
    ☆Cheers to another great episode☆

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