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Ras Ben | The Philadelphia Experiment, Mandela Effect, & Timeline Management Magic

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Deconstructing Events, Esoteric, Mandela Effect, Philadelphia Experiment, Synchromysticism

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no secret that the capstone cabal has worked hard to maintain an ironclad grip on humanity, stripped down our education system to create cogs for the machine, and hidden away so much of the vital history that tells us who we are and why we’re here. Of course nobody can answer that question for you in particular, but I doubt you manifested here to spend the better portion of your life clocking in to some makeshift cubicle, watching more Netflix, or collecting numbers on a screen for someone else’s dream. Yet many of us seem hypnotized and marginalized – compelled to continue for reasons that I don’t understand.

It’s a series of dirty tricks that we’re wising up to more and more each day- and if you ask me – the place where the rubber really meets the road is with high level magic and the ritualized manipulation of the masses and reality itself. It’s an ancient game, and one they’ve baked into many of our monuments, traditions, and major world events—and I think it’s high time we unpack all this stuff if we ever want to reclaim our Earthly plane.

Well, fortunately, dear people of the internet, this is all right in the wheelhouse of today’s guest: Ras Ben.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ras Ben is known for being an innovative educator, counselor, wellness provider, peace-keeper, Astrologer, Ra Sekhi Energy Healer, and jack of many other trades.
He has a Master of the Arts degree in African American Studies from Temple University, and he’s the author of “Rocks of Ages: Ancient Technologies for the New Millennium” which explores using crystals and sacred stones as resources for a spiritual technology. He’s also given several amazing presentations on the threads of this high magic and the underlying elite agenda that have repeatedly blown my simple stoner mind. From the esoteric hotbed that is Philadelphia, a true student of History, Mystery, and Prophecy- the great ritual revealer and spiritual teacher of the timelines- Ras Ben

PLUS Content

-The fight between factions to be the builders of the new temple of Jerusalem. -The true agenda of the “tall white” & “reptilian” beings, to reclaim their DNA after being punished in a previous age. -Gordie Rose’s 3 predictions for the D-Wave computer, which tell us what to expect in the future. -The JFK assassination & the Emperor of Ethiopia. -Ge’es our oldest language. -How to increase our connection to esoteric or lost knowledge.
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