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Alright Higherside Chatters, as we wade through a world of invasive technologies, directing and recording far more of our actions than we’d like to admit- many of us start to wonder what we’ll find at the end of this curvy and concerning road. Others examine our history of perpetual war and conquest, most without a reasonable motivation given to the people- and again, we wonder what’s really driving the conflicts and military movements across the globe even today. And the savviest among us have seen the testimonies and texts leading all the way back to the earliest ages of man that describe interactions, rulership, enlightenment, and maybe even the engineering of humanity by some other intelligent beings; and know there must be a deeper story we aren’t being told when it comes to most of these threads too.

Well today’s guest is very clear in his assertion that weather you’re talking about the trajectory of our technology, our geopolitical agenda of perpetual war- or many other aspects of the human story- you’re picture won’t be clear without factoring in the Exopolitical element- and so that it what we’re here to do. His name is David Griffin, and he’s a UK researcher- largely responsible for the UK branch of the Exopolitics sites and a card carrying member of both the Exopolitics Institute and World Network. Having studied Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, as well as Learning Innovation and Interactive Media in the College days – he realized that while not being interesting in Ufology initially- you really need to incorporate that third rail to understand the game behind the game, and subtext of many world events.

David has done a great job nailing down and connecting exactly this type of subtext- by conducting an amazing series of presentations that dive deep into the secret motivations and ET involvement in not only the Faulklands War, but also the going on in Antarctica and the strange string of deaths and “suicides” that took 22 Marconi scientists and engineers. Much of this revolves around a dangerous ET technology that many refer to as “the black goo” and we’re definitely going to get into it today. The professor of Exopolitics, the saucer school scholar, and the black goo guy himself- David Griffin

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  1. Nuclear weapons are demonstrably a hoax though. Check out the photos/film of Hiroshima and nagasaki. There are two explosions in each photo. They are lined up to give the impression of a larger explosion. Follow the cloud down to where it meets the ground… clearly two bombs each, for a total of four bombs. Fatman and little boy were lies. The atomic bomb is simply a MOAB from today’s arsenal. Compare the photos, they are the same. Bus services were never interrupted in either city. In fact Japan had to be told months afterwards that they were even bombed…

    So many of these alien stories aren’t keeping up with the latest data…

    Griffin quotes a lot of known disinformation agents as well, Ala marrs, leary, mckenna…

    Love the podcasts but gotta call a spade a spade.

    1. Doctored photography doesn’t equate to “nukes aren’t real”. Nonsequitor, friend. I don’t know if they’re real or not, & faked photos is suspicious, but it’s not proof. I’ve yet to see “evidence” that nukes aren’t real. Overhyped fear porn, yes. Completely fake, not sure.

    2. Daberman, all nuclear explosions produce a signature double flash. The double flash is such a reliable way of differentiating a nuclear from a conventional explosion that monitoring satellites specifically look for this double flash. If you need a conspiracy to chase, look into the Vela incident where a monitoring satellite detected a double flash in the South Atlantic in 1979.

    3. I must agree with you my like minded friend. By chance have you an opinion on the post ’45 continuation of Japanese aerial warfare against the US via their Special Ariel-Spaciel Warfare campaign (Roswell explanation)… ?

  2. what we find at the end of this world is a nightmare level of enslavement our feeble minds can’t even conceive–mind/soul/body totally owned by luciferian AI

  3. Possibly the toughest listen yet. This man has a unique ability to distract himself resulting in the most insufferable, incomprehensible ear-bending frantic rambling only a saint could tolerate. I sat through this. My melon is utter mush now and I am more mentally drained than I have ever been in my life. I humbly thank you for every episode to date, the show is head and shoulders above the rest. However, for this drivel i cannot thank you. If anyone got anything new, unique or positive from this please share.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, very hard to listen do as Griffin distracts himself away from his point so often! I went to college with a guy like this, we called him Captain Tangent – David Griffin is definitely a contender for the title of General Tangent!

    2. Not a fan, he’s all over the place
      Only show I couldn’t make it though and I’ve been listening from the beginning – it’s clear why he hasn’t publically spoken for years

      This guy and Sala have had their day, the intel had moved on and they haven’t. Bummer of a show but you did the best with what you had Greg

    3. You summed that up perfectly. Greg does excellent work in all aspects of this show, and I respect the desire to get informed guests from all different walks and areas. With that said, this was one of the toughest listens I’ve had on this podcast as well (and I’ve listened to over 90% of the material on this site) .

      They can’t all be winners, great job nonetheless.

  4. A frustrating listen. Unfocused and scattered thoughts. Endless offhand references to websites, books and other researchers but largely incoherent. So many areas “he didn’t want to go into” which is kind of the point of an interview. I thought his recollection of being frightened as a child by nuclear holocaust fear porn was rather poignant and I wonder how much psychic damage this caused children in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I also remember the fear well.

  5. I think he must have listened to a lot of your interviews and mixed them all together to make his own confused story! Nothing new. It made me think of Robert Graves idea of the “doe in the thicket” that is truth mixed up with a lot of obfustication. Oh yeh and what I am coming to think is a bit of a red flag – its our fault for being so stupid – never mind the edifice of mind control that has had to be put in place to make us so. Synchronistically watching rerun of Voyager on Netflix – check out S4 E24. In fact its amazing how much of what you cover Greg is in the series!

  6. Greg- your pod is the best of the esoteric streams so keep feeding us. It may not seem like you are getting through to the masses so to speak but I myself have been conveying your information and connections within my network which I am sure is happening for the majority of your listeners. David did not seem to have his shit together for this interview, do you give your guests a “pre-script” so they can prepare? Dropping names of known frauds is unforgivable….if there is a piece of work David has delivered that caused you to consider basing a show around his perspectives let me know as I found this show moving the quack notion forward.

    In contrast, I am having my three teenagers and wife listen to the Mark Passio show as I also believe “order takers” are the root of all problems humans have ever inflicted upon ourselves.

    TDSR….is YOU!

  7. Have to give it you Greg you managed to pull out a half decent interview with this guy. As a Brit myself, I absolutely cringed at the many passive aggressive ways he mentioned Americans, “you guys” “your lot” and even using “you Yanks” I’m not sure if Americans realise it but that’s actually used in a derogatory way here. Seemed like he had some interesting ideas but seemed more interested in timing the interview which wasn’t his job. What resulted was a jumbled mess.

    Also, he seemed defensive about every point he made like he was anticipating backlash, seriously dude know your audience, Higherside listeners are more open, and in fact conspiracy peeps in general are. Kind of ruined what could have been a good interview. This guy needs to edit himself.

  8. On the visual language visual language topic I’m surprised you didn’t mention dolphins & whales but there’s a lot to cover ; )
    I listen to your show about 8 hours a day 5 days a week and It’s always great. This episode was rough with how often this fella David interrupted and distracted himself on top of talking fast but the carlwood pulled it together.

  9. I like David’s work but he would be better if he didn’t keep naming people and got on with the subject. Some good stuff but would have been would be if he didn’t talk so fast and stayed on topic. FYI I’m from England

  10. Well, after an hour and 20 mins of hoping for some coherence, I finally gave up. I don’t think this fella answered any question. Not sure if it was a stream of consciousness thing or occasionally deliberate evasion when asked to come up with hard facts. Good try, but perhaps a harder line taken to keep him on track may have helped. But maybe Greg was exasperated as the rest of us.

    1. Anyhoo,
      The connection I was hinting at was the way in which Morrison depicted the metallic goo in his story. He described it as a hyper-dimensional fluid on the surface of which is reflected our 3d world, but is actually a doorway thru dimensions, as well as the liquid quantum computer that powers the time machine in the story. It leaked through into our dimension when human activity blew open a crack in space-time.
      Despite being largely unknown, ‘The Invisibles’ has had a huge influence on many works of sci-fi over the last 2 decades, namely The Matrix, but also trickling down into shows like Stranger Things, etc.
      For those unfamiliar with it, I highly recommend giving it a look. Touches on everything from chaos magick, psychedelics, D.U.M.B.s, archons, pedo crimes, high technology, and sooo much more.

  11. trintdaddy:
    Doctored photography doesn’t equate to “nukes aren’t real”. Nonsequitor, friend. I don’t know if they’re real or not, & faked photos is suspicious, but it’s not proof. I’ve yet to see “evidence” that nukes aren’t real. Overhyped fear porn, yes. Completely fake, not sure.

    I don’t think you understand how evidence works. I can’t show you proof santa claus doesn’t exist… you clearly didn’t go look at any Hiroshima / nagasaki photos as they arent doctored, nor is anyone claiming they are. I suggest you read more and type less.

  12. hurmanetar:
    Daberman, all nuclear explosions produce a signature double flash. The double flash is such a reliable way of differentiating a nuclear from a conventional explosion that monitoring satellites specifically look for this double flash. If you need a conspiracy to chase, look into the Vela incident where a monitoring satellite detected a double flash in the South Atlantic in 1979.

    You realize your faith in double flashes is religious in nature. Can you show evidence of double flashes? The only evidence I see looks suspicious.

  13. Very interesting, but many things I just couldn’t catch. What was the deal with the timed cases and the real reason for 2012? That sounds like it could have been an interesting thing, and what might be causing people to go crazy? I don’t know if I’m more sane, or other people are just insane. I’d love to know more on that tangent. Though I have to say you did a good job getting him to clarify certain things we might not be familiar with(or at least I wasn’t) and trying to bring him back to the topic.
    On another level, where do we go to recommend guests?

  14. Id like to apologise on behalf of my British kin that found it distasteful when David referred to you as ‘you Yanks’. Utterly classless and stated how ‘your country annoys me’. Great David. Well ‘that yank’ just gave a you a slot to talk to his listeners.

    Its Special Air Service and Special Boat Service and he mixed up Royals with Paras in who was doing what in The Falklands.

    The UK has had claim to the Falklands since 1833 (rightly or wrongly) so his dates were way off.

  15. I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted a comment before in the years I’ve been listening, but fucking hell this was a weird interview. I’ve not heard of this chap before and will certainly be avoiding anything he appears in again. As folks have previously mentioned, a rather rude and utterly confusing person to listen to.

  16. Not everyone is down with Adventure Time, but check out the episode called ‘High Strangeness’ for a taste of how some of these concepts are being normalized to younger generations.
    Then delve deeper into the show, if you dare.
    I would also suggest Duncan Trussell’s interviews with Pendleton Ward, one of the show’s creators.

  17. Great show Greg! You should definitely do another show with David, I feel he would have a very interesting take on any subject you’d decide to talk about. A joint show with Alec and David would be sweet as well. A show with Ducan would be sweet too! If anyone ever asked me to go UFO watching like David had asked members of the community, I’d for sure be down lol.

  18. Glad to see I wasn’t the only person who found him incomprehensible! I kept waiting for him to actually finish any sentence he started and it never happened. An exercise in frustration, for Greg especially I imagine! Is he on Adderall/speed? Very peculiar, standoffish, and nonsensical. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  19. Are we talking about Liz Frazer from Massive Attack? Just wanna get that straight. I remember when the big Massive Attack albums came out and they were very much late night hypnotic listening. I’m assuming it’s the same woman.

    As for the dudes bumbling babble. It did take some mental gymnastics to follow him, but having come across quite a few Birmingham and London Cokney fast talking types I didn’t mind so much. I think he actually had some interesting things to say, but he moved so quickly into his next point that a lot of it got lost…

    Great job as always Greg.

    1. Mmm,fast talkers for fast listeners! Love it. <3 <3
      Whoa,wait, what was his email address again??
      Can't rewind as the sat net is down. Davidgriffin33@gmail was it?

  20. struggled to keep pace with this interview,, too many leaps and jumps,, looks like im gonna have to get in touch and or watch his ‘Bases’ interviews.

  21. Whats up! I know im late to the party but there are a few things id like to share. The star wars program was mentioned that occurred during the Regan administration. A program to build space weapons from my understanding that has been declassified. Ive heard the same story from an employee, from one of the national labs that was involved, told twice in two years. He hosts a 2 week seminar that the lab holds once a year. Next is this black goo is heavily mentioned in the book John dies at the end. Along with a character named Marconi, shadow people, a parallel dimension trying to merge with ours, blue reptilian eyes, and a shit ton more. Book blew my mind. And last and quite possibly the most important to me. During my meditations, or even right before sleep, i can see a deep purple really easy. Always linked it to my pineal gland. But over the last year I, at first, noticed a black tadpole like 2 dimensional shadow on it. When i saw it it started squirming fast trying to get outta site. That was a year ago.It’s since multiplied and now looks like what i can only describe as a black oil or goo. It covers the purple aura now. A very huge jump in aggression Is the only change in my behavior. Its significant. I live in abq, NM and everyone here is very aggressive. I have my theories. Id love to write to you man. Got some interesting experiences and connections id love to share. Anyways great show. I understood the dude just fine. ✌ and ❤

  22. This show has got me listening again and again, I find him fascinating, so many topics covered, I think he’s due a revisit Greg, but maybe pick a few topics in depth. You really showed your interview skills in this one.

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