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David Griffin | Visual Language, Sentient Black Goo, Exopolitics, & Alien Bases

Topics Covered: Aliens, Black Goo, Deep State

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, as we wade through a world of invasive technologies, directing and recording far more of our actions than we’d like to admit- many of us start to wonder what we’ll find at the end of this curvy and concerning road. Others examine our history of perpetual war and conquest, most without a reasonable motivation given to the people- and again, we wonder what’s really driving the conflicts and military movements across the globe even today. And the savviest among us have seen the testimonies and texts leading all the way back to the earliest ages of man that describe interactions, rulership, enlightenment, and maybe even the engineering of humanity by some other intelligent beings; and know there must be a deeper story we aren’t being told when it comes to most of these threads too.

Well today’s guest is very clear in his assertion that weather you’re talking about the trajectory of our technology, our geopolitical agenda of perpetual war- or many other aspects of the human story- you’re picture won’t be clear without factoring in the Exopolitical element- and so that it what we’re here to do. His name is David Griffin, and he’s a UK researcher- largely responsible for the UK branch of the Exopolitics sites and a card carrying member of both the Exopolitics Institute and World Network. Having studied Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, as well as Learning Innovation and Interactive Media in the College days – he realized that while not being interesting in Ufology initially- you really need to incorporate that third rail to understand the game behind the game, and subtext of many world events.

David has done a great job nailing down and connecting exactly this type of subtext- by conducting an amazing series of presentations that dive deep into the secret motivations and ET involvement in not only the Faulklands War, but also the going on in Antarctica and the strange string of deaths and “suicides” that took 22 Marconi scientists and engineers. Much of this revolves around a dangerous ET technology that many refer to as “the black goo” and we’re definitely going to get into it today. The professor of Exopolitics, the saucer school scholar, and the black goo guy himself- David Griffin

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