Dr. Michael Salla | Antarctica’s Hidden History, Nazi UFOs, & Inner Earth Extraterrestrials

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Alright Higherside Chatters, we know the world is filled with mystery and secrets those pesky puppetmasters of the power pyramid have no interest in sharing with us. But we’ve seen many indications in the last few years that something big is going on in Antarctica.

And why shouldn’t there be? Yes, we’ve been told it’s a huge, sad, lonely, block of ice – nothing but a diving board for penguins- but we’re talking about 5 1/2 million square miles. A land mass the size of The United States and Mexico combined- and when you consider the fluctuations, resources, and even historical clues of a land mass that size- I find it highly suspicious to present it as a total waste of time.

Because it wasn’t a waste of time for then Secretary of State John Kerry, Newt Gingrich, Buzz Aldrin, the Patriarch of Russia……or any of the other privileged people tasked with making trips to such a wasteland in recent years

Doesn’t seem to be a waste of time for the multitude of major corporations and military contractors who are also very much active on the big block of nothing.

Throw in the legendary speculation of a passageway to the inner earth- and you got yourself some real reasons to speculate.

Though today on THC, we’re going to get past the guessing, and talk to Dr. Michael Salla, who recently released a heavy book about this very subject and the hidden history, secret bases, and real geography of the icy continent, entitled Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs which weighs in at over 300 fascinating pages

If you don’t know Dr. Salla, he’s been a pioneer in the development of ‘Exopolitics’, the political study of the key actors, institutions and processes associated with extraterrestrial life. He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne.

He’s also written several other great books on intreging topics, like:

Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence

Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances

and Kennedy’s Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK’s Assassination

Dr. Salla also founded the Exopolitics Institute in (2005) the Exopolitics Journal in (2006) and he has co-organized five international conferences on extraterrestrial life and Earth Transformation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Truly a man on a mission to break the chains of secrecy, reveal the hidden hands in global affairs, and usher in a new world of knowing. – Dr. Michael Salla

PLUS Content

-The use of slave labor in Antarctica. -Other inner Earth elements of the bigger story. -a deepr breakdown of how the 1952 UFO White House flyover is related. -What Dr. Salla expects to see happening in the next decade or two related to these technologies. -the Pre-Adamites and the elites goal of reviving them.

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  1. Hehehe so the Military are taken over by the Nazis. And they are supporting Trump.

    But Trump is still a Good Guy and against human trafficking, even though his mates are in Antarctica running an inter galactic slave trade.

    I’d be more worried about who is fronting the money for Gaia T.V., Contact in the Desert etc. They are the real instigators of project blue beam. Which I’m pretty sure has something to do with the blue light from cell and computer screens. Possibly a programing band into the cavitation behind the signal.

    Another trigger…”no one will listen to information like this”…and all the while inserting programs of how bad your food is and how bad the planet is, not to mention the chemtrails we breathe.
    I’m not unaware or unawakened, I am seriously questioning the timing of the so called up and coming mass awakening, especially with 5g on the horizon. It seems yet another project those in charge began a long time ago, coming to fruition.

    Plus Richard Miller says it’s the chemtrails job to melt those ice caps…and he is backed by some of the best.

    Sorry but to trust any alien nation (if there is one) at this stage is not possible for me, especially afte”r the promises etc…and kiddies are still going missing.

    Wonderful interview though, all the different tribes and the way their thoughts are influenced is fascinating.
    Cheers xx

    1. Excellent summary, I get the serious hebbie jeebies whenever the whole blue avian group starts to come up. I get the feeling that they are a form of disclosure psyop meant to get the people accustomed to what will be released going forward while remaining complacent enough for a new control grid to be constructed during the transition.
      His endorsement of Trump as the populist champion doesn’t ring true when you look at the policies Trump has championed on the public record. The whole secret Trump populist takedown reeks of another psyop in this context. Perhaps I am wrong on the behind-the-scenes maneuvering with the military, if so: don’t expect to be treated any better post-military takeover. Trump is a strong man and the immigration infrastructure being put in place to imprison large numbers of people can very easily be re-purposed for one and all who oppose him. Just remember ICE is a part of the post-9/11 legal landscape.

  2. Hahaha!!! Perfect timing as o just received my Hollow Earth Conspiratee!!!(olive green, nah mean?) These are my favorite pods. Gregger check out the Sheppton Mine Disaster and a guy that wrote about it Maxim Furek. These miners apparently saw the Pope(who had died months before) and stairways to gold cities and humanoid creatures when stuck underground for two weeks!!! Even if u don’t have him on the show ita a cool topic to check out. I know you dig(haha) Hollow Earth as much as I do.

  3. I’m with you Greg Inner Earth is the best, give us everyone you can find on this. Carlos was absolutely amazing my favorite episode so far but I am pretty noob to the podcast. Still that Carlos episode will be hard to beat. I have a lot of material on the Order Of The Black Sun and Inner Earth Antarctica, vril/vimana craft etc. on a YT channel I made with the best material I could find on all of these topics for anyone interested. BTW the Reich did not outlaw secret Societies they outlawed secret societies infiltrated by the Jews trying to destroy Germany and the rest of the world.

  4. Your guests are so knowledgeable about some things Greg and so clueless about others lol. Q is a psyop for clueless boomer droolers 8chan is a honeypot and 4chan is overrun with shills and now run by shills as mods. I am on the fence about Trump but his daughter is married to a Jew so I would not be too hopeful about him taking on the Zionist Illuminati Mafia. The pre-flood people were the ancient Aryans and Atlanteans not some aliens ffs the Annunaki was a (((Babylonian))) bs psyop, poisoned foundation myth.

  5. The best thing about your show is your attitude on how to deal with the unique content you provide. You have the right temperament for this role in life and I appreciate your artistic abilities as well. As you know, all information is great and food for thought even when you are not a believer. Best of luck on future content! You need a shirt called “Mind Evolution”. Cheers!

  6. Greg I’m broke and can’t be responsible for the expenditure. Maybe Salla will sponsor me next year. Thanks a lot. Salla really was a great guest heregurgatated all the shit I observed from one afternoon on
    Project Avalon. This sucked .

  7. Take care of yourself Greg. Too many reactive assholes out there. The topics we look at can bring out the worst in people. You are appreciated. Take those breaks and know most of us have your back.

  8. Love yourshow Greg. Got tuned in after a couple of shows following Crrow777.
    Keep doing what you are doing despite the Nay sayers if they can’t stay open or share their discord in a respectful manner.
    Keep on keeping on!!!

  9. I love what Greg said at 1:27:50, “I’m concerned that we don’t trust the deep state until they tell us what we want to hear”

    This perfectly sums up how I feel about Tom Delong and Qanon. Since when have we trusted the military industrial complex, the NSA or anyone from the government? They are strategically sharing info with us because it’s better for them to get ahead of the narrative and let us in on some of the secrets than to let us find out the real story for ourselves. I definitely keep an eye on info from Q or any other alleged insider with info, but I take it all with more than a few grains of salt; mostly I look at it from the meta level “what are they trying to get us to believe?” And the answer usually is to make us believe the powers that be have our best interests in mind, which should set off reds flags.

    That all said, very interesting show, well worth the listen! Antarctica is one of my favorite topics

  10. Dear Greg,

    Thank you so much for conducting such knowledgeable and deep interviews unlike most hosts out there who claim to contribute to the revealation of the occult. Please disregard the negative comments. These people are ungrateful and it is a shame. I thank you again for all that you do! I do enjoy and look forward to all your shows. Im sure there are more of us!


  11. Greg!! I was really really hoping that you would ask if Antarctica was a giant ice wall? I’m not even sure if the earth can be hollow and flat at the same time lol and I really didn’t believe it even matters when we are living in a holographic universe lol

    Like yourself, hollow earth has always fascinated me and having a grandfather who had some really far out stories about WWII and who always claimed the Germans won the War and never believed Holocaust propaganda, I have always been drawn to research on this topic.

    Who knows, perhaps the 8,000 to 8,500 who are really running the show, have their HQ in a underground base down there.
    For sure there is something to all the threads that lead to Antarctica. For sure there are underground bases and Human trafficking is off the scale although I have to be skeptical that part of the reason to amp Human trafficking up isn’t just to create the problem action solution scenario so the we all welcome the micro chipping of our children.

    My skeptical side remembers all the other “awakenings” bought to us by the CIA and Travestock institute. So much of Sela’s info is very sound research which we really have to thank researchers for like Joseph P Farrell and Jim Mars, so we can’t dismiss it. Q-anon and Corey Goode and the Tom De-Longe and cast of unusual suspects with CIA pasts really get me my spydy senses tingling. Is it another pysop? or is it a very sus way of disclosure.
    Wikileaks sure have had some very interesting leaks regarding Antarctica something is defiantly going on down there.
    Glad you went there anyway, good on ya!!

    1. If you don’t mind, could you elaborate more on some of you grandfather’s stories and beliefs about Germany really winning the war? I’ve never talked to a WWII Veteran and would like to hear more if you’re willing to go into it further.

  12. Thank you Greg very much for this episode. I owe you one.
    I’ve gotta admit, as a follower of SSP and Cosmic Disclosure for couple years now, I was surprised that you’d take on Dr Salla’s story. I know many, including you, are skeptical about the whistleblowers’ testimonies, including Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and others. Having said that, I applaud you for having an honest, curious approach to all narratives, even those that seem far-fetched as a SSP. Others, like Richard Dolan are quick to dismiss these as follies or even psy-ops to misdirect people, while writing about the existence of Breakaway civilizations. Sounds more like a case of cognitive dissonance to me.
    I also enjoyed the fact that you didn’t dwell too much on the insiders testimonies, and waved through Antartica and pole shift scenarios; solar activity and flares, as well nazi occult history. That snippet of info about Thule Society and Tesla was intriguing!

    And I just want to make it clear that, I’m okay with having disagreements over what’s happening behind the scenes. Heck, Corey Goode could turn out to be a psy-op at some point, and that would take some time to sink in, but I’ll be glad to move on. Just like I did with Steven Greer when I first came across his info. That’s the nature of the ever-changing cosmos. We’ve got to be flexible and not attach ourselves with any one narrative. The True narrative is the narrative of simultaneous: all the lies, all the plausible truths, all happening at the same time. For me, if you can imagine it, it’s happening somewhere in the infinite quantum realm. Just by thinking it, you may’ve manifested it already.
    The point is, like Dr Salla said, we don’t have hard evidence (yet) about the existence of these programs.
    The closest we’ve got are multiple corroborative facts, including many insiders coming forth.
    If I could offer one other evidence that didn’t make it on the show for the case of a SSP, it’s the case of british hacker Gary McKinnon. That dude was in the media a decade ago, after he got caught hacking into the computers of NASA and DoD back in 2001 or so. He found out documents and pictures about off-world military hierarchy and projects, one of them the notorious Solar Warden (SSP Program which Corey was not of part of, but mentions in details). Now that guy has nothing to do with Blue avians. Totally independent, yet the US wanted to extradite him and put him in a jail for life with no parole. A bit excessive for something that small, unless these really were highly confidential, top-secret black projects SSP-related, right?

    And I’ve read the book Selected by ExtraTerrestrials by William Tompkins. Could he have made it up? Maybe. But he couldn’t’ve made his military records, and MIC records up. His incredible sketches of navy ships and others says a lot about what he’s done.
    Anyways, all this to say that I vet my sources by how credible they seem to me. And a big part of that is how authentic they come across. Not in their information necessarily, but in their spirit. One thing that folks like Corey, or more recently Emery Smith display, is a wish for everyone to be given access to these informations and technologies that could just rid of stuff like diesel engines; dying for thirst because of polluted water; self-sovereignty. It’s really different from someone like John Podesta or Tom Delonge, or even Steven Greer who may seem genuine, but you can smell something’s up in the air that their not talking about: Steven Greer for example always uses fear as a tactic to get his intel across: Fear of false flag attacks, to invite ETs. Attack on others, as a way to discredit someone, is also a red flag for me.
    That’s why I love your attitude and your show Greg, because no matter the information, you’re always willing to give the benefit of the doubt, and though you’ll admit your skepticism, you’re still willing to test the waters. And that is a commitment to seeking truth, regardless of the outcome. That is the mindset that I believe is authentic. Cosmic awareness.
    So with all that said, big thank you and I hope you’ll have Dr Salla again at some point. One love!

  13. Salla had me until he mentioned Cory Goode. I still chuckle when I recall how Goode described getting a pot roast out of a star trek style food replicator. It was then that I knew Mr. Goode was making up the shit as he went along. Cosmic Disclosure, less than disinfo is more likely just pure entertainment. Salla’s messianic description of Trump also gave me a chuckle and when combined with Goode really set off the BS meter.

    But, his discussion of Homo Capensis, or elongated skulls is right on though. These red headed Peruvian skulls have been traced genetically back to Syria (Mesopotamia) and can still be seen today in museums in Caracas. We know that red hair is associated with the RH negative blood type and photo sensitivity, so it may be this offshoot of Homo Sapiens was best suited to live underground. These elongated skulls are also characteristic of mummified Pharos of Egypt, Akhenaten, Tut and Nefertiti. And, this information, unlike Goode’s, can be sourced, dated and confirmed. Greg, you should see if you can get Kaen Hudes on the show. She has alot to say about Homo Capensis or”Coneheads”.

  14. Greg, You are diplomatic interviewer, kudo’s to you….this guy’s thoughts and opinions on some of this stuff…. uh, yeh, well I would not have been as patient. I just love part about the tunnels from Europe to Antarctica….geez, really? Tunnels in your mind…more like. Those Aussie’s have some imaginations…got to give em’ credit. You should interview Jungle surfer if you want a mad genius aussie who makes a little more sense.

    1. LOL yes the tunnels! How is the military industrial complex moving all this stuff to Antarctica without anyone knowing? Tunnels from Europe of course! Any pictures of that bro? No, the inner Earth aliens told me!
      The thought of anyone reading one of that dudes books and thinking it isn’t science-fiction is a bit frightening.

  15. Hey Greg long time listener and just wanna say I agree fuck the nay sayers and keep doing you cause your the best at it. Just a suggestion I would actually mention them less it just gives them attention and at the end of the day thats a trolls only diet, attention lol.

  16. Great interview, Greg. I feel like you pushed against some of his ideas more than you have with other guests. It was fun to listen to.

    Don,t worry about the grumpy commenter. They’re just an entitled brat!!

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