One of everyone’s favorite guests from 2018, Ras Ben, returns to talk about his latest book, Free Your Mound And Your Mind Will Follow. In it, he schools the  reader on the Global Mound Matrix, the geomancy of the American Empire’s founders, and how to usurp their city-spells. Check out his website to seek out his services or purchase his works. Follow him on Instagram here: @RasBen188

Only in the Plus show:


-The Ras Ben Model of Reality & Manifestation.

-The importance of ancestors.

-5G, Crystals, Hematite, & mineral nation.

-How to reclaim the global mound matrix.

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27 responses to “Ras Ben | Free Your Mound & Your Mind Will Follow”

  1. This is great. I love the part about connecting to the ancestors. I’ve been doing that naturally though my whole life. I have quite a few different material things from various family members who have passed over, ie shoes, hand made artworks and some furniture. Also I have an “alter” to my female ancestors full of photos. The first thing I did when the internet arrived at our house was do the genealogy. Luckily for me, my paternal lineage has it’s own website. Being from good Norman stock that genealogical line has been documented for almost 1000 years / 30+ generations. Strangely though it’s the other lines that seen to have more heart / power. This show has given me the boost to revisit and revitalize my various connections. I will be dusting and unboxing memorabilia this week. Thank you Ras Ben and Greg.

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  2. On a different subject, has Greg ever done a show on the Black people being native to the Americas? I know there are a couple of people talking about this out there with much research and documentation behind them. Look at the artworks on old central America, all shades of people were presented. Then look at the Olmec statues. It’s in your face obvious to me and I’m a white Australian. This would be a great subject to expose and very healing . Please consider.

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  3. I was DELIGHTED to look at the list of recent podcasts and see Ras Ben’s name once again. I quickly purchased one of the last copies he had of Rocks of Ages (Anu Edition) earlier this year; it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read about the use of sacred stones and the mineral nations. This episode about the mound builders and mound usurpers was great and inspires me to check out his latest book — sometime after The Great Mystery Philadelphia arrives next week. These kinds of episodes are the reason I subscribed to the Plus shows. Thank you, Greg, for all the work you do and introducing this high vibration community to such amazing people as Ras Ben. My life is changed for the better for it.

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      • It’s fine that you did not like the episode, but insulting magickstarlady and Ras Ben says much about you, and nothing flattering at that.

        It is a shame that you cannot comprehend the powerful information that was laid out in this great episode. I wish you well on your journey, and hope that one day you have the necessary grounding you need to really hear what was said.

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  4. Hi Greg, I’m a six month subscription subscriber, been with you for around 5 years now although my subscription lapsed from time to time due to financial reasons but I always re-subscribed within a week or so. My question is, I use podcast addict to listen to shows and the last two tell me to update my RSS feed. I tried to do that however it says it’s refused by you as authentication is needed.
    Can you please help me with this. Not sure if I’m getting the full 2 hour show or not. This last Ras Ben one shows only 1 hour 46 min.. Is this right, and am I getting the full show.
    Cheers, more than happy to hang in there, 5 years, I ain’t going nowhere!! ????

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  5. Fantastic interview – you and him just go together so well. Along with Tracy he is my favourite guest. I think the esoteric info is the most relevant to where we are at and what we need to know about. The Highlanders had that same connection to the land and their ancestors which was systematically destroyed along with the people or they were driven in trauma to all the corners of the earth. Thanks for this and hope for many more. Love jay x

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  6. Ras Ben has the most hypnotically soothing voice. I experience ASMR, and his voice and rhythm of speaking give me so many tingles along my neck and spine. I have to relisten to sections because I often find myself falling into a relaxed trance-like state listening to him. This is a good thing 🙂

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  7. So so so happy Ras Ben came back. Without a doubt he is In my Top 5 favorite guests you have (tracy (rip) mr knowles, gordon, and shamangineer). And the audio quality is so much better than the last interview with him too… I am trying to find out more about what he was talking about the cincinnati as a type of geomantic city… but nothing comes up… only the city itself and the person it was named for. …. hmmmm gotta try different ways I guess. Or contact the man himself. Thanks again Greg for all your efforts both big and small and asking the good questions…. mainly… how do we live a better life knowing what we know…. funny that I just happened to have a bunch of magnetized hematite already on hand. 🙂

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  8. Much love Greg. I plan to comment once I’ve listened to the whole show, but I’m just dropping a line to say your audio has been crazy tinny. Your guests are pretty clear but your audio is very sharp, maybe one of your treble bands needs to come down a little?

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  9. One of the worst shows of the year.. and that’s saying a lot. This guy said literally nothing the entire time….. very slowly. He sounds like he might be “special”

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  10. Wonderful episode. I have a lot of respect and affection for Ras Ben. We are, indeed, in the middle of a mystery, and it’s great. I can also say that, with a little push from Gordon White, I’ve been working with an ancestor altar recently, and I think it’s improved my reality in some ways. It pleases me to hear Ras Ben recommending this as well. We’re on the right track! Much love

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  11. I appreciate the new point of view your guest put out there about the older parts of our nation.
    It gives me things to turn over in my head when it comes to the troubles we had down in the south besides the bullshit political theater they put on when independent people starting their protesting.
    The tendrils of the old Roman empire really do reach far, their religion and their practice of trying to kill local spirits, deities and peoples seems to have been catching. I’d heard such language out of the indigenous movement out of Australia even in their pop culture.
    Stuff to think about.
    Migwetch (Thanks) Greg

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  12. I’m so glad you brought Ras Ben back! I loved his last interview & really enjoyed this one as well. He’s so interesting and has such a lovely, soothing voice – just a pleasure to listen to. I hope he comes back soon bc there are SO many things you guys have briefly touched on that I’d love to hear him talk about in more depth—the topic I’d particularly love to hear more about is Ethopian history. Thanks for the great episode!

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  13. another Ras Ben!!! This was a great episode… i am in a major city and a friend of mine works for a partner of local city government in communications… she always has to attend a lot of ribbon cuttings and it got me thinking…

    Are public ribbon cuttings a symbol of some kind of birth ritual? (cutting the ribbon, and umbilical cord?) I did a quick search for the origin of ribbon cuttings and there still seems to be a lot of mystery behind it…. hmmmm.

    Especially considering that umbilical cords shouldn’t be cut during childbirth, i wonder if there’s some kind of connection…?

    Anyway great episode and the thought came to mind while listening – i have to grab his books!

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  14. Went on the the RasBen website. No ability to contact or order services. I am in Philly,
    Don’t do insta etc. is this what happens? Don’t plug in can’t connect no matter what fees one is willing to pay? After all these years this is my first comment and I am find sitting here feeling like a frustrated ass. Well, maybe not fine…but I am breathing through my frustration; into the furnace of it all.

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  15. By chance, I just moved to Philadelphia and I love the idea that so much information and history is here and most people are unaware. I enjoyed the presentation and want to read his books. Is there anyway to get his books besides Paypal. I had a big problem with it once and I refuse to use it.

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  16. He is wrong about the name of Cincinnati. “In 1790, Arthur St. Clair, the governor of the Northwest Territory, changed the name of the settlement to “Cincinnati” in honor of the Society of the Cincinnati, made up of Revolutionary War veterans, of which he was a member;[18] which was in turn named for Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, a dictator in the early Roman Republic who saved Rome from a crisis, and then retired to farming because he did not want to remain in power.” – Wikipedia, but I’ve read this name places.

    Washington modeled himself on Cincinnatius.

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  17. Love listening to this guy and glad he came back. Every time I go to Philly I try to check out some of the things he points out. I also wanted to agree that he is offbase about Cincinnati. It doesn’t “poetically” mean city on 7 hills. It refers to the order of Cincinnatus and Cincinnatus itself means “curly” (as in hair) in Latin.

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