Dr Dana Cohen Quench and Structured Water on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Dr. Dana Cohen | Quench, Structured Water, & Optimum Hydration

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Today, the great Dr. Dana Cohen joins THC!

Dr. Cohen is renowned by her peers and beloved by patients for her nuanced practice of Integrative Medicine. In practice for over 15 years, she trained under the late Dr. Robert Atkins, author of the iconic Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, and Dr. Ronald L. Hoffman, a pioneer of integrative medicine and founder of the Hoffman Center in New York City. She earned her MD from St. George’s University School of Medicine and completed a three-year internal medicine residency at Albany Medical Center.

Based on groundbreaking science from the University of Washington’s Pollack Water Lab and other research, Dr. Cohen’s new book Quench offers a five-day jump start plan: hydrating meal plans and the heart of the program, smoothies and elixirs using the most hydrating and nutrient-packed plants. Another unique feature of their approach is micro-movements-small, simple movements you can make a few times a day that will move water through your fascia, the connective tissue responsible for hydrating our bodies. You will experience more energy, focus, and better digestion within five days…then move onto the lifetime plan for continued improvements, even elimination of symptoms.

PLUS Content

-Beating fatigue with optimum hydration. -Are concussions a modern phenomenon brought on by lower brain resilience? -Structured water, electromagnetic systems of the body, and cell phones. -Moisture stealing factions of our modern way of life. -Is Jetlag mainly severe dehydration? -The important relationship between cooking oils and smoking temperature. -The fruits and vegetables with the highest structured water content.

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  1. sooo good… great mixture of shows Greg… you ask great questions and she was helpful encouraging and calming in the situations we find ourselves in these days… ????????????

    1. Loved this show Greg, some really great info here everyone can benefit from. I know I’ve been probably severely dehydrated for years, some days I wouldn’t even drink a full 8oz. Somehow I get by on that but do see the signs, eye lashes falling out in huge groups, the afternoon fatigue, headaches. I look forward to trying the suggestions given.

      Also the Himalayan sea salt, or other more exotic mountain salts are great. I switched years ago as I love my salt and think it is just tastes better but anyways great interview Greg much appreciated as always.

  2. Good to hear Dr. Cohen is concerned over sea salt and the plastics contamination of the oceans. As critical as climate change is, my understanding is the radiation that still pours forth from the Fukushima nuclear plant is absolutely an extinction event. It’s alarming to me that most people, especially those so focused on the study of water don’t have Fukushima radiation as even a blip on their radar. Or, maybe they do and it’s too scary a topic and are concerned people will stop listening to them altogether.
    Great guest on a great topic, Greg! Keep the health related content coming. Now that I’m an elder arriving at senior citizen status, I ‘m finally aware of the importance of good health. Taking care of it is our core 1st line of defense towards fighting back the matrix.

    1. Wow, 5 thumbs down within literally seconds after posting? I am very interested in what it was that you (thumb or no thumb) found distasteful. Please speak up. I ‘m not looking for a fight but an opportunity to learn and/or discuss.

  3. Hi Sofah! I was also mysteriously down-voted recently, on what I thought was a fairly normal post. It’s possible that the “thumbs up/down” system is being manipulated (for example, by bots and scripts) since the site upgrade. Or, someone is taking the piss, as they say. Either way, irruptions of random negativity give us an opportunity to practice equanimity! Your comment is great, and I always enjoy reading subscriber comments — they are part of the THC experience for me. Keep it up and here’s to your good health!

    1. Hi Greatshakes, thanks for taking the time to reply and the compliment! I was thinking bots as well especially since the 5 negs were there immediately after I hit post and the page refreshed. There wasn’t even time to read it.
      I can’t remember if comments are exclusive to plus members. I consider it a sign that Greg is going down the right rabbit holes having bots with paid subscriptions.
      Thanks again and take care of yourself!

      1. Ha it’s not bots, it’s actually just a strange glitch where a random number of likes/dislikes seem to get applied right when you post. Don’t take it personal, it should be solved this week. They were working on more crucial stuff last week.

        1. You don’t know how relieved I m to read this I thought it was people being mean to an older person I mean seventies not old old but it’s getting up there and people that age should be treated with the utmost respect simple as that and it’s just goes to show you have such a diverse listening audience of all ages Greg you are going places. I see a TV show in your future

  4. Great show. If you’re interested in Alzheimer’s prevention Dr.Dale Bredesen has a programme to reverse it, which I’ve seen in action. Also, Dr.Steven Gundry investigates the impact of some vegetables and covers some of the same ground. He really breaks down the harmful effect of lectins (so soaking chia seeds would be a must). Both are really interesting and combining their work with Dr.Cohen’s could be fruitful.

  5. Very important stuff here… Kudos to all involved !
    Experiments i am my family have been dong about water:
    1) We have a artesian well 74m deep. It was tested for heavy metals, chromium and coliforms.
    2) I make distilled water and drink it sporadically, sometimes with pink salt.
    3) Inside the distilled water bottle there is a quartz crystal and outside a magnet.
    4) When the water flows from the well there are several magnets over the PVC pipes.
    5) When the pump of the well is activated also is tuned on a small submerse pump inside the reservoir in such way that it spins the water (vortex).
    6) We use a solar water heater made of tubes with vacuum inside.
    7) We collect rain water to irrigation.
    8) There are orgonites everywhere near the pipes and reservoirs.
    All this is a small city of about 20K inhabitants.

  6. Forgot to mention also that as EZ is the 4th state of water, HHO or Hydroxy is the 5th. This gas is also called “electrified water” as the angle between the two Hs changes from the normal aperture to a wider one, loosing then the bonds between molecules. I have been using this tech in my car to achieve a lot more m/g then usual… But there are people that breads this gas to get health benefices.

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