Ras Ben Astrology 2021 Forecast Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Ras Ben | Astrology 2021: Homo Luminous, Big Daddy, & The Dark Star

Show Notes


Ras Ben, the great mystic of Philadelphia, returns to THC to talk about the astrological conditions of 2021, the implications of those conditions, how to navigate this time, communications from Star Nation, & a whole lot more.

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PLUS Content

  • The Inner Earth Beings.
  • Ras Ben’s concept of the Inner Earth
  • The churches of living rock
  • The Antarctic portal.
  • The story of Lalibela.
  • Ben Franklin as a Herculean archetype.
  • Great Mystery Philadelphia Exposes Pedophilic Governance.

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  2. Nice one! Did anybody read the book sign and the seal of Graham Hancock? Its also On the construction of the lalibella cross Church and Ethiopia.. sorry for my englisch greets jef

  3. I just watched the double sun video compilation- wow! I have heard Crrow talk about watching the sun and observed since then how it is near impossible to get a clear view of either the sunrise or sunset due to chem trailing- could this be why? Amazing stuff, great show!


  4. Thank you for another great session with Ras Ben. Long time listener.

    What were the crop circles that Ras Ben was talking about? As well as the video which he captured of the object occulting the sun?

    He did not talk about the Oumuamua…..

    I also offered to help Ras Ben with his site….. we were not able to connect. I still think there is plenty of improvement left.

  5. I had a friend who was in and out of prison during his teens and twenties, basically for drugs. Anyway, he told me that the main reason he didn't mind prison so much was because he grew up in Girard College and was already institutionalized from growing up there. Prison was almost comforting for him.

  6. Great show! Love anything that questions our understanding of the solar system. Have always believed the sun wasnt the true source of warmth, great connection to Nibiru in there.

  7. Thank you so much for another wonderful Ras Ben show!  He has become one of my absolute favorite guests—I actually shrieked YESSS! out loud when I saw the new episode lol.  It did not disappoint.

    His take on the crop circles really has me scratching my head though. I know very little about that subject but I’d thought they’d been pretty well proven to be hoaxes.  Looks like I will have to really dig into them now & see what’s going on there.  Always another new & interesting rabbit hole to jump down after listening to Ras Ben!

    Awesome show  – thanks again!  

    1. Debunked is Bunk! True crop circles have a strong magnetic field in and around them. True crop circles also have several layers of grass in the design. Often the bottom layers of grass will flow in one direction while the top layers flow in another. Often thin metallic disks about the size of a quarter have been found in crop circles. They have been analysed by the University of Michigan and MIT…found to be a combination of titanium, silicone, and oxygen. Both labs conclude that no industrial match can be found on Earth. Both labs theorize that the metal disks had been electrically charged, when touching the disks the charge was grounded and dissipated which allowed the disks to return to their true liquid form (which happened after they were touched by metals such as tweezers or a pen) In the event of a true crop circle, if a flock of birds approaches, they will split ranks and fly around the crop circle as if it were a solid object! and rejoin once passed. Not to mention that a number of eyewittnesses have observed crop circles being created in a matter of seconds! There are utube vidoes of crop circles being created by orbs! In 1678 Stirlingshire Scotland there was the 1st account of a publicised crop circle…the illustration of which showed a "devil" mowing the crops. Dig a bit deeper before chalking it up to BS! I have always found them to be fascinating and beautiful

  8. Ras Ben is a genius!

    Geez Greg. How are you manifesting these guests’ messages JUST when WE need them the most?🙏

    See: “Dispatches From Elsewhere”, tv series, premiered March 2020, on AMC, set in Phili, showcasing “art, time, hidden-reality” themes, (I believe) in-your-face “programming”.

    One of Hollywood elite’s most recent, ritualistic, “public theater” in its most mainstream, weird, and yet obvious form.

  9. How about a episode on the likelihood we live on a flat stationary plane. Makes more sense than the heliocentric model actually. Dave Wiess is pretty good on the topic. I'm sure there's others too of course. Space travel is a lie. Our foundation is built on lies. Crazy. 

  10. I liked the show  ..I like Ras ben voice and the info was very interesting… I didn’t know about the hercules cult ; the fact that hercules was the same  evil biblical baal baby killer truly disgusted me! 

    thank you Greg for having Ras ben ; It was great! 


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