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Adam Curry | No Agenda, Podcasting 2.0, & The Kraken

Show Notes

The Podfather himself, Adam Curry, joins THC to talk about the No Agenda Show, subverting censorship, the madness of our times, & most importantly: Podcasting 2.0.

Not only was Adam at ground zero for podcasting as we know it, but now he’s paving the way to decentralize the podcast index, & implement many new features for both podcasters & listeners alike. We will overcome!

Please make sure all your favorite hosts and podcasting apps are aware of the new decentralized, uncorporatized, and think about how you might be able to help make the world of podcasting better.

Check out Adam’s trifecta of podcasting goodness:

No Agenda

Podcasting 2.0

Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry


PLUS Content

  • Bringing back the free spirit of the early internet & podcasting.
  • Smart phone alternatives that don’t rely on the Apple or Google store.
  • The value of blockchain technology in this changing world of censorship.
  • The Great Reseter’s plans for the internet & social crediting.
  • The Bio-security state.
  • What Adam knows about the crossroads between the occult & the music industry.
  • Social community solutions for decentralization.
  • Protocols over platforms.
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Oh man!  My 2 favorite podcasts in one!  Thank you Greg


You got some light in a dark age, would even spend $10-12 a month. smiley


This episode was sooo fantastic! Thanks Greg! always glad to be a + member. 

Can I throw in some suggestions for future guests?…actually more ideas…you figure if it translates to your show.

Max Igan

Richie allen

gordo from "those conspiracy guys"

basically views of this lock down from around the world to help your audience understand that what is going on is not a domestic issue.

anyways…thanks for your hard work

ting a ling




Awesome show as always! For those that want to learn more about the underside of the internet, I highly recommend the browser Tor, and make sure you use a VPN, while you do it.

It's nice to hear more technical casts, fun time thanks for the show

Noel Ehlers

More solutions like this! 


In The Morning smileyyes

Anwell Dylan

Well Done 

Moshe Diane Ramsay

VJ Curry.  My 90’s crush with Headbanger’s Ball?  And he’s even more awake now?  Tell him, “Thank you,” for me.

And yes, Greg.  You are still encouraging our wakefulness well.  You find the best, most encouraging awake guests.


Wow… a meeting of two great minds.  The last 3 guests have been amazing and seemed to coincide with recent personal revelations I've had about the nature of fear and beauty of life.  Like Ras ben I feel a new level of excitement and wonder in the world.  Listening to the higherside for the past 5 years or so has helped me explore and cope with the simmering dis-ease I have always felt about the workings of our world, and 2020 was a culmination of all those possibilities.  But we're not all dead and/or miserable, and like Chris Knowles talks about I have felt the "shimmer" and it's fucking scary but the new (old?) possibilities, in the analog world Gordon speaks of, are endless and beautiful! Well thanks Greg for giving me community in this process, I probably owe you a shit ton of bitcoin for this service!

Larry La Marca

Greg, have you considered Tim Kelly's approach to YT? He just posts a short vid, no content, with links to podomatic and spreaker. You could do the same thing with your logo, and just leave a link to your home page.

Ceven Seven

Said it before, will say again.   

The parody songs are too good not to share with the world more.

Ceven Seven

Paying a dollar an hour for a podcast I will be broke quickly.    

Paying one price per month for full access works; microtransactions are a turn-off.


I agree. That really stuck out to me too. I like lying a monthly fee because I feel like I’m supporting the podcast no matter what (if I’m listening or not). My listening comes and goes as I have time, and based on interest. It’s good to know I’ve bought in at a certain set price and I listen more sometimes and sometimes not. If every podcast costs money that would get old, especially since some guests I love and some not so much, some I turn off or skip, if it’s not my thing. It’s nice to be able to dabble and come and go, but my money is always going to support the show I like.


I also like the idea of being a member. It’s a higher level of commitment/support than just getting a show here and there, and you feel like part of a community (even tho I don’t really participate in the community much—I still feel a small part by being a paying member). Also I met my husband in a podcast message board—married 5 years last October. 

Steven Sopaul Lal



Loved it dude! Of course I for one, sure have to up my online game From phone to crypto to email and apps.  I got to find out how the hell I can protect myself from the corporate skid marks that pull all my data, my freedom, and pile all the shit i don’t need into my life. If anyone knows of that perfect ‘how to’ resource, please let me know. 

Thanks Greg for doin what you do. 

Brian Walnum

thc episodes need chapters to skip through all the bs. seriously this podcast gets worse and worse.


Gregger, 2021 Stats: 5-5, 5 HR, 20 RBI's.  My (dare I say) friend, and exhalted host, you are on an absolute tear to start this year off……un-fucking-real. Grand Salami after Grand Salami. Don't stop on my account, please. Keep that back elbow up and those cleats dug in. Perfection for any extended period has yet to be achieved in this world, but you may officially call January your little bitch boy, and I'm faithful February is shaking in its Uggs after witnessing what you(and some AMAZING GUESTS)did to its homey. Thank you, Gregger. You did that


Brian W. Please eat all the dicks you ever come across. You deserve em all.

Brian Walnum

okay fag


Well Bryan, if you don’t like it, you know the rest.


In case you didn't know the rest, Brian it's, "Then you can eat a (lot of) dick.' 


Just wanted to clarify. 

Brian Walnum

Yes, I know, you are quite predictable. Must be all that shitty THC. Just to clarify, everyone knows exactly what you are thinking about.

Brian Walnum

thanks, that is what i've done. ill keep my subscription to Freeman tho, thc just copies him a week later anyway.  


I'm really glad to hear someone on this show talking Bitcoin, crypto, and decentralization. I've been listening to THC for 8 years and been into bitcoin just as long, and it's always been talked about as a NWO trap. Bitcoin and crypto is the exact opposite of the central bank digital currencies that are currently being developed. I also believe as Adam does that it is the path towards true freedom. Not just bitcoin, but de centralized systems.


Should have been special show for podcasters. 

huge turnoff

blockchain, thou inevitable, will be the final nail in our slavery coffin. Will destroy freedom of expression and in turn Art, of any kind!

this clown is excited because he sees how it will benefit HIM personally. 

not too “woke”

Sonya Cheffer

Make America Metal Again! lol…Greg….an excellent resource! (bitchute available now nehoo..they/she makes an EXCELLENT point…watch our words (and espescially yours as well as your fellow interviewee who mentioned "vax") well…correctly and very importantly in truth and must always be mentioned correctly "experimental vax" since thats exactly what it is!!  I love yr show and have been listening for years with a recent commitment last year to become a plus member…if you could make your site better my suggestion would be for those who have listened for years like myself then join plus…well…its a pain in the arse to have to go through many many back pages to get to the plus content…maybe you could make that easily accessable?? Im already 9 pages back into archives which takes time etc…just a suggestion…also I heard on yr last episode the music you chose to end yr show with "Cant you see that were so screwed" all time favorite that you have used musically!!! Good choice!!! Thats the only song that you use that i actually like with an old exception of "I put a  spell on u" also sung by a female who did it absolute justice! Keep up the Awesome work!! 

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