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Adam Curry | No Agenda, Podcasting 2.0, & The Kraken

Topics Covered: Motivational, Solutions, Technocracy

Show Notes

The Podfather himself, Adam Curry, joins THC to talk about the No Agenda Show, subverting censorship, the madness of our times, & most importantly: Podcasting 2.0.

Not only was Adam at ground zero for podcasting as we know it, but now he’s paving the way to decentralize the podcast index, & implement many new features for both podcasters & listeners alike. We will overcome!

Please make sure all your favorite hosts and podcasting apps are aware of the new decentralized, uncorporatized, and think about how you might be able to help make the world of podcasting better.

Check out Adam’s trifecta of podcasting goodness:

No Agenda

Podcasting 2.0

Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry


PLUS Content

  • Bringing back the free spirit of the early internet & podcasting.
  • Smart phone alternatives that don’t rely on the Apple or Google store.
  • The value of blockchain technology in this changing world of censorship.
  • The Great Reseter’s plans for the internet & social crediting.
  • The Bio-security state.
  • What Adam knows about the crossroads between the occult & the music industry.
  • Social community solutions for decentralization.
  • Protocols over platforms.
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