Charlie Robinson Controlled Demolition of American Empire Agenda 2030 Podcast Interview on The Higherside Chats

Charlie Robinson | The Controlled Demolition Of The American Empire & Agenda 2030

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The overdue return of Charlie Robinson is here! Last time we talked about his great book, The Octopus Of Global Control. Today we discuss his latest release, The Controlled Demolition of The American Empire, authored with Jeff Berwick of  Dollar Vigilante.

Definitely hit up Charlie on Twitter while you can, and check out his great podcast, Macro-aggressions.

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  1. NO… it’s not irresponsible to say, “Nobody died from CONVID911” …although the word ‘irresponsible’ itself amounts to meaning ‘not responding in an acceptable or expected manner’ (to which one might respond… ‘And who is to decide that for anybody other than themselves?’)

    Effectively, to say ‘irresponsible’ is a weak-ass appeal to some nebulous non-provable consensus authority… instead of just bearing one’s own perception on their own shoulders.

    When it gets right down to it… obedience requires belief… and I don’t. No amount of arguing can change that… unless one wants to play the mind control game in a win/lose context. And again… I don’t.

  2. I've just joined after listening to you for over a year.  I cant believe that people are leaving.  You are doing great stuff: from really deep conspiratorial stuff to terrain theory to just looking after yourself.  Just know there's people out here who support you

  3. Another great episode Greg. I'm a natural born skeptic about everything and I've been that way my entire life. Your podcast enables me to delve into questions I never considered, and that is not confirmation bias, its just the thorough work of both you and your guests.  Keep up the great work. Thanks, from a former OB resident.  

  4. The agenda 2030 and chinese social credit system sounds like they taken right out of the script for Demolition Man, but escalated to the nth degree.. 

  5. Such a good point, everyone is so quick to point the finger about people not wearing masks because they don't want to kill grandma, but then treat other people as less than human, is ridiculous.  There is no point in engaging with them because they won't stop watching the mainstream media because they're so brainwashed into the fact that they feel they need to watch it because of the anxiety and fear that is being thrust upon us at every turn.  

  6. Support Gregg Carlwood, become a plus member, the second hour of these shows are worth it. This is a sign, that it’s your time to transition off YouTube, watch the full shows here.  Support the Show, Join the Club!  You will love the huge library of archived shows….

  7. Another great episode! I too tend to push relatives when discussing current affairs. Myself and my grown children can see things are not as they seem but other relatives just can't stop trusting the news. Don't worry about losing me. Some of your shows I agree with and and some not and some have opened my mind to other possibilities but they are always interesting! I am thinking of getting off of facebook and twitter. Facebook was mainly to stay in touch with relatives. I will not be liking or in any way acknowledging / signaling agreement to anything from now on. So don't feel that people are not seeing twitter posts while you are allowed to post. I imagine that I am not the only one doing this now. Keep doing what you are doing. Definitely makes my day a lot better!

  8. I'm confused about how you (Greg) "step in it sometimes."  You do a great job.  Remember – the haters are louder.  The many people subscribing that love the show – they don't take the time (besides every once in a great while) to tell you how much they've enjoyed each show.  We'd be emailing you constantly.  It would be too much.  We'd all have to write you every single week.  Not too hard to drop a word, I know, but not saying anything does NOT equal "didn't like the show."  You'd be so sick of people if everyone who loved a show sent you a message to let you know.  Those that get triggered by a certain subject or guest are fueled by their pissed-offedness (real word, look it up) to take the time out of their busy day to ruin yours.  Don't listen to them because they're louder.  They are not the majority – they're just the……let's just go with loudest again. 

  9. You guys are both spot on how the establishment controlled media, government and medical community are twisting the CV numbers.  

    The CDC really didn't track flu and pneumonia "related" deaths before this "pandemic". They only estimated through models based on very limited real data. So for example in 2017 the CDC estimated that approximately 70,000 to 80,000 Americans died from flu related complications. But for all they know it was 140,000 or even 300,000. And what do they really mean by "Covid related deaths" and how do you actually ever truly know this, even if you have a team of doctors and scientists examining the cadevar? Point being, this is so incredibly subjective that you could make the argument that the true CV caused deaths was 70,000, well guess what? That is just a bad flu season, as defined by the CDC itself. We didn't shit down the world for the bad flu season in 2017, why are we doing this now?

    1. Generally, it's determined by diagnostic tests such as Xrays etc.


      And what in the world do you mean the CDC doesn't track flu deaths? they absolutely do.


      I don't think COVID is what the media says it is but spouting obvious bullshit just makes most people think we are crazy and they won't listen.





  10. Greg, for hell sake! Stop apologizing for ranting, for sharing your perspective, which in complete honesty is more grand and accurate than most people on the planet, because you look, listen and read. People these days are incredibly easy to offend and that is because they are scared shitless. Once I understood this, it allowed me to be more compassionate, not unlike calming my children when they were young and awakened from a nightmare. Personally I can't imagine learning of the true state of the world all right now, all at once. That is pretty unsettling to consider. You are spot on buddy, don't listen to the frightened, confused and mindless –not to mention the very real and planned trollers.

    1.  Much appreciated, even though I've been doing this a while it's easy to get tripped up here and there, or gauge how many people an opinion might represent. Maybe I should just pretend it's the early days again and I just have to go with my gut. It worked then!

  11. I can't find a way to email you directly, so I'll leave this here: 

    I'm not sure why people would leave or be angry with you. I don't always agree with you or your guests one hundred percent (I end up agreeing with quite a bit honestly), but that is exactly why I love your show. You give intelligent, pleasant interviews with a giant range of well read, out of the box, educated people that challenge the norm. I like being exposed to different ideas and challenging what I think I already know. How can anyone be so sure of their opinion without hearing the other side? If you have someone on I disagree with, I still listen, because I have learned so much over the years from your guests and I trust that if you have someone on they will most likely enlighten me a bit (if not a lot).

    You are a portal for free thinking information of high quality. Do you know how rare that is? Don't worry about people getting angry with you. I understand why some might feel hurt if they have lost someone recently. But attacking each other (or people attacking you) as we're trying to figure all this shit out isn't helping anyone. I've watched many of my heroes fall with 2020. They have turned on their own, yell at their supporters as much as they yell at their "enemies", and fall victim to one specific mind frame or another and get trapped. You are the last bastion to me and many others. While I might not agree with your every statement, I don't care. No two people can agree one hundred percent on anything, it's statistically impossible as we all have different experiences. You take in as much good information as you can, and you won't make a judgement call on something you can't. I respect that and so do many others. It's responsible and the right thing to do.

    The mark of a strong man is to be able to consider something without automatically dismissing or accepting it as truth. You've made a career out of doing this, and as a result you are encouraging others to do the same. The wise ones build their world views based on many years of observing, research, listening to others, consideration and personal experience. You help make this possible by giving us an alternative portal to information we might not be exposed to otherwise. 

    Don't lose hope. As long as I have money and access to you, I'll be listening to every show. You are needed much more than you realize, and your light shines brighter than you think.

  12. Hey Greg, I joined only a few days ago but I've been listening to the podcast on Youtube around 2 and a half years now. I'm very happy to have found a level headed community on "Conspiracy". I had to join plus to get that extra hour because I felt like I was missing a lot and was always left wanting to hear the rest of the podcast. You're doing a great job and hope you keep it up throughout 2021. Cheers Brother.

  13. Greg, I don't always like all your guests, or all the opinions I hear, or every point of view. I do, however, know that you are, hands down, the best conspiracy interviewer I've ever heard! I've been a plus member for some time and intend to continue for a long time to come. Hang in there, bud. You're doing good work. 

  14. In regard to his first point, yes, dismantling the "American Empire" is not necessarily a bad thing. But these globalists want to dismantle the American nation, as well. And all nations. They want to end national sovereignty. That is unacceptable. How do we do the former and not the latter? And who in power even wants that?

  15. I like questiong how much a role we play in participating in this mess.

    In the shower the other day I let my mind wander into a bit of misery, thinking about having to interact with flouride.
    Then it struck me.
    Although it is more than I would like, the amount of flouride in my water is measured in ppm.
    With this ratio, I interact with water much more than flouride.  More pure water, in a sense, than anything else.  If I am able to truly interact and influence this water,  my mindful time is much better spent with it than any trace chemicals.  
    And so I attempt to deal with what is around me with a tethered hope, no matter how contaminated.

  16. The only way to have any shred of control is to vote with our fucking dollar. Don't go to walmart and target. Fuck amazon and Big Tech. The only way to force this train off the tracks is by tightening our belts and supporting local farmers, small businesses, and doing as much for ourselves as possible. Now is the time to grow whatever food you can whether inside with hydroponics or in a yard or porch. Hunt, fish, hike, and swim. This is a battle that is not lost, but unique in how it can be fought.  

  17. Charlie Robison is a total materialistic douchebag and I'm unsubscribing after one month of this I'm tired of these guys making their circle-jerk appearances on all these shows and telling the same story over and over.

    1. Sorry to hear that a single guest caused you to unsubscribe, but if the bar is that you'll like every single guest I interview that's a bar that I'll probably never reach anyway. Especially hard when my goal is to hear from many different perspectives. Hopefully you reconsider when you think about ones you do like. 

  18. Actually I apologize and take those comments back, I don't want to add any more negativity or hate into the world. We're in a real bad predicament here and all need to be here for each other.

  19. Waking up is good and all, but that's the beginning. It's about GROWING up, and frankly that's hard. I have a hard enough time with that myself…. I may be doomed. Do save yourself, but also save as many people as you can.

  20. I really enjoyed this episode, the only thing that bugs me about content like this is, not the content itself, but that many of is are aware that there is a plan. That in most of it's majority doesn't include us. But the biggest thing I have found, is that plans are like habits. They stick unless you can replace them with something new.

    I know for myself that I have been relatively compliant with the motion of the over culture, but this is due mostly to not having a better long term concept of something better to occur.

    My question to many of you, regardless of what their plan is, what would you like to see instead? 50-100 yrs from now, what would you like society to look like? Or even tomorrow? What would you like it to look like tomorrow?

  21. So… there is NOT some big checkbox that when someone dies you check COVID and the government and insurance companies dump a bunch of money to the hospitals….. Are you kidding?

    The insurance companies and medicare don't want to pay out anymore money than the have to…. you have to have Supporting evidence for a diagnosis, the tests are inaccurate so you have to supply clinical data. i.e. xrays, ABGs etc. etc.

    Also, the Vaccines are given with REGULAR hypodermic needles… there is no 3 needle electric current bullshit that I've heard about on multiple shows from multiple people.

    I have no idea what Covid is, but I have intubated normal healthy people in the ICU, I've seen people Die. I have NO idea what the vaccines are but the people spouting absolute bullshit makes it hard to determine and figure out what IS going on.

    I feel a lot of times people that speak about something that is obviously bullshit (like using a 3 needle syringe to administer the vaccine) just make "us" conspiricy theorist look like idiots so LESS people pay attention to what we are saying.




  22. Is there any way you could put the links to those people who were talking about 2040 predictions? Also it would be great if the show notes in general had links to all the great stuff you and your guests mention in the interviews. Thanks!

  23. Greg, you’re fantastic. This show has been a life saver for me, please know what a huge post you’ve played in so many awakenings—I can speak for that truth in my own awakening. I’ll never stop supporting a show with so much integrity, objectivity, curiosity, and host with such a big honest heart. 🙏 🙏 🙏 

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