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Randall Carlson | Geomancy, The Sacred Template, & The Great Cosmic Work

Show Notes

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. He has decades of study, research and exploration into the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science, has been an active Freemason for 30+ years and is Past Master of one of the oldest and largest Masonic lodges in Georgia. He has been recognized by The National Science Teachers Association for his commitment to Science education for young people.

Check out Randall’s website for his HowTube channel, tours, Kosmographia podcast, & more:

PLUS Content

  • Did the ancients have help?
  • Who are the guardians over this knowledge?
  • Scale and variance.
  • Evidence of catastrophe.
  • Lake monsters and lake origin correlation.
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Thank you for keeping us on the cutting edge Mr. Greg!


Love the new UI. Well done!


Hey Greg!Do we have the button that allows you to go back 15 seconds? I see the button for going forward but not back. Not the end of the world, simply curious because I would use it more than I like to admit as I’ve gotten older. Everything else looks Primo. Thank you for everything you do.


Please pardon my stupidity. The button in question is right in front of my face. My apologies. Back to the show.


Do I have to download another app to my dicrepid phone? I can’t figure out this new look but I’m technology illiterate and blame myself for being too broke for the new world.

Andrew Volk

With the old player, I was able to pause it with my space bar. This functionality seems to be missing with this new player. It was very useful and is standard on any web player. Pls bring it back as not having to mouse click the pause is much more convenient. Also the skip ahead 15 sec button was also nice so that i could skip your superfluous (for me and most long-time listeners) intro.


And here we go! #charge


With all these positive THC changes, I’m hoping Greg can finagle David Lynch to come on the show and talk TM & Twin Peaks. Let’s make it happen, magickal thought practitioners!

Evan Fields

Concious manifestation engaged.


Howard Stern & TM!!!

Evan Fields

The man, the myth, the legend…and also Randal Carlson. This is gonna be great.


…a Jesse Ventura pseudonym?


Who? Where? What’s I miss? I like Jessie Ventura. Made me proud that my mom is from Minnesota when they voted him into governorship! And I really really enjoyed Jessie’s show he had in years ago. So you were probably saying something really nice but in a witty way about someone but I missed it as you did not say to whom it was directed at. I like witty nice things too. You must share better!


I have not pushed the play button yet but I wanted to thank you Mr. Greg on your guest, Randal. I’ve seen his work and I really like him. You’ve got that golden choice thingy workin in ya, I can tell. Well done. Well done. Hehe. Oh gawd I haven’t slept yet and it’s almost sunrise. Shuman Resonance is whited out too. I like the whiteout days far more than the normal looking Shuman Resonance chart looking ones. When it looks normal is when the human beans from all walks of life and stranger friend or family will be showing their asses and doing all kinds of cock-my-head-like-a-dog-hearing-strange-sound moments. Things that make ya go…‼️WTF‼️


Greg, how can I change my profile picture?
My current picture looks like monsters in a darkened room while I was going for the monsters in a bright room. Thank you.

Last edited 2 months ago by Juliesunshine333

Excellent ♥️


Loved the dowsing part. Everyone should have a Homeopathic Dowser in their life,
myself,husband and daughter haven’t needed allopathic medicine in the last 20 years
because of it getting us through many different health issues.
They can also remove vaccines so are even more important these day’s,I’ld say.
Big pharma can do one!

Michael Congleton

Great show! Very interesting. Thanks!


This us what the free ‘wild’ ppl understand. Much Thanks! Dude!

Steven Sopaul Lal


Tyler Davis

Honestly one of my fav guest and topics, Greg! I grew up in Montana, south of Missoula. My dad’s fav hobby was geology, pointing out rock formations on road trips etc etc. Randells work’s (as well as Graham Hancock) is beyond fascinating to me. The answers are out there, buried in the ground or just below the ocean surface. We are a much older species than out institutions will have us believe. Thank you giving voice to these ppl who have worked so hard despite refuted efforts from M.S.Science. I’m a happy subscriber to this channel. You’ve gotten me out of some dark times during this crazy year. Very few ppl can say they are making a contribution to society, but you are def one of them


How do I pause? I think my phone is too old and crappy for this new version.
Great show though, I love all the geomancy and ancient knowledge stuff.


Wow ancient buildings; the cosmos ; and nature I loved it !!!! ….I hope mister Randal’s education center becomes a popular place for learning our place in the ⭐️ stars! True education is so much needed now days !!!!!

Jennifer Gray

There are so many interpretations of the evidence – and everyone sounds so sure they are right . Some of this did not feel right to me and did not explain the spires and amazing ancient buildings still around that they say were built by men and horses and carts. Sounded very mainstream to me. Maybe Ive just heard it all and more by now but have to go by my gut. You are the best interviewer though Greg which is why I stay !

Drew Carter

Many of the questions that this episode brings up, could be answered in full – if Greg had someone on to discuss Anatoly Fomenko’s chronological research! Someone like Ms. Ivanova from the NEW EARTH YouTube channel! She would very quickly answer those questions, and explode so many brains!


Great show. Thank you Greg : )


Gothic started in Spain, with the Moors’ influence, is why it seemed to suddenly explode in France. Randall should check that bit out. We know the Arabs brought math into Europe. It’s obvious once you think of it.

Drew Carter

Very good show, Randall’s work on Geomancy, Sacred Geometry, and teaching home schooling children to view the stars are laudable.

His journey down the accepted view of history was disingenuous, from the same old template.

No-one in the world knew about Egypt, till Napoleon found it and destroyed it. It was his soldiers who shot the noses off the sphinxes, it was his troops who removed the white cap rock covering the pyramids with writing on it. Napoleon discovered hieroglyphics! Why were we never told that anyone who can read a Cyrillic script can read the hieroglyphs with no problem.

Napoleon created the Egypt Myth – which has made Egypy Billion$ creating and fostering that myth.

How can you mention the world’s amazing buildings – which were all built in the same style all over the world, without mentioning Tartaria?

No mention of cataclysms caused by comets, or ??. no mention of the Missouri River turning much of the central US into mud in 1812 – a major mud flood.

When anyone starts their historical perspective, with tales of 3000, year old Egypt, I immediately know they not a serious researcher.


Interesting! I don’t have an opinion in favor or against what you posted because I have not studied most of these subjects in great enough depth. Do you have any favorite books you would recommend re: Napoleon, Egypt, Tartaria, cataclysms, etc.? I would love to follow up on your comment.

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