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Joint Session Bonus Show | Ethylene-oxide, RAW, & The Great Conjunction

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Welcome to the latest Joint Session bonus show for Plus Members. Leave me a voicemail to get on the next one!

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Nicholas Burnett

Hey Greg! What a great month! Im very grateful for what you do, and looking forward to future shows! In the meantime I’ve got a decade + of content to enjoy! Cheers! Much love from bend Oregon.

Dana Schaffer

As a whistleblower, I would like to thank Sam for the poem.

Shawn Maskalick

Regarding the ethylene oxide message…My wife was recently diagnosed w double invasive ductile carcinoma, “stage 3”. She is the first female in her family tree with breast cancer…for what it’s worth to anyone…she is a RN who has worked at a facility that required 2 mandatory covid tests a week, which she did so for nearly a year, in order for her to be able to continue to work. I feel that its possible that her cancer could be caused by the tests she had to take. Her masses literally popped up out of no where, it felt like we had no choice but to let them pump her full of chemo…smh
On a more positive note Greg, just wanted to say I appreciate your hard work, and have no complaints man…keep doing what you do brother, thanks

Craig Peate

MMS, ozone, browns gas, rife, etc.


CDS Plus, and/or hydrazine sulfate 60 mg (strict diet requirements with hydrazine).
Skip chemo or radiation!
Sending you healing love!

Drew Carter

Don’t let alopathic medicine treat your cancer! I have prostate cancer – they want to use radiation & chemo – I told them to go to hell – they want to keep testing me forever – I told them to go to hell! What I discovered:. B4 PSA test – prostate cancer was the one disease that medical students were told, was the one disease you didn’t want to be cured of! A massive study of 10,000 senior men found:. Even in their 80’s & 90’s men died with prostate cancer NOT of prostate cancer! I’m happy to keep my cancer! Dr. Jennifer Daniel has done major work on this! Don’t let THEM destroy your quality of life! I lost 2 dad’s to chemotherapy & radiation – They both told me Don’t Ever let them do this to you Drew!

Connor Brannan

Can I jump in on this please my mum has just been diagnosed with small cell lung and liver cancer best places to start? Was thinking rick simpson? We ain’t a wealthy family so limited to what methods we can try?


Look into Gerson Therapy. Sending lots of love to you and your family.

Shawn Maskalick

You can look into the Joe Tippin protocol…seems to be having luck with a cheap OTC animal heart de-wormer??
Best of luck to your mum Connor. Sending healing light and energy her way.


My bosses daughter(34 yrs old) was getting weekly tests for a year also. She has a rapid growing tumor in the front part of her brain by where the swab penetrates. It’s not cancer but growing uncontrollably and they’re treating w chemo to try and get it to stop. They don’t know what it is. She also had jab in January. Another girl I work w has a rapid growing non cancerous tumor in uterus. She had jab and only tested sporadically. So it’s hard to say what’s going on. But that brain scan w that huge growth is just too close to swab area.


sending healing intentions and good vibes for your lady and yourself and your pupper!


Another excellent JS-thanks!


Hand out the cigars Greg. That’s how I heard it. Bless you both if I’m correct, or actually bless all 3 of you.

Craig Peate

That’s what I thought! Time to celebrate. Now to figure out how to avoid the mandatory vaccines!

Jeffrey Aaron

Is there a THC book list im not seeing?


Are we pregnant, Greg?


If I heard you right you went from planning something forever to doing it. Nothing could be easier (or more difficult). Blessings


Russ!! The Misses out here letting you shoot up the club?!?!? Wow. As a result, Russ Jr is now simmering to a perfect chef’s kiss of a lad while we await patiently. Fucking awesome, Greggerton. Seriously couldn’t be happier for you guys….Im ear2ear smiling on the outside and on the inside for you both.

ps. Sorry about your ladies pooch. If its Pup’s time Im sure it has been a life full of love and thats all anything or one can ask for.

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Drew Carter

Greg mentions The Florida building & McAfee in the same sentence, very prescient as McAfee had a Deadman Switch with 30 terabytes of incriminating deep state evidence hidden in his apartment. Where was his apartment? The very same building which was “collapsed”! Eerie shadows to the REAL OKC bombing story! Which relates to the Louisiana Purchase & Pentagon military records!

Drew Carter

McAfee’s ill advised tweet:


I don’t think it’s a real tweet.

Drew Carter

Greg discussed auto fem seeds and browns gas water. I haven’t been able to duplicate George’s claims with plants. I tried it in a “trial” with tap water vs. hydrogen water: 4 auto fem seeds turned yellow and died .. the one’s in tap water popped just fine. I’ve also tried it with squash seeds, same thing. I love drinking hydrogen water, and inhaling brown’s gas, but it’s my experience that hdyrogen water may or may not be fine for plants, it’s not good for seeds. Very expensive experiment .. with shipping auto fem seeds are damn near $20 each. I hope you have better luck than I did Greg.

Drew Carter

Can someone point me to an emaill address or some other way to contact Greg about suggested guests etc? I don’t want to bother support.

For those of you who poo poo the covid19 shedding issue:

The actual pfizer document is here:

Drew Carter

Greg really poo poo’s the Covid testing problems that Dr. Christiane brought up. I did extensive research on this issue 15 months ago:

Covid testing is “The War on our Spirituality”! The swab testing is the least efficient test they have for covid, so why are they using it? Laser temperature guns on the forehead is the least efficient way of getting accurate temperatures.

So if these tests are the least effective, and as my article states, there are cheaper less invasive more accurate tests they could have used.

Why are these particular tests being used?
Something fishy is going on!

It’s a very long article.


From what I understand the covid swab gets dangerously close to something that is porous and can allow anything on the swab get into the brain.


Virology claims to isolate a virus only after they contaminate the sample with monkey cells, antibiotics, etc. Basically they are posioning the cells as well as starving them of food and oxygen and as the cells die, only then does the virus present itself.

Connor Brannan

Just started to listen sorry to hear about your dog, my dogs last days was full of seizures something I see alot I’m my life but will never get used to.


Congrats, Greg! When my partner was 6 months pregnant with our daughter, our beloved cat passed away. We talked to a animal psychic (who is a very gifted and lovely human) and she said that he was ready to make room for our daughter coming into the world, among many other things. It’s fairly common that our animal friends sense the shift in different ways than we do, and adjust according. Often times before we ourselves may be ready. I know I wasn’t expecting our cat to seemingly leave so suddenly. Anyways, sending love to you and your family.


I’ve been a member for like 3 years and I think you’ve improved every system you use in that time. These joint sessions are much better than the live ones were; we can just leave a vm or forum post, you clean & edit them. One thing I’ve always liked about your style is the efficiency. You pack in a lot of info & avoid drawn out time fillers. You produce a really high quality show, and it’s the only one I’m paying for right now (though I sometimes dip into Mysterious Universe). The plus style payment system is great and allows for both free and a well priced membership, which is totally worth $9, even though I started when it was cheaper. I also bought a grinder from you, and would probably buy more functional cannabis stuff.
Keep up the excellent work!

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