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Wayne Rohde | Vaccine Injury & Dark Truth Of The Vaccine Court System

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About Today’s Guest:

Wayne Rohde is the father of Nick Rohde, a vaccine-injured child who regressed into severe autism after receiving his first set of childhood vaccinations. Wayne is also the author of The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  It is a critical review of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the families desperately trying to navigate their way through it. He knows through personal experience.

Wayne also hosts the Right On Point Podcast and is a frequent contributor to several health freedom websites, including The Highwire.

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Right on Point Podcast

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PLUS Content

  • COVID Vaccine Injury reports and damages so far.
  • What sort of extreme reactions we might see in cold and flu season.
  • Long term effects of other vaccines and what to look for for long term COVID vaccine damages.
  • COVID civil liberty infringement concerns.
  • The state of the vaccine passport policies.
  • The parallels between vaccine safety, EMF safety, & gaming the science.
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Kevin Kincer

Usually not my cup of tea, but a very interesting discussion especially considering the current climate of vaxx vs anti-vaxx and the infinite pressure put on those who are opting out of the vaccine. As always Greg does a great job interviewing and bringing out the pertinent information.

Doreen Stelton

New player works great!

Janice Phillips

I’m loving it! I don’t “do” apps and have never downloaded a podcast, but now that you can’t find truth anywhere but behind paywalls, I’m thrilled I can just come here and hit the play button.


I used to trust doctors, now I’m disabled as the direct result of that trust. And once injured (not by vaccines), they deny deny deny and gaslight. That led me to reviewing ALL pharma products. What I found was horrifying. I will NEVER see a doc again because that would be asking for euthanasia. There’s no better way to put it. These people are dangerous to public health. It’s never been more evident.


You are on point.
I’m sorry that happened to you.

Nicholas Burnett

Wow! Great episode! The best part is the upcoming carlwood! Me and my wife birthed both of our children completely unassisted and at home. No midwife! Hmu if you’d like to chat! Ml. Also both children still no medical intervention throughout their lives….


This guy has a super comforting voice.


Congrats!! Stopped vaccinating after my second child and started unschooling 5 years in to my parenting journey. My kids are now 16, 18 and 21 all on a different journey, but all happy confident humans who question authority and respectfully decline the bullshit. Just design the life you want, all the mandatory health care visits and “education” are bullshit. If you find it too cumbersome to live the free life in Cali, come to Texas.

Brendan Vaughan

Great show thanks. I live in Australia and after I heard on the news over 1million deaths by corona virus. I wrote to the government, centre of births, deaths and marriages and several other places. Under the freedom of information Act I requested 1 death certificate, stipulating corona virus as cause of death. 1 year later still 0 evidence of 1 death by this thing that got us falsely imprisoned etc. Not 1=0 Cheers 🙂


*Knock, knock* “Door-to-door DHS vaccine check!” What do, THC imbibers?…

Jason Richter

In a Techno-SteamPunk flick or game there would be folks offering to give out phony vax docs or even pseudo-vax in order to keep the distopia going.

Steven Sopaul Lal



Excellent discussion, thanks and congratulations ❤️ Do not vaccinate, please 🙏

Ian Fogg

My name is Fogg, I am victim of Vaccine injury. I did not realize what had actually happened to me at the time. I was a young niaeve kid who joined the Marine Corps 2006. I had very strong Viking mentality at the time. I digress.

Any one who has joined the armed forces knows about the needle gauntlet. During my experience I had an immediate reaction. Profuse sweating, blurred vision, extreme vertigo. I had to crawl outside. The only care I was given was some cheap juice, and a vending machine style pack of cookies.

Fast forward towards the end of boot camp and I caught phnemonia. Not uncommon in boot. I was prescribed a heavy does of antibiotics. During this regiment my body began to grow steadily weaker. There was no pain, just super weak. Started in my legs and spread. Within two weeks, I could barely get up unaided, nor could I hold a toothbrush or tie my own shoes.

Non of navy corpsmen knew what was happening. They all thought I was just taking to go home. During a follow up appointment for the phneumonia, an older nurse noticed how hard it was for me to stand from sitting in a chair, let alone shuffle. Cause I could barely lift my legs and feet to walk.

I got a personal visit by Lt. Commander of medical at MCRD San Diego. After on hour of little reflex tests, book throwing cause he couldn’t figure it out. The light bulb clicked, he looked me the eyes and said. “It’s happened again, I’m sorry. I will be right back.”

He then bright in the whole team on Navy corpsman and had them diagnose me on the spot. 12 Navy corpmen, half of them dealt with me personally. After 15 min of this, it was a young woman who had just transferred to the base.

“It’s Guilluan Berré Syndrome Sir.” Bingo he says. You people have got to look for the signs. This patient has exhibited signs for two weeks. The condition might irreversible at this point. I was blown away, never heard this problem and now I was gonna be stuck like this or die. I’m openly bawling without making any noise as he talked.

They rush me to the Balboa Hospital there in California. They administer an Imunal Globulan substance to stop the accending loss of nerve control. I sign a waiver acknowledging that this treatment may not work, might kill me, make me sterile, and bar me from any future vaccinations as it may set Gillian Berré off again.

I still notice the effects today as the damage is permanent. A long two years of physical therapy just to walk without a cane. I was 19 years old when this happened to me. I have all the medical records to prove this.

The corporate desease center and federal drug associates do not care about human life. They care about money. That precious bottom line.

Stay safe ladies and gentlemen, it only gets weirder from here.

Tom Humes

So sorry this happened to you brother. Thoughts and prayers


We didn’t vaccinate my second daughter, and I have to say, she is never sick. My first daughter ended up with Aspergers and has a difficult time socializing and may never be able to live in her own. But we are hopeful.
wish you the best 🙏

Tom Humes

We had our first child get a few vaccinations, when they started giving multiple shots on visits I started looking into vaccines. She hasn’t had one since, luckily no injury other than some localized swelling. My youngest has never had a vaccine. They’re both thriving, near the top percentile in height and at optimal weights. Both are sick less than their schoolmates. It’s okay not to vaccinate your kids Greg and Congratulations!


Love to Greg, his wife, and new babe!

el gallinazo

Hey Greg, I loved the show, both for the content of the guest and the great audio quality. I am a somewhat hearing impaired geezer, and though I listen to the show with quality electronics, many of the recent ones have had such shitty guest audio that I just gave up. I think part of the problem is that a lot of laptops have truly crappy microphones and the owners do not wish to spring for an adequate headset. Some just overdrive their mics.

As to your soon to be a parent vaccine dilemma, may I suggest a terrific book by a Swiss homeopathic physician, Andreas Bachmair. Vaccine Free – 111 Stories of Unvaccinated Children. The stories all have a total ring of truth. Many vaccinated their first children and then switched to vax free with later ones, and they report the differences between the two experiences. The book was copyrighted in 2005 and if you are impressed, Dr. Bachmair could well be still available for a quality interview.


As always, great episode. Congrats to you
and your wife!! How exciting. You don’t have to worry about my THC subscription expiring anytime soon. 😉

Cynthia Cooper



To answer Greg’s question: YES, if your employer requires you to get a vaccine you can file a workers’ compensation claim in the event of injury or adverse reaction (this is your election of remedy that stands in the place of a lawsuit). You may even be able to file a claim if you are not necessarily *required* to get the vaccine but are instead pressured or incentivized.

Moshe Diane Ramsay

So excited for you!


Greg, I have 4 health unvaccinated children, twins 13, and twins 11. Generally healthy, if a cold it virus pops up we combat then quickly.

FYI I call myself vaccines educated, I refuse to be called anti-vaxx. Feel free to steal that title

Be well, and keep fighting the good fight
Nellie G

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