Professor Doom | Doctor Deaths, GC Maf, & The Return Of The Elite’s Ancient Overlords

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Conspiracy is everywhere this week on the podcast! Youtube’s own, Professor Doom, joins THC to talk about the medical breakthroughs surrounding GC Maf and the string of doctor deaths associated with what seems to be a violent campaign to keep the secret.

We then go deeper than deep, discussing the connections between the entities the elite worship, ancient bloodlines, the Annunaki, giants, CERN, transhumanism, Planet X, Antarctica, and more!

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  1. Dude… Excellent show!!! Dear gods, what a super condensed mind fuck!
    Alllll the pieces connecting together… I love it.
    Damn, I do so wish humans would wake the fuck up and kick both Zeus AND Cronos’ asses. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sigh. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening anytime soon, unless something HUGE occurs. Lazy, apathetic, fearful, oblivious humans, smh.
    Just thankful that you go deep and that you connect me with others who go deep, also. Much respect.

    1. Thanks! I thought it was good too, but a little disjointed at times and maybe I could have done a better job. Although the Professor was a great guest, he’s very easy to listen to.

    1. That’s awesome! My buddy Kyle just reminded me that Abraxis is also the last name of the family of royalty in Jupiter Ascending that feeds on humanity. Definitely worth a watch, everything but the typical love story angel is awesome.

  2. Oh, wow! There is way more than I can digest in one sitting. It gets 5 stars and is worth the price of admission just for showing me the entrance to the GC Maf rabbit hole! Let alone the rest of it……

    I do love a good dot connecter. Now, I’m not saying some of his connections don’t seem to me like a stretch, or that I “buy into” everything he is presenting, but it is just that; he is presenting material for us to take further if we chose.
    It is not ” The Truth”.
    It is what we has come to believe at this point in time. And he is a human, just like me.
    That said, a lot of this is very compelling, and I haven’t felt really out of my depth in a show for a while.( Eric Dollard, anyone…. ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    For that, I salute you both.

    1. Yeah it was nice to get back to a show with a “big picture” arc rather than the collection two were. I like those shows too, but ones more like this one tend to be my favorites. I thought Richard Merrick had quiet a bit of depth too. He made a lot of things click for me, like the science behind the pentagram.

  3. Ah, the hypnotic rhythm of Greg’s breathing! I actually looked in my backseat to make sure there wasn’t someone or something snoozing back there ๐Ÿ˜‰ What an excellent episode! I’m sure I’ll be giving it a second listen to make sure I didn’t miss anything (driving can be so distracting).

  4. Cool show Greg! I loved it but I started getting lost in the transhuman part in the second hour. Just don’t buy into downloading memories into robots and people. Other than that this dude was super enlightening.

    1. I get that….I also understand how they could recreate a body from a mummy, but how would you find and implant a consciousness from a specific ancient being? Unless that’s what’s locked away in Antarctica.

  5. And, Greg, a question. I have been rolling around underground entities, and there’s a lot of evidence for it, but I have always thought underground nuke test make zero fucking sense. Why do they have to test a nuke underground? That seems way worse, environmentally so. A deep buried nuke? No reason to test these things, I’m pretty sure they know they work.

    1. I’m with you. I’ve thought that sometimes when people feel big booms or something underground, maybe it’s an underground fight, or the elite wiping out pockets of the undergrounders. Who knows though.

  6. Carlwood the West Coast King of Conspiracy! My ninja! Phew! This dude….wow. I’m gonna go back and re listen. (Been up all night)But help me out real quick
    Kronos /Saturn/ = the elite
    Cus I don’t see anybody tryna stop cern as far as a opposing faction other than us TRUTHSaYERS.

  7. Another great episode. Thank you so much for tackling the vaccine issue again. As a mother of an autistic child, I think it is so important that we are open in discussing these topics, despite any possible backlash.

  8. Fantastic Show!! loved it. I only wish I had some friends I could discuss this with. Too bad the dumbing down is so successful, and I live in Canada, or maybe I am not connecting with the right people. So were these underground cities created by slaves like the pyramids? Did the slaves use ropes and buckets to remove the broken rock? I thought I was aware until I listened to Professor Doom, what a wealth of knowledge and information. Would love to hear a follow up show! Preferably before Sept 23 ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. World is changing, lot more people are waking up these days and talents are becoming easier to grasp and manifest….keep looking for the others, they are out there and not far from you and definitely keep researching

  9. Now that i really got to listen it resonated with me strongly out the gate and kept me enthralled for the duration… At some points i felt like he just watched too many movies because he kept callin back on them as proof of what he said. Cool to see you comment alot greg, you seemed a little less into it this episode but thanks for it.

  10. I NEVER comment on anything, but this is the best of your podcasts I’ve listened to, kudos to you! Seems like everyone is connecting the dots so quickly at the same time with their bodies of work. And thank you for not dumbing down to your audience. A lot of us are silent researchers, too, and have been following some of your guests and others for years, but just now realizing how it all fits. I really urge you check out Lily Earthling and Harald Kautz-Vella’s work in conjunction. Your guest touches on so many of the same things but from a different perspective (black rock/black goo, autism, space factions and origins, new diseases, inorganic AI, etc.). This plugs in so beautifully in a different way with your guest and I think your mind will be blown. Maybe your guest knows about them, maybe not, but these three together on a panel would be amazing. Wow and thank you!

  11. Ya, interesting. But what the hell is this guy talking about? I get all the control factors but where are all these gods and deities? How does this help me get through the day? I am going to grow old and die. So how is all this mythology helpful in informing me on how to handle “my life.?”” Just a thought.

    1. Well, instead of thinking of them as ‘Gods’, think of them as energetic, emotional patterns of , at the risk of sounding “New agey”, frequency or energy. Thought patterns, or ever thought habits.

      There is enough hard scientific data proving that as we think, we create the world around us, for ourselves and others. It gets messy because everyone else is doing the same!! ( Abracadabra is a bastardisation of, roughly, ” As I speak, I create.”)

      So now, if we want to play the good Dr’s duality game of White vs.Black,( instead of focusing on what creates white AND black….this is the real game! Go deeper, people…….)
      Saturn patterns = Constriction ( like gravity), Father figure( for good or ill), structure, meaning, boundaries, responsibilities, commitments….(booooring! ๐Ÿ™‚ ), steady growth through (unbending) rules and discipline. Definition, and thus limitations.
      Jupiter patterns = Expansion ( as opposed to constriction!), morality, gratitude, hope, tolerance, insight through knowledge, sence of humor, broader purpose, reaching and possibilities ( all of which Saturnal people see as foolish indulgence in wishful thinking!), blind optimism, excess and irresponsibility.

      So you can see, if you had two groups of people, each ‘infected’ with an overly strong sense of Jupiter and/or Saturn, how it could take just one niggle in the wrong place to start an all out war?
      You can also see that to live a dynamic, interesting existence, we need both, in balance. One can never ‘beat’ the other, or the whole show is fucked. It is all about balance, one way or another. If light wins, everything is scorched. If dark wins, everything starves.

      Now imagine those descriptions are of energy patterns, manifesting as superhuman, or rather extrahuman beings of some description. Like Superman vs. Batman……… makes the story more interesting to tell, to listen to, more memorable and easier to get whatever point across.
      Do they truly exist?
      Do your thoughts truly exist? And if so, in what form??
      I’ve seen a thought cause damage……..

      1. Hammer, always enjoy reading your informative and interesting take on things. I can tell you have truly put some time in to learn the concepts and know your shit, appreciate that you take the time to share the knowledge.

          1. “I am not one who believes that it is any necessary virtue in the philosopher to spend his life defending a consistent position. It is surely a kind of spiritual pride to refrain from ‘thinking out loud,’ and to be unwilling to let a thesis appear in print until you are prepared to champion it to the death. Philosophy, like science, is a social function, for a man cannot think rightly alone, and the philosopher must publish his thought as much to learn from criticism as to contribute to the sum of wisdom. If, then, I sometimes make statements in an authoritative and dogmatic manner, it is for the sake of clarity rather than from the desire to pose as an oracle.” ~Alan Watts, in the Prefaces of “Supreme Identity” and “Nature, Man and Woman”

  12. This has been great! I always wonder about Amish/ Mennonite people and their cancer rates, I wish there was more studies done on that. I live around many mennonite people and am curious to know! I wish more anti-vaccers were like “PROVE TO ME THEY DON’T HARM ME” instead of being made out to be crazy. Just so people would get more studies done, but then again if they’re ending up murdered people may be more hesitant.
    Regardless there are too many bandwagoners, to many extremist and not enough people demanding facts.

    I love how everything ties together in there kinds of show like back to David Paulides & Missing 411

    The only thing that bothers me is how sure he sounds about everything! As much as I don’t believe main stream ideas.. I don’t think anyone can be so sure about these statements.

    None the less, super interesting loved the show ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. To be honest – this is one of, if not the, first episodes of THC I didn’t enjoy due to the content. It should be said that we live in such a fantasy world and everything is such an illusion to the point where the microscopic details that’ll never go beyond the fringe just don’t matter much – if at all. It’s sort of like taking an old beat up pickup truck that doesn’t run at all and talking in depth about the name of the color of the peeling paint on the rear quarter panel. It just wouldn’t matter if your goal is just to get from point A to point B. At this point in the game – fantasy names and theories that have no real evidence are utterly worthless – and this just seemed like a mind bending two hours of hearing about details that’ll never make a real difference in the world. It’s one thing to discuss conspiracy, it’s another to make up your own fantasies. Lastly, and essentially, if you can’t relate simple and observable details to the common man, it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

    Greg – I did appreciate you bringing up the Hatibov material. It led nowhere but it was great to hear it asked and mentioned.

    1. “It just wouldnโ€™t matter if your goal is just to get from point A to point B.”
      I guess maybe some people listen to the show, and GC started the show, because that paradigm was not cutting the mustard anymore. I’m sure plenty listen for the pure escapist joy of talking taboo, off the path topics, and some listen to try to get the inside track on “hacking their life”, or how not to get duped, by finding out how “shadow operators” go about things.
      3 kids picking all the fruit from an orange tree, and telling the fourth one that the tree was bare when they got there is a conspiracy……… they are pretty everyday in the world of humans.
      For me, point A to point B IS the conspiracy, even if only one we place on ourselves.

      “fantasy names and theories that have no real evidence are utterly worthless”
      Perhaps nothing is worthless, if it makes you think in a different way.

      “itโ€™s another to make up your own fantasies”
      He sure has his own take, but it is based in very old info. Everybody tells the same story with their own embellishments. This is kind of why writing was developed, in India anyhow; to keep the story tellers ego/translation out of the original story. Sometimes embellishment is good, as long as you can recognise it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      The stories people choose to tell, listen to, and believe in are probably more telling than the content of those stories.

      A really interesting experiment I played with this was to listen to Gerald Clarks episode,( another guy who could be accused of peddling in fantasy) right after Dr Doom’s.
      Seeing where they were aligned and where they differed was quite insightful, for both episodes.

      Sorry, that’s more like 8 cents worth…. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I totally get where you are coming from.

      1. I can appreciate your stance Hammer. I also happen to agree with a lot of it. Especially the psychology of what people choose to talk about is indeed more intriguing.

    2. Aww, man. No worries, I totally get what you’re saying. I really happen to like these types of speculative episodes, but I agree there’s not a lot you can do with it. I often try to make that point on episodes that are a bit more practical, so people who maybe do prefer the over the top shows, will appreciate the more down to Earth topics without getting bored. I suppose the knife cuts both ways!

      Hopefully you got something out of the first half though. The GC Maf story really interests me. I have an actual medical professional coming up to talk about it a bit more in depth.

  14. Oh boy. I am none other than …. !!! I so wish this good, passionate man would have researched the real ancient meanings to those “none other than” entities. It was exhausting to listen to him throw all our old gods out into the same THEYRE ALL EVIL!!! Pit. There are planets he kept mentioning that are well know for their influences upon man. Also, most ancient myths are 7 fold– which is a HOLY number. I believe the doctor killings and banker killings have happened and its fucking SICK!! But poor Dr. Doom has everyone and everything in the same shelf. All evil. Wrong.

  15. Deeply entertaining but his grasp of and attempt to link various indo-european and afro-asiatic magical-religious beliefs was not at all solid. The discussion of the more current events was much better.

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