Marie D. Jones | Mind Control Throughout History, Mk Ultra, Cults, & Electronic Harassment

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Sweet San Diego author, Marie D. Jones, returns to everyone’s favorite conspiracy podcast to talk about her new book, co-authored by Larry Flaxman: Mind Wars: A History of Mind Control, Surveillance, and Social Engineering by Government, Media, and Secret Societies.

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  1. Actually Greig your bit at the end was my favorite part!! Seriously though we better come up with better ideas then those that wrote the constitution because if we can only imagine what was imagined 200 years ago then we will be at this same damn spot in another 200..
    Keep it up!!

      1. Yep, they sleep in cremation ash, carry human bones to use as dishes, particularly the skull as you can see in those shots. They also cover themselves in cremation ash from funeral pyres along the Holy Ganges. I received a blessing from one which meant a face full of cremation ash! Wherever you find charnel grounds, you’ll find Aghori but their main Ashram is in Varanasi, Kinaram ashram, thats the photo with stacked skulls on the pillars. They worship Shiva but are essentially they are a left hand path cult, they believe all paths lead to God, that what conventional people find abhorrent they see as a just part of all creation and part of their use of body parts for consumption, this is part of what they call Sādhanā – an ego-transcending spiritual practice.
        While its weird to see, its not that weird given the central rite in the Catholic is the consumption of the flesh of Christ and the drinking of his blood. The central image of Christianity is a human being being tortured.

        Self mortification and rites of physical or mental endurance are core in most religions. Here is some other work with Sufi’s in Kosovo. It was very different and more of a celebration but still involved quite an extreme act!/index/G0000zSHicXA5HhE

        Loving the podcast by the way Greg!

  2. She “believes” planned parenthood provides good things for poor women? Wow. As a poor woman, I assure you that nazi organization does not do anything uniquely beneficial. There are many better options out there – for ALL services not just abortion. It is the height of being mind controlled to believe there is anything good provided by an organization created to eliminate “the black weeds” – Margret Sanger’s own words.

    Her having starting with that, can’t even listen. She is a victim of exactly what she’s exposing. Sad.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t really agree. A good amount of people are coming down pretty hard on Marie’s support for Planned Parenthood in this ep, and I get that it’s part of the Eugenics/Depopulation campaign. I feel like this is a rare case of mutual benefit. Isn’t it possible that both the Elite and young teenagers don’t want kids?

      The founder may WANT to eliminate black people through contraceptives and abortion, but until it’s forced, it’s just a choice and I don’t see that as a bad thing. Every g/f I had in high school and college used Planned Parenthood for birth control. If birth control is dangerous to the female body, well, that’s a different situation.

      1. I hope your friends from college are luckier than me. Several years of Depo left me unable to get pregnant, thanks planned parenthood! They were my college go to for birth control too. Saying that pharmaceutical birth control doesn’t harm women is hilarious and absurd. ALL FORMS of pharmaceutical birth control have horrible side effects LISTED RIGHT ON THE LABEL – that include a number of diseases that afflict women – infertility, loss of bone density, strokes etc… You can disagree but PP takes tax payer money and therefore answers to tax payers. The people working there may or may not be as bad as Sanger but nothing good can come from a foundation built on anti human hatred based on race and class.

        1. Shouldn’t your anger be directed at the makers and promoters of birth control? And if the risks and dangers are right on the labels, well, maybe the users need to take some responsibility for their choice to use them?

        2. Condoms don’t have harmful side-affects. let’s not forget that men have a responsibility in preventing unwanted pregnancy as well.
          Furthermore, all medications have side affects, but female hormonal birth control offers help with many “natural” side-effects females experience like, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and hormone inbalance.

      2. When Marie suggested always looking for “who benefits” – Planned Prenthood should have made the list she rattled off. Having had two abortions, I’m for defunding Planned Parenthood based soley on their denial of the right to consent. I assumed that all fetal tissue was sanitarily disposed of – just as I would if I were having a limb amputated or anything else removed from my body. Overlooking deception, corruption and disrespect due to notions of scarcity and fear that girls won’t be able to obtain gynecological services, birth control and abortions is absurd. The monstrosities of our broken system are always either dangling the carrot or threatening to take it away. In reality, the funding will be available and eagerly accepted by honest, transparent and caring service providers who are truly in it only to assist women – and do exist.

  3. I promise this will be the last thing I say about this interview but it has to be said. In a world where literal genocide is happening all over the Muslim world, the UK parliament is full of child rapists and western countries are militarizing against their own citizens, she starts this whole interview with planned parenthood and a gender war?? I will not sit and listen to someone who actually believes WW3 will be between the genders because “they” (whatever that means) want to shut down Planned Parenthood. I tried to listen to her. I really did.

  4. Great rant at the end! Carlwood 2016!!!

    Would love to hear more shows about the holographic universe. I study Physics and the more I learn, the more I am leaning towards this theory. And if this is the case, it would explain a lot of the unexplained.

    ps: Yeah, I thought the gender war comment was a bit far-fetched.

    1. Thanks! Who do you think would be some good guests/authors for that?

      I agree. I don’t think the gender fight is nearly as big as many of the other conflicts. I found that a bit out of place, but I do support Planned Parenthood to an extent. All of my previous g/f’s, including the current one, use Planned Parenthood for birth control. It’s probably partly responsible for THC existing.

          1. Troy McLachlan on Saturn Theory. I’ve been listening for a little over a year and I don’t recall hearing him on your show yet unless it was before my time. Anyway keep up the awesome work Greg!

      1. Im late to the conversation but Ill drop a line anyway. Birth control is a 2 pronged attack on humanity in my opinion. As an intro, the philosophy I try to follow is taught by Kierkegaard, Jesus (anarchist), Socrates, and Voltaire. I am not a christian or religious. Just a peek into my frame of mind. After contemplating the subject of planned parenthood and society, I have found participating in their ills is dangerous very dangerous to the person taking the chemical. The cards are on the table with side effects and it needs to be mentioned that making our population ill who will eventually assist in making the future populations ill is a miserable future to set up for and is also population control at the highest meta game. Greg, you know the complicity between medial facilities and big pharma, so if Im presuming right you and your significant other just rely on medical follow ups for script maintenance and a nod of good health. You know better. I will leave abortion alone as I understand and empathize many opinions on the subject. Socrates said protect your soul so protect your sole. Live the truth-er life to the fullest and find true health and piece of mind. I love you bro.

  5. Practically the only episode to get a bunch of negative reviews, surprise, it has abortion. Shows how scrambled the anti-choice mind is. It hears a word, slams shut and clicks “awful”.

  6. I’ve heard Marie before and I’ve enjoyed some of her work (e.g., time prompt and de ja vu). I have to say she turned me off a little here with her dismissal of ancient rituals as basically yucky and stupid – posing we modern humans as somehow superior and “knowing better.” I’ve been reading a little Manly P. Hall lately and trying to understand the ancient mystery schools, and I’ve also, coincidentally, read up on Shiva/Kali (which seem to be grossly misinterpreted by westerners, as expected). Her assessment is a bit pro-western and glib for my tastes. Plus – ditto Dazzle’s comment about Christianity. Geesh.

  7. Glad to find I am not alone in really disliking the identity politics of this guest. Greg, you are an awesome interviewer and I really appreciate your well-preparred pre-interview research and post-interview comments. But I could only take 20 minutes of the guest before dropping out. She was a major let-down. Next!

  8. Really enjoyed the style of this interview, very much. As to the content, I also enjoyed it. As to Marie as a person…….what has that really got to do with the info she is presenting??
    Some of her history, like using Vaccines but not really agreeing with their ‘science’, among other things, gives you a bit of insight into her interpretation on things, but what the fuck!?!? We have NO idea about her personal life, which is the biggest factor in wether people are for or anti birth control/abortion, as well as vaccines. ( she mentioned a kid with a sensitive system. I never would have woken up when I did if not for a kid with major “industrial/lag” allergies.

    I think the saying is, “play the ball, not the man…..”
    Getting lost in personality is how our politics got so fucked up in the first place, and I’ll be damned if I EVER met anyone who I agreed with everything on. How bloody boring would that be?

    Damn straight we make our own reality; with every thought, word and action. The rub is, so does everyone else…….. that is the whole trip behind Big Media. Get everyone thinking the same thing/way, and you can make it so, to some extent.

    If there is tech that can fuck with your mind, all the more reason to treat it as suspect at all times! Live from your heart, and let your mind do the computational adding up only! Zen Gardener is on the money!! As is Eastern esoteric philosophy( the Chinese call it the Heart-Mind) and The Heart Math Institute.

    This is the ONLY game in town, and I really mean that. Think about all the systems imposed on your life, and how the get you out of your heart and into your head, starting with mental-based schooling at age 4………… Don’t let that scatterbrained fucker drive your bus!!

  9. The gender war is coming. True gender dynamics are so important they’re even hidden from conspiracy people. Notice Marie didn’t come upon it till recently. Watch for it.

  10. Wow…what just happened!? Greg, I think that maybe your familiarity and friendship with Marie factored into a subpar show (objectively speaking based on votes). She likely didn’t feel as under pressure to bring the goods as in other times, because that did not sound like a serious researcher trying to get out important information. Moreover, I’ve so completely broken free of the left-right paradigm that it is a jolt to the system when a guest lapses into Rachel Maddow mode every other response, including her bizarre, somewhat “programmed”, favorable view of Planned Parenthood (other commenters above have already cleaned up this mess so I’ll leave it be).

    I wonder if her “co-author” Larry Flaxman would be a better interview, because some of their titles do look very interesting (“The Grid: Exploring the hidden infrastructure of reality”, “The Resonance Key: Exploring the links between vibration, consciousness, and the zero point grid”, and “11:11 the time prompt phenomenon: the meaning behind mysterious signs, sequences and synchronicities.”)

    Oh well, I was hoping for better but you’re still knocking it out of the park >90% of the time.

    1. “…a jolt to the system when a guest lapses into Rachel Maddow mode.” Ha! Thank you so much. I couldn’t figure out why I had to keep pausing the interview to process what was just said.

      As far as Greg’s part, he’s still better than most hosts, and gets consistently good guest on a small budget.

  11. Stick with the outer fringe. It’s why ur doing so well and why ur different than most of your competitors. This show was good but same ol same ol. Been there done that bought the t shirt yawn.

  12. Edit: I’m driving so forgive my grammar. Also this is coming from straight white male who still hasn’t received his priveledge check. When do those get mailed out??
    Haven’t commented before, usuallyove the show no matter how far out the topic gets. But with this lady, we get it, you are a feminist congratulations. All this talk of women hating and how evil men are give me a break. I’ll keep my comment clean, however. There was some interesting things discussed but she clearly has an agenda. It is fairly easy to see the trend of destroying masculinity in not only this country but the world currently. And Ill stop at saying there are way more laws to defend women then men in this country so feminism is long past necessary.

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