Nick Redfern | Assassinations, Mind Control, Disney & The Dark State

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As promised,  Nick Redfern returns this week to discuss the conspiracy sagas on flip side of his book Secret History: From Ancient Aliens To The New World Order. We get into the more meat and potatoes conspiracy takes on modern history: high profile assassinations, mk ultra, black ops projects, cattle mutilations, Disney’s Dark State connections, and several other subjects along the way.


Check out Nick’s book Secret History here:

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    1. I suppose it is. Got to be a typo…
      Greg, I don’t know if you realize this. In the show’s description paragraph above you wrote Cattle “Mutations”.

  1. The House report on Assassinations concluded a high probability of conspiracy in JKF and MLK (97+% or higher). Their recommendation was that the Justice Department investigate further. To date, the Justice Department has failed to act on that recommendation.

  2. Good show. My comment is about the end, Joe Rogan comment about Eric Dubay and the all caps; “NO HE DOESN’T”. I have listened Eric Dubay and have read 2 of his books. Its obvious the Joe Rogan is now a part of the conspiracy as people look to him as an educated, tough guy, tell it how it is, but he clearly has not read any of Mr. Dubay. While you may not agree with ‘ flat earthers’ they have some facts that can be mathematically proven, and have some insight that just can’t be explained. Its sad to see that “they” have their grips, claws, into almost everyone now days. Sorry Mr. Joe Rogan, but you are off the list of credibility and have fallen into the elite, idiot zone. -Kipp

  3. Hey Greg. The bit about Disney was very interesting, but the talk of the killers whom are known by 3 names got me thinking, all of them are killed by a kangaroo court or angry mob. No trial no public accounts and no real records. The lone wolf always dies before it comes to that… These cases reek of something deeper

  4. Great show, as usual! I just wanted to mention that the Georgia Guidestones recommend reducing the population to 500,000,000, not 500,000. That’s still terrifying, but slightly less so.

  5. Hey Greg, if you haven`t checked out the video Punky7 showed you, here`s a much shorter video (the same, but 1:38) about Challenger crew being alive and well – . You should also go and watch Capricorn One (1977) and see the parallels with Moon landing hoax and the Challenger shuttle crew being alive. I`d love to read your thoughts about that.
    P.s. I couldn`t believe that Nick did not know about Challenger crew, stopped listening to the interview and rushed to my pc to give you the link 😀 ..

  6. Hi Greg, another excellent show. I was interested to hear Nick Redfern’s thoughts on the assassination of President Lincoln. I was wondering if you’ve read any of Dave McGowan’s blog posts on the issue over at Center for an Informed America? Why Everything You Think You Know About the Lincoln Assassination is Wrong

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