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Preston Gibbs | Simulation Theory, Astrology, Power, & The History of Prediction Magic

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Simulation Theory, Astrology, Powers & The History of Prediction, with guest, Preston Gibbs.

While we all know the elite have kept a tightly sealed lid on their magical practices and ancient mythical secrets of old, using this archaic knowledge of the past to further their agendas and line their pocketbooks, there is a renewed interest in the magical realm by the otherwise profane masses in recent years.
And with the elite’s inarguable success using such tools, it’s easy to see why a resurgence in this lost knowledge has piqued the interest of many a common folk.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Preston Gibbs, has spent his time mastering the movement of the stars, becoming an esteemed astrologer and learned man, whose conquest the of ancient magical practices and the history of prediction bring him to The Higherside.
2:10 With this being one of Preston’s first roundabouts on the interview circuit, they begin by discussing his baptism by fire by being thrust on this path while, when working on an indie video game, Gibbs began wondering if we were actually living in one. As Gibbs explains, many of the inexplicable phenomena happening in our current reality, can be more easily explained under this paradigm. Preston also elaborates on the many parallels he sees between video games and the nature of human prediction. Greg and Preston also discuss the consequences of this game, the importance of recognizing you’re in one, and the rules by which we have agreed to play.
10:42 Shrouded in public interest and fueling speculation across all sides, The Great American Eclipse, while since passed, still remains a popular point of preoccupation amongst astrologers. Greg and Gibbs cover their thoughts on the eclipse and where, after a week has passed, we find ourselves in the saga. As Preston points out, it is unrealistic to expect an actual event on the day of the eclipse, but the events set in motion may find their way to the surface only months down the line. He also points out the contentious and turbulent times Trump has publicly endured and what they may signal for the future, as well as the rather coincidental occurrence of Charleston protests overlapping with Mercury retrograde.
20:10 Restoring the historical context on topics such as magic, astrology and general divination help to not only better understand where the elite put value and what practices have true merit, but it also helps to lay the foundation for the history of prediction. Preston breaks down the formation of astrology as we know it, starting back in 100 B.C.E., but prediction probably predates astrology, as seen in evidence like Homer’s Oracle of the Dead and Ptolemy’s celestial influence into culture.
32:35 Greg and Preston discuss the almighty Oracle of Delphi, the infamous temple for the Oracle of Apollo, and the High Priestess Pythia. Gibbs explains the Oracle’s influence with historical figures such as PlatoPlutarch, and Herodotus, as well as some of the more popularized predictions. He also details the legendary tale of Alexander The Great and his visit to the Oracle.
39:00 Greg and Preston discuss the intersection between power and astrology and magic. From well known advisers such as John Dee and Joan Quigley, to past presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan, astrology has played a critical role behind the curtain of power. Gibbs discusses WWII Nazi astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, and Ally astrologer Louis de Wohl
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– why understanding the nature of prediction should eliminate fear in our lives
– Preston’s thoughts and experiences in other realms of magic
– how the shape of the Earth is pretty irreverent to Preston’s model of predictive Astrology
– how Preston feels, just as a general THC listener, about Flat Earth guests…Obviously he speaks for everyone
– NASA deceptions
– Astrology, the latest generation, and the Internet age
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The Hellenistic Astrology Website
Ptolemy’s Tetrabilblos
The Oracle of Delhpi
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