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Preston Gibbs | Simulation Theory, Astrology, Power, & The History of Prediction Magic

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks Simulation Theory, Astrology, Powers & The History of Prediction, with guest, Preston Gibbs.

While we all know the elite have kept a tightly sealed lid on their magical practices and ancient mythical secrets of old, using this archaic knowledge of the past to further their agendas and line their pocketbooks, there is a renewed interest in the magical realm by the otherwise profane masses in recent years.
And with the elite’s inarguable success using such tools, it’s easy to see why a resurgence in this lost knowledge has piqued the interest of many a common folk.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Preston Gibbs, has spent his time mastering the movement of the stars, becoming an esteemed astrologer and learned man, whose conquest the of ancient magical practices and the history of prediction bring him to The Higherside.
[2:10] With this being one of Preston’s first roundabouts on the interview circuit, they begin by discussing his baptism by fire by being thrust on this path while, when working on an indie video game, Gibbs began wondering if we were actually living in one. As Gibbs explains, many of the inexplicable phenomena happening in our current reality, can be more easily explained under this paradigm. Preston also elaborates on the many parallels he sees between video games and the nature of human prediction. Greg and Preston also discuss the consequences of this game, the importance of recognizing you’re in one, and the rules by which we have agreed to play.
[10:42] Shrouded in public interest and fueling speculation across all sides, The Great American Eclipse, while since passed, still remains a popular point of preoccupation amongst astrologers. Greg and Gibbs cover their thoughts on the eclipse and where, after a week has passed, we find ourselves in the saga. As Preston points out, it is unrealistic to expect an actual event on the day of the eclipse, but the events set in motion may find their way to the surface only months down the line. He also points out the contentious and turbulent times Trump has publicly endured and what they may signal for the future, as well as the rather coincidental occurrence of Charleston protests overlapping with Mercury retrograde.
[20:10] Restoring the historical context on topics such as magic, astrology and general divination help to not only better understand where the elite put value and what practices have true merit, but it also helps to lay the foundation for the history of prediction. Preston breaks down the formation of astrology as we know it, starting back in 100 B.C.E., but prediction probably predates astrology, as seen in evidence like Homer’s Oracle of the Dead and Ptolemy’s celestial influence into culture.
[32:35] Greg and Preston discuss the almighty Oracle of Delphi, the infamous temple for the Oracle of Apollo, and the High Priestess Pythia. Gibbs explains the Oracle’s influence with historical figures such as PlatoPlutarch, and Herodotus, as well as some of the more popularized predictions. He also details the legendary tale of Alexander The Great and his visit to the Oracle.
[39:00] Greg and Preston discuss the intersection between power and astrology and magic. From well known advisers such as John Dee and Joan Quigley, to past presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt and Reagan, astrology has played a critical role behind the curtain of power. Gibbs discusses WWII Nazi astrologer Karl Ernst Krafft, and Ally astrologer Louis de Wohl
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:
– why understanding the nature of prediction should eliminate fear in our lives
– Preston’s thoughts and experiences in other realms of magic
– how the shape of the Earth is pretty irreverent to Preston’s model of predictive Astrology
– how Preston feels, just as a general THC listener, about Flat Earth guests…Obviously he speaks for everyone
– NASA deceptions
– Astrology, the latest generation, and the Internet age
A few valuable resources from the interview:
Rune Soup’s “Talking Magical Thinking with Lionel Snell AKA Ramsey Dukes”
The Higherside Chats with Richard Merrick: Interference Theory, Ancient Culture & The Venus Blueprint”
The Hellenistic Astrology Website
Ptolemy’s Tetrabilblos
The Oracle of Delhpi
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Alright! Great topics….lovely….. push play.


Terence McKenna said that science asks for one free miracle etc.

Loving the episode. Thanks.


Thanks, Luckybreak!
I couldn’t remember where that quote originated, but I’ve always loved it.


Just moved onto my boat. Gonna listen to this while driving to Manchester today/tomorrow.

Cheers greg!


Hi Greg. I was interested in the question posed to your guest about the “flat earth model.” I get it that you are concerned about appearing to endorse one model or another and what such an endorsement could mean to your audience. The value of the topic, for me, has always been found in the opportunity to further explore WHY I think what I think, and HOW I arrived at this narrative. The content of the narrative (in this case the flat earth model) is paradoxically less important than being allowed to peek into my own inner workings. Peeling back layers of programming, as it were, and coming to the understanding of what ( or WHO?) has shaped my inner reality IS the takeaway. And as uncomfortable as it is, I find it useful. Cheers.

Medium Digital

In simulation theory I would say flat earth and globe earth simultaneously exist. The interesting thing I’m finding about flat earth is that it feels spiritually and philosophically much richer for the divinity of the individual. We matter. Scientism often makes us feel we don’t.

Occult Fan

What an excellent show. Really aces, the tops.
Personally struck by the 28 Leo. That’s my Luna.
Lots of missed things coming to light – and upwards trajectories, seems.

Wonder what the post-August 21st
Total Solar Eclipse in Regulus will
will have fir Nate Foster/Occult Fan?

But I must say, 8 times at least
or here enough to say this, it was the Watchmaker Conundrum
which always has proved a Divine Creator to me.


WELL!!!! THAT is an amazing pinging idea that astrology works because we are in a simulation! AND that would be a great reason for why it has been religiously debunked so we didn’t look there and work this out! And maybe every time it has been rediscovered they have had a purge??? I was a bit puzzled that Preston did not seem to closely connect the two throughout the interview? Or do I need to listen again?


Day made. Thanks y’all


I just needed to listen longer! BUT the fact that them upstairs use it seemed similar to fact that while Rockefeller was killing off all the homeopaths he damn well kept one for himself and did not use allopathy. NO WAY “they” don’t know what they doing! To ignore that takes power away from us – we need to make our own and not let a ring of Saturn make us buy a shoe!! And if we do this because we are having spells cast on us then our behaviour is not because we are stupid. But they sure love us thinking that we are! Also if it is a simulation then it is all code and as Preston says it doesn’t matter what shape! Except in that we are all in ignorance about where we are and then why we are…


Great show today Greg. You really do have the best podcast going. Thank you for putting it out there.


Exceptional guest, wonderful conversation and fantastic information! A really ‘stellar’ show!! Thanks for another amazing one, Mr. Carlwood.


Threre is a movie that came out in 1999 about simulated reality. “The Thirteenth Floor” has quite an effect. I recommend watching.
Thank You you for another great show, Greg! It’s nice to listen to a knowledgeable host like yourself.
Congrats on marriage!


I’ll second that recommendation. “The Thirteenth Floor” has always been a favorite of mine. It had the misfortune to come out only 2 months after “The Matrix”, so it was doomed to be forgotten right from the start.


Love iit


What if Google, facebook, and the NSA are trying to record everything that is going on in the United States to build a database and then look for patterns. They could then see where the planets and stars are aligned and see what is really going on during each change in the planets positions. Sort of reverse engineer the stars.


I would say this is almost certainly taking place, and likely has been for some time. It’s impossible to imagine their unique positions in data collection being lost on them. Definitely not something understood from the lower levels of these organizations, but a select few are bound to have stumbled on the value in what they have.

Any living database, sufficiently large, has power. There’s a well-known phrase in the marketing world that goes “The money is in the List”, referring usually to a company’s financial growth being directly tied to their email marketing list or the like. We could argue how true that really is, but more importantly I think it points to be a greater universal truth that’s easily illuminated, that at a certain point in growth any collection of data begins to exceed the sum of its parts.

If you have a record of when one person goes to work every day for the past year, you don’t have much; for prediction that list can only really be relevant to that one person. You’ll have a good chance of knowing when they will go to work the next day, but that’s about it. If we expand that list to 100 people it gets a little more valuable, but still pretty mundane. If we expand it to the entire population, we begin to have a tool that can see a lot deeper than 1 day, or 1 week, for 1 person.

Clif High in his THC episode on the Web Bot Predictions really illustrated this point from a data science perspective. If you haven’t listened to that episode I’d recommend it. Remarkable insights.


Down up left left A right down.
So here is a odd thought: what if the SIM universe model is a more likely explanation for the Mandela effect some people have claimed? I’m not saying I think that the Mandela effect is true, just a what if because I don’t know that it isn’t true, either.


Interesting thought. This would go beyond merely locating patterns in the system we live in, but suggesting it’s malleable in some way. I think it’s only reasonable to assume that our reality can be affected by us, like rewriting the code mid-execution, given the pervasive theories on intention and perception changing things around us.

I find it a little far-fetched to believe all the claims you’ll hear from pushers of the “Law of Attraction”, since I think most of us know sitting around and wanting money doesn’t make money just fall out of the sky; however, I don’t find it hard to believe at all that people thinking negative thoughts all day tend to have only negative things happen to them, and vice versa people thinking positively. And the psychological explanation that this occurs entirely in our minds doesn’t go nearly far enough in explaining the synchronicities we can experience in our lives.

The Mandela Effect would suggest that reality is being changed against the collective will, since the majority are noticing these changes as “odd” or “wrong” rather than what they expected.The question then would be: is this change being initiated by an elite minority with the knowledge to effect reality, or is it simply a natural phenomenon?


The notion that the system can to some extent be influenced seems to me a fundamental assumption of what we might call magic, though I absolutely agree that the power of positive thinking approach is not a valid reality bending method. But there is a big difference between doing a working to speak to a spirit of better your odds on some goal and rewriting history. You might be able to influence the pawns and rooks on the board but you can’t change the move you made seven moves ago.

So my first question would be that is the notion of time that I have heard proposed by quantum theory fans (I don’t remember hearing about it from a actually physicist) is that time is not linear or cyclic but concurrent. If that were so it could just be a matter of adjusting one line of code. Maybe the Mandela effect is a problem with the ability to read that code wasn’t adjusted somehow. I’m not a computer guy so I don’t know how that might work. I have never been a fan of that view of time. Remote viewers and astral projectors have long claimed to be able to observe things at other points in time, is it possible to utilize similar methods for direct action? I can’t say.
Thank you for that.

Medium Digital

I think I had an insight about this and I intuitively wrote an entire book(let) about it regarding “the simulation” and the mandela effect.
If this is a simulation, there is no reason to think that there aren’t multiple simulations running concurrently. One could think about this as the potentiality. Being as we know it is a consciousness simulation, all taking place in our individuated consciousness. Their overlap is what we consider consensus reality. It’s not a computer – but it’s LIKE a computer in many ways, particularly in finding patterns (as above so below?). If every sentient is a fork of the “game” it’s no wonder that objective facts are so elusive. What I’m suggesting is that conflicting facts can be simultaneously true. To me, this concept easily validates and explains the Mandela Effect. An example. I think most of us THC fans love Ole Dammegard. Why would the universe provide facts of ludicrous hoaxing and staging while someone ensconced in MSM could point to myriad of facts that a terror event unfolded as reported? The answer might be that events themselves are not objective (even though it seems preposterous to suggest such a thing). The Mandela Effect is a clue that reality is a potentiality. Sometimes these alternate potentialities change tracts of reality and manifest in the consensus. The internet is our crystal ball to peer into these conflicting universes. Whatever your bias, you will find confirmation. Because part of the simulation, the game, is to choose your reality. What is not told by dominators it that we get to co-create this great game. My Truth Cypher is about how to navigate the multiverse and make correct reality choices.


The same points could be illustrated while substituting the word ‘perspective’ for ‘potentiality’.


Preston, great talk. I have a question and a comment.

Have you considered the possibility of a projected reality from a higher dimensional space rather than a simulation? (if not, see imagining the 10th dimension:

I believe the light that the astrologers speak of is longitudinal/scalar/torsion/chi EM emissions (@ superliminal velocities) as evidenced by some of the early experiments by Nikolai Kozyrev with detecting astronomical bodies actual location by these waves rather than where the visible light from the body appeared.

Essentially what I am saying is that I believe astrology gives us the environmental conditions of the life force attenuation in which reactions will take place at the time being queried by the astrological chart.


This is new info to me. I’ll check these both out, thank you!

Specifically your theory that “astrology gives us the environmental conditions of the life force attenuation in which reactions will take place at the time being queried by the astrological chart” would go a very long way in providing an explanation for the Medieval astrological technique of Horary, where the chart is cast for the moment in time that the astrologer being asked first understands the question.


Another theory of interest is the 12-dimensional theory of Burkhard Heim, which is difficult as his book has only ever been published in German. There are a few English articles about his theories, but they aren’t complete.

Turn on captions:

Heim was regarded by some German intellectuals during the 20th century as Germany’s Hawking, he died the in 2002. His story is quite interesting itself as he suffered terrible injuries during WWII after an explosion during an experiment which remains undisclosed. He was blinded, left mostly deaf, and had both hands amputated significantly below the wrist. A radical surgery was performed to split the arm-bones cover them in skin grafts and have the arm-muscles re-attached to form fleshy pincers allowing him to retain sensation and have some degree of motor function.


In other words an astrological chart would be similar to a Farmer’s Almanac for chi.

Medium Digital

At around the hour mark you guys are talking about branding and sigils and such. Has anyone read Doug RushKoff’s Aleister & Adolf? It really goes deep in tying together sigil magick with branding.
Not sure how true the story is. Anyone know if Crowley really did come up with the V for victory sign (sigil) that Churchill popularized??

Also, wanted to thank you for this episode. I’ve written a draft called “Truth Cypher” which is an approach to navigating the “simulation”. I hadn’t fully considered the idea that just as nothing is truly random in a computer, such is the case in our reality simulation. Thus Tarot and Astrology are ways to identify simulation patterns, which is why they often seem to work. Great insight Preston! I’ve started podcast reading with commentary the Truth Cypher booklet I wrote on YouTube if anyone wanted to check it out. Still a ways to go until it’s done.
Ties in multiverse, mandela effect, cern, slits experiment and essentially how conflicting events can be simultaneously accurate.

Also, Greg. I’ve wanted to join the Forums but my plus username won’t work. Help me out if you can!


We chatted a bit about Thomas Campbell when you were in Denver. Monroe Institute OG. Wrote this Tomme (big ass book) on he subject and does a weekly “fireside chat”.

He would be as good a guest a Bruce Lipton, who was great BTW.


Spectacular episode. Loved it. Lots resonating with me in this.

Good work fellas.


I’m so sick on hearing this trump political shit. Fuck, within 2 minutes it’s back on him. It is incredibly tiring.


Cool show, you have inspired me to dabble in this. I’m going to get my chart figured out

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