Lon Strickler | The Chicago Owlman Sightings, Recent Abductions, & Other Strange Encounters

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the recent Owlman phenomenon of Chicago and more with guest, Lon Strickler.

Buckle up people because this week we begin with a bang by bringing back one of our favorite paradoxes of the paranormal persuasion- cryptozoology.
With a multitude of questionable encounters spanning back hundreds of years, through various civilizations, these tales have long lived in infamy, from Bigfoot to Mothman sightings, or legendary Native American lore, it seems that perhaps there may be a few stones left unturned in this world where wonders never cease.
And as the recent sightings in Chicago raise eyebrows and capture more attention than a Kardashian, it seems about time to revisit cryptids.
Fortunately, today’s guest has been tracking sightings and encounters covering everywhere from Lake Shore Dr. in downtown Chicago, to phantom encounters in the Ohio River Valleey, and today, Lon Strickler joins The Higherside to discuss the strange details of these sightings.
2:42 Jumping right into it, Greg and Lon begin by discussing the resent string of sightings in and around the Chicago area. With an astounding 40 sightings for the year, Lon explains how these “large sugar glider-like” sightings sprang up as early as fall 2011. He goes on to detail this year’s first sighting, dating back to April 2017 by a woman, who, while out walking her dog encountered a large 7 foot, black-winged, red-eyed creature.
10:30 With so many varying accounts and speculations that these encounters may actually be more than one cryptid, Greg and Lon discuss the commonality among the above sightings such as red eyes, imposing stature, indifference to bystanders and spectators, and it’s incredible speed.
20:30 As with any paranormal encounter, police and media blackouts are par for the course. Greg and Lon discuss the two police officers’ sighting, the media turning a blind eye, and the rumblings at City Hall. They also discuss the recent slowing of otherwise frequent UFO sightings in and around Chicago perhaps, due in part to the Bird-man, Man-bat phenomena.
31:30 After discussing probable scenarios to explain where and how these creatures may have been created, Greg and Lon circle back to the active attempts by the government to silence any investigation into these encounters. Strickler describes his many denied F.O.I.A. attempts while trying to procure pertinent government records, as well as his personal interactions with government employees. They also discuss the most recent sighting, and the telepathic/ metaphysical connection that seems to have occurred.
40:00 Transitioning to alien abduction, Greg and Lon discuss the work of David Jacobs, the hybridization theory and Strickler’s opposing opinion. Lon describes the saga of David Eckhart and the harrowing ordeal endured by he and his family.
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– underground reptilian humanoid encounters in Missouri and elsewhere

– the strange death of Todd Sees

– problems with MUFON

– Dogman/Wolfman sightings in Pennsylvania

– Skinwalkers

– Lon’s personal alien encounters

– flying manta ray entities

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Phantoms and Monsters “Interactive Map”:
A Cryptid Zoo:
Phantom and Monsters “The Chicago Phantom Sightings/ Encounters”:
Phantoms and Monsters “Additional Ray Shaped Cryptid Sightings in the WV Ohio River Valley Revealed”:
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David Jacobs:
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27 Responses

    1. I love Vic. Been following Dogman Encounters and Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio for a long time now. He’s a great host who doesn’t run his mouth and lets his guests talk. Right up there with Carlwood!

  1. If we manifest what we focus on, then could the increase in popular culture of werewolves, demons, vampires etc in shows such as stranger things, the mist, true blood and the rest actually be bringing these things into our reality? Or piercing the vale into others?
    Look forward to hearing your cryptid experience on rune soup Greg.

  2. Love your show Greg, but this guy is an absolute wanker. The Todd Sees incident was not abnormal. He simply died from a cocaine over-dose. Members of his family have told your guest this yet he continues to promote it as something it’s not while being rude to members of Todd’s family. Do your own research on the story folks.

  3. Omg new favorite show!! My grandparents lived in Pt Pleasant and one grandmother worked at the TNT during the Mothman sightings! And now a brother and his family live in Chicago- we are linked to this stuff! I love a cryptid show- fascinating and Lon is a solid interview! Great questions and interview, Mr. Carlwood!! Awesome stuff!

  4. Quick remarks:

    The idea that other beings are undertaking mining operations on earth is also part of the novel The Whisperer in Darkness by Lovecraft.

    Also, the beings mentioned in this episode remind me of beings described by Lovecraft.

    A red eyed horse is located at Denver Airport, which supposedly shows masonic images. (Search: giant horse)

    The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes uses a ring, showing a buffalo with red eyes.

    Last but not least, I definitely remember someone telling his story, in an interview, after entering a masonic temple and wandering through its corridors. I believe he gave this interview to Jones or Watson. He saw a standing statue, imitating some sort of animal/being with red eyes in the corridors. if I remember correctly, the red eyes could actually be switched on. I think the person was Luke Rudkowski and the temple was a masonic temple in London, probably the main temple. I tried to provide links, but Google returns nothing.

  5. I really appreciate your show Greg, you are engaging, impressively articulate and sharp like a laser.

    I have been searching for reality answers on webland for years and love this journey of contradiction, high strangness distraction and fleeting convictions. I thoroughly concur with your pluralistic approach of taking what feels right inside from a vast range of voices to build a private map of this surreal and glorious experience.

    I suspect all these sighting are connected to a
    vast spirit world that is where we come from, is around us always and is deeply connected to our every thought and action.

    It is said that in the spirit realm consciousness can transcend time and that space as we know it does not exist. If this is so then each human being could have a legion of non corporeal beings tempting, guiding and feeding off our energies. When we see strange beings or have strange experiences they could easily be created by powerful spirits and be a from of co creation between the viewer and the phenomenon.

    Thank you for taking such care to create a platform for inquiring minds that seek elusive truth to gather seeds and pull threads together. I look forward to enjoying more inspiring hours and moments of awakening

    Warm regards,

  6. Want more cryptid encounters?! There are hundreds of eye witness testimonies over at Sasquatch Chronicles. Wes has compiled quite the database, well worth a listen.
    Having an encounter myself, has opened the door to digging for the truth in all facets of this crazy land and her inhabitants. Seeing something that isn’t supposed to exist has a funny way of introducing me

  7. I have a hard time trusting anyone who has proof to support their research and can’t provide it. I do not think there is a bigger red flag than that. On top of that the excuse he gave to defend that decision destroyed his credibility imo. You were great as always though. Unassuming and engaged.

  8. Not as bad as mcdonalds but definitely as addictive. Greg, you are as humble and chill as ever. Podcast hosts that get emotionally competitive with their guests and feel compelled to repeat their life story over and over is so unattractive and mortal. Lon Strickler is such a down-to-earth character to be interested in these scary sightings. Makes it more credible and chilling for me. I would shit my pants if I encountered a 7ft winged creature in the woods :O

  9. If this guy says “I don’t know” or “I have no idea” one more time I am going to hang myself with my belt. But all kidding aside, I did enjoy the episode and love a good cryptid episode periodically.

  10. Lon was great! I loved this podcast and the cryptozoology topic. I really appreciate how simple Lon explains his stories. I’m not that versed in conspiratorial topics so sometimes I get lost on other episodes. But this, A+!!! Also Greg, I really appreciate your show notes and links. They’re really helpful and I use them often. Thank you 😀

  11. All RIGHT!! My favorite Facebook friend of friends! And how do I know that? Well, just this morning I was going over them all. I’ve loved Lon’s before I found them on FB. So happy! So clappy!

  12. “It winds from Chi-ka-G-O to L.A.”
    Route 66 was masonically inspired to represent the 7 Chakras in a manifested energy form known as a hu-man. There is ni other reason for such a name to exist. The 7th chakra is the highest self, represented by angel wings -Los Angeles.
    The first Chakra is in Chi-Ka-G-O
    Chi=Life Force (Hindu)
    Ka=Life force (Egypt)
    G=Masonic G

    Is this why Moth Man is now in Chicago?

  13. I was playing my guitar on the street in downtown Nashville a few nights ago and suddenly a bunch of bats in the tree next to me went berserk. As I was walking home I noticed many bats were circling around the big AT&T building, referred to by locals as the Batman building. It seemed as though something was disturbing these creatures.

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