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Lon Strickler | The Chicago Owlman Sightings, Recent Abductions, & Other Strange Encounters

Topics Covered: Abduction, Cryptozoology, High Strangeness, Paranormal

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the recent Owlman phenomenon of Chicago and more with guest, Lon Strickler.

Buckle up people because this week we begin with a bang by bringing back one of our favorite paradoxes of the paranormal persuasion- cryptozoology.
With a multitude of questionable encounters spanning back hundreds of years, through various civilizations, these tales have long lived in infamy, from Bigfoot to Mothman sightings, or legendary Native American lore, it seems that perhaps there may be a few stones left unturned in this world where wonders never cease.
And as the recent sightings in Chicago raise eyebrows and capture more attention than a Kardashian, it seems about time to revisit cryptids.
Fortunately, today’s guest has been tracking sightings and encounters covering everywhere from Lake Shore Dr. in downtown Chicago, to phantom encounters in the Ohio River Valleey, and today, Lon Strickler joins The Higherside to discuss the strange details of these sightings.
2:42 Jumping right into it, Greg and Lon begin by discussing the resent string of sightings in and around the Chicago area. With an astounding 40 sightings for the year, Lon explains how these “large sugar glider-like” sightings sprang up as early as fall 2011. He goes on to detail this year’s first sighting, dating back to April 2017 by a woman, who, while out walking her dog encountered a large 7 foot, black-winged, red-eyed creature.
10:30 With so many varying accounts and speculations that these encounters may actually be more than one cryptid, Greg and Lon discuss the commonality among the above sightings such as red eyes, imposing stature, indifference to bystanders and spectators, and it’s incredible speed.
20:30 As with any paranormal encounter, police and media blackouts are par for the course. Greg and Lon discuss the two police officers’ sighting, the media turning a blind eye, and the rumblings at City Hall. They also discuss the recent slowing of otherwise frequent UFO sightings in and around Chicago perhaps, due in part to the Bird-man, Man-bat phenomena.
31:30 After discussing probable scenarios to explain where and how these creatures may have been created, Greg and Lon circle back to the active attempts by the government to silence any investigation into these encounters. Strickler describes his many denied F.O.I.A. attempts while trying to procure pertinent government records, as well as his personal interactions with government employees. They also discuss the most recent sighting, and the telepathic/ metaphysical connection that seems to have occurred.
40:00 Transitioning to alien abduction, Greg and Lon discuss the work of David Jacobs, the hybridization theory and Strickler’s opposing opinion. Lon describes the saga of David Eckhart and the harrowing ordeal endured by he and his family.
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– the strange death of Todd Sees

– problems with MUFON

– Dogman/Wolfman sightings in Pennsylvania

– Skinwalkers

– Lon’s personal alien encounters

– flying manta ray entities

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