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Join host Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he guest returning guest, Shamangineer, put their next notch in the belt with another installment in their elemental series, water.

As we explore the world around us, it’s seeming more and more like the realms of science are not reflecting to us “the culmination of human knowledge and unbiased progress” but rather a carefully crafted paradigm in which the lab-coat-clad quarantiners have roped off areas that interfere with the profits of their monopolistic paymasters and the capstone cabal has made sure to  strategically structure their “fancy educational institutions” to leave any information that might lead to opening these doors, scattered across the cutting room floor.

But there are plenty of rabbit holes full of erased history, dismissed discoveries, and destroyed scientists to look at, for those curious enough to take the journey, and that’s what we’re doing today specifically in the realm of that mysterious, magical, and essential element: Water.

As many of you know, we’re methodically working through a series of chats that revolve around alchemy and the elements with Plus member and wise sage – Shamangineer.

So far we have knocked out two previous shows: 1st we started with the “Air” episode where we talked about Aether theory, that wild little substance called ORMUS, and the mysterious airships of the Sonora Aeroclub….and then we followed that up with the “Earth” episode where we talked about the advanced perma-culture practices of the native Americans, enriching the soil through strange means and the power of the bio-char process….and today we’re tackling the realm of Water Alchemy, talking about some of  its under the radar qualities, and exploring the work of brilliant minds they don’t want you to know about….

Back in the saddle for another wild ride, my friend and yours the Shamangineer.


A few valuable resources from the interview:

The Fourth Phase of Water: Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDxGuelphU:

Cells, Gels, and the engines of Life Dr. Gerald Pollack:

Water Structure:

The Secrets of Water, The Documentary of Viktor Schauberger:

Water Memory (Documentary of 2014 about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier):
How Can the Zero-Point Energy Become an Energy Source?
The society of Oculists and the origins of Freemasonry (has bearing on Edidorpha):
Moray B King on water electrolyzers, ball lightning, zero point, and transmutation:
Related to Etidorpha’s boat ride (as well as TT Brown, electrogravitics, grebbenikov, etc.):
Geology points to underground oceans:
Here is an excellent presentation by Jason Verbelli on implosion at the Alchemy Event Conference:
Here is Jason Virbelli on cavitation and sonoluminesence:
YouTube video Top Secret Water – 2005 Documentary:
More Etidorpha-related material:

The Leclair Effect developed by Marc Leclair of Nanospire

He first gave this talk to NASA engineers in 2001:
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  1. I’m having tech issues with the plus site. I haven’t been able to download the last 4 episodes. The free show from doesn’t give me any issues, but thcplus will not download.
    I sent an email to the THC team, but no response.
    Please help!
    I feel like I’m missing lots of good info.

    1. Yeah the “team” is just my wife and she’s been overloaded lately. Sorry about that. Why can’t you download?

      If you are on android and you just open up an episode page and click the blue downward pointed arrow button on the player, a prompt will come up to download the mp3. I’m sure iOS would be super similar.

      What happens when you click that button that’s keeping you from DLing?

      1. RSS feed for Plus doesn’t show newest episodes for a month now. Listening in the browser is ok while you are at home, but is it unconvenient on so many levels comparing to podcast app (downloads once, remembers the position, can use mobile for other things on the same time). Please make it work 🙂
        Love the show,

        1. The forum thing I should be able to fix, but the feed does display in apps. I have an updated Plus feed on iTunes on my PC and podcast addict on my Andriod. Try to disconnect and resubscribe. You can also download the shows from the site as described above. Hope that helps!

      2. I am using an Android tablet. When I used to click the download button, it would ask me if I wanted to download the show to my device, or play it in my music player app. Recently when I click the download icon, it won’t give me any options, it will automatically begin to download 2 identical show files, and after several moments, it will inform me that the action has failed.
        When I do the same action on the free show site, it still works fine as it always has. The issue is only with the plus site.

        1. I am on Android and use PodcastAddict. The feed wouldn’t authenticate for me after the site went down. I fixed it by re-entering my username and password in the app used to verify the premium RRS feed. Hope this makes sense and can help.

        2. I’m just guessing, but being an Android user, that sounds like a situation where you saved your choice, and so the phone stopped prompting you. I can’t say for sure, or how to clear that out, but I can just say the site is functioning correctly in this sense. I just downloaded the last 2 episodes on my own phone, logged into my wife’s and did it again.

          If you have Android, I would strongly recommend the Podcast Addict App. You can download through it as well. Here are the step by step instructions for it:

  2. Greg ABSOLUTE HOMERUN!!!! And thank you both for the very thorough show notes and references. As a medical professional trying to plan a jail break from this death-based and obviously fraudulent “healthcare” system, I really appreciate this real science series with Shamangineer. Since we are all part of this natural system this information that he and others are uncovering is our birthright and it has been obsticated by the parasites at the top. Cheers to you for providing the platform and the interest to get this out. I salute you both and look forward to more episodes in this series.

  3. Greg, I couldn’t have been more thrilled about this (and the m. joseph show) interview if I had tried. I’m like a kid w/ his basket on the spring bunny and egg pseudo-holiday. Tremendous.

  4. Some years ago,

    I took the Montagnier papers to the internet- a chemistry forum. The page got locked down, and the moderator blacklisted the topic.
    I took the Montagnier papers to my friend- cool guy. He said “this is over my pay grade”
    I took the Montagnier papers to my dad- PhD in biochemistry. He said “I don’t know what this means”
    I took the Montagnier papers to my colleague- retired Medical professor. He said “It can’t be true because it changes everything… and I don’t have the energy for another change”

    1. SYNTHOLABO – Just watching a bit of Dan Winter, thank you so much for pointing him out. I have been looking for these pieces of the puzzle for quite some time, I would love to hear him on the Higherside myself.
      I love him talking about reversing the rusting process (you know, reversing electromagnetic interactions) with a “time reversal field” of negative entropy.

  5. This was fantastic but can I just make one grumpy comment? I am getting a bit fed up of the divisive baby boomer comments – I have tried ALL my life to use as few resources as possible and would say my generation was the first to try to do so in the west so it pisses me off that we are accused of voracious consumerism – this WAS the programme for us and a lot of us fought it – don’t fall into this blame game of the NWO to divide and conquer all you post baby boomers!

  6. Jay13 – Sorry if I offended, but you do know the mindset – glad to hear you saw through it so many years ago. There are many people my age or younger who have not and think that purely technological solutions will bring eventually bring freedom from want. I believe that the 20th Century mindset of consumption, explosion, and entropic-process thinking is on it’s way out, however we are seeing a backlash of obsolete energy technologies at the present and it will take more people understanding how to create negative entropic systems to overcome the destruction to our environment – cutting back on consumption while continuing to use the same methods is insufficient to recover our ecology in my opinion, it will take a completely different understanding of what we are and how we can relate to our environment. There are obviously people of all generations who have seen through to this understanding or we would have little to draw upon for development of these technologies and mind expansion methods.

  7. Greg, I never just say thank you for your content. The last month has felt like a victory lap of great interviews. I listen to your stuff on a hands-free headset while ironing my shirts for a shit job I can’t escape just yet. You let my mind fly and you lift my spirits. I’m sorry that I’ve never said thank you. You provide so much more value than just the monthly subscription. Thank you.

  8. Loved this episode.

    For such a seemingly smart guy, why the hell is Shamangineer listening to The Young Turks? TYT is absolute cancer. This part was a little confusing to me 🙂

  9. I don’t listen to The Young Turks, I just noted The Young Turks were one of the first to say that Trump will resign around the time of the eclipse with a timeframe attached. I brought it up as there was previously the prediction that Trump would have a major occupational shift in conjunction with the eclipse.
    Perhaps a better source would have been his ghostwriter from Art of the Deal, who made similar predictions around that timeframe (I was not aware of his prediction at the time):

    It will remain to be seen if Trump exits the stage and to what end if so, but I thought it was a synchronicity worth mentioning. If Trump does resign we may very well in hindsight see that the eclipse time-frame is when things really started to unravel. If it were to happen I personally think it would be more due to Mueller’s looking into money-laundering by Manafort as this may have been entwined with Trump’s money laundering for Russian financiers than his losing the Business Advisory Council’s support as a result of his Charlottesville response. These are the two most relevant events I noted which might lead down a path to Trump’s eventual resignation.

  10. Shamangineer

    This was a great episode, I really enjoyed your grasp of the subject matter. I’ve been interest in the topic of the properties of water for a while, but only just recently started investing in researching the topic. Was a major synchronicity when this podcast was the next one that rocks up, even better when it came complete with crib notes and links to resources on the whole topic.

    Anyway thanks for a great show.


    A quick question. I’ve changed phones about 6 weeks ago and since then I can’t log into the forums. I know I’ve been using the correct password, I’ve even used the forgot my password link, but I don’t get any response in my email account. I’d be grateful for any help you can give to get me back up and running.

    Many thanks

  11. This is the first episode I have started listening to in a while. Been busier than a three peckered billy goat. With the extremely wet fall-winter-spring here on the Washington Coast, and then an ultra-dry summer, I have had to take all the time with the dry ground to be productive outdoors. Been working my 70 YO old baby-boomer body down to the bones. The Lyme loss of energy seems to have been dealt with effectively by my naturopath/acupuncturist. Still have the joint pain and the weight loss, but I have to say I’m feeling pretty good, and at 116 pounds, I am punching above my weight. But, it rained me off the job yesterday and I thought to check and see what ‘casts had been posted. Jumped on the one with Schauberger in the script. (…and those “chutes” are called, “flumes,” and it’s not “anti-gravity,” it’s, “gravity” — wish I had more time for this discussion — viva Schauberger!)

    Not supposed to rain today so I don’t know when I will get the rest of this ‘cast listened to.

    So, mostly just saying, “hi,” and getting right back at it.

    Hi, Greg, Shamangineer, Julie, and the rest. Love youz guyz.



    1. Last days of dry and it looks like the fall rains are starting on Sunday. As active as I’ve been, not looking forward to cabin fever season. It looks like I am coming up two days short of having the roof on the building i have been building, from scratch, with lumber I milled from dead trees with a Craigslist used sawmill, under Craigslist used trusses and metal, also from a Craigslist deal, working high up on Craigslist scaffolding. It is a dry lumber storage shelter. I need to get the drying stacks into there so I can start drying the lumber I am about to cut from the last big Douglas fir to die here (Douglas fir beetle).

      Fidus In Silvis Silentibus – “Faithful to the Silent Forests” ~ Schauberger family motto

      We got lots of the smoke coming down the Columbia, and things have been dangerously dry here (where that doesn’t usually happen until the past few summers). So, while my project doesn’t need rain, the coastal hills certainly do. It’s just that it can start raining now and stop next July.

      Be back soon, if I am able.



  12. I didn’t think the water witching and witching sticks was conspiratorial. They done that for 100s of years. Currently I work putting in underground cable in rural and residential areas. 99% of the water lines are not marked. So you grab the witching sticks. Two metal rods in the shape of hockey sticks. We use this method all the time. It’s easy when it’s in the pipe flowing. All underground water typically has a small flow

  13. My first salvia experience was experiencing an entire lifetime, actually multiple lifetimes. For me, I came out the other side feeling… old, but in a good way, like I had a lot of old-man wisdom. But I can’t recommend the experience, heh. When people ask me about it, I refer to that Star Trek: TNG episode called “The Inner Light” as a way for them to understand what it feels like. You do feel sad, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14. Hey all, I’m late to the party with this one, but I really recommend this water filter. It’s passive, includes movement, minerals and improving pH.

    And they also provide free filters for schools. I have one, I love it and the kids love using it. I think they are legit!

    Also – I’ve been wondering how Schauberger’s work with water is applicable to the Aether?

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