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Phoenix Aurelius | Personal Mastery, The Unseen Realms, & Fungi

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Returning guest Phoenix Aurelius is a self-taught spagyrist who has been practicing and teaching the alchemical arts since 2005. His work focuses on reconstructing Spagyric theory, philosophy, practice, & pharmacopeia for the 21st century at the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy.

Phoenix’s website:

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This ones definitely worth listening to again when alittle less distracted. Been following him on IG since last podcast, jealous of this mans mma punching pad set up 


What is IG?






One of the reasons I like your show is the lack of ego and self promotion. The reason why the interviews with the black people didn't work is because they had no knowledge, and no debth. they were only promoting what they wanted people to believe, which is not realistic.

.Bhagwan said that most people live on the surface of themselves, and have never explored within in there own debth.

Where is by the way; the pearl of great price, which men trod upon, never stooping to examine it thou they look high and low, in feverish desire.for it.


YES, It's so great to have another episode from this fantastic guest so soon after the last one! He's inspired me to really look into this spagyrics stuff. Thanks, Greg. This was a highlight of an otherwise crumby day.



Am in the garden stereo on loud playing the chat and hour two kicks in.

Cheers Guys, the sex education my neighbour's didn't know they needed.


I am awaiting bail 😉



dreamtime jedi

General Jack D. Ripper was right! They're after our precious bodily fluids. Purity of Essence!


Uplifting and inspiring for the THC tribe. Pheonix is one of your best guests in my opinion as far as content and the conversations are applicable and relevant. Great show Carlwood. 


An eloquent guest, very much enjoyed his first appearance as well. Please book him again.



el gallinazo

Excellent interview.  I didn't hear him on the first one, so I was pleasantly surprised.  Reminded me a little of David Icke in that he is super intelligent, articulate, and not timid to express what he knows.  Gotta go back and check out the first one now, but this one is also worth a relisten.  Lots of content.


Amazing show as usual. Thank you for the amazing content as usual. 


Phoenix Aurelius truly is a master. I am reminded of Rudolph Steiner who could speak off the cuff authoritatively on any subject, and even illuminate experts with new information. A great episode. 

Muscle Testing, or body dowsing is a great way of getting answers from your intuition, and you don't really have to learn it, as it's an innate ability.

The hardest part is to learn to ask effective questions. There are subtleties in this. For example, if I say 'sorry I was late, my car broke down this morning' and you test that statement, it might come up false, if in fact my car broke down last night. The counter can also be true, that the truth can be used in service of a lie. Once you learn to be precise in your language, it is an excellent technique. Pick whatever variant works for you, trust yourself. 

I's also like to mention some clearing techniques in case you feel like you could be 'parasited' and do not have access to a friendly neighbourhood shaman to help clear you. These meditations / affirmations are a very easy way to start getting energetically clean, a salt bath after would probably help too.  : )

Energy vampire decree

Sovereignty Decree


Great show one of my favorite guests!!! I am a professional forester and arboriculturist and was very intrigued by this guests mention of the german government using occult technologies for forestry, however i cannot find any relevant information on that program or really any good conclusive articles on the subject. Is there someone who has the links to more information on the subject or somewhere i should be looking? Any help on this would be great. Again great show. 


Definitely one of those extra special shows that come around each year. Bioregional Animism is a path I'd follow. 


Probably one of my favorite guests. I was so happy to see him back.


Well, by far, I'd say, that was the best episode yet. Recency bias aside, there was so much information and hugely inspirational avenues to now explore. Phoenix is a special man indeed. I need to listen to this twice or thrice through, even if it's just to get the reading list down. I await his eventual return.


Absolutely awesome! I've heard Phoenix Aurelius interviewed by other podcasters but this is by far the best one yet. The Plus Show got pretty sexy and weird! One Million Stars. Thanks for consistently drawing out the best from your guests. 


What a great show!  I really enjoyed both interviews with this guest.  I’d never even heard of Spagyrics before and now I’m fascinated with it.  Thanks for introducing me to such an amazing guest and topic!


Amazing show. Left me so much to think about 


One part, Phoenix said that he identified the egregore of Bill Gates and the cabal…and its name was something.  I think he also said that he talked more about it on another podcast. Does anyone have more info on this ??


I believe he said “baal moloch” but I’m not 100% on that. Great show! Need to listen again and order a tincture or two.


Look up Rouge Ways on YouTube find the episode with aurelius and sam Tripoli and they do a whole demonstration with the machine it's awesome



Yo man it's kordeezy Tom I'm so glad to hear his second appearance this was a dope show and as a new member it feels good to have my name dropped on the podcast I listen too. I've listened to about a hundred episodes so far Greg and keep it up man I will continue to engage and support future shows!!

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