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Whitney Webb | The CTI League, The Maxwell Sisters, & Israeli Intelligence

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Returning guest, Whitney Webb, is an independent journalist investigating some of the deepest, darkest rabbitholes there are. She  is currently a staff writer for the Last American Vagabond, and previously wrote for MintPress News and Ben Swann’s Truth In Media. Whitney is also the very deserving 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism. And has launched a great new website recently @

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Twitter: @_whitneywebb

Unlimited Hangout:

The Last American Vagabond:

PLUS Content

  • An Israeli company involved in directing US Lockdown policy/contact tracing protocol.
  • DARPA experiments and research into coronaviruses and bioweapons.
  • DARPA’s “Incect allies” program.
  • Emergent BioSolutions vaccine manufacturing.
  • Whitney’s interview with Epstein victim, Maria Farmer.

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  1. Hi Greg,

    I love Whitney…thank you.  As you say, it's all complex and the future seems pretty scary. 

    In your next Q and A show, I'd love to know why you and your wife are considering having children considering that scary future?

    Karen, Carlsbad CA

    1. Maybe it'd be in the interest of the betterment of humanity to outnumber the people that feel it's ok to intrude as rudely into persons personal choices and beliefs (as your heinous question so aptly demonstrates) with persons raised with the tact and consideration which Greg and his special lady are so obviosly likely to raise.  If your feelings are that life, liberty, and happiness' pursuit are not worth championing, mebbe set a precedent and let those interested in such determine the mean of the species, Karen.

      1. Your response is awfully hostile, don’t you think? I don’t believe that Karen meant any harm and if the Carlwood doesn’t want to answer it, he simply won’t and that’s fine. Imo, it’s as good a question as any to raise in our fucked up world, and it’s one that’s certainly been on my mind as a young woman who wants nothing more than to have a family one day, but is unsure of the moral and ethical consequences of bringing another spirit to this beautiful and cruel machine. Perhaps it’s in the best interest of humanity to be kinder and more tolerant of each other’s curiosity? 

    2. What a strange question.  As the 0.0001% are determined to bring the entire planet into a techno-fascist society which would make George Orwell spin in his grave, I would think it is obvious.  One no longer "has" children.  The STATE has your children and one may be allowed to cohabit with them (for the present) if their social credit scores are adequate.  To paraphrase the Beast, “It takes a global techno-fascist state to raise a child.”   Furthermore, have you not noticed that the scamdemic has destroyed the global economy (though China miraculously has “defeated” the fake virus and appears to be up and running again at full speed, while in the west, “flatten the curve: has been extended from 15 days to forever?)  In addition to the threat of the State to confiscate your children, one also faces the challenge of raising them in probable destitution, reliant on an inadequate dole from the STATE with many strings attached.

  2. Hello mate,in the UK the new "advisory board" in our health and social care (unpaid) 15 members of which 9 have ties to mislead,brand new group to tackle hacks,great show by the way,also a Chinese drone firm are  just about to release long range affordable drones maybe you will get to Antarctica sooner than you think haha.

  3. Whitney is a guest I would like to hear from at least every couple of months. She is dialed in and sees the spiderweb of corruption and sinister control in seemingly near totality. The connections she makes are deep and not easily (or at all) seen by people like us without a guide like her.

    Please bring her back as often as she is willing.

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